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Yi looked at Chu Yu with his wild eyes and said, "Do you know what’s a projection?".

Up until now, Yi’s way of speaking had changed massively. He no longer spoke in an old fashioned manner, he now spoke to Chu Yu fluently in modern slang.

"Oh?" said Chu Yu, surprised by this change.

Yi waved his hands.

A flask made of a glass-like material appeared in the air, it was filled with water.

Chu Yu furrowed his eyebrows.

At this moment, a light shone down from above and onto this flask.

The movement of waves appeared on the floor.

The flask began to move gently as the water inside rippled slightly.

The ripples on the floor were even more intense.

"This is fake," said Chu Yu.

Yi snickered.

The ripples on the floor grew stronger and after that, water really did appear.

This was probably water from the mountain springs, as they gave off a cool energy.

There was even the sound of water flowing.

"This is a Sacred Art," commented Chu Yu.

"Don’t act like you know what it is!" said Yi as he glared at Chu Yu.

He continued, "This is the projection that I was talking about! Our world and our universe are all but projections!".

"You’re saying that we live in a false world? Then what are we? Fake people?" asked Chu Yu with a face of disbelief.

"No, we are real.".

There was an air of melancholy around Yi as he said, "It is precisely because we are real that we seek the truth. Do you know why the previous era ended in destruction? Do you know why the Heavenly Court was torn apart? Do you know why the Sacred Cauldrons were scattered? And do you know why I shot down the nine other suns?".

Chu Yu was speechless.

There was a sudden change in Yi’s eyes, as if there was a universe within that was fading and resurging.

"Many things in this realm are fake. But our flesh, blood and souls are all real! They all exist. We have all of that and our own thinking with our own personalities. There are an infinite amount of beings in this world, but have you seen two creatures that are exactly the same?".

Chu Yu could not understand what Yi meant, but he felt that he knew what he was talking about.

Yi looked at Chu Yu and said, "Many mysteries have been left behind from the previous era, and we still don’t know the truth yet! Do you think that the Bastion of Stars was built by us? That’s bullsh*t! Something of that scale is beyond the ability of Saints, or even the great Saints!".

Chu Yu was shocked and doubtful of what Yi was saying as he looked at him seated upon his throne with those wild eyes.

"Do you think that it’s strange?" asked Yi as he looked at Chu Yu.

He continued, "My real body managed to leave this false world! In that instance, he delivered a divine sense to me!".

"It’s a pity that I could only have a glimpse. I died immediately, I don’t even know how I died. There must be something terrifying out there.".

Yi pointed at the flask in the air and said, "We’re like a school of fish that’s being bred in a flask. The only difference is that our fish tank is much bigger and that no one is feeding us- we have to survive on our own.".

Chu Yu felt a little bamboozled as he asked, "Is there any proof that the world and everything around us is fake?".

He felt that this was all too ridiculous, and it was hard for him to believe Yi’s words.

It was hard for anyone to accept the fact that their own world was all a lie.

Yi looked at Chu Yu and asked, "Do you know about Carbon?".

Chu Yu nodded his head, how could he not have known?

"Then you should also know how mysterious an element it is in our universe. It isn’t normal at all," remarked Yi.

"It isn’t?" asked Chu Yu.

"It’s too singular," remarked Yi.

Based on this point alone, it was hard for Chu Yu to believe what Yi had said.

If everything was what he said it was, they would just be NPCs in an online game.

How was this possible?

Moreover, what had this got to do with him killing the Butterfly Dance Legendary Empress?

Chu Yu looked at Yi and felt that he was just spouting nonsense and trying to sell his ideas!

He was nearly brainwashed by him into believing this ridiculous theory.

"Do you know why that dimension is called the Mirror dimension?" asked Yi as if he could see through Chu Yu’s thoughts.

"It’s precisely because those who created that dimension recognised that our world is fake! They all felt that they were living in a mirror!".

"If that’s the case, everyone should join forces and try to break out, why are we fighting one another instead?" asked Chu Yu.

"How naive!".

Yi looked at Chu Yu and said, "You think we can break out just because we join forces? Only those who are chosen by fate can break out!".

Chu Yu was very confused, he had heard many stories about the past, the previous era, and that battle.

It was as if everyone had a different understanding of history.

There was no fixed theory.

He did not know what to believe.

But Yi had mentioned that his real body had left this false world, but he could only get a glimpse of the outside before dying.

