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The body of the Legendary Emperor floated around in deep space.

His headless corpse was like a massive boulder, full of threatening pressure and vast energy.

At his neck, a stream of blood flowed constantly, forming a river, a sea, and a lake of blood.

The blood contained incomparably strong energy waves.

If normal human beings were to get a taste of this blood after it was processed and refined, they could definitely enjoy a long life.

If they possessed just a bit of cultivation, they could break through a few of the Realms of cultivation immediately.

This was the great medicine of human blood!

It was priceless.

His eyes were still wide opened.

He could not rest in peace.

The light had long left his eyes.

The pressure from his skull was even heavier.

In the terms of modern science, the radiation coming from this skull was so strong that it was disgusting.

It was even more terrifying than nuclear radiation!

Even if one was at the Supreme Realm, he would inevitably get hurt if he went near it.

If he was to go right beside it, there was no question, he would have been finished.

The vanquishment of a soul was nasty.

The floating corpse was basically a lurking threat that was many times more threatening than the collapse of a small star.

Chu Yu did not possess the ability to get rid of such a corpse, so he could only let it float around.

One day, when he had the ability to do so, he would throw it out of the solar system and into the other parts of the universe.

Chu Yu looked into his Dan Tian and observed the Immortal Crane Furnace.

He could feel that the Furnace was fatigued and worn out, as if it had exhausted all of its energy that it had accumulated over many years.

Looking at the Immortal Crane Furnace in his Dan Tian, Chu Yu sat there solemnly, but in his heart, there was a wave of emotion.

This was incredible and too terrifying!

It was hard to imagine that a magical equipment could be so powerful.

That blow that was dealt previously was definitely done by the Furnace on its own accord.

Chu Yu had nothing to do with it.

This meant that the Furnace had some consciousness of its own. When it realised that Chu Yu’s life was in danger, it attacked on its own judgement.

Chu Yu had only wanted to use it to defend himself.

The Immortal Crane Furnace… It was much more powerful and mysterious than Chu Yu had thought.

Even though the Furnace looked fatigued and worn out, Chu Yu felt none of that.

The tiredness from attacking the knights and angels had already worn off.

This was because he had used the divine sense of gluttony to absorb energy from that Legendary Emperor.

His condition now was arguably better than before the battle!

At least half of the energy that was given off by the Legendary Emperor’s body was absorbed by Chu Yu into his stomach.

The rest was absorbed into his vertical eye.

If only he could give some to the Immortal Crane Furnace.

As he had this thought, the Immortal Crane Furnace in his Dan Tian had a little reaction.

It was almost as if it felt upset.

He now knew that the Furnace definitely had its own consciousness.

It was a magical object of the highest grade that truly had spiritual presence!

He tried to incorporate the energy in his Dan Tian into the Furnace.

The Furnace gave off a sense of excitement.

Was it possible?

It definitely was!

After which, Chu Yu stood in this open space, absorbing the energy from the Legendary Emperor’s body with the divine sense of gluttony and transferring it to the Immortal Crane Furnace.

He could clearly feel that the Furnace was refuelled.

Chu Yu was delighted.

The first wave of absorption was to fill himself up and satisfy his Vertical eye.

That Golden Metal Ball was actually very picky!

Chu Yu could tell that it would not have taken any energy if it was not hungry.

Luckily, the Furnace was not that particular about it.

Chu Yu thought about it to himself.

At this moment, a mild wave of defiance came from the Furnace.

"What?! You’re picky too? You’re just accepting it because you’re famished?".

Chu Yu rolled his eyes and said, "You and the Golden metal Ball are all masters who deserve the good stuff, I’m just a peasant who isn’t picky about things, is that right now?".

He squinted his eyes as he looked at the corpse floating in space. Once the Furnace was full, he wanted to go over and search this man.

He wanted to see if there was anything valuable with him and find out who this man really was!

A Legendary Emperor had to be someone of high status and power.

Why would he come all the way here just to assassinate Chu Yu? Why assassination?

This sort of method was disgraceful!

Why did a Legendary Emperor have to resort to assassination to kill a Divine Lord like Chu Yu? Why did he have to hide?

There was probably an untold secret behind this.

Shards of energy entered his body as Chu Yu continued using the divine sense of gluttony.

"Hm, this is indeed the measures of a demon, how could you use his energy for yourself?".

A powerful mental sense resounded from afar.

It was talking about Chu Yu!

Chu Yu was a little shaken as he saw a shadow fly over from Earth.

His speed of travel was astounding and was as fast as a ray of light. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Chu Yu.

This man was in his early twenties and he was dashing.

His thick black hair was tied into a ponytail and he wore traditional green robes.

