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At this moment, six to seven copies of Lin Shi appeared behind the Butterfly Dance.

Every single one of them were identical to one another, exact duplicates of Lin Shi!

"Chu Yu you little brat, are you seeing this? These are your beloveds, as many as you want!".

The Butterfly Dance’s soundwaves echoed with cold mockery.

Between her brows, a tiny armor the size of a fingernail appeared. It shimmered with holographic light and radiated a powerful aura.


The strike of Chu Yu’s sword hit the shimmering armor and gave off a clear and crisp sound.

The sword pierced through the armor but the Butterfly Dance was unharmed.

She fluttered her sleeve and with a loud bang, struck her palm onto Chu Yu’s chest.

Chu Yu stumbled backwards and spat out blood.

If not for his strong physique, this blow from the Butterfly Dance would have destroyed him!

The Butterfly Dance continued to fire up her gaze at the sword!

A formidable sword! A formidable sword art!

Suddenly, Lin Shi’s copies; including the Lin Shi behind Chu Yu, all froze.

A large force erupted from their bodies and charged towards Chu Yu with viciousness.

"True Lords!".

These copies of Lin Shi attained cultivation at the level of True Lord in a matter of seconds!

"Hahaha, how do you feel being ambushed by the love of your life?".

Lin Shi’s soul echoed with mockery.

Chu Yu gritted his teeth and let out a forceful gust to restrain these bunch of ‘Lin Shi’s.

One of the copies of Lin Shi raised her hand and struck her own skull with a powerful blow.


Her clear and fair forehead was shattered like pure jade.

Even the wisp of fragmented soul attached to her was gone with the wind.

"Ah!" Chu Yu let out a sorrowful yell.

The Butterfly Dance was too harsh!

The cards she played just got crueler and crueler.

She was not concerned about how many parts she had divided Lin Shi’s soul into, using secret magic to control and manipulate them.

Lin Shi’s fate lied entirely in the Butterfly Dance’s will.

These were real acts of the dark practices, cruel beyond measure.

"Hahaha, are you in misery? Every time a wisp of her soul is lost, her existence in this world is diminished. When every fragment is destroyed, she will be a lost cause," the Butterfly Dance chuckled coyly and seductively.

"If they can kill you, I will make them take their own lives one by one," Butterfly Dance threatened through her gleeful eyes. "Little brat, how do you feel now?",

"Scram!" Chu Yu roared and charged towards the Butterfly Dance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four more copies of Lin Shi proceeded to strike themselves in the head, their spirits destroyed along with their physical bodies.


Chu Yu howled with rage and grief.

The Butterfly Dance seized this opening and raised her injured arms, giving Chu Yu a mighty blow.


Chu Yu’s body was thrown across the cave and he landed against a forbidden barrier, creating electric-like sparks.

Chu Yu spat out a large mouthful of fresh blood. The impact had left his body devastated.

Patches of red stained his clothes and blood dripped down his sides.

Chu Yu gripped his sword firmly and raised his head to look at the Butterfly Dance.

The Butterfly Dance muttered with an air of disregard, "You are a genius, but, I! AM! THE! GREATER! GENIUS!".

As she concluded, the remaining copies of Lin Shi struck themselves.

Wisps of segmented souls drifted around the air.

"You destroyed my mental imprint at the Emperor star, a wisp of my soul that took me thousands of years to cultivate…" the Butterfly Dance withdrew her smile and glared at Chu Yu with menace.

"So, don’t you dare blame me for being cruel to Lin Shi. You are the cause of all her misery! I will repay an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; on Lin Shi!".

She giggled to herself and continued, "I have many more copies of Lin Shi, do you want to meet them? Maybe get to know them? Ain’t this so much fun!".

"Really?" Chu Yu took a deep breath, he had the intention to use a strand of life saving feather.

This woman had no boundaries. She was a beautiful lady with a vicious, malicious heart.

Any further conversation with her would be futile.

