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Chu Yu’s word deeply offended this powerful and beautiful woman.

The way of cultivation was paved on inner peace and tolerance. If one could not tolerate such an insult, how was she going to face the many challenges in the path of Dao?

Her response made Chu Yu look down on her.

All he said was but a fact- If she could not even face that one fact, how could she pursue cultivation?

This woman was ferocious when she was angry, it was way too terrifying!

Her level of cultivation was great and her battle prowess was supreme as well.

Chu Yu had originally thought that people like her would only be seen at the Bastion of Stars.

Once he had ignited her anger, she began fighting at her fullest.

The two of them traded blows in the air.

Chu Yu did not use the Thirty Six Heavenly generals nor the Seventy Two Shapeshifters.

He wanted to verify his own powers.

He wanted to verify the prowess of his enlightenment of the sword.

Even though he could only understand a little of it, it was formidable!

The sword art that Chu Yu fired forced the woman to react sharply despite her rage.


A dozen rays of sword art fired off from Chu Yu’s body.

They pierced through space and headed straight for the woman.

The rays of sword art were razor sharp and invisible, and as she saw this, she let out a roar as a thick, blinding light erupted from her body.

The light shimmered like gold under sunlight.

Following this, she charged at him.

"So you want to fight in close combat now?" shouted Chu Yu.

"Go to hell!" yelled the woman.

This woman was very good looking, but why was her mouth so foul?

She did not look like a good person at all, and Chu Yu was surprised that Elder Black Dragon had accepted her onto the island.

The two of them continued to brawl as they both sustained some wounds.

She could not hold back any longer and began using a Sacred Art!

Once a Legendary Empress used a Sacred Art, the effects were earth shaking.

Ancient runes rose up and clustered as they radiated a light.

They almost filled up the entire space as the two fought. They could only create huge amounts of pressure on one another, but the runes prevented them from destroying their surroundings.

What kind of Magical Formation was this? It was too powerful!

Perhaps they were an intrinsic part of the Earth?

Chu Yu was clearly not focused on the battle as he still had time for these thoughts.

His lack of focus earned him a few more wounds.

An attack from the woman pierced through the right side of his chest.

If it had hit the left side of his chest, it would have struck his heart.

A hole was clearly visible where the attack had pierced through him, but he did not panic, he only sighed.

The wound healed quickly as Elder Black Dragon looked on.

Miss Qu Ni said, "This kid’s regenerative abilities are tremendous! His body seems way beyond his level of cultivation.".

Elder Black Dragon replied, "The world is a vast land, there is bound to be miraculous sights.".

She looked at him and said, "Are you saying that I have little experience in the world?".

He did not respond.

Miss Qu Ni aggressively refuted, "Firstly…".

"I just remembered that I have something to attend to!" said Elder Black Dragon sternly as he disappeared in a flash.

Miss Qu Ni looked into the sky and took a deep breath as she gave a forceful smile and said to herself, "Stay calm, stay calm!".


Two terrifying Sacred Arts clashed against one another in mid air.

The resulting energy waves smashed against the ancient runes, which caused them to light up even more.

The woman had finally realised that whether it was physical prowess, combat ability, or mastery of the divine senses, this young man was not far behind her!

Even though she had the upper hand, she was not bullying him at all.

Chu Yu was not being pushed to a corner!

This made her feel terrible about herself- she was always the strongest one since she was young!

Other than Saints, she never lost to anyone else!

She had grown up in the Club of the Supreme Rulers, Elder Black Dragon and Miss Qu Ni had even brought her to the outskirts of the Bastion of Stars to train!

She knew what a real battle looked like and she had plenty of tough experiences.

This man in front of her now, what experience did he have?

She had wanted to bring out her ultimate move, but alas, she did not.

This was because that move was considered a last resort of Legendary Emperors, and if she did use it, it could really bring death.

Even though this man was not likable at all, she had no intention of killing him.

Chu Yu could feel that this woman held back some of her powers, but he too was holding back his trump card.

Since she had stopped her assault, he stopped his attacks as well.

The battle finally came to a close with no victor.

In her opinion, if she had brought out her ultimate move, Chu Yu would stand no chance against her.

But from Chu Yu’s point of view, based on her measly combat experience, once Chu Yu let out all of his powers, he could definitely have killed her!

He looked at her and asked, "Among the cultivators in the Legendary Emperor Realm, are you considered one of the strongest ones?".

He was very serious about this question, and the woman could feel it.

But she still felt a little disgruntled by his question.

She gave him a chilly look and said, "I don’t know if i am the strongest, but I will definitely challenge the one who claims to be that!".

Alright… This answer held no meaning to Chu Yu.

His intention was to return to the Mirror Dimension and kill the Butterfly Dance!

Even though he had two life saving feathers left on his body, he did not want to use them casually.

The higher his level of cultivation, the more powerful the potency of the feathers.

