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Chapter 374: We have Nasty Guests from Afar
A month ago, in the Mirror Dimension.
Seemingly from thin air, a map of the galaxy appeared.
Many doubted the authenticity of this map, and guessed that it was probably a trap laid by their enemies from the solar system.
Those enemies have long tried to kill them.
However, slowly, many began to say that the map might not have been fake.
Every ancient clan had some suicide warriors in their ranks, who would charge forward at the frontline of battle when the clan needed them.
They were chosen to test the authenticity of the map of the galaxy.
They seemed to have succeeded- only a few of them died, and that was because they were killed by their counterparts from other clans.
Everyone who realised this was shocked, where this map come from?
People began quietly searching for its origin.
They all found out that it had come from an organisation with a trustworthy reputation.
This organisation was older that the Dimension itself and their reputation far exceeded the ones of these ancient clans.
However, it was shrouded in secrecy, even the most powerful clans did not know anything about it.
The map of the galaxy was real! It was unbelievable.
They all wondered how it was made and where did it come from.
If they were so advanced, that meant that those beings who had given up their lives for this dimension had all died for nothing.
The seal that was imprinted upon the solar system back the was as thick as it could be. Within it were terrifying magical formations that could even kill Saints.
The Bastion of Stars sat atop of the solar system and encircled its surroundings.
The beings from the Emperor Star and other worldly entities had battled for nearly six thousand years, but there was no clear victor.
If this map was real, were these battles all futile?
With this map, one could directly penetrate the shell of the solar system and enter it to go to Earth. What was the point of the Bastion of Stars then?
However, there was a problem- if one followed the map, he would have no problem traversing the galaxy, as long as he was below the level of a Saint.
Saints, on the other hand, could not do so!
Some Saints from the ancient sects had attempted to follow the map, but they were killed mercilessly by the magical formation within.
There were some faults to this map, but it was still incredible!
Even till the point where the map had been completely deciphered, no one knew where it had come from.
Even the ancient clans in the Mirror Dimension had no clue.
After a month or so, when the map would be unveiled completely, those clans would not have had anymore time to bother about its origins.
Apart from the prevention of Saints, the map had no other flaw.
This was the era of Mirror Dimension. It had finally come.
The practitioners of the solar system were all talented and possessed incredible powers, but that was before.
In this era, no one held them in high regard any longer.
They all thought that there would only be a few Saints over there.
So what if there were a few Saints?
The Legendary Emperors from the Mirror Dimension could kill them with Saintly equipment!
If one did not do, they could overcome them with numbers!
They had to take action fast, this was a feast that was awaiting them.
Someone must have already made a move!
These ancient clans did not waste any time, they were swift in their actions!
Before Yu Wen and her group left, there was already a large number of crafts from the Mirror Dimension that had charged toward the solar system!
The earliest to depart were those underlings of those clans. Even though the map was proven to be authentic, the higher ups were still afraid of an accident.
What if there was an ancient Saint from the solar system th

at guarded the entrance?
This was not like the incident back at the Mirror Dimension, where the ones who died were merely students from the schools.
No matter what kind of prodigies they were, another one would appear every one hundred years or so.
But this time, the plan was for these ancient clans and entities to traverse over.
At such a scale, one had to be precautious.
There were many in this world who had no control over their fates.
Cultivation was cultivation, longevity was longevity, there was no point in talking about morality.
Under the heavens, who could judge morality?
The first batch of travellers were all filled with different emotions- they did not know what was awaiting them.
Was it a ferocious Saint from the solar system? Or was it a wonderland land?
Qi Xiao Feng was one of the ones dispatched. He was a top talent of the Qi clan and was a Legendary Emperor at just a hundred and twenty years old.
It was a pity that he was just an underling, a powerful one at that.
The ancient Qi clan was one of the most powerful clans in the Mirror Dimension.
The route was peaceful, they had not encountered a single creature.
The aircraft had flown in space for awhile now, it had already entered the shell of the solar system.
In the craft, Qi Xiao Feng could see the two contrasting colors through the window.
The members of the Qi clan on the craft all looked on in awe as shooting stars glazed across the sky.
