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Wang Dong felt a little better as Chu Yu did not describe the happenings in the dream.

Xue Xue talked about the Butterfly Lord and the giant butterfly figure that appeared in the Martian sky.

In reality, when the mental imprint of the Butterfly Saint erupted at the Lin Clan, it affected more than just the Clan members.

Many people in the North were affected as well.

Only a few could see that large figure of the Butterfly on Mars.

Even technology could not capture it.

"The Butterfly Clan holds great power on Mars, it’s one of the top Clans there. You have to be careful. Now that the Butterfly Lord is dead, and the imprint is gone, they would not rest until they get their revenge.".

Chu Yu nodded his head.

Once they finished eating, Chu Yu brought them on a walk in the city.

"It’s been awhile since we could do something so carefree," thought Chu Xi.

"Is this how earthlings spend their free time? It’s great!" said Xue Xue enviously.

"On Mars, most things are done by robots. The Clans there all reside in underground caverns or other weird spaces. It’s not like here at all, this place is beautiful!".

Even though Wang Dong did not speak, his eyes showed his curiosity and envy.

They did not need any high technology aids or devices to elevate their cultivation, and they breathed freely.

The air was almost sweet.

"Xue Xue, regarding what I told you just now, there should be no problem right?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at her.

She nodded her head and said, "Actually, the Butterfly Clan is not exceptionally strong in technology, but rather, they thrive in using poison.".

As she said this, she gave Chu Yu a strange look as she wondered why the Butterfly Lord did not use poison against him back then.

She did not ask him this, however, as it did not matter, the Butterfly Lord was dead.

"Based on technology alone, I feel that our Clan should be amongst the top three on Mars," said Xue Xue as she smiled.

Wang Dong exclaimed, "I feel that we are the strongest!".

"Be humble," reminded Xue Xue.

Wang Dong looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled as he looked at Xue Xue and said, "As long as you’re stronger than that bunch, it’s enough. I hope that the two of you can work with China.".

Without a second thought, Xue Xue agreed immediately.

She had come here to find that man in her dreams- her purpose was different from the Butterfly Lord.

Moreover, she had some feelings for him.

In her dream, he was the only person she could think about.


She looked at him, and unable to hold it in any longer, she asked, "In my dream, I saw a pretty lady…".

If Xu Xiao Xian was here, she would have definitely reprimanded her.

"Oh? She… She isn’t here," said Chu Yu as he smiled.

"What’s the relationship between the two of you?" asked Xue Xue with her eyes sparkling.

"We’re friends," said Chu Yu.

Chu Xi and Little Moon, who were at the side, all wanted in on the talk.

They could clearly sense that something about Chu Yu was not quite right in recent times. Perhaps he had fallen out of love, but it did not seem like it. They did not dare to ask him, but they all wanted to know.

"Oh!" said Xue Xue as she looked at him.

At this moment, Chu Yu eyes met with a group of people far away.

There were many of them and they seemed to be coming for him.

Many people on the streets were looking at Chu Yu and his friends as they were all exceptionally good looking.

The group of people walked towards Chu Yu directly.

Xue Xue was a little disappointed, but she did not make a fuss out of it.

Martian girls had fiery emotions, they did not mind that they had to admit defeat just once.

"Are you Prince Chu? I’m from the Secret Service…" said the middle aged man in front. His name was Wang Gang- he had a hardy face and looked like a military man.

"Nice to meet you, I am Chu Yu," said Chu Yu as if he was expecting them.

This was the reason why he had brought Xue Xue and the others here.

Ten minutes later, in a secluded tea house.

This group of people were seated down with Chu Yu and his friends.

Chu Yu introduced them to the middle aged man and briefly ran through their history and the things they could offer.

Wang Gang listened and his eyes glimmered, he did not try to hide his joy.

Before this, when Chu Yu had slain Orange Light and the other Martians, some of the members of the Service had blamed him and said that this would have prevented them from obtaining technology from Mars.

