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Chapter 376: Honeymoon
Mountains shadowed over the lush green forest with a lake nestled within. It sparkled in a brilliant shade of jade.

Gusts of gentle wind blew across the lake, creating ripples in its wake. Birds landed occasionally on the lake, where they waddled about freely.

On the lakeside stood a three-storied wooden villa. It was free of exterior paint, keeping its original wooden texture. Although it seemed unrefined, it still had its own unique elegance.

The building blended seamlessly into the beautiful landscape.

Through the front door of this house, a wooden path led straight to a small wharf where a small boat docked.

Chu Yu sat at the end of the dock. He was wearing a pair of shorts, submerging his bare legs into the water.

With a T-shirt on and a fishing rod in his hands, he sang.

"Fishy fishy take the bait, it’s okay if you are big or small…".

From the house behind him, a slender figure appeared gracefully. She hollered, "Gasp! How could you place your smelly feet into the lake? You’re gonna make the lake stink. The fishes are going to be smelly too!".

"Are you still going to eat them?" Chu Yu asked, smiling.

"I’m not going to eat fishes that were swimming in water that were used to wash your feet!" Lin Shi exclaimed. She walked over to where Chu Yu was in her pyjamas and plopped down next to him. Lifting her pyjamas, she dipped her fair legs into the water.

"Ahhh, how cooling!" She said while creasing her eyebrows.

"I have to say Shi Shi, you don’t really stick to what you say do you? Why did you put your legs into the water?" Chu Yu joked, while pulling Lin Shi closer towards him by the waist.

"Having fun together beats having fun alone, don’t you agree?" Lin Shi laughed, while she laid gently on him.

"You have big breasts now, anything you say is right," Chu Yu muttered.

Lin Shi glared at him. At the same moment, the fishing line jerked. She shouted, "The fish took the bait! Reel it up!".

The fishing line stopped moving.

Chu Yu glanced at her annoyingly and said," All the fishes would be gone with your shrieks."

Lin Shi smiled sweetly, smacked her lips and kissed him on his cheeks.

"Aren’t I enough?".

Chu Yu looked up to see that the sun was almost setting, then, he turned towards the beautiful Lin Shi

Without hesitation, he scooped Lin Shi into his arms, who was still in her pyjamas. He threw his fishing rod aside and headed back into the villa.

The lonely fishing rod laid there, and in no time, a larger fish pulled it to the depths of the lake.

No one cared.

The villa emanated the smell of fragrant wood, one could freshen up just by catching a whiff of it.

Lin Shi’s cheeks were pink and her forehead beaded with sweat.

She muttered," This is the life I want.".

Chu Yu held Lin Shi in his arms and smiled," This is what I want too."

"Can this continue?" Lin Shi whispered, sigh. "I think it is too difficult".

"It is difficult" Chu Yu said.

During that difficult period, no one was clearer as to what to expect than these two. There was no need to console themselves with lies.

From the time they decided to be together, the couple already understood that this way of life could last for a while, maybe even for a few years.

But for a prolonged period, it would be too difficult.

The Earth was filled with ancient clans which have assimilated into the modern world, but there were not much disturbances around- it was still peaceful at the very least.

Regarding the Bastion of Stars, Chu Yu and Lin Shi were willing to accept the e

arliest claims, but were also skeptical that it was all that simple. Even for those who made it there, no one could truly understand all that was happening.

As for what Yi said to Chu Yu, it was even harder to understand and accept.
To say that everything in the universe was false, what then was the truth?

Many years ago, when the Earth was still sealed, there were individuals who had already made that hypothesis.

The universe could be a large fictitious world. All life in the universe could be virtual characters in an online game, simply just a bunch of data and statistics. Some even had several concrete evidences to back up these claims.

But from Chu Yu’s point of view, all those were mindless chatter.

If everything were fictitious and fake, then what defined the truth?

According to some teachings from ancient religions, everything in the world was false. What then was the use of living? What was the use of cultivation?

Dying seemed to be a better option.

Even if the world was indeed as Yi said, a projection of another world, Chu Yu did not care.

He was not bothered by which deity descended from the skies, or who was God, or who was the demon.

Wielding his sword, he would fight through injustice.

If he met the unfathomable, he would simply not think.

After all these years of hardships and rough times, he nearly lost someone he loved on a couple of occasions.

Especially on the last encounter, Chu Yu even thought that all hope was lost.

After all that he went through, he finally brought Lin Shi back, and he would never want to lose her again.

Both of them knew each other since they were young. They were childhood sweethearts, and were together ever since. No one would doubt that they were in love.

Even for their first time, they were bashful and looking forward to it, but they were never nervous.

The villa was built where the forest and the lake met, and it housed only the two of them.