This was just a facade.
All of them had cultivation levels all above that of a True Lord.
They could all see the killer machine that was hidden behind the beautiful colors.
It was as if someone had impaled the shell of the solar system with a stick.
The hole that resulted was as clean as jade. The insides were beautiful but it masked a Killing Formation!
They were all taken aback by its power, who could have placed such a powerful formation?
Perhaps it was an ancient Saint? No, even beings of that level could not do something like this.
This sort of power was unheard of!
Even though they were just underlings of these clans, they were the best of the lot.
They could do nothing but kneel in front of such a power.
Qi Xiao Tian, Qi Xiao Feng’s cousin, a Divine Lord, came to his side and said, "I don’t think the grandmasters of our clan are capable of this.".
Qi Xiao Feng looked on and said, "Perhaps this is a trap of the village of Dao?".
Qi Xiao Tian looked a little surprised as he said, "If that’s the case, haven’t we delivered ourselves to their doorstep?".
"Perhaps that is the case. Even if we have to risk our lives, we have to catch a glimpse of the village of Dao. I wonder what mysterious powers reside there?" said Qi Xiao Feng.
His cousin smiled and said, "I just want to obtain the powerful secret machines from there.".
"The elders have instructed us not to kill without reason as this matter is of utmost importance. We can all tell that this path is trapped, why couldn’t the elders tell? They only sent us because they knew that our enemies were powerful," said Qi Xiao Feng.
"Oh?". Even though Qi Xiao Tian was younger, he was a prodigy in cultivation as well. However, he lacked the experience that Qi Xiao Feng had.
"For example, if this is a trap laid by the Village of Dao, and we keep away because of our fear, the Mirror Dimension would be treated as a joke for the next sixty thousand years," said Qi Xiao Feng.
Qi Xiao Tian nodded his head and said, "That makes sense, but why don’t they dispatch their direct disciples first?".
Qi Xiao Feng smiled and said, "If those disciples were dispatched first, what use are we then?".
Looking at the cousin he admired since he was little, Qi Xiao Tian nodded his head and said, "That’s a good point, there’s no fault in being extra cautious for the rich!".
The aircraft sped through space as they reached the end of the shell.
Once it exited, the aircraft emerged at a completely new galaxy!
A star appeared before them.
"Is this the village of Dao? It’s so small! This is like a remote village in poverty, how can it be labelled as the village of Dao?" said Qi Xiao Tian, a little disappointed.
"What do you know? It’s not that easy to enter this place," said Qi Xiao Feng with a serious expression.
"What? Haven’t we already entered?" asked Qi Xiao Tian.
Many of the underlings of the Qi clan gathered around them as they looked at Qi Xiao Feng.
Qi Xiao Feng, who was already a master of formations, sighed and said, "This place is extremely complicated, there are magical formations everywhere that are invisible to our eyes. If we touch it, we’re dead!".
As he said this, he released a battleship ahead which had no one on board.
The ship flew on for a few thousand kilometres before it got engulfed in flames.
Even if there were Legendary Emperors on board, they could not withhold the pressure for much longer before suffering a similar fate.
All of the Qi underlings looked on with stunned faces.
At this moment, another aircraft went by theirs and headed forward.
The Qi underlings looked on with gleeful expressions as they awaited the explosion of their competitor.
But, once the aircraft overtook them, it turned around and began firing energy cannons at their aircraft.
"What do they want?".
"Are they crazy?".
"Defend, defend!".
The warning sirens rang as Qi Xiao Feng frowned.
He sent an ice cold divine sense over, "We’re all from the Mirror Dimension, is it right of you to do this?".
Even though they were all underlings, they all possessed a certain level of skill. Even Saints could not sink their craft easily.
This was the reason why Qi Xiao Feng was primarily angry, and not fearful of the attack.
These energy cannons could destroy a Divine Lord in one blow.
Even if one was a Legendary Emperor, he would have suffered severe injuries.
"We have nasty guests from afar, if we don’t give you a warm welcome, how can we show our sincerity?" laughed the voice of a girl.
After which, another dozen cannon shots were fired.
The galaxy was dazzling with the lights from these shots.


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