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Chu Yu’s voice was calm and he sounded normal.

But Little Moon and Chu Xi could sense a wave of sadness from his words.

The two of them looked at each other and there was nothing but silence between them.

They did not know how to comfort him.

Everything was expanding too quickly, and the world’s speed of advancement was unprecedented.

No one truly knew what to do.

They were not prepared for it, and everything changed before they could adapt.

Little Moon’s level of cultivation was increasing very quickly, but in comparison to Chu Yu, the gap between them was only getting bigger.

She kept chasing after him but every time she looked up, the distance between the two of them only increased.

She felt very sad as she looked at the calm Chu Yu, but she did not show it.

Chu Xi looked at him with a tense face.

She knew that something must have happened between her second brother and Lin Shi.

Seeing that he had went to the Lin Clan to offer assistance, it appeared that they had not broken up.

But, even if they did break up, Chu Yu would still have gone to help them.

Lin Shi was complicated and Chu Xi was not a fan of their relationship.

Lin Shi was too headstrong and intelligent, and sometimes, her resolve even scared those around her.

She would have made a fearsome leader if she was a man, but for a girl to be like this…

Chu Xi shook her head and refused to think any further.

In her heart, she knew that Chu Yu was similar to her, even if he seemed peaceful on the outside.

They were as stubborn as each other, and could never have been persuaded out of anything they had decided on.

Chu Xi could only pray for her brother’s safety.

As for Lin Shi, Chu Xi felt that her brother could do better.



At the Lin Clan in the northern lands.

Lin Leng Feng and Zhou Yue Ru sat in their room with faces of worry.

"Something is wrong," said Lin Leng Feng.

"You’re right, why do I have the feeling that something has happened to Shi Shi?" said Zhou Yue Ru.

"You have this feeling too?" sighed Lin Leng Feng as he stood up and paced around the room.

He said, "We both understand Chu Yu very well. He’s passionate, open and honest, but in his bones, he and Shi Shi are the same. It’s just that their personalities are expressed differently- Chu Yu is more introverted while Shi Shi is extroverted. Before this, I thought that they weren’t compatible because of this.".

"I agree, both of them are stubborn. But they’ve always loved one another, I can tell that even now, Chu Yu still loves her deeply" said Zhou Yue Ru.

"I can sense that too, but don’t think you think that this time around, Chu Yu acted a little unnaturally?" asked Lin Leng Feng.

She nodded her head and said, "Of course I can feel it, we’ve seen this kid grow up. He tried his best to hide it and not show anything, and even gave us these pills to increase our cultivation…".

She stood up and walked over to a bookshelf, where there were some photos.

A smiling Lin Shi was in one of the photos.

"Child, why do you have to go to that place? What if something happens to you, how do I live?" said Zhou Yue Ru as tears began rolling down her cheeks.

Lin Leng Feng sighed as he lighted a cigarette and said, "I believe that she won’t meet with any harm. Chu Yu will definitely bring her back if something happens!".

"I guess so," said Zhou Yue Ru softly.

The air was filled with the smell of smoke, and the couple did not continue speaking.



The internet exploded with comments.

"Martians have invaded!".

"There was a giant butterfly in the sky! The grandmaster from my Clan saw it, but it was slashed down by a powerful man from our world.".

"Is this the start of a big batte?".

"Is there going to be internal strife within the solar system?".

"Chu Yu is the exemplary character for the younger generation!".

Comments and posts flooded social media.

There were all kinds of people with all kinds of emotions.

There were even rumors and stories of lesser known places such as the Mirror Dimension and the Bastion of Stars, as well as the Heavenly Court.

Eastern legends and Western myths were now heavily discussed.

Some disciples of the Major Sects have begun talking about these things openly as well.

They often gave precise and reasonable answers to the questions that they were asked.

"May I ask if The Monkey King Sun Wu Kong has ever existed before?".

"He has, but that was a long time ago.".

"Is there a buddhist grandmaster in the West?".

"There was, but they were long gone.".

"Are the chinese really the descendants of the dragons?".

"It is true.".

There were many more of such questions.

