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Chapter 359: A Cup of Tea
At the School of Heavenly Day, the top School in the Mirror Dimension, everything went on as usual.
There was no sense of anxiety or fear in the air.
Everyone who appeared before Chu Yu was smiling.
A few years had passed, and the place had undergone some change.
The students back in the day had all become seniors in the School, their level of cultivation had all increased by quite a bit.
This was without a doubt, the top school in the Mirror Dimension. At one glance, Chu Yu could identify a handful of Supreme Lords and True Lords.
There were a few in the Divine Lord Realm as well.
Every few years, a new generation of cultivators would appear.
Within a generation, most of them would be dispatched to different parts of this dimension.
But the most powerful ones would be sent to the outskirts of the Bastion of Stars to fight.
They might even be sent to the inner battleground!
This was an eternal battle that involved the entire galaxy!
No matter how peaceful this place seemed, its foundations were all evil, and they were full of bloodlust!
"If I have a chance to destroy this dimension, would I do it?" thought Chu Yu to himself.
He found it hard to give himself an answer.
If the people in this world left this place and returned to their original home on their own accord, he did not need to think about this problem.
A look of resolution appeared on Chu Yu’s face.
It was not easy for him to return to the School of Heavenly Day, as he looked like how he did back on Earth.
Even among the good looking people here, he was considered exceptionally so.
Each time one of the passing students noticed him, they would look at him for a short while.
Even after they passed him by, some would turn around and continue to look at him.
They all thought in their minds, "He’s such a handsome man, but why have I never noticed him? Maybe he’s new?".
Chu Yu had a special talisman paper on him that could allow him to move freely around all areas of the School of Heavenly Day.
He had come to the central core of the place, but he was stopped by an old man.
"Come with me," said the old man using his divine sense.
After saying this, he turned around and began walking.
Chu Yu was a little stunned as he recognised this old man, he was the librarian of the place where Lin Shi had hid her origins.
He could recognise him as the previous time Chu Yu came here, he already could sense that this old man’s cultivation levels were immensely vast.
After so long, even if Chu Yu was now a Divine Lord, he still had the same feeling!
Even when faced with Saints, Chu Yu did not get this feeling. How could a Librarian possess such immense cultivation levels?
He seemed to be of a much lower ranking than the Butterfly Dance.
Chu Yu had stayed at the School of Heavenly Day before, so he knew that there were many hidden talents here. But there was no reason as to why a powerful man like him would stay in a library all day.
Chu Yu thought about it and decided to follow the old man to see where he wanted to bring him.
He brought Chu Yu into the library.
Without a single word, the old man stuck out his hand and waved it in the air. A door made of radiating runes was formed in an instant.
The old man’s body disappeared from his location at a tremendous speed!
Even Chu Yu could not tell how he had disappeared.
"This old man… Even if he isn’t a Saint, he has to be at the peaks of the Legendary Emperor Realm at the very least!" Chu Yu thought to himself.
He stood at where he was without moving.
He had his suspicions about this old man.
He had no problems with coming to the library, but he had second thoughts on going through that door.
Who knew what intentions the old man had?
"What are you waiti

ng for? If I wanted to hurt you, I just have to scream, and what do you think will happen after that?" said the old man through the door as he stuck his head out.
"..." Chu Yu had no reply and he followed the old man.
He felt silly for having second thoughts, for even thinking that the old man had any consideration for his powers.
Through this door, they entered another place. Chu Yu realised that this was a small secret chamber.
It was only about ten square metres in size and the furniture were very simplistic as well. There was a wooden table carved from the bark of an old tree in the chamber.
A few wooden stools were placed around it. A dense aura of Dao was emanated from the table.
There was more to this wood than met the eye. It had to be some sort of Divine Wood.
After the old man had entered this place, he seemed to have become much more relaxed.
He looked at Chu Yu and said, "Take a seat, I’ll make some tea.".
He took out an old and worn out metal pot and placed it beside a small stove.
He then took out some firewood and ignited a fire.
Chu Yu’s eyelids twitched as he realised that the firewood was Divine Wood as well!
"I never thought that my good intentions would harm that girl," sighed the old man.
A chilly look flashed across Chu Yu’s eyes.
"You should be angry, this is all my fault," said the old man with regret.
He continued, "I thought that the Butterfly Dance was a decent girl, and that she had a good heart. I saw that her techniques suited Miss Lin, so I introduced her to the Butterfly Dance.".
He shuffled the wood to let it burn as he raised his head to look at Chu Yu and said, "Miss Lin wanted me to be her teacher. If I knew that she was from Earth, I would never have introduced her to anyone else.".
Chu Yu remained silent and did not speak.

