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The ancient looking palace stood majestically on this small island.

The tropical trees around the courtyard seemed to have withered a little from the scorching sun.

This place was hot throughout the year.

The people here, however, were not suntanned or dripping with sweat, because this was the Club of the Supreme Rulers.

Everyone here was a true genius, even if they were just kids.

At this moment, a little boy at the age of seven or eight rushed over to a young man with short white hair.

"Hey, are you that Chu Yu?" asked the little boy as he moved from side to side with a serious expression on his face.

Chu Yu smiled and said, "Indeed I am.".

"I heard that you’re very strong," said the boy.

"No, I’m not that powerful," replied Chu Yu with an equally serious expression.

He realised that this boy was already at the Supreme Realm.

A seven year old Supreme Lord…

That was very rare, he was a little genius!

"But I’m stronger than you!" said the boy as he waved his fists at Chu Yu.

"You bunch of old people, just you wait, I’ll become a Saint when I’m fifteen!".

Chu Yu did not know how to reply.

This seemed a little delusional.

But he was just a kid, and it was good to have dreams.

"You don’t believe me?" pouted the boy.

He seemed a little angry. This was because this man had just beaten Warsong, whom he idolised.

He wanted to become a Saint when he was fifteen.

 In his eyes, everyone here was destined to follow him to the Bastion of Stars.

Brother Warsong was pretty decent as well. Even though he was only ranked third on the island, and the gap between him and the other two were immense, he was still not bad.

How could he have been easily beaten by this white haired man in front of him?

He must have underestimated him!

"Even if I don’t respect my enemies in the future, I will never underestimate them, otherwise, accidents like this may occur," thought the boy to himself.

"Uhm… I believe you," said Chu Yu as he gave a gentle smile.

The boy pouted and said, "I can tell that you don’t. But it’s okay, you will soon understand the might of Wu Yu!".

Oh, so this kid was named Wu Yu, that’s a nice name!

Chu Yu waved Wu Yu goodbye and left.

Elder Black Dragon stood by his side and just smiled.

Warsong’s face was riddle with awkwardness.

They went into a room as Elder Black Dragon began brewing tea for Chu Yu.

"These tea leaves are from divine trees. Only a hundred leaves or so are harvested every three thousand and six hundred years. This water comes from a spring in the Limitless Sect, it’s a spiritual spring that has been around forever. The combination of these two is tantalizing, but I myself am a little reluctant to drink it.".

His face was wrinkled and he looked as old as the bark of an aged tree, he had an ancient aura whenever he smiled.

There were only the two of them in the room.

Warsong had disappeared once he came back.

The short but shocking battle gave him fresh motivation.

Before this, there were only the two people ahead of him that he cared about surpassing.

Today, he had one more name in that list.

As for Wu Yu… He was just a kid, even if he was an almighty genius, his potential would only have been fulfilled when he grew up.

  A fifteen year old Saint?

Did he even know what the Saint Realm encompassed?

Warsong shut himself in his room and refused to see anyone.

"I won’t let any of you laugh at me!" mumbled Warsong to himself as he began his training.

He swore that he would not leave if did not reach the later stages of the Legendary Emperor Realm.

Chu Yu drank the tea that Elder Black Dragon had brewed and he had to admit that the Elder was not exaggerating a single bit when he talked about those ingredients.

Once he took a sip, Chu Yu suddenly had a sense of awakening.

He could understand a little more of the techniques from the sword.

This tea… encompassed the enlightenment of Dao!

What surprised him was that Elder Black Dragon was really telling him stories after bringing him here.

He began with the haydays of the Emperor Star.

He told Chu Yu everything.

"All of us cultivators belong to the heavenly court. Just like the imperial court in the secular world, we are all sons of the Royal City. Some of us even have royal blood flowing in our veins, but these people are hard to find nowadays.".

"The Heavenly Court governed many aspects of the universe. In this era, however, all that’s left of it is but a name. In its prime, the objects used to suppress the universe were called the Nine Sacred Cauldrons. After the war broke out, the Cauldrons were split apart and scattered to different parts of the world, their locations unknown.".

"Back in my day, even though the Heavenly Court still existed, it was no longer in a position of power. They reforged the Nine Sacred Cauldrons, but their powers were nowhere near the levels of the originals.".

Elder Black Dragon smiled and looked at Chu Yu as he said, "This item that you have, it seems that it might be one of the nine reforged back then.".

