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Chu Yu did not stay on the island, but he promised Elder Black Dragon that he would visit frequently and make friends with the people on the island.

In the eyes of the Elder, these young people were comrades to be in the near future.

Chu Yu did not want to stay on the island because he was accustomed to freedom.

Even though he did not know about the existence of Miss Qu Ni, he could tell that there were strict rules implemented in these kinds of places.

He had many other things to do as well.

He was going to visit the Lin Clan next.


At the Lin Clan in the North.

Ever since Lin Shi’s incident, Chu Yu refused to even think of this clan, he did not dare to.

Whenever he thought of the clan, he would remember Lin Shi and all the times they spent together.

He could converse and interact with other people normally now as if nothing had happened, but in reality, he never forgot about her, not even for a single moment.

Her smile was engraved into his mind.

It hurt, it really did.

Some said that time healed all wounds.

Chu Yu felt that this was stupid- it was impossible to forget her.

At the very best, he could only not talk about her and try not to think about her, but she would always remain in his heart.

He would not touch that place in his heart where she occupied, but he would never forget her.

Some said that to forget someone, one needed to find another replacement.

Did that work?

It could.

But there were no true replacements in this world.

Each individual was unique.

Chu Yu did not want to go to the Lin Clan- he did not want to see her parents, nor did he know how to face them.

He knew that they would have immediately realized that something had happened.

It was not that Chu Yu could not hide his emotions, but that they knew him too well!

They knew of his feelings for Lin Shi.

Even when Chu Yu was crippled and wasted back then, when the entire Lin Clan thought that Chu Yu was not a good match for Lin Shi, her parents remained silent.

Even when they were pressured, they would only say that the kids’ business should stay among themselves.

They were two good people.

But this time, Chu Yu had to go.

Danger was approaching.

He knew that Lin Shi’s parents would only reach out to him if there was a crisis.

He knew that he had to go.

At the Lin Household.

All of the important figures in the Clan were gathered and seated in a big conference room.

Even though the place was safe, they all had a solemn look on their faces.

Seated at the end of the table was the head of the Lin Clan, Lin Zhu, who was also Lin Shi’s grandfather.

Lin Shi’s father, Lin Leng Feng, sat on the left side of the table beside him.

He looked like he was in his early forties, and he was a handsome and elegant man.

His sideburns were dyed.

They all sat there and looked at a report in front of them.

There were a total of seventeen or eighteen people seated on this table, and they were the core of the Lin Clan.

Around the table, there were three rows of chairs that were all filled.

These were the partners and disciples of the the main members of the Lin Clan.

Lin Zhu looked at everyone and said, "Our Lin Clan is still a small clan after all!".

After he said this, he sighed.

Everyone in the room had an upset expression on their faces.

"Even though we assimilated into the world earlier, and have set up camp here for so many years, our foundations are too weak. So, this time…", said Lin Zhu solemnly.

"Father…." a man in his fifties, seated on Lin Zhu’s right, suddenly opened his mouth and interrupted him. He looked at Lin Leng Feng, who was seated opposite him, and said, "Regarding this matter, we can discuss all we want, but the fault lies with third brother’s daughter. If she had not been so rash and cared about the business of that kid from the Chu Clan, there would not be this day.".

Lin Leng Feng lowered his head as he winced, but he did not rebutt him.

Lin Zhu said, "What’s the point of saying this when things have already come to this?".

"Since it was Lin Shi Meng… no, I should call her Lin Shi now…." said the man coldly as he looked at Lin Leng Feng. "Since this problem was caused by her and that boy Chu Yu, we should let the two of them handle it. Since she isn’t here, we should let Chu Yu face the music. Isn’t he very powerful now? He should be a man of his words and take account for this matter!".

Chatters began filling the room.

"That’s right, why do we have to clean up his mess?".

"This was caused by Lin Shi Meng and that boy, they should be the ones who resolve it.".

"We’re innocent…".

Lin Leng Feng sat there without saying a word, but beneath the table, his hands were clenched into a fist.

Behind him sat a beautiful woman in her thirties who gave off an elegant and charismatic aura.

She was his wife, and she Lin Shi’s mother, Zhou Yue Ru.

She had considerable authority in the Clan.

She raised her head and said, "Old man, I have something to say.".

Lin Zhu looked at her and nodded his head.

Lin Leng Feng did not turn his head around as he knew what she was going to say.

She stood up and looked around, after which, her eyes fixed on that man in his fifties as she said gently but sternly, "Before that, I want to talk about something else.".

Everyone suddenly looked at her.

She said, "Chu Yu is rushing here now!".


Chatters erupted once again in the conference room.

Even though they could verbally berate Chu Yu, they knew of his power. They knew that that little boy was no longer just some small fry.

They had all seen the battle where Chu Yu massascred the masters of the Vatican City.

Some even believed that he was capable of even more.

If they knew that Chu Yu had just killed a Legendary Emperor, they would have fainted from the shock.

Zhou Yue Ru, seeing everyone’s reaction, smiled in her heart as she looked at the man and said, "Big brother, and everyone else, what I want to say is that Chu Yu is someone invited here to help us. He doesn’t owe us anything!".

Many people frowned at her words, but she did not give them the chance to speak.

She continued, "Back then, when Shi Shi fought against that group of people, it did not have anything to do with Chu Yu nor his Clan.".

"You can’t deny that there was no connection at all," remarked the man, who was the oldest son of Lin Zhu, Lin Leng Ping.

