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Chapter 356: The Immortal Slayer
Chu Yu had finally come out of seclusion.
He visited his parents and the rest of his clan members.
All of them could feel that he had become stronger.
Even though he was always smiling and as gentle as ever, the energy surrounding him affected all those around him.
Once Chu Yu had seen them, he left.
Only Chu Xi, Little Moon, Fang Lie, and their group knew about this, the rest of the clan did not.
Once Chu Yu left, Chu Xi immediately went to find Chu Liang to express her worries.
She also told him that she did not like the change that he had undergone, but Chu Liang dismissed it and said that this was the maturity of a man, and that it was a good thing.
Chu Yu did not let her speak of his intentions to go to the Bastion of Stars, otherwise, his parents would have been worried sick.
Chu Xi wanted Chu Liang to speak to Chu Yu as the oldest brother of the family.
As his sister, she did not want anything to happen to him.
Chu Liang did not see the need to speak to Chu Yu as he knew his character very well.
He understood Chu Yu better than he understood Chu Xi.
"Your guess should be correct, Lin Shi Meng… I mean, Lin Shi, probably met with some accident. Although he looks cheerful, your second brother occasionally shows his frailty. He doesn’t like to show his emotions and speak about his thoughts.".
Chu Liang looked at Chu Xi and continued, "Don’t underestimate him. He’s not dumb and he knows what he is doing. When he was six, he did some things that you might not be very clear about as you were still little. But he settled it better than anyone could have.".
"But the Bastion of Stars is the kind of place…" said Chu Xi with a look of worry.
"Don’t think of it as a terrifying place," interrupted Chu Liang.
"It is indeed a battlefield. It has to be guarded constantly by the heroes of our world, but that does not mean that there are frequent attacks," he said.
"But if a war does break out, it would be the battle of Saints," remarked Chu Xi.
Chu Liang replied, "That sort of setting might suit Chu Yu even more. If i manage to break into the Legendary Emperor Realm someday, I might go there too.".
"You.." said Chu Xi.
"That place is the destination for all men!" said Chu Liang with a smile.
"I want to go as well!" said Chu Xi angrily.
She had wanted him to convince Chu Yu not to go to the Bastion of Stars, but the conversation had come to him wanting to go as well.
What were all these men thinking of?
Chu Xi felt troubled.
She could understand the feeling of protection one had towards his home, but she could never empathise with their fiery spirit.

"I suggest that you head back a little earlier, you say that you don’t want to return and that you just hope for my embrace. The gentle wind has blown the wildfire away, and all I can see is your sadness. How can you bear to go, you look beautiful when you cry, why do you stop crying, I can only kiss you to let the wind blow, I can’t stay away…".
An old song played in a rustic shop in the streets of Yan Jing.
Chu Yu smiled as he sat on a bench.
The streets of Yan Jing were crowded at night and they were many people moving about.
There were a few girls who took a look at Chu Yu as they passed by.
"What a handsome man!" said a beautiful young lady to the girl walking beside her.
"Yea, I know," said Chu Yu lazily in response.
This scared the two girls as they ran away in embarrassment.
Chu Yu smiled at their fleeting figures as they ran away into the distance.
In his mind, images of the past kept resurfacing.
"You’re very shameless, do you know that?".
"I know.".
"Then why did you scare those girls like that? They had such long and slender legs…".
"I only meant to say that I know that I look

