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The ship rode the waves and sailed in the open sea.

Chu Yu sat on the deck, holding the ancient Superclass, feeling increasingly intoxicated by it.

According to the Superclass, Acupoint Charging and Invigorating Meridian were realms known as - Foundation!

Skyscrapers are built on solid foundations, only by having a good foundation would a cultivator be able to push to the higher levels stably.

According to Chu Yu’s understanding of cultivation, once one broke open 365 of the vital acupoints, one would be at the highest level of Acupoint Charging, once on broke through all 12 vital meridians, one would be at the highest level of the Invigorated Meridian realm.

Afterwhich, one entered the Xiantian stages and became a real cultivator in the search for immortality.

Only now did Chu Yu understand, according to the old methods, whilst one could still enter the Xiantian stages, the foundation would not be stable.

Even though one would be a cultivator, one’s potential advancement would be greatly limited.

As for the path to immortality... that would be completely impossible.


Chu Yu looked over the cultivation techniques at the end Superclass quietly, realizing that they were similar to those that he learnt before. He felt that this Superclass was increasingly deep and difficult to comprehend.

This could be the most superior martial technique for training one’s foundation!

After he had become Confucius's disciple inside the ancient palace, he had been sent aboard the ship. Afterwhich, the ship soared into the sky, out of the whirlpool and sailed back in the direction where it came from.

Even though he did not manage to explore the huge ancient palace, Chu Yu did not have many regrets.

A cultivator’s own body was the most essential. Even though magical equipment were nice, they were still worldly possessions.

For example, the ancient bronze dagger in Qi Heng’s possession was a Xiantian magical equipment with great powers. Yet, in the hands of Qi Heng, it was lost so easily.

If Qi Heng was strong enough, how could Chu Yu have gotten his hand on it?

Chu Yu’s eyes sparkled, he thought to himself, if a tiger was outfitted with wings, it would make the tiger incredibly formidable.

If wings were fitted on a pig however, it would just be a flying pig.

The same set of wings can achieve vastly different results depending on who’s wielding it!

As such, it was imperative to be very strong on one’s own!

"I wonder how is Shishi, what kind of opportunity did she get?"

Chu Yu murmured to himself, finding himself missing Lin Shimeng

The two of them were childhood friends, and he did not know if such infatuation was considered love, but he just wanted to be with her.

He believed Lin Shimeng felt the same way too.

Even if the two of them do not know what love is, they knew they needed each other and would make sacrifices for each other.

"I hope that Shishi can meet with good luck this time and change her fate." Chu Yu stood up on the deck.

The ship rode the waves and Chu Yu stood on the bow, his eyes looking towards the horizon, full of determination.

"If you can’t get enough luck to change your fate, I will send you good fortune!"

Chu Yu had made up his mind to help her solve her problem no matter what.

This was because he had in his possession a real piece of treasure, the Superclass, one that everyone would be envious of.

Chu Yu did not know how far he could advance just based on this Superclass, but he knew that he could change countless lives with it!

Enter my sect. Learn my ways. Pass my dao. Expand my ideas.

Isn’t this what Confucius, his saint teacher... wanted him to do?


Lin Shimeng looked at the ancient temple in front of her eyes with awe.

The ship had brought her here, in the midst of an endless wilderness was this huge temple!

The temple was made from limestone and stood hundreds of meters tall.

Every block of limestone had ancient inscriptions on it.

It seemed like some form of language which bared some resemblance to traditional chinese, but Lin Shimeng could not recognize any of it.

The inscriptions radiated some energy fluctuations, almost as if it was protecting the temple’s immortality.

Soon after, the five colored walkway extended from the ship to the temple entrance.

Lin Shimeng did not hesitate and bounded along this rainbow colored walkway towards the ancient temple.

When she neared, the ancient temple opened silently.

Lin Shimeng entered, and the entire temple only contained a statue of Buddha at the end. In front of the statue of Buddha was a squeaky clean table.

On the table was a suet colored jade vase, with a willow branch inside it.

What shocked Lin Shimeng further was that the willow branch was extremely green!

The leaves on the branch were like jade, sparkling in the light!

"My gosh..." Lin Shimeng was in awe, and she couldn’t help but squeal.

Lin Shimeng did not know how long the temple had existed here, but from the ancient, never before seen inscriptions, Lin Shimeng surmised that it came from an era... extremely long ago.

Even from the viewpoint of a commoner, the temple was at least... thousands of years old!

If we put all the factors together, the temple could be tens of thousands of years old... or even older!

This was because this place was clearly an ancient land for cultivation.

Anything that could be termed an ancient cultivation land must be 60 million years or older.

After the world was sealed, there were no more ancient cultivation lands, all that was left were ruins.

Yet, this willow branch inside the suet colored jade vase was able to maintain its vigor!

What was considered a miracle? This was probably it!

Lin Shimeng cautiously sized up the statue of Buddha in front of her, it seemed like it was carved out of limestone, its expression was compassionate, full of Buddha-nature.

An invisible aura was emitted from the statue.

