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Chapter 360: This is the Sword
After Chu Yu memorized technique and sincerely thanked the old man.

"No worries", said the old man as he shrugged and continued, "You foolish chap who won’t listen, hurry along out of my sight if you are going to court your own death."

Chu Yu gave a hearty laugh as he turned to leave.

"Young chap, I plea for you not to go and seek revenge. I suspect that… she still has Miss Lin possessed with more cunning tricks up her sleeves."

A chilly look flashed past Chu Yu’s eyes as he kept his silence.

The old man sighed, "If you can really bring Miss Lin out, keep a low profile and bring her to me. Perhaps I could be of some help."

Chu Yu silently nodded his head and looked at the old man. "Senior, why did you choose to lead a life of recluse? Do you have any hard stories of your own?"

"Nonsense, this old man simply does not enjoy a life of violence," the old man rolled his eyes as he gestured for Chu Yu to leave.

Chu Yu took a long hard look at the old man and bid farewell.

"Jesus, that little brat conveniently took so many of my treasures and still walked away with his head held high. Given his thick skin, I guess he won’t die anytime soon," the old man muttered to himself alone in the chamber.

With a wave of a hand, the set of table and stools made from the sacred tree reappeared.

The metal pot, however, did not.

"Why am I staying here? This is not the time!" he sighed.

A hint of worry appeared in the eyes of the old man as he shook his head ever so slightly while walking away. Back at the library, he sat down and started dozing off.


Chu Yu walked out from there and gazed in the direction where Butterfly Dance stayed, eyes glimmering.

The old man advised against seeking the Butterfly Dancer for revenge, convinced that she had too many tricks and plots and that she would outsmart him for sure. Rationally speaking, the old man might have been right, this was not the right time to seek Butterfly Dance to avenge Lin Shi.

But the will of the mind had to be steadfast!

What a practitioner feared most was a mind that was not steadfast.

The lack of talent could be compensated by hard work. But a fallible and shaky will could ruin a practitioner and reduce years of cultivation to nothing, and at its worst, deal a fatal blow to a practitioner.

If that happens, it would be devastating.

"I must remain steadfast and relentless!" Chu Yu thought to himself as his face relaxed into a calm expression and he stalked in the direction of the School of Heavenly Day.

The crowd grew sparse on the journey there. The ordinary person did not have the qualifications or the courage to enter the place.

At the destination, in a space that appeared empty, forbidden barriers started to appear. Any living being who touched these barriers would be incinerated without question.

Only a master of high cultivation could break through these barriers by force. But even then, the Butterfly Dance would have been alerted.

Chu Yu carried the School of Heavenly Day pendant which granted him access without setting off any alarms.

He walked in briskly. His pendant was of no use at the last barrier.

Chu Yu pondered for a moment before he swiftly cast his sword and tore the barrier apart like it was made of paper.

Chu Yu stood dazed in front of the Butterly Cave as he marveled at the powers of the blade.

At this moment, a wave of fury washed over the Butterfly Cave; a force like a large weight crushing Chu Yu.

Chu Yu stumbled backwards at the overwhelming gust of energy. Taken aback, he recalled the old man’

s advice to stay away from the Butterfly Dance.

He could slay opponents with more advanced cultivation levels, but the Butterfly Dance possessed the same abilities.

She was ruthless and evil, but formidable.

Even though her cultivation was only at the Legendary Emperor Realm, compared to past opponents with the same level of cultivation, she was much more powerful.

Previously on the Pacific Ocean, Chu Yu had to use a life saving feather to destroy the mental imprint of the Butterfly Dance.

Firstly, the strength of her mental imprint was very weak, just about at the level of the Supreme Realm.

Secondly, Chu Yu had borrowed strength from the monkey, and in his state of berserk, he had not evaluated the strength of the mental imprint.

That was how he managed to destroy the mental imprint.

Chu Yu had been avoiding the recollection of this encounter, hence his understanding of the Butterfly Dance was limited to his encounter at Mirror Dimension.

He had thought that her abilities were powerful but not invincible. Looking at it now, he had awfully misjudged her abilities.

