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Xue Xue was excited, but Wang Dong definitely was not.

That person actually existed?

Was that not just a dream?

What did all of this mean?

Wang Dong grew a little nervous.

He had told himself multiple times that he could not do anything about it even if it was just a dream. That his defeat was just a scene in that dream…

But that dream was too realistic!

Too many people had that exact same dream!

It was way too embarrassing!

Moreover, he could still feel the pain from being defeated in one blow. The confusion, the shock, and the helplessness still lingered in his mind.

How could a dream be so realistic?

And now, that person in his dream really did appear.

He had just seen him in battle.

Big Butterfly from his homeland was crushed by him.

They knew of Butterfly, he was considered one of the outstanding ones in their generation. Even though he was not a super genius, he was definitely not a normal person.

They knew that he must have been very ambitious to have attempted to land on Earth.

In the end, he was killed in his first battle.

It did not matter that he had the imprint of the elderly Saints of his Clan in him, he still could not escape.

The entire process was so fast that Wang Dong found it doubtful.

It was too f*cking fast!

There was not even time for shock. Okay, maybe it was pretty shocking, but it was really too quick.

The Earth was dangerous, he wanted to go back to Mars.

Wang Dong looked at Xue Xue.

She was so excited that she did not realise the agony on his face.

He could not stand it anymore and said, "Xue Xue, can we just go home?".

"Go home? What’s that? No! We’re about to see that man in our dreams, aren’t you excited?" asked Xue Xue with a face of doubt.

How could he have been excited? He was crushed in his dream! The man had appeared and he was indeed very powerful. How could she think that he was excited?

Wang Dong looked at her with a speechless and innocent face.

"Alright alright, it’s just a dream, just a dream, who knows, he might not even have had the same dream as us," assured Xue Xue sincerely.

If that man did not have that dream… it would have made it worse!

Wang Dong wanted to cry.

He looked on as the spaceship drifted nearer and nearer to Earth with a face of helplessness.

Wang Dong was not happy, and he was nervous as well. On Mars, however, there were people who were enraged.

Mars was much smaller than Earth, but it was still in a planet in the universe.

At this moment, the people of Mars were shell shocked.

Many ancient runes rose and covered this planet.

Otherwise, it would have fallen apart!

A giant figure of a butterfly rose up from Mars.

It was gargantuan!

It was virtually bigger than Mars itself!

The horrifying figure covered the sky, but no object from Earth could observe it.

Only the creatures on Mars could see this soul shaking scene.

Shen Xing and Fei Xue were stunned as well.

The couple came out of their hiding place and looked into the sky.

They were once Saints, and they could tell that that Butterfly figure was a Saint level spiritual manifestation.

"The Butterfly Saint? What is he doing?" asked Fei Xue with a perplexed look.

Shen Xing was confused as well, he said, "He seems very angry.".

The Butterfly Saint was beyond enraged, he was infuriated!

His beloved son had died, and that was not all, his mental imprint was slain as well.

It was no longer a simple matter. To him, this was a direct challenge, a fiery one!

"Earthlings… You will pay the price for this!".

A bitter and cold divine sense was emitted by this Butterfly figure in the sky.

It formed a wave which was sent straight to earth.

"The Earth?" said Shen Xing and Fei Xue at the same time as they looked at each other in shock.

At the same time, a terrifying mental wave was sent over from Earth.

This was a conversation between Saints!

And they did not bother hiding from anyone!

"Big insect, you can come for me if you want to die!".


Fei Xue and Shen Xing opened their eyes wide.

"It was Black Dragon!".

The two of them said this at the same times with animated faces.

They knew who he was.

He was a super genius of the Emperor Star who had become a Saint more than sixty thousand years ago.

But why was there a conflict between him and the Butterfly Saint of Mars?

"Big Insect, your era is over, just you wait. The day I come out will be the day you die! I want to shake you to your bones!".

The Butterfly Saint howled.

All the creatures on Mars, including Shen Xing and Fei Xue, were stunned.

What grudge was this that could incur the wrath of two Saints across two planets?

What had happened that could make them so restless?

It was only then that a certain Clan had realised that they were missing two youngsters.

"If not for the incomplete unsealing of the Earth, I would go for you right now," echoed the icy divine sense from Earth.

Fei Xue grinned and said, "Senior Black Dragon’s temperament is still the same.".

Shen Xing laughed as well and said, "The Butterfly Saint should be no match for him, where did he find the courage to retaliate like this?".

Fei Xue looked closely at the terrifying figure of the Butterfly in the sky as she observed the complicated patterns on its wings. She suddenly said, "It seems to still be evolving!".

Shen Xing observed it in detail as well as his face tensed up.

