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Warsong stood there with his hand covering the wound on his neck. He wanted to explain himself, but he could not find the words to do so.

The gap between the Legendary Emperor Realm and the Divine Lord Realm was immense, and yet, he was almost beheaded by Chu Yu.

What explanation could he have given?

The opponent’s technique was too superb? Was his speed too fast?

Or maybe it was that his sword was too sharp?

Maybe he was arrogant and he underestimated his opponent?

This was not just any battle- he went in knowing that he wanted to kill the other person, and he could not find any excuses for himself.

If he lost, that was that.

If it was not for the arrival of his master, perhaps he could have been killed by Chu Yu’s sword.

That would have been a problem.

He was the third most powerful genius in the Club of Supreme Rulers, the direct heir to Elder Black Dragon.

How could he have almost lost his life to a Divine Lord?

A demon was a demon, if they were not strong, they would not befit the title.

Warsong had many thoughts in his heart.

Chu Yu looked at Elder Black Dragon with cautious eyes.

This old man was not simple at all!

No, Chu Yu could not even gauge his level of ability!

That was terrifying!

Chu Yu had attempted to use his ocular powers to assess the level of cultivation of this old man, but he was almost blinded by the light that came off his body instead.

"Little fella, you don’t need to try and inspect my level of cultivation," said Elder Black Dragon with a kind smile.

"Will you be willing to come to my place as a guest?" he asked.

Was he really going to let Chu Yu come to the island?

Warsong was not satisfied at all, but he could only watch from the side.

Even though he was only ranked third in his generation, the two before him were truly more powerful than he was in all aspects of cultivation.

He could acknowledge them.

But this Chu Yu, since he had popped up, he had been in so many fights.

Even though he was not a bad person, good people would not have had so many enemies would they?

The sight of him using demonic powers to absorb others’ energy rang in his head.

He was definitely a demon.

Why did his master want to invite him over then?

What exceeded his expectations even further was that Chu Yu declined this invitation!

"I think it’s better if I don’t accept this," said Chu Yu.

Warsong opened his eyes wide and thought, "Do you know what kind of offer you are declining?".

That must have been it, Chu Yu definitely did not know what he was rejecting.

His heart eased a little as a smile broke out on his face.

"He will come to regret this if he finds out about the island one day," thought Warsong to himself.

He was so sure!

At that moment, Chu Yu’s mind was still thinking about that battle.

Even though the fight was short, he had gained many insights.

In that battle, against this powerful young man, he finally had the chance to use the skills imparted to him by his master, The Monkey.

Those techniques were too powerful!

But they required a certain level of cultivation, otherwise, there would be no threat at all.

Against those knights and angels, he did not need to use these techniques. He could fight them based on his own abilities.

Against Warsong, on the other hand, he had to show the real extent of his powers.

In that moment, he could feel the fiery difference between his understanding on the technique now and his understanding of it back then when he was just a True Lord.

If a child could solve a mathematical olympiad question, he would be deemed a genius.

For university students however, this would be the basic expectation, as they had the advantage of age.

The years here was basically the difference in cultivation.

Chu Yu was not interested in the Elder’s invitation.

The Earth, the Emperor Star, the unknowns here were too many.

After so long, many strange beings had surfaced.

If there were no super geniuses, such as Warsong, on Earth, those beings would not have had an interest in this planet.

Chu Yu had just realised this.

So, he was not interested in going to that island or meeting these people.

Elder Black Dragon looked at Chu Yu and said, "Follow me to the island and I’ll tell you the identity of the man who tried to assassinate you.".

"Oh?" remarked Chu Yu. He was a little surprised.

"For real?" he asked.

"You have no manners! Do you know that my master…" said Warsong as he glared at him.

Chu Yu interrupted him, "Remain silent when you’re defeated.".

"You…". Warsong was enraged. He bit his lips as he swore in his heart that he would vanquish this demon some day.

Even if he could not kill him, he would suppress him and cripple his demonic techniques.

Elder Black Dragon did not know that Warsong harbored such ambitions, otherwise, he would have knocked some sense into him.

As Chu Yu was using his ocular powers to inspect him, he too was observing Chu Yu.

The conclusion was…

That even with his pair of saintly eyes, he could not gauge Chu Yu’s true potential.