Some of them wanted to sanction Chu Yu from certain things.

Even though he was powerful, and he seemed to have the backing of a powerful man, they thought that it was not hard for them to deal with him if they wanted to.

At last that was what they thought.

There were people who were against this as well, as they felt that Chu Yu did not intentionally go against the nation’s interest. Moreover, he was a chinese man and was always loyal.

They could not tamper with such a genius.

Which was why Wang Gang had come.

Before he arrived, he was under much stress.

From his information, Chu Yu was a man with an attitude and was stubborn.

Once he had met him, however, Wang Gang realised that this man was different from the rumours about him.

He was a mannerful young man who had the nation’s best interest at heart.

The group of men that he had brought for security all heaved a sigh of relief.

Beside Wang Dong was a middle aged girl in her late twenties. She had short hair and looked very sharp.

She looked at Chu Yu and said, "Prince Chu, to be frank, young talents like you should serve the country with your abilities!".

Wang Gang did not stop her from talking, he only looked at Chu Yu for his reaction.

Chu Yu smiled wryly and said, "You should all know about the Mirror Dimension right?".

Some of them flinched, but all of them nodded.

Chu Yu asked another question, "That means you know about the Bastion of Stars as well?".

A few of them nodded again.

The Secret Service had access to almost every piece of information, there was no secret that could be kept from them.

"I want to go there," said Chu Yu.

The girl looked at him for a long while and suddenly stood up. She looked at him sternly.

A cold light flashed across Chu Xi’s eyes.

Little Moon sat there without moving, but her body was tensed up and ready to take action.

Xue Xue and Wang Dong looked at each other and took note of what was going on.

Chu Yu sat there quietly without moving as he smiled. The lady with short hair raised her arm and saluted him!

After this, Wang Gang and the rest followed suit.

Little Moon’s body relaxed as her eyes softened.

The cold light in Chu Xi’s eyes vanished.

This was the first time she had heard her second brother say that he wanted to go to the Bastion of Stars with such resolve.

But that was the battleground of Saints!

Even if a Legendary Emperor went there, he could not guarantee his own safety.

From the point of view of his sister, she did not want him to go.

Xue Xue and Wang Dong looked at Chu Yu with stunned expressions.

The Bastion of Stars…

The knew of that place as well.

Ninety percent of the most powerful entities and beings in the solar system were there.

Across tens of thousands of years, the people there have done one thing only- protect their home.

This was the exact reason why those people had just saluted Chu Yu.

"But as long as I am here, I am a chinese man," said Chu Yu seriously.

"I understand!" said Wang Gang as he smiled and nodded his head.

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "From today onwards, the country will take care of your Clan and Family!".

Chu Yu stood up and thanked Wang Gang and his group.

With a tinge of reluctance, Xue Xue left with Wang Gang and his group of men.

Chu Yu had promised her that as long as he was in China, she could come over and play. Otherwise, she would have never agreed to leave the man in her dream so quickly.

Wang Dong left merrily.

He felt very restricted in the presence of Chu Yu.

However, Wang Gang and the rest made him feel very comfortable. Maybe it was just him, or maybe, he still feared Chu Yu deep in his heart.

He went along anyway.

Once they sent those people off, Chu Xi looked at Chu Yu and said, "Second brother, are you really going there?".

He nodded his head and said, "I want to go.".

"There’s something that I haven’t dared to ask you. Has something happened between you and Lin Shi?" asked Chu Xi carefully.

Chu Yu laughed and replied, "We’re good, very good! It has always been good!".

Chu Xi looked at him doubtfully and sighed softly, "That’s good then. Whenever you decide on something, even mum and dad can’t change your mind. But you will spend some time with us before you leave right?".

Little Moon bit her own lips as a look of sadness overcame her eyes.

Chu Yu said, "Of course I’ll go home for some time.".



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