They built it with their own two hands.

The couple was clear that this way of life would not last for a long time, but they took it day by day.

At least their friends, family and clan were all leading decent lives.

In that day and age, was there more to ask for?

Both of their communication devices were completely shut down. After all these days, they were never turned on.

In reality, there were only a few people who knew that Chu Yu had returned.

Chu Yu sent a message over to Zhao Man Tian, but he had not gotten a reply. He still did not know how his god-brother was doing.

But Chu Yu firmly believed that his god-brother, who was a True Lord, had a decent level of cultivation and that nothing bad would come in his way.

As for his family, his parents, Chu Xi and Little Moon knew that he had returned with Lin Shi.

Fatty, Blondie and Lord Thief knew too.

As for the rest, almost none of them knew that Chu Yu had returned to earth.

"Do you think we can count this as our honeymoon?" Chu Yu joked.

"I think so," Lin Shi nodded, seemingly embarrassed.

"We still haven’t got our license," said Chu Yu.

"License?" Lin Shi asked. It took her awhile to understand what Chu Yu was referring to, and she continued, "Do we still need that?".

"Do you want it?" Chu Yu asked.

Lin Shi thought about it and said, "Our country still practices monogamy right? We should go get one then.".

She stared at Chu Yu while forcing a smile.

"Let’s get it if you want to!" Chu Yu said, with a determined look on his face. He gazed deeply into Lin Shi’s eyes, and continued, "In this world, I…".

Lin Shi placed her slender finger on Chu Yu’s lips and giggled, "I know, I know, you don’t have to say it.".

All of a sudden, Chu Yu asked, "Can we start?".

"Ah? Do… Do we need to start?" Lin Shi seemed hesitant.

"We have to do it sooner or later.".

Chu Yu consoled, "There is nothing to be afraid of."

"But I am scared," Lin Shi said in a flirty tone.

The previously strong woman was unbelievably adorable when she flirted.

"It will be done soon," said Chu Yu with a serious tone.

"Okay, okay then…" she whispered. In Lin Shi’s eyes, there was a tinge of fear.

"Can, can I close my eyes?".

"Close them then," Chu Yu gently patted her head.

After which, many more ‘Lin Shi’s filled the room.

They were the survivors that remained from the day the Butterfly Dance released them to disturb Chu Yu’s mind.

As to why Chu Yu had let them out today, this was because he did not know whether the Butterfly Dance had done anything to them.

During this period, he had already refined several pills specifically used for suppressing the soul, all from the Immortal Crane Scripture.

If the Butterfly Dance had tampered with them, these pills were sufficient to ensure that Lin Shi would remain safe and sound.

Lin Shi had her memory intact as her body was recast by the Buddha’s light, but a large part of her soul was crippled.

That was the main reason why Chu Yu wanted to put everything down to accompany her by her side.

If he wanted to completely restore Lin Shi’s soul, the finest medicine could only do that much, it would ultimately depend on herself.

At this time, what Lin Shi needed most, was company.

When she was with Chu Yu for the past few days, she had been well; her cultivation had been rising constantly.

But with the view from Chu Yu’s vertical eye, Lin Shi’s soul was unstable. If one looked closely, it might even have seemed distorted.

The bunch of ‘Lin Shi’s that was in the room were like mannequins standing around, standing there motionless.

Lin Shi was supposed to have her eyes closed, but as she felt something, she could not help but open her eyes. She was dazed at the sight of her other selves.

"Those, those are all me?" she asked with a nervous gaze.

"Yes, and every one of them has a totally different personality." Chu Yu replied.

"This is, amazing…" Lin Shi stood up and walked to one of them, touching one of them on the face.

"This feels real!".

Chu Yu frowned and remembered what Yi had said.

"These are all puppets," he said.

After which, he formed hand seals and began extracting these souls from the puppet Lin Shis.

The ‘Lin Shi’s beside him were bursting with divine light at that moment.

Her being became Saintly in that moment.

Chu Yu sent the first soul slowly into Lin Shi’s body.

That soul seemed as if she was reunited with her family after a long time, diffusing into her body in an instant.

"I think… I remember some images… Images of you fighting with the Butterfly Dance!" Lin Shi whispered while she was bathed in divine line.

Chu Yu started to extract the second soul, at the same time, he popped a pill into her mouth.

The whole process was carried out smoothly.

Chu Yu was relieved instantly, looking at Lin Shi, he said, "Although it was not comprehensive, this must be better than the last time, right?".

"Hehe? Kiddo, did you finally let her have the medicine?".

All of a sudden, a crisp and cheerful laughter was heard from Lin Shi.

Chu Yu froze as though he was struck by lightning.

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