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Chapter 409

Suddenly a piece of news flashed across the screen, it was a secret of the past.

The Ji Royalty's favourite princess, one who reached the realm of the Legendary Empress at the mere age of 20, was kidnapped by the galactic thief.

Things grew serious.

Who dared to go against the Ji Royalty? What audacity!

That man tainted the princess, cut her brains out and burned her soul.

Few people knew about this, and those that knew had never revealed it.

Those who knew began guessing who dared to do this sort of thing. The Ji Royalty forbade anyone from speaking of it, no one knew who had revealed the news.

In an instant, everyone in the Orion Constellation became aware of this dark past, and they also knew why they were heading to the land of soul suppression, the news was shocking.

The land of soul suppression was a notorious place, it was the backyard of the Ji Royalty!

It was often described as a forbidden land, but the Ji Royalty had the technique to enter and leave.

The place was used for the production of the flying immortal grass and other rare metals.

Since the ancient times, the Ji Royalty had always had a firm grip on the place.

No one expected that killer to be there, this was a mockery of the Royal Family.

Miao He Ji. This was a new name to most, but some important figures knew of this man.

"He was a lawless thief

that broke the rules of the constellation, but no one expected him to do this," an old Saint stepped out and said.

"My family was massacred by him in a single night. He killed all thirty thousand of them and took away everything. I can't wait to see him die!" said a new Saint with red eyes. 

Qing Er gasped, "This old man is so evil!".

"Indeed, why do you want to play with his corrupted shell?" Chu Yu said seriously. 

Qing Er agreed, "You're right, I don't want it anymore, it's too dirty.".

Chu Yu sighed, "I never expected that he was so evil. If I had known earlier, I would not have given him such an easy death.".

It was hard for Chu Yu to use his body now.

Even if they returned to the solar system, some people might have recognized him- his reputation was far too foul.

It was a pity.

After some thought, Chu Yu was just thankful that his vertical eye saved him from the clutches of this man.

The Ji Royalty rushed towards the land of soul suppression without a care of the Mao family.

The battle had reached its climax, and a few powerful people could have swayed the tides of war.

But in this battle, the Ji Royalty dispatched their full force of powerful exponents to track the old man down.

Everyone knew that she was one of the most favoured princesses, but few knew that she was the daughter of a formidable existence!  

The most powerful man in the Ji Royalty.

He only married after

after countless years of being a Saint.

This princess was extremely high in seniority.

It was not easy for Saints to procreate.

She was like a pearl to him. When he found out that she had died, he went berserk and scoured the entire galaxy for him.

But the old man hid too well! 

This time however, he had shown himself, and the Ji Royalty could not wait to vent their anger.  

Those who were in support of Mao Xi Li's cause did not dare to speak at this moment, they knew the powerful existence would silence them.

The Queen was just a lady of the Ji Royalty, she was not even a princess.

The Mao family had no significant contribution to the Royal family as well, it did not matter much to them.

No one was there to help the Queen.

Zhao Man Xi and Mao Fu knew this and immediately launched an all-out assault after hearing the news.

The news broadcasted the entire battle.

Qing Er could see the look of shock and desolation in Mao Xi Li's eyes.

She had never seen a battle of such a scale.

Chu Yu sighed, "Perhaps we can exchange the old man's body for the hallucination stone and the dragon's eye.".  

A look of uncertainty flashed across his face.

Qing Er knew that they would not have been able to ask for anything, their powers were limited.

She knew that Chu Yu had some secrets, he did

he did not tell her how he got rid of the old man.

"It's alright, let's use him to do some bad things and get rid of his body after that," Qing Er said.

"Haha, I've come to realised that you have villainous potential," Chu Yu teased

"Who wants to be like him?" Qing Er pouted.  

Mao Xi Li's army was battered, he was kneeling in front of Mao Fu as he surrendered.

At this moment, the queen dragged the king out and held him in front of the two armies.

Her actions shocked everyone.

"If she really does do it, her name will be removed from the Royal household and she will forever go down in history as a fallen figure," an expert said.

If the battle had not been broadcasted, perhaps she could have gotten away with it. But the fact that she was holding him by the throat now was enough to ruin her.  

Even some from the Ji Royalty bemoaned her actions and wondered how she could tarnish their name like that.

How could someone of Royal blood do something like this? Couldn't she be more secretive about it?

Was the Ji Royalty not in enough chaos? 

The Royal family immediately issued their stance on the issue via the broadcast.

They had decided that her actions were treacherous, and she was now a traitor to the empire.  

As soon as she knew of the news, her whole mind went numb.

She immediately went crazy and got ready to kill the King!

The King, who

The King, who had been her hostage this whole time, easily dished out a punishing blow.

The traitor Queen was immediately slain to the joy of many.

The King was never in harm's way, he was just playing along. She never stood a chance.

The Mao King was waiting for the Ji's family response before this.  

He knew that his eldest son would not have let him down.

And he did not.

Mao Xi Li was disowned and chased out of the Orion Constellation in a small vessel.

Mao Fu had won.

His own father personally placed the crown on his favourite child.

Zhao Man Xi smiled merrily at the side.

Mao Fu had emerged completely victorious.

Chu Yu and Qing Er stayed to watch the entire broadcast.

Qing Er exclaimed, "I never thought that he could actually win!".

Chu Yu gave a wry smile, "What's so unexpected about this? The foolish duo of mother son lost from the very beginning.".

"Why?" she asked.

"The Mao King had it all planned, he is great indeed," Chu Yu said.

At this moment, his communication device rang.

The one on the line was Mao Fu.

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