"What? This is the transformed look of the Immortal Crane Furnace," replied Chu Yu, a little stunned by what he had said.

He was not afraid that this old man might have had hidden desires for it, because he was a Saint!

If he really wanted to take it away, he did not need to say anything, he could just take it forcefully and Chu Yu would not have had any way to retaliate.

"The Immortal Crane Furnace?" mumbled Elder Black Dragon as he attempted to recall something.

"Back in the day, the Crane Saint and I crossed paths a few times. I understand how the Furnace works, but I never thought that it would change like this. Perhaps the Crane Saint had obtained it too suddenly back then, which prevented it from revealing its true power.".

As he said this, he looked at Chu Yu and continued, "That’s not important, the key thing is that this magical equipment has garnered a lot of attention.".

"I know," Chu Yu replied.

"Aren’t you afraid?" he asked.

"A little," said Chu Yu with a wry smile.

"Young man you’re quite honest," said Elder Black Dragon merrily as he nodded his head.

If Chu Yu had said that he was not afraid, he would have looked down on him.

As powerful as he was, he was only a Divine Lord. He might have the power to repel Legendary Emperors, but what if a Saint came after him?

The number of Saints on the Emperor Star today might have dwindled, but it was definitely not a small number!

The worrying thing was that, in the opinion of Elder Black Dragon, most of them had issues.

They were all afraid of death and greedy for longevity.

This was clearly demonstrated by the seals they had placed on their own pocket dimensions.

If not for those seals, many of the Legendary Emperors would have left these pocket dimensions.

Among these greedy Saints, most of them were not evil, but there were definitely some of them who were.

Good and evil seemed insufficient in describing Saints, because to them, the population were like ants.

The moment one of them desired Chu Yu’s magical equipment, he was done for.

"Join us on the island," said Elder Black Dragon sincerely.

"This is the Club of the Supreme Rulers. Here, even Saints don’t stagnate.".

He smiled confidently and remarked, "We can protect you.".

Chu Yu’s heart wavered.

He knew that the secrets and mysteries of the Earth were much deeper and intricate than he would ever know.

Even when he had just came back from the mirror dimension, he never expected that this world would remain so powerful.

"This club is actually the training ground for the next generation of cultivators who will eventually go to the Bastion of Stars. Before the World was sealed sixty thousand years ago, this club had already existed," said the Elder softly.

It had existed for so long?

Chu Yu was a little taken aback.

"Many great talents have walked through these doors, even the lousiest one was a Legendary Emperor," said the Elder proudly.

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "This is why, young man, I don’t think you will reject this.".

Chu Yu lowered his head and pondered.

He said, "The battle at the Bastion of Stars… I think, if… yes, I will go there!".

The Elder suddenly said, "The battle at the pacific ocean, I know about it.".

Chu Yu raised his head and looked at him.

The Elder responded, "We never thought that things were that dire, and when we wanted to intervene, the battle was over.".

Chu Yu remained silent and nodded his head.

Indeed, that battle only lasted for a while, the process was very quick.

"What I want to say is that, at the level of a Legendary Emperor, if she was learned enough, she would have known many tricks," said the Elder.

"What do you mean?" Chu Yu replied.

"What I mean to say is that the person that turned your hair white may not be dead," replied the Elder.

A ray of hope shone upon Chu Yu.

The Elder continued, "Most Legendary Emperors leave behind some things once they get there. Many of these things are beyond your imagination.".

"The Legendary Emperor that you killed just now was obviously dead, but who knows, somewhere, a body that carries his memories and legacy may awaken.".

Chu Yu immediately thought of the Worm King in the Mirror Dimension.

The Elder continued, "This arrangement can only ensure that they don’t completely disappear from this world. The after effects are severe, even for Saints.".

"But, if the enemy wanted to split the soul of the girl you love into one, two, three, or four pieces, it would not be hard for her to do so.".

"What else do you know?" asked Chu Yu as he looked at the Elder.

Elder Black Dragon thought for awhile and said, "If I was that Legendary Emperor who fought you, I would definitely not kill that lady. I would leave a part of her soul behind so that I can use her and threaten you.".

"So…" Chu Yu furrowed his eyebrows.

"So, don’t rush into revenge, no matter what you do in the future, you must always remember that you have to get the facts right before you take action.".


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