He did not want to use them just to kill the Butterfly Dance.

Elder Black Dragon walked over with Miss Qu Ni and smiled.

He said, "We’re all friends, why fight over a small misunderstanding?".

"Who says that we’re all friends?" said the girl as she rolled her eyes and turned away.

Chu Yu greeted Elder Black Dragon and said, "Thank you Elder for showing me the way of enlightenment previously.".

"That’s a small matter, you don’t have to worry about it," said Elder Black Dragon as he smiled.

"Have you thought about it? Are you ready to come to the island?" he asked.

Miss Qu Ni looked at Chu Yu with some admiration.

It was a blessing to the Earth that there were people like Chu Yu in the younger generation.

Even though she was old fashioned, she was no idiot, and she would not have held a grudge against a person just because she did not like him initially.

So, if Chu Yu was to agree to come to the island, she was definitely willing to guide him and train him.

The others all gathered around the girl as they looked at Chu Yu.

At this moment, Chu Yu shook his head and said, "I only came here to thank you Elder, and to say goodbye.".

"Goodbye? Even though you’re not weak, if you go to the Bastion of Stars now, it would be the same as giving up your life," said Elder Black Dragon as he looked at Chu Yu.

Miss Qu Ni frowned and said, "Giving up your life for a noble cause and dying stupidly are two very different things."

Chu Yu chuckled and said, "No, I’m not going there yet, I know that I’m not ready.".

The Elder looked at Chu Yu and wanted to say something, but he did not.

This kid was far too strange. The last time when he wanted to inspect Chu Yu, a big problem nearly materialized.

He did not try again.

He even reminded Miss Qu Ni not to try and assess his fate or inspect him, otherwise, she might incur a violent reaction.

Miss Qu Ni did not really believe it and she tried to inspect his intentions.

In the end, the color of her face changed as she turned away.

The Elder sighed and wondered why she did not listen to him.

Thereafter, Chu Yu bid farewell to the Elder.

He then looked at the girl and looked at her chest.

Her face turned red and she nearly exploded.

Chu Yu laughed as he waved at her and said, "I’m leaving, Flat Sister, you can try eating more melons when you have the time…".

"I’m going to kill you!".

"Don’t just yell all day and curse, when you meet someone who suits you, you should marry him immediately. As for the Bastion of Stars, it is not a place meant for someone like you. Even though you have some of the energy from its outskirts, you’re still far off.".

"So you look down on women? No wait, you’ve been to the outskirts of the Bastion of Stars?" asked the girl with a face of shock.

The group of youngsters around her knew about the outskirts of the Bastion of Stars as well.

They all looked at Chu Yu in disbelief.

That place was the meat grinder for geniuses!

Warsong looked at Chu Yu’s back view and said, "Sooner or later, I will definitely go to that Battlefield."

Chu Yu walked away quickly with his Fleet Footwork as his silhouette disappeared into the horizon.

"It’s okay if you haven’t been there. One day, when the enemy attacks, it’s not too late to step out then," said Chu Yu as his voice drifted into the distance.

"Where did he go?" asked Ye Pian Ruo.

"He probably left the country," said Bu Jing Hong.

Ye Pian Ruo rolled her eyes at him.

Elder Black Dragon sighed as a look of relief appeared in his eyes.

Chu Yu was indeed leaving the country, and he was headed to Canada.

He once again met Yi.

He sat there on his throne with a bewildering aura.

"Are you the person himself?".

This was the first question that Chu Yu asked after meeting him.

Yi, who was seated on the throne, moved about a little as he remained silent for a long time.

Chu Yu was silent as well.

The deafening silence lasted for a long time.

Yi finally raised his head as he smiled and said, "How did you know that I am not myself?".

Chu Yu replied, "How can heroes like you not be at the Bastion of Stars? Either your real body is there, or, you’re already dead.".

Chu Yu looked at Yi and said, "Since you’ve already decided to give away the Red Bow and the Arrow Technique, does that mean that you’ve already fallen?".


Yi began laughing loudly on his throne, which unnerved those around him.

An immense bloodlust erupted from his body!

In an instant, Chu Yu felt like he was being surrounded in a sea of blood.

The pressure was so intense that his bones were creaking all over his body.

Yi stopped laughing and looked at Chu Yu seriously.

"The Red Bow, I’ve already handed it to that girl. She is much more suitable to wield it. But, did something happen between the two of you?".

Yi looked at Chu Yu and said, "I could only smell a metallic scent of blood from her body, the warmth that you both once had is now gone. The same goes for you.".

Chu Yu gave a wry smile as he shook his head and said, "It’s nothing. I’m not here for the Red Bow, I’m here to ask you to send me over to the Mirror Dimension.".

Yi looked at Chu Yu and said suddenly, "Are you going there to die? Do you really think that you can kill that Legendary Empress?".


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