People began to realise that the world was truly changing.

Everything seemed different now. Advanced technology was now globalised.

Everyone knew that starting from the year 2024, the world had began taking this path of change.

Once the thing of fiction, alien invasions became a reality, although they turned out to be different from what the people had expected.

These "aliens" were much more terrifying than they had thought!

But the Earth was strong as well.

Just like how that giant bug got slashed down by the human in a single blow!

Once Chu Yu returned home, he went into seclusion.

This lasted over a period of a few months!

Fatty had brought the two foreign ladies to visit, but he could not find Chu Yu. He left a message on his communication device, telling him that he was going on a trip around another planet.

That planet held the great legacy of the thief Sect!

Fatty had to bring it back himself.

Fatty was just as fearful of death as he looked.

He fought and endeavored hard to strengthen himself in order to escape death.

Big Thief and Old Huang came by once, but they did not meet Chu Yu as well.

They both left a message for him, telling him that they had found an Immortal Estate in Siberia that belonged to a demonic Clan, and that they were preparing to raid it. Perhaps they could find great treasures there.

In this period of time, Chu Xi managed to reach the Divine Lord stage!

With her natural talent and the pill the Chu Yu gave her, her rate of advancement was astounding once she sat down and focused on training.

Little Moon managed to squeeze by and reached the Divine Lord stage as well.

This surprised many as they all thought that she was just a quiet and introverted little girl.

She had been in the Clan for very long, but there were only a few people whom she was familiar with, and she kept a low profile.

The other clan members all realised that those who were around Chu Yu were all highly skilled.

The most obvious one was Fang Lie!

He was a man with the blood of the Polar Wolves running through his veins. Once he managed to get his freedom, his cultivation skyrocketed.

Based on cultivation alone, he was ahead of Chu Yu and had already reached the mid-stage of the Divine Lord Realm!

Chu Yu’s pills were too powerful, especially the Pill of Heavenly Pulse. It allowed one to maximise his cultivation and his chances of breaking through to the next stage.

The ingredients that Shen Xing had used amplified this effect and allowed it to have a great impact on Legendary Emperors as well.

Even Saints would have been graced by this sort of medicine.

Chu Yu remained in seclusion, everyone knew that, but no one was sure of where he was exactly.

In recent times, there had been no activity around the Clan. Perhaps it was the surveillance of the government, or maybe it was that Chu Yu had made a name for himself and his power dissuaded others from doing anything.

Anyhow, these few months were peaceful.

Over in the Mirror Dimension, another scene was unfolding.

In the depths of the Heavenly Day School, where the Butterfly Dance trained.

The Butterfly Dance looked at the normal looking girl in front of him and laughed, "Looks like you never had a place in his heart! He has long forgotten about you. It has been three long years and he has not even come here a single time! What use do I have for you?".

"Kill me then," said the girl with a red stain across her face.

She had just been beaten by the Butterfly Dance and there was blood on the edges of her lips.

This was Lin Shi.

She looked at the Butterfly Dance with a face of mockery and said, "He was never going to come, it was just you being presumptuous…".

"Hahahaha, you little whore, you don’t have to try to trick me like that, it’s no use.".

The Butterfly Dance laughed and said, "I’ll let him know that you’re alive, and, I will hide you in a place where no one can find you! Over there, there are many beasts which haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. They will treat you nicely, hahahaha.".

"You’re not human!" shouted Lin Shi.

"I was never one to begin with!" laughed the Butterfly Dance.

She pointed at Lin Shi and then pointed to the air,

After which, a small door opened up.

Terrifying sounds could be heard from within.

"Hahahaha, little whore, enjoy your stay over there! You’ve worked hard for these three years and have finally reached the Supreme Realm. The beasts there are at least at the level of True Lord. They’ll treat you with tender loving care!" laughed the Butterfly Dance maniacally as she threw Lin Shi into the door.

The door slammed shut as a venomous look flashed across the Butterfly Dance’s eyes.

She bit her lips and menacingly said, "Just you wait Chu Yu, I'll show you what true viciousness looks like!".

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