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Chapter 408

"Qing Er, be careful…" said Chu Yu as he looked at a mountain that was flying towards them. Using his Sacred Art of Fleet Footwork, he dodged the attack.

Behind the mountain was the old man who laughed gleefully as he broke through the mountain.

Chu Yu was speechless.

Qing Er had taken over and used the old man's body as her toy, as Chu Yu had not told her how he managed to get rid of him.

"Your soul force isn't as powerful as mine, this is rather dangerous. At the very end, even if we obtain his body, we might lose a part of our divine sense…".

Chu Yu was truly worried.

"Qing Er, please, you can't do this, it isn't right.".

"You little boy, continue babbling and I'll kill you!" echoed the old man's voice from his shell.

"Alright, alright, you win," conceded Chu Yu.

"Hehe," laughed Qing Er, she still did not give up the body.

With no way of convincing her otherwise, Chu Yu prepared to leave this place with her.

They had obtained the flying immortal grass, there was no other purpose in staying here.

Qing Er was enjoying herself, she interchanged between using her own voice and the old man's voice to tease Chu Yu.

"Are you bipolar?" Chu Yu yelled, he had a headache.

He had a face of despair.

At this moment, two people appeared in

front of them. They looked at the old man with weird expressions.

Without any hesitation, they began running!

Qing Er found this curious and caught up to them within seconds, they were two legendary emperors.

One of them looked at the old man's shell viciously and said, "Miao He Ji you old fool, I've already informed the Royal family that you are here, let's see where you can run now?".

Qing Er used her powers to seal off this place.

"The powers of a Saint are wonderful indeed," she praised herself.

The two legendary emperors stared viciously at the old man's body with eyes of rage.

Chu Yu asked, "Are you two from the Ji Royalty?".

"Young man, I don't know how you are related to this old man, but you won't live either. Even though the Ji Royalty doesn't know about the two of you, you will never be able to run. No one can escape the clutches of Royalty!" laughed one of the men coldly.

"Psh! If I can't run, how have I managed to roam here freely for all these years?" Qing Er laughed in the old man's voice.

The legendary emperor said, "Today, I've fallen into your clutches, if you want to kill me, just do it! But you have nowhere to run or hide!".

They left the land of soul suppression, and Qing Er was still bugging Chu Yu.

"I haven't had enough fun, why'd you just kill them?".

"What fun? They have direct communications with the Ji Royalty! If we didn't leave, our lives would have

have been in danger," Chu Yu said as he looked at her.

"I'm a Saint! Why would I be afraid of those chickens and dogs?" the old man's voice beckoned.

Chu Yu's headache got worse.

In the end, Qing Er agreed to keeping the old man's body.

The two of them returned to Mao Fu's land, but it had been evacuated.

The two of them then flew to the large city that they had been to before, it was the best place to find information.

They transformed their appearances and ditched their vessel, retrieving all the crystal dollars from a local bank in the process.

Who knew if the credit card was being tracked?

As soon as the two of them left the bank, there were a dozen people or so following them.

With a single sweep, they took care of these people and checked in to a high-class inn.

The projection in the inn was playing the headline news- the Mao Clan's internal strife.

The crown prince, Mao Xi Li, was fighting against prince Mao Fu.

What surprised everyone was that Mao Fu managed to gather an army out of nowhere, and had been pushing Mao Xi Li back.

Even though it had just been a few days, Mao Xi Li had his back against the wall.

The only question now was whether the Ji Royalty would extend its help to him.

Based on principles alone, the Ji Royalty had no reason to intervene.

But everyone knew that the Queen of the Mao family

Mao family was from the Ji Royalty.

Everyone expected the Ji Royalty to aid Mao Xi Li and take the opportunity to give him the throne.

Mao Xi Li felt unlucky for being pushed into a corner like this.

When Mao Fu began his attack, Mao Xi Li's first move was to discharge all those of the Mao family from their imperial positions and lock them up!  

The positions that were freed were all given to his men.

In Mao Xi Li's mind, there was no way that Mao Fu could win.

But out of nowhere, Mao Fu managed to gather an army of a hundred thousand soldiers.  

Despite this being a surprise, Mao Xi Li had five times the amount of men under his direct disposal, he counter acted quickly.

If he killed the men that he had locked up immediately, perhaps he would not have needed the Ji Royalty's intervention.

But his greed prevented him from doing so as he wanted to use them to strengthen his own army after he became king. He even had ambitions to conquer the universe.  

But this was his downfall.

The seal on their cages were impossible to break under normal conditions, but all of them managed to escape somehow.

Some said that it was the Mao King who released them.

No one else had the power to do so.  

After they escaped, they immediately turned to their respective battalions and took away more than half of Mao Xi Li's men.    

His numbers dwindled within moments, as he attempted to gather more troops in a frenzy.


He only managed to get another hundred thousand men.

Before this, he had five times the number of troops under his command, now, Mao Fu and him were equals.

All of the commanders that he had locked up were fuelled by rage.

The army that Mao Xi Li had was also heavily demoralized after this setback, and some of them did not want to fight against their former comrades.  

If there was no Ji Royalty, Mao Xi Li would have been utterly defeated.

As Chu Yu looked at the screen, he felt a sense of pity for the crown prince.

How did he flounder so badly?

Did Mao Fu have thoughts about the throne?

In Chu Yu's eyes, he did not.

If not for the Queen's constant pressure, forcing Mao Fu into a corner, he would not have retaliated.

It all depended on what the Ji Royalty would do now.

At this moment, a live update appeared on the screen.

A large number of powerful masters, most of them being Saints, appeared out of seclusion.

Just as everyone thought that they would attack Mao Fu's army, they flew towards the land of suppressed souls instead.

What was this? What had happened there?

Everyone could only stare in shock and doubt.

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