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Up in the sky, the angels and knights looked at these twelve measly arrows and started laughing uncontrollably.

Some were even stunned by the audacity of these arrows.

What the f*ck was this?

Were they joking?

Many of them looked on with an expression of mockery.

This was such a joke!

The Chus were like toddlers throwing balls of cottons at a bunch of adults.

They wanted to hurt them with a crossbow?

What kind of genius thought of that idea?

Was this all they could offer?

Oh… looks like our intel on the East was right after all!

These thoughts filled their minds as the angels and knights all grew confident upon seeing these twelve arrows.

Even though there was a formidable fighter in the Chu Clan who was battling with their knight general, the rest were all helpless weaklings.

They were confident that they could burn the place down now!

They would not spare a single soul, not an old man, not a child, not even a dog.

Many of their faces lit up as they thought of the avengement of their master, and that they could avoid his wrath.

No one cared about those twelve arrows!

The arrows that were flying at them were as slow as snails.

They would be embarrassed if they even bothered to parry them away.

Why would an adult bother about a cotton ball thrown from a child?

How stupid was that?

"It’s done!" cheered Chu Gan Zhong from below as he looked at the twelve arrows rising in the sky. His face lit up as a wide smile appeared on his face.

Chu Gan Liang laughed, "Do you think anyone will dare to come here and cause trouble after today?".

"I don’t know about Saints or Legendary Emperors, but other than that, no one should have the guts to come here anymore," said Chu Gan Zhong with a calm expression.

"Oh really? I wonder when can we deter Saints from coming!" said Chu Gan Liang with a look of anticipation as he imagined the possibilities.

"It will happen, but based on our abilities, it will not be anywhere in the near future. We have to rely on our second uncle.".

A look of fanaticism appeared on Chu Gan Zhong’s face at the mention of their second uncle, Chu Yu.

He was the man that he respected the most- he was like a god in the heavens.

The twelve arrows had travelled to their maximum height and could not travel any higher.

They were right beside the angels and knights.

The angels and knights looked on with a look of pity and mockery as the arrows appeared beside them.


A loud explosion occurred at the tip of the arrow!

The blast was colossal!

Following this, as if a chain reaction was ignited, the other arrows began to explode.

"This is bad!" yelled an eight winged angel as it flapped its wings desperately in an attempt to fly away.

However, his body went stiff in an instant like a statue as he fell from the sky.

Following this, all creatures at the level of True Lord and below, whether they were angels, knights, or bishops of the Vatican City, began falling from the sky like dumplings.

The people who were looking on from all over the world were shell shocked!

Those who were familiar with the Chu Clan all had a solemn expression on their faces.

Many of them uttered one word at the same time.


Before Chu Yu had become famous, the Chu Clan’s poison had already gained notoriety all around the world.

It was precisely because of this that many did not dare to meddle with the Chu Clan.

Now, these westerners could have a taste of this poison.

Up in the sky, even those masters could not react in time as they fell down one by one.

Their scalps went numb as a chill crept over their bodies.

This fear came from one of their basic instincts- the fear of death.

No matter how powerful they were, they could only cower in front of this terrifying poison.

It was brutal!

This Clan was much more than just Chu Yu!

All of the onlookers had the same thought in that instance - that from today onwards, no one would underestimate the Chu Clan ever again!

After this experience, they would not even dare to underestimate their household dog!

On social media, some of the enemies of the family bemoaned, "These methods are too cunning! We should not allow them to exist in this world as it represents a threat to everyone!".

This, however, was countered almost immediately by others.

"Are you an enemy of the Chu Clan? Why are you so anxious? Are you brain dead? Has the Chu Clan ever used its poison to harm innocent people?".

"Exactly, if I remember correctly, the last time they used this poison was because someone attacked the family right? What did those westerners call them again? A bunch of weaklings? They wanted to destroy someone’s home and now they’re getting their just desserts, I can’t even see their shadows!".

"The Chu Clan always maintains a low profile, they never cause trouble unnecessarily! To be honest, if not for news of Chu Yu from time to time, one might even forget that this clan exists!".

More and more reasonable people posted their thoughts as timed passed by.

The positive comments exceeded the negative ones by a mile.

Although there were some who criticised and said that using poison was an underhanded method, many argued that in the face of death, nothing was too far fetched.

Up in the sky, the masters from the Vatican City were utterly shocked as many fled in all directions.

Those who were in the Divine Lord Realm were affected, but they could suppress the effects of the poison.

They still could not believe that the Chu Clan had possessed such a weapon.

Their intel on the Chu Family was very complete, they even had the knowledge that Chu Yu was a formidable pill master.

But they underestimated the lethality of the Eastern poison!

They did not put any of the weaklings in front of them into their consideration.

In the end, this caused them to suffer a huge setback!


Far away in the sky, a huge figure suddenly appeared!

It was tall and towering, and on its back were five pair of wings!

A ten winged angel!  

The only thing was that the tenth wing was much smaller than the rest. It was hard to notice it, but if one did, one could see that it was golden in color!

The rest of the wings were all pitch black!

This person had dark hair and was absolutely stunning!

The screams of young girls from all across the world could be heard as they hyper-ventilated at the appearance of this gorgeous man.

He was too handsome! The sort of beauty that was undeniable!

He was towering but his body was incomparably shredded and ripped.

The graceful movement of his five pair of wings gave him the aura of a deity!

He stood in the air at a distance as he looked over coldly.

"It’s L…" the archbishop in red robes murmured a single word, but he could not continue.

No one dared to mention his name!

It was a taboo!

"You group of pitiful fools, you bunch of traitors who have betrayed god! You actually came all the way here to kill yourselves? That master of yours is so devilish!" mocked the ten winged angel. He seemed to be here not to help them, but to laugh at their downfall.

This angered the angels and knights who were still alive.

"Don’t insult our master!" yelled the enraged nine winged angel with blonde hair.

He flew into the sky as his body increased in size, angrily staring at the black winged angel.

"You’re the real devil, you fallen angel!".

"Enough, stop acting tough you little sissy. We all know who’s really fallen. My heart still belongs to God! You on the other hand, you only care about your master!" said the black winged angel as he began his assault!

This scene shocked the whole world.

It shocked Chu Yu, who had just arrived at the scene as well.

No one had detected his presence as he stood in the sky, or maybe the nine and ten winged angels had detected his presence but did not care about him.

Because the battle between them was reaching boiling point!

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