The Butterfly Dance was not only strong but perversely and ridiculously so.

In a blink of an eye, a shadow appeared in front of Chu Yu! The Butterfly Dance!

She looked surprised.

"You caught me off guard," she stared at Chu Yu’s sword with a burning gaze.

"Old hag, I’m back so hand over Lin Shi right away!" Chu Yu coldly stared at the Butterfly Dance.

The moment he saw her, all past and present grievances flooded back into his mind.

If anything, I’ll just use another strand of feather! Chu Yu thought to himself.

"Old hag…?".

Butterfly Dancer raised her brows and glared angrily at Chu Yu. She was furious.

This little brat had such a rotten mouth. Even though she had plenty of years under her belt, who dared to call her old with her perfect complexion and youthful demeanor?

"Are you courting death, you brat?" .

"Hand Lin Shi over.".

"Haha… what a loyal man. Fine! Have her back!" With that, Lin Shi appeared timidly from behind.

"What are you doing here Chu Yu? Leave!" Lin Shi anxiously exclaimed.

"Come on, your little lover came to fetch you. Your teacher will honor her word and let you go," coaxed Butterfly Dancer.

"You, you are not my teacher you monster!".

Chu Yu quietly watched their exchange. If not for the fact that the old man told him that Lin Shi was thrown into another realm, he might really have been fooled by this fake Lin Shi.

"Sweet child, your teacher had no choice, I’ll never hurt you," the Butterfly Dancer gently whispered.

"You wretched witch!" Chu Yu was furious.

He used his energy to see through the illusion of the Butterfly Dance. A green lotus appeared in front of him. What drove him mad was that the green lotus was attached to a part of Lin Shi’s soul.

"This wretch!".

"God, damn it!".

Counting the Lin Shi on earth, the Lin Shi that was thrown into the other dimension and this Lin Shi in front of him… The Butterfly Dance had divided Lin Shi’s soul into three!

This kind of move could not have been mastered by a normal Legendary Emperor.

The Lin Shi in front of him did not seem to realize that there were two other versions of herself.

When the Lin Shi back on earth had that realization, she chose to implode herself. Chu Yu wondered if the Lin Shi in the other realm had realized anything yet.

His heart ached badly as he looked at the Lin Shi in front of him.

Chu Yu pointed his sword at The Butterfly Dance and demanded, "Hand her to me!"

"Go ahead child," said the Butterfly Dance as she looked sweetly and lovingly at Lin Shi.


Lin Shi approached Chu Yu and whispered, "Run while I hold her back!"

Chu Yu thoughtbto himself, "How is she going to hold Butterfly Dancer back without any cultivation? With the physical appearance of Lin Shi, she doesn’t seem to know that she doesn’t not have any cultivation.".

Seeing Chu Yu still and silent, tears welled up in Lin Shi’s eyes as she anxiously gestured for him to run.

Chu Yu’s heart ached and anger flooded his mind.

"I’ve handed you the girl, leave the sword with me.".

"Here you go!".

As he said that, Chu Yu used 20% of his essence in the sword to go around Lin Shi and charged toward The Butterfly Dance!

A swift and powerful strike!

As the blade glowed and charged towards her, the Butterfly Dance calmly shielded herself with an ancient charm, protecting herself.

As the charm clashed with the sword, loud rings like that of a big bell echoed around the cave. The shapeless sound waves instantly transformed aggressively and attacked Chu Yu.

Tssssssss! The ancient charm was ripped apart.

The Butterfly Dance’s gaze finally faltered ever so slightly. Staring at Chu Yu’s sword, her expression hardened.

She grew more excited, "This is the sword!"

"It’s mine now!" she shouted as she reached out towards Chu Yu.

Her slender fingers morphed into steely bars, trapping Chu Yu.

"Scram!!" Yelled Chu Yu as he utilized the full power of the sword and swung it at the Butterfly Dance’s hand.


Chu Yu left a deep gash in the palm of her hand. Fresh blood was dripping down her sides.

The Butterfly Dance let out a loud yelp as Chu Yu pointed the tip of his sword between her brows.


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