Lin Shimeng approached the table, there was a squeaky clean grey cushion just in front of it.

She knelt down and bowed to the statue, "I am Lin Shimeng, I have been led here by fate, please guide me along mighty Buddha!"

"Enter my sect. Learn my ways. Pass my dao. Expand my ideas."

As Lin Shimeng bowed, a grand magical voice boomed from within the ancient temple.

The voice was filled with the power of compassion, capable of calming an individual instantly.

Lin Shimeng was stunned, in that moment, a volume of ancient classics appeared on the table.

The ancient classic was made of some kind of metal, the cover was a light golden color, it was slightly dim, and looked extremely dated.

Lin Shimeng’s exquisite face broke out in a surprised smile. She warmed herself up and reached for it.

At this point, a gentle voice rung out.

"Lin Shimeng!"

"Ah?" Lin Shimeng jumped in shock, a shiver running down her spine as she surveyed her surroundings in surprise.

Even though that loud magical voice had surprised Lin Shimeng, she was not scared.

The ancient sects had extremely clever tactics. They were many times stronger than whatever black technology that existed.

As such, the existence of a magical voice in this ancient temple was not particularly surprising.

However, when a gentle womanly voice calls out your name, even the bravest soul would have chills down their spine.

If the grand magical voice was a result of voice combination techniques from an electronic device, this gentle womanly voice came from an actual person!

"Who’s out there?"

Lin Shimeng asked icily, even though she was clearly anxious.

"Lin Shimeng, your essentials are of the Yin Fantasy, which is a great fit for us. As such, we have brought you here. However, I sense that you have feelings for someone back home. You should know, if you join us, you will be removed from the common dimension, and you must be free from human desires and passions. You cannot be contaminated by love from the common dimension. Can you do it?"

The voice was gentle, and one could tell from the voice that the person speaking was a gentle girl.

She was like a senior, full of compassion and understanding.

Lin Shimeng’s anxiety lessened, although she frowned when she heard what the lady had to say.

She asked, "Why must I break off with the person I like? Why must I break free from human desires and passions? Must I stay forever alone in my pursuit for immortality? If this is the case, I... would rather not?"

The gentle voice broke out in light laughter, "It’s not what you think. Asking you to break off from the communal dimension is not asking you to become unfeeling. It’s just that the techniques I teach here can only be used by the pure and noble."

"And who are you? Can I see you in person?" Lin Shimeng could not control her curiosity.

"Me? I am just a notion." The gentle voice caressed. Afterwhich, a ray of light shone in front of Lin Shimeng, forming the silhouette of a lady, floating in mid air in front of the statue of Buddha.

"A notion..." Lin Shimeng was shocked.

What sort of notion could survive tens of thousands of years?

If the notion was so strong, how influential is the actual person?梦

"Have you made a decision?" The blurry silhouette asked, her soft gaze resting on Lin Shimeng.

"I... I have, I am going to reject it!" Lin Shimeng hesitated, but managed to muster up enough courage.

"Why would you reject it? A relationship is tiny, benevolence is limitless." The hologram of the lady reasoned. "The path to immortality is meant to be lonely, the commoners return to the ground after a hundred years. In the long journey of cultivation, only technique is eternal."

"Please... please don’t say anymore." Lin Shimeng rejected the idea, "If that is the final goal of cultivation, and that is all, then I rather stop cultivating."

"How about the trouble you’re facing, can you fix it?" The hologram of the lady asked softly.

Lin Shimeng felt a chill, she looked at the hologram of the lady, "Who are you? How do you know all these?"

"I am just a notion, your cultivation level is too low, and I can easily sense your emotions, based on calculations, I can easily find out about your situation. However, it is of little interest to me."

The hologram of the lady spoke in a soft and calming manner.

Lin Shimeng calmed down and explained, "I can differentiate clearly between my love and hate, there are some things that are scarier to me than death. Some may laugh at me and call me stupid, but that is my stand, and I will not waver."

She looked determinedly at the hologram, "As such, if the price for cultivation is to give up my emotions, then, I will definitely reject it!"

Lin Shimeng thought about it before saying, "maybe it’s because I don’t have such a big heart or view of the world. To me, if I have to give up my personal emotions, how can I talk about benevolence? Furthermore, why is it that just because I have someone that I like, I am not pure?"

"Maybe you’re right, else..." The hologram appeared to be deep in thought before smiling, "You should try, can you open this manual? If you can open it, this manual is yours."

Lin Shimeng jerked, she did not expect to still have a chance after what had transpired.

"Previously... there has been no such incident, but... what should have disappeared, had disappeared. As such, I would like to see what will happen." The hologram laughed, "If I were here, I would probably not agree to this. But I’m not me, so I shall give it a go."

Lin Shimeng reached out and touched the ancient manual on the table. It was cold to the touch, following which, she picked it up.

The hologram was slightly stunned, after a long pause, she laughed bitterly, "I see that even with infatuation, one can still be pure. Since that is the case, the theory is quite simple. I understand that now, but I wonder if the real me... will understand too?"

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