When Chu Yu was in battle, based on some of his skills, he could easily guess that Chu Yu was at the initial stages of the Divine Lord Realm.

But as he looked closer, he realised that he could not look through this young man at all!

Any normal Divine Lords would have been seen through by him within seconds, they would not have been able to hide anything from Elder Black Dragon.

But he could not see through Chu Yu and he could not understand it.

As for the results of the inspection, Elder Black Dragon did not want to think about it.

He had been doing this for over a thousand years, and it was easy for him to deduce a person’s background and potential.

But with regards to Chu Yu, when he looked at him to inspect him, he was almost crushed by a forceful reaction.

He had a mouthful of blood that he did not let out!

It was embarrassing.

This was why, if he knew what Warsong was thinking, he definitely would have slapped him in the face, even if he had never done so before that.

These were some dangerous thoughts.

Elder Black Dragon looked at Chu Yu sternly and said, "I can tell you now.".

"Oh?" Chu Yu was a little interested as he looked at him,

"This Legendary Emperor is from the Black Wind Ridges. In ancient times, before the sealing of the Emperor Star, the Black Wind Ridges rose to fame very quickly for their prowess, but their downfall came just as quick as well. It was like a shooting star, it was glorious but only momentarily.".

The Black Wind Ridges?

Chu Yu had never heard of it!

He had his suspicions that the Elder was just saying nonsense.

"What’s with the look? The inspection of a Saint is absolute," said Warsong as he looked at Chu Yu bitterly.

So he was a Saint?

Chu Yu was surprised- he did not look like a Saint.

If a Legendary Emperor’s aura was already so terrifying, shouldn’t a Saint’s be even more so?

"You…" growled Warsong, agitated by the look that Chu Yu was giving his master.

"Alright," said Elder Black Dragon as he waved Warsong away.

This kid was good at almost everything, but he was too prideful.

Pian Ruo, Jing Hong, Wan Ruo and You Long, they were all too picky.

They all came from prestigious families.

If it was Warsong who was arguing with Qu Ni, he would definitely have fought back viciously until he got his way.

He never changed his ways and was always the same.

Even Qu Ni would get a headache whenever she saw him.

Elder Black Dragon looked at Chu Yu and said, "The Black Wind Ridges is a secret organisation that was not completely good nor evil. Overall, they did more evil than good though. This Legendary Emperor attacked you for a reason. The secrets you have, they are not secrets in the eyes of higher beings.".

Chu Yu squinted and did not talk.

Elder Black Dragon continued, "For example, the fundamentals of your techniques are based on Confucius’ Superclass. It can comprehend virtually any technique or skill in an instant and make them its own. The mysterious thing lies in this- the techniques, although the same on paper, are all expressed differently with each individual!".

Chu Yu’s face was shocked- he did not expect the Elder to know this!

"This is where Confucius is brilliant. Saints will all have their own strengths, but Confucius’ abilities are beyond that.".

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "As for your other Saintly legacy, it’s from the Crane Saint…".

Chu Yu felt resigned.

The fact that he held the Immortal Crane Scripture was well known, and it was no surprise that the Elder knew of this.

But the Confucius’ Superclass was only known by a handful of people.

The manual that he had given the Chu Clan did not explicitly state that it was the Superclass either.

It was virtually impossible for this Elder to have heard about it.

"In the glory days of the emperor star, it did not matter what Sect’s techniques one trained in, and there were no secret as well. Talent, enlightenment, and sheer hard work were the crucial factors to success. Today, things are different. Top tier legacies are rare, which is why they are so highly sought after.".

"That Legendary Emperor from the Black Wind Ridges probably wanted the legacy you possess," said Elder Black Dragon,.

Chu Yu thought to himself that he still had many other techniques.

Luckily, the Elder did not seem to know of them.

He looked at Chu Yu and said, "There’s a rule in the Black Wind Ridges that they never seek revenge. They will only strike once, and whether they fail or succeed, they will never ever come again. You don’t need to worry about more people coming for you.".

"But this Legendary Emperor attacked me twice," remarked Chu Yu.

"The first was just a substitution right? In total, it’s just one," replied the elder.

"That works?" said Chu Yu.

"Let’s go to my place young man, I can tell you many other stories," tempted the Elder.

Warsong stood by idly with a dissatisfied expression.

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