"What connection is there?" asked Zhou Yue Ru as she looked at him.

"Our first reaction to adversity shouldn’t be to bring others into the picture. Moreover, the battle that Shi Shi fought back then made a name for the Clan. When we were enjoying the fruits of her labour, why did none of you come out and say anything?".

"Sister in-law, you can’t say it like this…" said Lin Leng Feng as he furrowed his eyebrows.

He was annoyed that she stood up to talk at a time like this, and the fact that she was defending Chu Yu annoyed him even further.

But before he could finish, Lin Zhu said, "She’s right, this matter has nothing to do with the Chu Clan or Chu Yu. Also, didn’t she say that Chu Yu was rushing here?".

"What use will he be?" asked a young man seated at the table.

"He would only complicate things and drag us deeper into hot soup.".

The quiet Lin Leng Feng looked at him and said, "At this moment, we’re already as deep as we can be, and it’s the fault of all of you! There haven’t been anyone who has come to our doorstep, nor anyone who has come to bring trouble.".

The young man man smiled coldly and said, "Third Brother, I don’t like what you just said, everyone here only wants the best for the Clan.".

"Oh so you do know that?" said Lin Leng Feng sarcastically as he slapped the table. "Then what’s the point of us complaining?".

"Enough!" shouted Lin Zhu.

Everyone shut their mouths immediately.

With a dissatisfied look, the young man said softly, "How dare you talk so arrogantly having given birth to that little wretch who doesn’t care about the Clan?".

"Shut your mouth!" said Lin Zhu as he looked at him.

The young man twitched as he shut up.

Lin Zhu was angered, and with a pale face he said, "We’ve come to the edge of life and death! We can’t fight them based on power, and we can’t hand anyone of us over. So, if anyone of you dares to say a single word of animosity to Chu Yu when he comes, I’ll deal with you personally and never let you off!".

At this moment, someone knocked on the door of the conference room and reported that Chu Yu had arrived.

Everyone here had a perplexed look on their faces.

"Let him in!" said Lin Zhu. He stood up and said, "Forget it, I’ll receive him myself.".

As he stood up, everyone had to follow him regardless of whether they were willing to or not.

Many of them had a look of dissatisfaction on their faces.

Chu Yu… This boy whom they had never cared about. In a short span of time, he had become someone whom they had to receive personally through their doors.

This made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

Chu Yu did not expect this reception.

The Clan Leader had personally come out to invite him in with a big group of people behind him.

He saw that Lin Shi’s father was amongst them.

"Grandfather Lin, what’s this? I’m only a junior…" said Chu Yu as he walked towards Lin Zhu and greeted him.

Lin Shi’s parents looked at each other and gave a look of approval.

Even though this kid had become famous, he was still the same person.

Chu Yu could feel that something was not right, but he did not say anything.

He followed Lin Zhu into the conference room.

Lin Zhu offered him the main seat where he was seated at previously, but Chu Yu politely declined and chose to sit at the other end instead.

As he sat down, he said with a face of sincerity, "Grandfather Lin, Uncle Lin Feng, and all the other elders here, if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know.".

"Oh… It’s like this, recently…" Lin Zhu began speaking.

There were many rumours of Chu Yu having gone berserk, but he now knew that they were all lies.

This kid was still the same, innocent and kind hearted.

Just as he was about to inform Chu Yu of the recent happenings, a loud boom was heard.


The door of the conference room was swung open as the body of a man was flung in.

His body was knocked against the table with such force that the table almost broke.

He spit out a mouthful of blood as he looked at the others with a look of resignation.

He struggled to stand up, but even more blood came out from his mouth.

"Lin Mao!" howled Lin Zhu with an agonized face.

This man was an old guard of the Clan, and he was like a brother to Lin Zhu.

He was already ninety years old, and had just stepped into the Supreme Realm.

He even just mentioned that he could now live longer due to cultivation.

No one had thought that he would meet with such a fate, succumbing to his injuries.

At this moment, a cold voice came from the outside, "You insolent thing, how dare you block the Butterfly Lord? All of you, get out! You can speak when you’ve kneeled down.".

A group of men walked in through the door.

There was a young man in the middle and the others all clustered around him.

Chu Yu could recognise that young man’s level of cultivation immediately.

He was at the peaks of the Divine Lord Realm!

He looked around, there were six true Lords.

The Butterfly Lord?

That Martian?

Chu Yu stood up and faced them.

The people in the room grew anxious and they were beyond nervous.

To them, these people could easily have destroyed their home.

As the Butterfly Lord saw Chu Yu walk out, his face became tense.

He recognized this man, it was Chu Yu!

The man who had just slain an entire group of Vatican Soldiers!

Why was he here?

There was a bitter expression on the face of the Butterfly Lord.

Chu Yu came before him.

He smiled and said, "You’re Prince Chu Yu right?".


A cracking sound resounded.

Everyone there was shocked.

They looked at Chu Yu with their jaws dropped.

Many people from the Lin Clan fainted from this.

The hairs on their skin rose up as goosebumps erupted all over their bodies.

Chu Yu had slapped that terrifying young man right in the face!

Was he crazy?

On the side of the Butterfly Lord’s face, a reddish imprint of a palm could be firmly seen.

A look of disbelief overcame his face.

He was enraged and fearful.

Most of it was fear.

"How dare trash like yourself come here and seek trouble?" said Chu Yu coldly.

Everyone around could not help but shiver at his words.


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