  The old man’s words and sincerity planted an idea of the situation in Chu Yu’s head, but he did not dare to confirm it.
"I am from the Emperor Star, which is the Earth," said the old man softly.
The metal pot let out a rattle as the boiling water overflowed.
Chu Yu took a deep breath as he remained silent.
"Miss Lin has been thrown into the land of trapped beasts. I’ve made the calculations, she won’t die there, but rather, she will go through a major transformation.".
As the old man said this, he took out a few precious tea leaves as he placed them carefully into the pot.
"I know you seek revenge, but you can’t kill the Butterfly Dance. At least not now. It will backfire completely and create a great catastrophe," remarked the old man.
The aroma of the tea filled the entire room.
The scent itself was enough to give one a lightweight feeling.
"This tea, I have not touched it in many years, this is all I have left. I can’t bear to drink it!" sighed the old man as he attempted to recall something.
"The tree that it comes from grows on the peaks of the great snow mountain on the Emperor Star. That mountain was brought to the Bastion of Stars back then, and that tree is now long gone.".
"Why would killing her bring a great catastrophe?" asked Chu Yu, completely ignoring his remarks on the tea’s history.
"She’s only a Legendary Empress, is that very rare in this dimension?".
"She’s no normal Legendary Empress," said the old man as he picked up the tea cups.
"Come, have a sip.".
Chu Yu furrowed his eyebrows as he drank some of the tea.
A fiery energy exploded in his body, it was terrifying!
It was to the extent that it was shocking!
At an incredible speed, the energy infused itself into Chu Yu’s body and seeped into his flesh and bones.
At the same time, a great Daoist sense entered his mental realm and exploded!
Chu Yu could suddenly understand more of the Sword’s legacy! He could read a fifth of it now!
At that moment, Chu Yu had no other thoughts about anything but the mysterious writings in his mind.
The strength in his body grew constantly.
The old man sat there as he sipped on his tea. He looked at Chu Yu with some envy.
He reminisced about the first time where he drank this tea. His cultivation levels increased tremendously as well, but it was not as much as Chu Yu’s growth.
When Chu Yu finally opened his eyes, he realised that he was alone in this chamber.
The tea had gone cold, and there was a piece of paper on the wooden table.
On it were a few words that were written beautifully.
"Little fella, I’ve never seen anyone who could seclude himself for three months after taking a sip of the tea, it’s a little disturbing. Once you’ve awakened, follow this incantation and you can come out.".
The short incantation was on the other side of the paper, it was rather simple.
Chu Yu smiled as he looked at the wooden tables and chaos. With a wave of his hands, everything in the room disappeared. Even the metal pot and the two crystal tea cups vanished.
There was nothing left in the room.
"I’ll take that as payment for your entrapment of Shi Shi," said Chu Yu.
He recited the incantation and appeared on the highest floor of the library.
He was not in a hurry to go downstairs, he took his time to go through some of the books.
At this moment, the angry voice of the old man could be heard, "Hey you little rascal, what the hell are you doing? Did you have to take everything? Even the metal pot? Get your ass down here!".
Chu Yu smiled as he went down.
The library was empty and the doors were shut, the old man probably had closed it.
 The old man looked at Chu Yu angrily and said, "You little rascal, handover the goods!".
"What goods? I didn’t see anything!" said Chu Yu with a face of ignorance.
The old man rolled his eyes and said, "Do you know what wood that table is made of?".
Chu Yu shook his head.
"It’s made of wood from the Heaven Shaking Tree! That one table is a few hundred kilograms worth of weight! How is it possible that your ring hasn’t been crushed by the sheer weight of it?".
"It is a bit heavy," thought Chu Yu to himself.
Chu Yu maintained his innocence as he said, "It’s not with me…".
"Alright alright, you little b*stard, we’ll settle the issue another day. There’s something more important now.".
He looked at Chu Yu and continued, "You should leave before she realises that you’re here. I’ll give you a target location. Once you recite a short incantation, it will transport you to the land of trapped beasts. But I must remind you that that is truly a land of chaos, be very careful!".
"What kind of place is it?" asked Chu Yu.
The old man looked at him and replied, "It’s brutal land with many terrifying creatures to begin with. It was then turned into a prison for such creatures from the outside. There is no order over there, there is only chaos. Even Saints might find themselves in trouble over there.".
He continued, "Without a portal, it’s impossible to escape, even for Legendary Emperors.".
"Don’t you have a portal?" asked Chu Yu.
The old man looked at him in the eyes.
After a short while, he sighed.
"You really want to go?".
"What do you think?" said Chu Yu.
"Alright, I’ll give it to you," said the old man as he gave Chu Yu a magical technique through his divine sense.

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