The Butterfly Dance released another 10 copies of "Lin Shi".

"Chu Yu…".

"What happened to you Chu Yu?".

"Flee, Chu Yu!".

"Huh? Who are you?".

"Why do you look the same as me?".

"Why is there another me?".

"What is going on?".

Ten copies of Lin Shi all stared at one another. No matter how collected Lin Shi usually was, faced with this kind of situation, panic and anxiety would naturally come.

Terrified, they all wore the same look of confusion.

A couple of them headed straight towards Chu Yu.

"Look, even with the same soul they can have different personalities. Isn’t that strange? Peculiar? Fun?".

The Butterfly Dance nonchalantly stood there with the skirts of her dress fluttering, her hair flowing and her eyes glimmering. She resembled a fairy.

The words she spewed out however, were vile and ugly.

The Butterfly Dance had been talking through her divine sense, her real body was concealed.

She smiled to herself as she watched the bunch of copies flock towards Chu Yu.

"Say, what will happen to the remaining copies if I make a couple of them die?".

"You wretched witch!" Chu Yu replies with his divine sense.

He griped his sword tightly; his veins bulging excruciatingly.

"Are you angry? Haha, you still look dashing!" sputtered the Butterfly Dance.

With that, three of the copies of Lin Shi who had dashed in front of Chu Yu shivered before the light in their eyes vanished.

Then, they marched stiffly towards Chu Yu. In their hands, they each held a polished blade.

The Butterfly Dance looked pleased with her work.

Seeing that these three copies now had malicious intentions to hurt Chu Yu, the remaining copies of Lin Shi all hurried towards him.

All these copies were without any levels of cultivation. Two of them were so anxious that they tripped and stumbled onto the floor, covering themselves in dirt and bruises.

It was a heart wrenching scene to watch.

"Haha… look, why are they so careless? Running about so anxiously, no wonder they fell!" the Butterfly Dancer whispered tenderly to Chu Yu using her divine sense.

The clear-headed copies of Lin Shi lunged forward to stop the three rogue clones.

One of the copies holding a dagger raised her hand and stabbed another clone. Scarlet blood trickled down the handle of the dagger.

Fresh, warm blood.

A tear rolled down the cheeks of the zombie-like Lin Shi.

She turned to face Chu Yu again, positioning her dagger and walking forward stiffly.

Another copy tackled her from behind and the two clones wrestled on the ground.

The other two zombie-like versions of Lin Shi were faced with similar obstacles. The entire scene looked peculiar- A group of beautiful and identical women entangled together.

Chu Yu took a deep breath and said to the Butterfly Dance, "Enough!".

He had already activated a strand of feather!

This time, he was fully prepared!

He was about to destroy her!

No matter how many more tricks she had, this would leave her damaged beyond repair.

"How can this be enough? Just look at this, so mesmerizing, isn’t it?" the Butterfly Dance was blushing from excitement.

"I can tell that she really deeply loves you! She would rather hurt herself then watch you come to any harm," she said in jealousy.

"What a foolish act? Women…why must they find a shoulder to lean on? Why must they find another man to love? Isn’t it enough to love themselves? Men are all trash!" She muttered through gritted teeth.

"You’ve been let down before," Chu Yu snickered coldly.

"Shut up!" the Butterfly Dance screeched using her divine sense as her eyes hardened.

All the copies of Lin Shi began to glow with the aura of True Lords.

The wrestling had halted. They looked at Chu Yu with their messy hair and torn garments.

"Oh right! Let’s not forget the fun!" the Butterfly Dance released one of the copies. That sole "Lin Shi" was going crazy. She rushed in front of Chu Yu to protect him.

The other clones started attacking her.

Chu Yu watched on as this "Lin Shi" got cornered by a bunch of other copies.

In an instance, a majestic aura erupted from within Chu Yu!

Between heaven and earth, only a single silhouette remained.

Chu Yu leaped forward with his sword held high and swung it at the Butterfly Dance.

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