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"Uncle…" Mao Fu's voice was full of fatigue, but he was respectful and polite.

This surprised Chu Yu- he did not seem like someone who had just won a war.

Mao Fu smiled, "Some things are hard to explain.".

"I trust you," Chu Yu replied. He understood why there was no joy.

He was never interested in the crown, but now he had to bear the weight of it.

No matter what, Mao Fu had broken his promise, and he was not hapy about it.

Mao Xi Li was still his brother after all.

Though they were not born from the same mother, they had the same blood flowing in their veins.

His feelings were complex.

Even though he had only known Chu Yu for a short period of time, he treated him like family.

He did not hide anything from him.

"When my old man put the crown on my head, my feelings were perplexed. I asked my mother if this was her plan with my father all along? You know it as well, my father wanted me to succeed him, but this is all just a guess…" Mao Fu said.

"You're now the Mao King, you have to speak like one," Chu Yu reminded.

"Indeed. Did you know that the moment this crown was placed on my head, I felt betrayed and trapped?" Mao Fu said with a bitter look.

"Isn't it good to be a king? The king of the remorseless sea commands only tens of thousands of men. You're a galactical king…" Qing Er asked curiously.

Mao Fu said to Chu Yu, "I can provide long distance support for you, but I can't leave now.".

Chu Yu nodded.  

He was the centre of attention as the new king. There were many things that he needed to handle.

Mao Xi Li was the crown prince for so many years, he had to have some after measures.

"Don't worry uncle, I will support you with everything I have, it will be as if I was there with you," Mao Fu smiled.



"Do you have thoughts of becoming a queen?" Chu Yu asked while they were on their journey to the Ji Royalty.

"Of course!" Qing Er exclaimed excitedly.

"What's good about that? You won't be free at all," Chu Yu remarked.

"How do I put this…" Qing Er pondered.

"There's something grandiose about it?" Chu Yu suggested.

"Indeed, the human language never fails to precisely describe my thoughts," Qing Er said as she clapped her hands.

"Isn't a free life the best?" Chu Yu asked.

He thought of Xu Xiao Xian.

Was it all worth it?

Qing Er said, "I've heard many stories from you in this journey. Is there a place of warmth and peace?".

Chu Yu thought about the Bastion of Stars and shook his head.

"No matter how wars are started, peace can never be achieved right?" Qing Er asked as she stared at him.

Chu Yu nodded his head.

"Under those conditions, do you only remain kind to yourself?" Qing Er asked.

Chu Yu shook his head.  

"There's no way to run, we can only face it. I think you wish to run, but you're struggling to face the reality of this battle as well. You don't fear battle, you just don't like it," Qing Er said as she looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu sighed.

Qing Er continued, "I don't agree with you. You only wish to be with the girl you love and for your family to be at peace. What about reality? You're only safe because the people of the Mirror Dimension have not invaded yet. Perhaps they have already infiltrated the solar system. One day, they will break through those magical formations and go there. Where will your peace be then?".

What she said made sense.

"If you were a true king with many men at your disposal, would you be afraid of war?" she asked.

Chu Yu was speechless.

Qing Er smiled and looked at him, "You're actually pretty lazy, but you have to understand that talented people like you can never rest in such turbulent times.".

Chu Yu gave a wry smile.

Chu Yu understood what she had said.

He had thought of these things before.

With regards to cultivation, he was definitely a genius. His Qi was formidable too.

His physical strength had room for improvement.

Chu Yu suddenly thought about how all the girls around him had an aura of ferocity.

Lin Shi had always been confident, she bore the burden of her clan since she was young, and never backed down in the face of elders.

Xu Xiao Xian was a beautiful girl who had become a Sect Leader. Her regime and aura could clearly be sense, even if she did not show it in front of him.

Qing Er had a thirst for power too.

"At the remorseless sea, those who had more underlings had more power. I never thought about it before, no one messed with me either. But after travelling with you, I realised that I was wrong to think that way," Qing Er said.

"What is your conclusion?" Chu Yu asked.  

"I want to build an empire and fight with you!" Qing Er said as she looked at him.

"Fight with me?" Chu Yu was stunned.

"Yes! Many b*stards in the Mirror Dimension treat us like their prey, we have to use our potential to determine who is the hunter," Qing Er replied.  

"I don't like those people, and I love a good time," she smiled.

"We're just two people, who would follow us?" Chu Yu asked.

"What are you scared of? I know a group of demons at the remorseless sea, I can bring them! That's a good plan!" she smiled excitedly. 

Chu Yu was speechless.

As the vessel sped through space, Qing Er constantly shared her ideas and plots.

She reminded Chu Yu of the great Empress Wu Ze Tian!

She was a genius and a master!

It was hard to imagine that someone as inexperienced as Qing Er could be so intelligent.

She was destined to be a ruler!

Was this his destiny as well? Chu Yu wondered.

He found it incredible.

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