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At the edge of the cold solar system, it seemed as though fireworks were set, the air dazzled with a myriad of colours, lighting up the dark emptiness of the universe.

Men of the Qi Clan were stunned by the hit.

Although the aircraft had strong defensive capabilities, with such a concentrated hit, the energy on board would have been depleted at an astounding rate.

No one was willing to be this wasteful.

Men of the Qi Clan were clueless as to why there was an attack.

An elder walked out furiously.

"Fight back!" he seethed through clenched teeth.

"Fight back!".

"Fight back!".

The men chanted with rage.

Qi Xiao Feng asked the elder," Sir, why would they attack us?".

Glancing at him, the elder said, "It is most likely that they are the remnants of the Village of Dao!"

Upon hearing this, everyone froze, they had forgotten about this.

On the other side, the energy cannons fired together, hitting the Qi Clan’s craft directly, heavily depleting their shields’ energy levels.

The Qi Clan scrambled to react, but it was too late, the other ship had already gone invisible.

They tried to track down that ship with everything they had, but it had simply vanished.

"How is this possible?" the Eder gasped with a look of consternation.

Qi Xiao Feng and the others were equally astonished, reluctant to believe that this was all indeed happening.

"Could it be… That they have a Saint class warship?" the Elder muttered.

"Saint Class Warships… But that’s a top tier warship!" Qi Xiao Feng exclaimed, still unable to fathom all that was happening.

Everyone on board were feeling very betrayed, they thought that the attack had come from the Village of Dao, and they could never have imagined that they were being backstabbed.

"Regardless of who they are…" the Elder said gloomily with a cold glare.

Before he could finish, in the vast emptiness before him, a woman wearing a white dress emerged.

Although it was miles away, the looks of that woman projected into Qi Clan’s aircraft.

Everyone gasped when they saw her.

Such beauty!

Qi Xiao Feng was captivated by her beauty, and as though Cupid’s arrow shot through his heart, the fury that he felt moments ago vanished within seconds.

Even the Elder was unable to escape from her captivating beauty. But he soon got a grip of himself and ordered," ATTACK!"

"Sir…" Qi Xiao Feng tried to stop him.

The Elder glared at him.


The men operating the energy cannons on board wasted no time locking onto the woman in the white dress. Dozens of cannon fired simultaneously, discharging immense amounts of energy.

The cannon fire tore through the vast emptiness between them, speeding towards Xu Xiao Xian at the speed of light, like dozens of razor sharp swords soaring through the air.

Xu Xiao Xian was too nimble and quick for the cannons. The shots that were thought to be locked onto her simply whizzed pass her.

She then drew her large bow.

There was no arrow.

She pulled back her bow, and in place of an arrow, a bolt of lighting appeared.

Those on board the ship were still mesmerized by her beauty. Her flawless features and domineering stance captivated them all. As they looked on, a smirk formed on her previously emotionless expression.

The bolt of lightning condensed into an arrow, which she released toward the craft.

"Abandon ship!!!" the Elder ordered.

Everyone ran towards the edge of the craft in a crazed frenzy.

The moment the alert siren rang, the bolt of lightning hit the craft

The depleted shields of the craft were merely 30% of what they were, and they did not stand a chance. The bolt of lightning ripped through it as though it was paper.

More than half of the men on board were unable to react. They remained rooted to the craft.

The enormous aircraft was shattered instantly.

Along with those who could not escape in time, the ship was reduced to dust.

"Argh!" the Elder growled. He was seething with fury and hatred.

He exploded with terrifying anger, charging towards the woman in white.

Qi Xiao Feng and the others held back their tears, all those that perished with the aircraft were not only their family, more importantly, they were their brothers in arms.

These people risked their lives and came all the way to seek refuge within the Village of Dao, but perished even before they could enjoy it.

Regardless of her looks, no one had the mood to appreciate it.

Together, following their Elder, they charged towards her.

With a desolate look, Xu Xiao Xian repeatedly pulled her bow and shot bolts of lightning towards them.

The Elder, who was at the Legendary Emperor Realm, led the charge.

A bolt of lightning shot towards him.

The speed of the lightning was too fast for the Elder to evade. He wielded a magical instrument, hoping that it could stop the lightning bolt.

It instantly evolved into a wall, shielding him from it.


An immense energy rippled from the impact.

The shield that was conjured was blasted to smithereens by the bolt of lightning!

Even after destroying the shield, it was still powerful enough to continue on its course, directly towards the Elder.

The Elder roared, he was already nearing Sainthood, and was more powerful than most Legendary Emperors, so much more powerful!

He swept a palm towards the bolt of lightning coming towards him, hoping to deflect it.


Half of his palm was gone!

The Elder cried pitifully, but this did not save him.

The bolt of lightning skimmed past his cheeks, slicing off a huge chunk of it.

Behind him, one of them was unable to evade it, and it pierced right through his heart, instantly destroying his soul.

Even after that, the bolt of lightning still had the power to pierce through the shoulder blade of another man, burning a hole through him.