He said, "Indeed, if that’s the case we should find a way to warn Senior Black Dragon.".

"I don’t think he needs our reminders," smiled Fei Xue.

Another mental wave came from Earth.

"Wow, big insect, you’ve improved a little. Maybe that’s why you finally dare to raise your voice. But if you really do come to Earth, I will beat the living daylights out of you!".


On Mars, the Butterfly Saint let out howls of rage.

Who said that Saints had no emotion?

Only puppets had none.

The Butterfly Saint certainly did not think so. Apart from his supreme powers and immense cultivation, he was very human.

He was even more emotionally volatile than them!

He knew very well that he was no match for that Black Dragon, so he retracted his butterfly.

The ancient runes around mars dispersed.

"Something must have happened," said Fei Xue as she took out a black cube.

She pressed it and a screen popped up in the space in front of her.

On it was a large number of Martian words.

She looked at it and could not help but let out a gasp.

Shen Xing, who was standing beside her, was shocked as well.

There were not only words, but images on it well.

One of the photos depicted a person none other than Chu Yu.

"This… How is he related to this? Could our daughter be in danger?" said Fei Xue worriedly.

Shen Xing shook his head and said, "Based on Drizzle’s personality, I doubt she remained by his side. If something really happened to her, I trust that he will help her.".

Fei Xue thought about it and nodded her head as she said, "That’s true, our dear daughter is very easily annoyed.".

The two of them looked at each other and returned to their Immortal Estate on Mars.

They had to make good use of their time and raise their cultivation levels.


In an iconic and rustic restaurant.

Xue Xue excitedly looked around as she held a pair of chopsticks in a woeful manner.

Wang Dong seemed a little distant, as if he was not willing to make eye contact with the person seated opposite him.

Chu Yu smiled as he looked at these two martians.

Little moon sat beside Chu Yu and Chu Xi sat on the other side of him as they looked at these two queerly.

Simply put, there were three earthlings observing these two martians closely.

It was not completely outrageous that there were Martians here. They have seen Martians before, there were even those from Venus and Jupiter as well.

However, they often kept a low profile and did not show themselves in front of people.

In reality, before the seal on Earth was undone, some Martians had already infiltrated Earth, but their identities were even more secret.

It was their first time, for Chu Xi and Little Moon, seeing Martians face to face.

Chu Yu had seen them in his dream before.

"Chu Yu. have you really had the same dream? The exact same one as I just described?" asked Xue Xue as she fiddled with her food with her chopsticks.

Wang Dong sat awkwardly beside her, he did not eat even though the food intrigued him.

He did not know how to use the chopsticks.

Moreover, he was more interested in whether or not this earthling had had the same dream.

"It was not a dream," said Chu Yu as he looked at her.

"What?" said Xue Xue, a little confused.

Chu Yu smiled and said, "I was very awake when I experienced this.".

"Oh my god!" exclaimed Xue Xue.

"This means that this dream has happened already? That’s not right, the things that happened in the later parts of the dream have not happened yet right?" she said hurriedly.

Wang Dong’s emotions were mixed upon hearing this.

If the things in the dream had happened, it meant that he was once knocked away in one blow by this man…

How pathetic!

"It happened like this…" Chu Yu did not mention the mirror dimension, he only said that he had met a mythological demon that tricked his senses.

When he finished, he looked at the two stunned Martians and said, "That was how it happened, but I never thought that the two of you really did exist, and that you would have this dream.".

This was the first time Chu Xi had heard this, and after Chu Yu finished his story, she was solemn as she looked at him.

"What’s the matter?" he asked.

Chu Xi said, "You may be in deep trouble. That thing, it should be the Night Terror.".

"The Night Terror?" asked Chu Yu as he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Yes, legend has it that there’s a beast that can control the realm of dreams. Once you anger it, you’re in deep trouble. There are many stories of it in the different books and chronicles of the different Sects," said Chu Xi.

Xue Xue finally finished her bun as she looked up with a look of fear and said, "Why are we so unlucky?".

Little Moon said, "Just be careful, we’re all cultivators, when we meet with such dreams we have to be very self aware. Otherwise, we might easily fall prey to others.".

Chu Xi looked at her and said, "You’ve heard of it too?".

Little Moon nodded her head and said, "I’ve seen some of the records.".

Chu Xi nodded in acknowledgement and said, "The conclusion is that it’s better to be more careful. Little Moon is right, if you have any weird dreams, you can just keep it in mind, but don’t ever get dragged in by its allure.".

Xue Xue nodded her head.

Wang Dong felt like crying- not only did he get beat up in his dream, he now found out that he had somehow angered a mythological creature.

His only thought was to go back to Mars and pretend that nothing had ever happened.


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