good. They were long though.".
"Hmph, didn’t those little girls see this beauty seated beside you?".
"Who could tell with you wearing those sunglasses like a superstar?".
"They’re blind I tell you! They should’ve been able to tell from the aura around me!".
In the past, him and Lin Shi would often come here to take a walk. Once they were tired, they would sit at the door of this old shop and look at the old people listen to their favourite songs.
They would then look at the passer bys.
Chu Yu received some attention because he was handsome.
Lin Shi, on the other hand, did not enjoy the attention at all.
The two of them were more like brothers then.
Now, he sat here in this old shop once again, listening to the music. Everything was the same, except that he now had no one by his side.
Chu Yu’s became a little teary as he listened to the love song playing. He lowered his head.
After awhile, he stood up and left.
He followed the route where the couple would normally take and walked about.
The park, the bookshop, the cinema, some hotels that had been open for decades but were still as small as ever.
He would stop at every location.
The music continued to play from the old rustic shop as the tunes chimed to the winds.
Chu Yu disappeared in the wind as well.
Like a bolt of lightning, he flew up into the sky and within the blink of an eye, he had left the eastern ocean and was heading towards the pacific ocean.
He wanted to thank Elder Black Dragon personally.
Without his help, he would not have been able to kill the mental imprint of the Butterfly Saint.
Just as Chu Yu was about to reach the island, a figure flew towards him.
Without a single word, she began to attack Chu Yu!
The space around him broke like shards of glass off a mirror and in each piece was a different image.
Within each image, a figure emanating a terrifying energy could be seen, and she headed straight for Chu Yu.
Chu Yu twitched a little. Although he did not feel any malicious intent, he could feel the anger in the strike.
This woman had immediately used her divine sense to attack Chu Yu.
An ancient sword appeared in Chu Yu’s hands.
Rays of sword art sweeped the surroundings.
The reflections and images were shattered into pieces.
Some of the figures that had come out from the images were now in front of Chu Yu.
Chu Yu engaged in combat with these people as they brawled.
With every strike, he knocked away one of them.
But there were too many of them!
Chu Yu sustained a few minor injuries, but his body was fortified to a terrifying extent.
"Not bad!" said a voice of a girl.
She was praising him, but her tone suggested that she was really just mocking him.
With a swing of his sword, a ray of sword art shot straight out.
This was the outcome of his training!
He had finally grasped some of the sword’s legacy.
He now had the chance to test its powers.
Even though he could sense that the opponent had no intention of killing him, her indirect approach to fighting him annoyed him.
The sword art was too terrifying!
The mirror shards in the air all shattered within seconds.
All that was left was that figure standing in the air, alone but prideful.
The sword art rushed straight towards her!
The space behind her was cut into two.
The woman finally had some expression on her face.
"That’s a fine technique!" said the woman softly.
As she spoke, a terrifying energy came off her body.
This energy was dense and every bit of it asserted pressure on the space around her.
At the same time, she was retreating.
The space that was split into two was pushing towards her.
The speed was unbelievable!
This was the sword art that had come from Chu Yu’s blade!
Finally, the girl let out a cry as a razor sharp and long sword appeared in her hands. A blade of sword art emerged from it as it fought with Chu Yu’s blade.
A thunderous roar resounded in the skies.
Ancient runes rose up as they defended the area.
The girl continued retreating as she exclaimed, "Incredible!".
Chu Yu looked at her and said, "It’s too flat.".
The girl gave a shocked expression as she looked down at her chest.
Her face was now red with fury.
She was infuriated by these words.
"I’m gonna kill you Chu Yu!" shouted the girl as she rushed at him.
Chu Yu laughed as their swords danced together.
"This is the Immortal Slayer Sword Art!".
Elder Black Dragon had appeared and was looking at the battle between the two.
He did not stop them as he knew how powerful this girl was.
Ye Pian Ruo, Bu Jing Hong, Warsong and the rest on the island all appeared behind him.
When they heard what he had said, they all had serious expressions on their faces.
The Immortal Slayer Sword Art was one of the most powerful sword techniques in existence.
It was so lethal that it earned itself the name of the Immortal Slayer.
It was just that there were very few people who could use this technique.
Wasn’t Chu Yu the heir to Confucius and the Crane Saint?
When did he obtain the legacy of a Sword Immortal?
Even though these Sword Immortals were not Saints, they were probably just as terrifying!
However, there were only a few of them left in the world.
Before this, there were many of them.
The little boy who wanted to become a Saint when he was fifteen looked at him in envy and said, "When I’m as old as him, I will definitely be stronger!".
Miss Qu Ni appeared beside Elder Black Dragon. Looking at the boy through her pair of shades, she smiled and said, "When you grow up, that will naturally happen.".
Elder Black Dragon looked at her and gave off a divine sense that only the two of them could feel, "I never knew that you could lie.".
Without any emotion, she replied, "The boy needs encouragement, I have good intentions.".


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