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Lin Shi felt like she was dying and that she could die anytime soon.

She had no control over anything.

She hated this unbearable feeling.

Ever since she entered the Mirror Dimension, she always had this feeling of dread.

She thought that she had met a famous master in Divine Lord Jing Yi, but it was just a trap.

Her son had taken a liking to Lin Shi, and after she found out, she openly fell out with her.

She then entered the Heavenly sky School and met the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor, where she finally thought that she could escape hardship.

In the end, she realised that she had fallen into a darker pit.

Lin Shi was not the sort to dwell on her own mistakes, which was why she could carve her memories into six or seven pieces when she needed to.

All that she had left was the Bodhi Sutra.

She never thought that in the end, the Butterfly Dance would still find out about her past and identity.

She hated herself for being so naive.

It was not just that, she knew it herself that her level of cultivation was not at up to standard.

She had not experienced the world enough either, and without that experience, she could never have imagined many of the unthinkable things that could have happened.

A person who lived his entire life in the village would never have been able to visualize the riches of the city.

She never wanted to be a burden to anyone, even if it was to Chu Yu.

She fought hard to improve so that she could be useful.

Useful to him, useful to the world.

But now, everything was about to come to nothing.

She was thrown into an unfamiliar dimension.

A group of terrifying creatures crowded around her.

The looked like wolves but wolves they were not. They were all over three metres in length and had fur that was as hard as steel. They all were single colored creatures, but there were many different individual colors among them.

There were black ones, silver ones, orange ones, and even a gold one!

They had bloodshot eyes that looked like two blood vortexes which could swallow anything!

There were a total of thirty of them or so.

They were all over the level of Supreme Lord.

The energy emitted by the golden one strangled Lin Shi and she could barely breathe.

Her legs were like jelly and she had trouble staying on her feet.

She was desolated.

This was the end.

The Butterfly Dance had thrown her into this world to die.

Indeed, Chu Yu must have thought that she was dead, although he was definitely plotting for revenge.

There was no way that he was coming now as that would be as good as giving up his life.

If he knew that she was still alive, he would definitely have come to save her.

Which was why on Earth, when she had recollected some of her memories, she decided to implode herself.

This was probably the best ending.

She looked at these creatures as she suddenly smiled.

Wolves were definitely stronger than human beings.

She thought about some things.

At this moment, she had an awakening of sort.

The feeling was indescribable and it was spectacular.

It was as if a ray of light was shone at her heart, and she became enlightened in that moment.

"Join my Sect, Learn from my powers, Receive my legacy, carry on my will.".

The resounding voice echoed in her heart.

The ancient manual in her Dan Tian began to radiate!

The Bodhi Sutra was the most mystical object that she had.

Ever since she obtained it, she had hid it within her Dan Tian. The most curious thing was that it could take on physical form and become invisible as well.

As long as she was alive, and as long as she had the consciousness of thought, the Bodhi Sutra would appear inside her Dan Tian.

This was the exact reason for her speedy progression to the Supreme realm in a few years, despite the Butterfly Dance’s best efforts at finding a regular body for her.

Before this, Lin Shi had never thought of the Bodhi Sutra as a legacy.

Today, however, she was proven wrong.

At that moment, a large energy erupted from it following Lin Shi’s awakening.

Buddhist chants started off slowly and softly, but became louder and louder as things progressed.

A ray of light shone upon Lin Shi’s body.

A saintly aura was emanated off her normal human body.

A look of fear overcame the eyes of the golden wolf.

It looked at Lin Shi with uncertainty as it howled softly.

The rest of wolves dug their feet into the ground, as if they were prepared to pounce at any moment.

But if one looked closely, their bodies were all shivering slightly.

"Join my Sect, Learn from my powers, receive my legacy, carry on my will!".

The sound exploded in Lin Shi’s mind!

"Ah!" screamed Lin Shi.


The light on her body exploded!

All of the wolves, including the golden one, were blown away by this explosion.

A vast energy was given off Lin Shi’s body as it spread out.

The energy wave was electrifying!

Lin Shi’s eyes were as cold as ice, as if the world was crumbling right before her.

There was new life in her eyes now.

The look in them became more gentle.

As she looked at the golden wolf that had suffered a massive injury, she asked, "Would you be willing to follow me?".

The golden wolf was struggling and its red eyes gave off a bloodthirsty light as it glared at her.

"You and I are intertwined by fate," said Lin Shi.


The golden wolf pounced on her even though its mouth was dripping with blood.

With a wave of her hands, she let out a gentle force.

Once it reached the golden wolf, it became an invisible hand that slapped down on the wolf’s soul.


The golden wolf was thrown a thousand miles away.

Its body landed on the top of a mountain with a crash.

Lin Shi’s body and facial features were undergoing a massive change.

She began to take on the appearance of her soul.

There was a force that was changing her, and shaping her body.

This was not her doing, and it was not in her control.

It was just the natural progression of things, like how a kid would grow.

There was no way she could interrupt it or control it.

Lin Shi accepted it as it was.

This was a metamorphosis of the soul!

Her level of cultivation was constantly elevated as well.

The wolves around her cowered as they stood up, looking at her floating in the sky, now wrapped in a blinding light.

The golden wolf let out another howl as it rushed over again!

It was the king of this place!

Its control was challenged and its pride could not withstand it!

It could not even get close to Lin Shi before it got blown away by that gentle force.

This time, it was tossed even further away.

Even the other wolves had a look of pity in their eyes as they looked at it flying into the distance.

They wanted to rush at her with their boss and bite her to death, and eat her!

But they could not even get close.

In the space of this realm, it seemed that there was only Lin Shi.

Her body continued to glow as her features continued to change.

The entire process lasted for more than ten hours.

The golden wolf was now covered in wounds.

It had pounced at her many times, but to no avail.

It was limping and was visibly in pain, but it still kept going at her.

Its bloodshot eyes now had a look of desolation in them.

This woman… was too strange!

When she had just appeared, it was clear that even the weakest wolf here could bite her to death.

But how did she become so strong so quickly?

It could not think of an answer, even Lin Shi herself did not know the reason.

She looked at her jade-like skin, then glanced over at her wholesome breasts and looked at her two long and slender legs…

She was naked in this light, but it obscured her from the view of others, except herself.

With a wave of her hands, a water mirror appeared in front of her.

A beautiful face was on it.


She was stunned by her newfound beauty.

She was incomparably beautiful, and her body gave off a saintly aura.

She had reached the peaks of the Divine Lord Realm!

Under normal circumstances, if her cultivation levels had not been reduced, this should have been her cultivation level.

She was still a distance away from becoming a legendary empress, but she was at the peaks of the divine lord realm.

After all that, she had finally received a lifeline.

Fate had toyed with her up till this point, and now, she was given a new life.

She looked into that mirror and stared at that beautiful and flawless face.

She could do nothing but smile.


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