His eyes were charismatic as he looked at Chu Yu coldly.

"You are?".

Chu Yu furrowed his eyebrows as he looked at this young man. He was a little stunned.

He was sure that he had never seen this man before.

He was very powerful!

It was not an exaggeration to say that he was absurdly powerful.

Moreover, he was really very young, unlike those who were old but masked themselves with a youthful appearance.

Maybe this man had come from one of the three major Sects?

Also, Chu Yu did not know where he had offended this man.

"My name is Warsong, remember this name," said the young man coldly.

"Okay, and? Do you have some business with me?" asked Chu Yu curiously.

Speaking of which, Chu Yu was patient because he did not feel any obvious animosity coming from this man.

He could only sense his pride.

He was like a kid that had to show everyone that he was the most powerful person.

Chu Yu thought that it was a little hilarious.

"It’s nothing, I originally wanted to teach you a lesson," said Warsong calmly, as if there was nothing wrong with what he was saying.

"But now, I’ve suddenly realised that you’re probably a demon that actually revels in the demonic arts. Absorbing others’ energy and using it for yourself, your kind disgusts me!" said Warsong with a stern expression.

Chu Yu was speechless. What entitlement did he have to say such things? Was it any of his business?

Where was he when the Legendary Emperor attacked?

"Make your move!" said Warsong with a righteous look.

Chu Yu looked at him and said, "Who are you? Do I know you?".

"You don’t, but you will remember me, when you die, do not forget, it was Warsong who killed you!" said Warsong.

"People like you don’t deserve to come to the island," he added.

"The island? What the hell was that?" Chu Yu thought to himself in frustration.

"Enough of talk, let’s go!" said Warsong as a powerful energy erupted from his body, as if he was a little sun.

He raised a fist and punched Chu Yu. The energy was fiery and extremely hot like the surface of the sun!


The fist smashed into space.

He was a young Legendary Emperor!

Even though his brains were rather lacking, his potential was terrifying.

Where did this man come from?

Chu Yu retreated.

With the art of Fleet Footwork, he dodged the punch.

He let out a mental sense, "We have no grudges or history, and we’re all from the emperor star, why do you want to kill me?".

"Cut the crap!".

The mental wave let out by Warsong was intense and powerful, he was a prideful man.


The space erupted with a powerful energy, dissipating the river of blood in the distance.

Chu Yu kept his fist as he looked on coldly.

This young man possessed a deep level of cultivation as well as strong battle prowess.

Chu Yu had it tough.

He did not wish to use the Immortal Crane Furnace.

Even though he had absorbed a large amount of energy, the Immortal Crane Furnace tossed and turn in his Dan Tian.

Chu Yu wanted to test himself and find out how powerful he really was.

So, he did not use either the sword nor the Furnace.

After his body was remodeled, his flesh was virtually as hard as gold. Even though he might get hurt from time to time, there were only a few who could really injure him.

Especially after he had stepped into the Divine Lord Realm, his body had become even more sturdy.

Boom, boom, boom!

In outer space, Chu Yu and Warsong traded blows.

The rolling energy that resulted floated around everywhere.

Even though he was a Legendary Emperor, Chu Yu could tell that Warsong’s powers were still a distance away from the man he had fought.

The man just now was almost reaching Sainthood!

Warsong had only just stepped into the Legendary Emperor Realm.

He was still powerful, but his attacks were not lethal.

Within the blink of an eye, the pair had traded dozens of blows.

There was no clear victor.

"You have some good skills you demon, I guess I can’t suppress you without showing you my true powers," said Warsong as he took out a halberd.

The halberd was of a bright silver color with a dragon engraved onto it. A razor sharp spear stuck out of the Dragon’s mouth.


With the intent to kill, Warsong rushed at Chu Yu with the halberd.

This attack was a little terrifying.

Without any defenses, nothing could withstand its attack!

Was he really aiming for Chu Yu’s life?

Chu Yu was getting angry.

His body was as fast as lightning as the sword appeared in his hand.

He swung his blade at Warsong.

A blade of light lit up and extinguished as fast as it had come.

The two men distanced themselves from one another.

Warsong’s face was riddled with shock and disbelief.

Standing there, he reached out, touched his neck and looked at his hand.

On it was his blood!

Chu Yu had almost decapitated him!

If it wasn’t for…

He looked sheepishly into the distance, where an old veteran was standing and tugging his eyelids.

"Mas… Master," said Warsong weakly.

"A legendary Emperor fighting a Divine Lord? And you almost got your brains cut off?" the old veteran’s divine sense resounded calmly.

"Do you still think that he does not qualify to come to the island?".

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