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Chapter 342: The Ten Winged Angel
Did these two angels have a grudge against one another?
Chu Yu furrowed his eyebrows as he looked on.
A distance away, the knight in silver armor was still engaged in battle with Fang Lie.
Although his level of cultivation was much higher than Fang Lie’s, his battle prowess was weaker. If not for his top grade armor, his body would have been mutilated by Fang Lie long ago!
The battle between the nine and ten winged angels exploded ferociously. Anyone of lesser cultivation level would not have been able to see the battle clearly.
They could only see two balls of lights exchanging blows like two dragons, one light and one dark.
"What was happening?".
"Why were two angels fighting one another?".
"Did I hear someone utter that angel’s name? Could it be that he is the Fallen Angel Lucifer?".
"Isn’t that a figure in mythology? How could he appear in real life?".
"Brother, congratulations on your first trip into the modern world, mythologies are now reality!".
The internet bustled with activity.
Battles of this level were rare, and every time they occurred, they were treated like a spectacle.
Especially with the modern satellite, such battles could now be observed without being interrupted.
High definition images made these battles more entertaining than any action movie.
As Chu Yu looked on, a feeling of dread suddenly overcame him.
He raised his divine sense and moved to about a hundred miles away with a flicker of his body.
A skinny figure holding a sharp equipment appeared at his previous location and stabbed his after image.
Chu Yu was a little shocked because the skinny man was chinese!
After realizing that he had missed, the skinny figure left without any hesitation.
"Where do you think you’re going?" shouted Chu Yu as he chased after him.
At the same time, the sword in his DanTian flew out and flew towards the skinny man, aiming for his head.
The figure panicked and started moving at an incredible speed.
In the blink of an eye, he had fled to a distance of over a thousand miles!
He was almost entering space!
Was this man working alone?
The sword was moving close to the speed of light as it dashed across the sky like a beam of light.
Just as it was about to cut down on this skinny man’s neck, the figure stopped moving.
The head of the man flew into the sky.
But there was no blood!
It was a substitution technique!
What a smooth divine technique!
A cool light came off from Chu Yu’s forehead, and he did not continue chasing the man.
After he had used the substitution technique, it would have been hard to track him.
Chu Yu did not even know who this man was.
He turned around and looked up in the sky, where the battle of light and darkness raged on.
Two angels of the west were fighting in the skies of china.
The nine winged angel from the Vatican City had a saintly equipment, which allowed him to fight against the other angel.
The battle prowess of the ten winged angel was incomparably ferocious, but he did not have the same powerful equipment as the nine winged angel.
At this moment, ancient runes appeared in the sky as they blocked the horrifying energy from affecting the Earth.
If this was a normal planet, the energy would have destroyed the place.
At the same time, at the battle on the other end, Fang Lie let out a pained scream- the knight in silver armor’s spear had pierced straight through the right side of his chest.
Fang Lie’s fist, however, connected with the knight’s head.
A terrifying sound resounded.
Fang Lie’s body was covered in blood, but the knight’s head was smashed into pieces!
His entire being was no more.
Using his own two hands, Fang Lie grabbed th

e spear and yanked it out of his chest, screaming in pain.
A terrifying energy came off his body as he looked up in the sky and yelled.
At this moment, a large number of Divine Lord Angels and Knights surrounded him and attacked.
Chu Yu’s body flickered into a ray of light as he rushed to that location.
Without a second word, he began his onslaught!
Many onlookers who were watching this battle realised that this young man had reached a whole new level that they could not comprehend.
He rushed into the group of Divine Lords, and with every movement under his control, he suppressed all of them!
"Could it be that he has reached the Legendary Emperor Realm?" said an elderly man up in the sky.
Like a fairy from the heavens, Drizzle looked on from the Himalayas.
"He’s more powerful than I thought, but he doesn’t want to marry me, I won’t give in!" she said to herself.
Fatty stood on the top of a mountain as he held his hands behind his back. Looking into the distance, he said, "Actually, back in the day, he wasn’t that powerful, he was only a little stronger than me.".
Two sounds came from behind him.
Casarina rolled her eyes with a fierce expression.
Lilith had the same aggression in her expression as she stared at Casarina and said, "You shameless latecomer, you’re the third wheel!".