All that was left was a mental sense that was preserved as a marked memory.

Was this really just a marked memory? It seemed all too real.

Chu Yu pondered about what Yi had said.

Yi did not mind Chu Yu’s doubtful eyes, he focused on tilting the flask slightly from side to side. The projection of ripples on the floor were immense.

He said, "Do you see that? A little movement on the top can cause chaos at the bottom!".

"The path to immortality, even if one can walk through it, what’s the point? He would still die after taking a look. Ever since the ancient times, was there ever any exception? Fish will always be fish, no matter how strong they become, they can never jump onto the shore. The creatures in this world all want to leave behind their pain and obtain happiness, but is there anyone who can truly free themselves from this sea of pain?".

Yi looked at Chu Yu suddenly and said, "The Mirror Dimension is very queer.".

Chu Yu looked at him in return.

Yi paused for a moment and said, "The moment I flew out of this world, I saw the back view of a girl. She seemed very surprised to see me when she turned around.".

Yi smiled as he continued, "Back then I did not realise it, but afterwards, I realised that that girl looked exactly like the Butterfly Dance!".

A look of shock overcame Chu Yu’s face.

"And I died after that!" said Yi as his lips twitched.

Chu Yu, still in shock, said, "That woman killed you?".

"I don’t know. I can track any one of you whom I put through into the Mirror Dimension, I can find out what any one of you are doing at any point of time. But I never thought that I would see the Butterfly Dance at that place.".

Yi continued, "Ever since I saw that woman named the Butterfly Dance, I was a little shocked. I realised that there were many more mysteries in this world, and that this world was much more terrifying that I had thought!".

"Didn’t you say that there were no duplicates among all the creatures in this world?" asked Chu Yu.

Yi nodded his head and replied, "Yes, but she looked exactly like the Butterfly Dance! It was just that in my memory, that girl had no malicious energy coming off her at all. She had a saintly aura. The one in the Mirror Dimension on the other hand, even though she is a Legendary Empress, is full of that terrible and repulsive aura.".

"It’s like the water in this flask. Once it’s projected on the ground, it becomes much more violent and ugly," remarked Yi.

"Indeed, she isn’t a good person," said Chu Yu.

"You can’t kill her. At least, you don’t have the ability to completely vanquish her," said Yi.

"If I have to kill her a hundred times, I will do it. She will die eventually," said Chu Yu coldly.

"Lin Shi isn’t dead," remarked Yi.

"What… did you just say?" said Chu Yu as he looked at Yi in disbelief.

"You heard me. She’s not suitable for you though, the gal with the surname Xu suits you better," said Yi. He was not usually so talkative, but in front of Chu Yu, he felt the need to express himself.

He did not know why. Previously, when he had met Chu Yu, he did not feel this way.

But this time, the feeling was uncontrollable.

"You’re telling me that Lin Shi is still alive?" asked Chu Yu. He did not even hear what Yi had said after that, his brain could not process anything else.

"Yes, she is. She was thrown into an ancient space as old as a few of the prohibited lands in the Mirror Dimension. It might be even older! She might have still been alive before that, but now…".

Chu Yu was shocked as he bowed down immediately and asked, "Elder, I beg of you, please send me over.".

"I haven’t finished talking yet…".

"Please send me over, I beg you!".

"Alright alright, it’s your life," said Yi as he waved his hands. Chu Yu’s body began dematerializing.

After Chu Yu disappeared completely, Yi said to himself with a puzzled look, "What was I talking about today? Why was I so affected by his presence? His destiny and his origins were very obvious before this, but why is everything a mess now?".

As he said this, blood trickled down the side of his lips and his face was visibly pale.

He still could not understand any of it.

Chu Yu appeared at the same range of mountains he had come to when he crossed over to this Dimension back in the day. There was a chilly look on his face.

He could enter the Mirror Dimension by himself, but those mediums of travel were all tightly controlled by the Butterfly Dance.

This was the only way to enter without being spotted.

"I don’t care if the world is real or fake, I will find you, and I will bring you home.".

"I will definitely take revenge!".

Chu Yu did not mention the Butterfly Dance’s name. He did not even think about her.

At her stage of cultivation, her sense of reach was too great. A simple mention of her name could reveal his location.

This place was not far from the Song Country, and Chu Yu wanted to revisit the Purple Cloud School to see his students.

But he did not.

He went straight for the School of Heavenly Day.


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