Too powerful!

What was that bow?

While everyone remained bewildered by the bow in the woman’s hand, a barrage of arrows rained towards them.

Xu Xiao Xian had shot out hundreds of lightning condensed arrows!

Only a few managed to survive this onslaught of arrows with the help of powerful magical equipment. The others perished.

Everyone was scared out of their wits, to the extent that they were numb to the pain.

No one spoke a word.

Some were struck by several arrows, engulfing them in electric charges, turning to dust within moments.


Conjuring all the magical equipment on him, the Elder roared with fury and charged towards Xu Xiao Xian..

"Demon, you are dead!".

When a Legendary Emperor revealed the full extent of his abilities, his powers could not be underestimated.

Even if Xu Xiao Xian was in the same class as the Elder, compared to him, she was still weaker than he was.

The Elder was closing in on her, and he was close enough for her to see the ferocious look on his face.

Even so, she remained calm and composed, finishing off the few survivors from her barrage of arrows.

Qi Xiao Feng tried to hang on, but his only magical equipment had cracks all over it from the massive attack and was about to be destroyed.

At this time, the Elder was right in front of Xu Xian Xian. Qi Xiao Feng thought he could finally catch his breath.

But what followed made him slip into the depths of terror.

The woman in the white dress continued firing arrows even during the battle with the Elder!

It was in that moment where a streak of lightning, as if it was fired by fate, shot towards him.

Qi Xiao Feng could no longer dodge the attacks any longer. Time slowed down as he saw the brilliant radiance of the arrow coming closer and closer to him.


The arrow pierced right through him.

In this moment, his anxiety vanished instantly.

With his last breath, he looked at the woman, still captivated by her beauty.

The Elder witnessed all of these, and with intense fury, he howled," Die, demon!".


A large hand appeared out of thin air and sent the Elder flying with a huge slap.

With this hit, despite his strong body and his divine armor, he was utterly battered.

"Not bad… He’s pretty strong.".

Out of nowhere, a voice chimed, "He shouldn’t survive this. He’s only a Legendary Emperor, am I getting old?".

"Who…. Are you? How can… A Saint pass through this star belt?" the Elder gasped. He was utterly bewildered and was losing consciousness with every passing moment.

He could no longer defend himself.

He was certain that he had met a Saint. There was no way a Legendary Emperor could beat the life out of him with one hit.

"Who told you that I am a Saint?" Xu Xiao Xian said coldly.

With that, Xu Xiao Xian shot an arrow towards him, ending his life.

The survivors of the onslaught were picked off one by one by her arrows, killing them all.

She pouted and muttered," My cultivation is still too low, I don’t think I have unleashed the full wrath of this bow.".

The voice replied, "It’s full wrath? You’re far from it. You merely unleashed 1/10. No. Not even 1/100 of the power of this bow!".

"Huh?" said Xu Xiao Xian dully.

"Why? Not pleased with what you heard?". The voice continued, "You really thought you were something when you turned lightning into arrows?".

"Am I not? Only I could pull off that move! Master Yi already said that in order to learn his moves, one requires a special body type. If not, he would have taught his Sacred Art to that dumb guy! Hmph!" said Xu Xiao Xian arrogantly.

"Yes, yes that is something. But, when you truly unleash the full power of that bow, you will see that what you have done is really nothing in comparison," the voice said plainly.

"Teacher, we have to take this one step at a time, some things just cannot be rushed," she said proudly.

The voice stayed silent for awhile, then, it muttered," I don’t think I will live to see that day.".

Xu Xiao Xian seemed dazed with a tinge of sadness. But she covered it up quickly with a smile and chirped, "No Teacher, you will. I will find a way for you to achieve immortality!".

"There is no meaning in immortality, it’s too boring. But I really do hope to be there when you grow up," the voice said.

"You will do it Teacher, you definitely will!" said Xu Xiao Xian with determination, but her eyes were brimming with tears.

The Qi Clan’s reconnaissance troops had been wiped out completely, but the rest that followed, had no clue as to what they were up against.

Xu Xiao Xian remained at the edge of the solar system, waiting on the other warships that had traversed far and wide, destroying everything that dared to come before her.

If there were enemies that she couldn’t handle, her Teacher would come to her aid.

Within the next 10 days, 7 warships had perished under her bow.

More than hundreds have met their maker.

Xu Xiao Xian said with despise, "Those rotten, rigid and pathetic ancient Clans react so slowly!".

The Voice said," My Leader, it is almost time. The ship that we destroyed did not carry much people; it must be for scouting purposes. Those that came have to be scouts. When the others do not hear from the scouts, they would not come unprepared. When that time comes, we do not have the power to kill them all. If someone finds out about this…".

Xu Xiao Xian nodded, "There would be no problem. To come all the way here, they would have to traverse the entire solar system, through the magical formations that we have conjured. They will pay the price for passing them. Follow me, let’s head to the Emperor Star!".

"Leader, have you thought about this?" the voice asked.

"I’ll just take a peek from afar," Xu Xiao Xian whispered.

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