"What third wheel? Do you even know what that means? Me and Fan Cai’s love for one another is real! He doesn’t even love you!" said Casarina as her expression became calm. She smiled and looked at Lilith as if she was challenging her.
"Whether he loves me or not, it’s not up to you to say," said Lilith as her expression cooled down as well.
She said softly, "I only know that when we were still together, he was still a…".
"Lilith, enough," said Fatty with a bitter expression as he turned around. He was not acting cool anymore. He looked at the two beautiful foreigners and said, "I said, the two of you…".
"Shut up!" yelled both woman as they stared at each other again.
Lilith had recently come to the Thief Sect, before this, she was still waiting for Fatty to give her an explanation.
She waited for so long that she realised that Fatty had completely forgotten about her.
She could not stand it anymore and rushed to China to look for him.
Once Casarina and Lilith met, they began their bickering.
They were like ice and fire.
No matter what the outcome was, it did not favour Fatty.
He knew his place and did not dare to offer any explanation.
Even though it was normal for the elders to wed more than once, Fatty felt that he owed this two woman something.
He felt especially bad for Lilith.
He turned his head around, and with a face of worry he said, "Now, I just want to rush to my brother’s side and help him in battle!".
Both women ignored him.
Before this, Fatty had just begged the elders to help the Chu clan.
A few of them agreed, but things took a turn before they could rush to their aid.
First was the battle between Fang Lie and the Knight in silver armor. The elders watched with excitement and praised Fang Lie for his skills. They were not in a rush to help him as they felt that he would not have lost, and even said that there might have been even more surprises in wait for them.
After that, what they saw left them speechless.
Initially, the twelve measly arrows that were shot into air left them annoyed as they thought that the Chu Clan was just messing around.
They were about to go and help them when suddenly, they realised that the arrows were shot for the purpose of delivering poison into the sky.
The poison’s power stunned the elders and before they could regain their composure, the ten winged angel appeared.
Their expressions became solemn after that.
They knew that something big was going to happen as the ten winged angel was powerful and was definitely not an ordinary person.
What happened next made them open their eyes wide- it turned out that that angel had come for the angels from the Vatican City!
They all heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed themselves.
This continued up till now, with the elders still spectating the battle.
Fatty finally heaved a sigh of relief as well.
The two woman continued their bickering
Fatty was now a little envious that Chu Yu was still single.
Actually, he did have a girlfriend, but she was far away in the mirror dimension.
Or so he thought. Fatty still did not know that something had happened to Lin Shi.
Otherwise, he would not have thought this way.
Chu Yu began his onslaught as he rushed into the group of masters from the Vatican City. With the sword in his hand the Immortal Crane Furnace on his head, he danced about like the God of Death!
Those masters who had survived the poison were all above the Divine Lord Realm, and based on cultivation levels alone, they were far more superior than Chu Yu.
But that was not the only factor in battle.
There was so much more to cultivation!
They might have been of similar cultivation levels, but their battle prowess were as far apart as heaven and earth.
With a slash of his sword, a head with a silver helmet flew high up into the air.
That was a knight at the level of Divine Lord, and he still did not die despite this. He was relentless and howled.
With a kick, his head was tossed a few thousand miles away and plundered deep into the ocean, resulting in massive waves!
The waves however, were quickly suppressed by ancient runes.
At the same time, at the battle between the two angels, the nine winged angel was beaten to a pulp and had sustained serious injuries. The ten winged angel gave off a chilly divine sense, "You think you can win just because you have the saintly equipment? You still want to fight?".
"Kill us all if you dare!" yelled the nine winged angel as he spit out a mouthful of blood, looking at the other angel with a dark expression.
"Why do I need to kill all of you? I don’t need to do that. Once you return back to that devil without killing this human, death will naturally come to you. Why do I need to dirty my hands?" laughed the ten winged angel.
"Luc… you’ve changed, you’re different from who you were last time!" yelled the nine winged angel, his voice encompassed a certain sorrow.
The ten winged angel turned his head and looked over at the other side, where Chu Yu was massacring the other angels.
He furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Chu Yu, stop this, they are a bunch of poor worms that do not threaten you.".
"How could you turn your back on me and talk to this Eastern man?" said the nine winged angel with a face of shock.
The ten winged angel gave a sinister smile as he said, "He is no ordinary Eastern man, give it up, follow me and you still have a chance to survive.".

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