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Chapter 343: Faith
With every punch, Chu Yu decapitated a knight. His eyes were cold and struck fear into the hearts of the knights and angels surrounding him.
He bared his teeth at them and laughed coldly.
The space surrounding Chu Yu became a clear zone.
Whether it were angels, knights or masters from the Vatican City, they all panicked and retreated.
There were three or four of them who had already died from Chu Yu’s assault.
Who would have thought that someone who looked so pure and innocent was actually a demon in battle.
At this moment, Chu Yu turned to the ten winged angel and curiously asked, "You know me?".
He nodded his head and replied, "I admire you very much.".
"..." Chu Yu was a little puzzled as he thought to himself, "But I don’t know you!".
The ten winged angel looked at the struggling nine winged angel and said, "Do you still not understand what kind of person you are following? He is the real devil, someone who dares to masquerade as the heir to God! Do you really think that God would choose him?".
"But what? All you have left that place, do you want to go back and die?" yelled Lucifer.
He sighed and continued, "He isn’t worthy of your faith, only God is!".
"Luc… you’re a fallen angel, you aren’t even worthy of mentioning God’s name, let alone talking about faith in God!" yelled an eight winged angel from a distance as he charged at Lucifer.
The anguish on his face was the same expression as a soldier going on a suicidal charge.
"You trash!".
Lucifer suddenly moved!
His speed was too fast- not even an after image could be seen.
In the next moment, that eight winged angel was viciously tossed away, like a small bird that was hit by a boulder.
He flew into the sky and was thrown a few thousand miles away.
But lucifer did not kill him.
After that one strike, he went back to the nine winged angel.
It was as if he had never left his original position.
"He will appear and kill us all!" said the nine winged angel with a face of agony.
He did not care about the other eight winged angel who was thrown far away.
That angel was a fool!
In actuality, all of these angels and knights knew very clearly what sort of existence their ‘God’ was.
Those who were avid believers of him were all suffering from the poison.
When the Son of God was murdered, that existence went berserk and frightened most of them, otherwise, he might have had even more loyal followers.
Even then, there were still people who believed in him.
Even though some of them did not speak or take action, the nine winged angel could guess that they would never betray their master.
"Hahaha, if he really has the guts to, he can come kill us at the Bastion of Stars!" taunted Lucifer.
He continued, "Even till now, he can’t leave that pocket dimension! Even though the emperor star has somewhat recovered, it’s still not complete.".
"Really?" asked the nine winged angel, his eyes now had a little hope.
"If you don’t want to believe it then forget it, you only have this one chance anyway. You know it yourself that in your heart, everything is clear. If you go back empty handed this time, you know what will happen," said Lucifer.
He continued, "Think about it, why are there such a limited number of Saints that can show themselves in this world, even though the world has been in recovery for so long?".
"Why?" asked the nine winged angel, puzzled by this question.
He finally realized that the man in front of him had long surpassed him, even if they were once considered equals.
This left him demoralized and depressed.
"Because of the seal!" answered Lucifer as he laughed, "Some of those powerful beings were scared of death and sealed the pocket dimensions which they inhabited. Because of this, these

seals, which are almost impossible to release, have trapped them in their own dimensions until today.".
"I never thought it was like this…" said the nine winged angel with his eyes a little desolated.
The exact reason why he had fallen out with Lucifer back then was because Lucifer wanted to leave that place.
Back then, the nine winged angel still deeply respected their master.
He even thought of him as a God.
But, even more than that, he respected him and looked up to him like a son did to his father.
Lucifer had already warned him back then that the master was greedy for life and feared death, that his personality was cowardly and that he was not someone worthy of following.
Now that he remembered it, it was precisely because of this that the two of them fell out.
After that, Lucifer left that place and never returned.
Consequently, Lucifer, who was once an archangel, became a fallen angel.
Of course, that all happened a few thousand years ago.
Putting everything into perspective, he now realized that Lucifer was not wrong, he was the one who was.
This time, just because of an order by the master, countless innocent lives were lost here.
As he thought about this, he turned around and looked at that young eastern cultivator, and his mind was incomparably perplexed.
It was that man and his clan who had murdered his brethren in such a short amount of time.
Lucifer said, "You know very well that this has nothing to do with him.".
The nine winged angel nodded his head with a face of bitterness and looked at Lucifer as he said, "I’ve decided!".
"No! You dare to betray our master?" howled a knight in black armor as he gave off a mental wave.
The conversation between Lucifer and the nine winged angel was not in private.
After they had finished talking, there were people who were shocked by the nine winged angel’s decision- there were at least a third of the army who were against it!
Lucifer’s eyes were full of disdain as he retracted his wings and said, "If you don’t want to agree to this you don’t have to, no one’s forcing you to… kill yourselves.".
"Luc… you’re not only a fallen angel, you’ve become the devil!" howled that knight in black armor.
"Hahahaha," laughed Lucifer coldly. Amidst his laughter, he was still calm.
He said, "You can continue fighting this eastern man or go back and let your master kill all of you. I’ve grown tired of you useless bunch a few thousand years ago. There’s an Eastern phrase called foolish loyalty, and that describes the whole lot of you!".
As he said this, he walked towards Chu Yu and asked, "Young man, can we have a little chat?".
Chu Yu was very cautious - this ten winged angel was very powerful and Chu Yu could feel a sense of danger surrounding him.
"Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you," said Lucifer peacefully as he smiled.
"I won’t be staying for long this time, I am leaving soon," he added.
Chu Yu looked at him and nodded his head. After Fang Lie went back, he followed this ten winged angel and flew up into the sky.
Apart from the people here, no one could tell what had happened.
They could only see a group of people talking in the air.
This invited many chatters among the netizens, who never failed to work their creativity.
"Is that the black winged angel Lucifer? He’s so handsome and so cool!".
"He doesn’t seem to bear any ill intentions towards Chu Yu.".
"Not only that… he seems to have a great amount of respect for him!".
"What is Lucifer talking to that nine winged angel about? Is he trying to convince him of something? My god, my world view has been completely shattered!".
"It turns out that many myths aren’t just myths after all...".
Up in the sky, the nine winged angel had agreed to leave with those angels and knights who were willing to follow him.
They did not feel much towards leaving.
Even though they were a group of loyal followers who could put down their life for their master, their real loyalty was to the one that Lucifer had called God.
Lucifer had brought them news of this God, and even though he was a fallen angel and had become demonic, they still believed him.
Because Lucifer never lied!
It was not that he did not know how to, or that he could not, it was just that everyone knew that he felt that lying was useless!
However, the group was still perplexed by his admiration towards that Eastern kid…
It seemed that those who had died earlier had all died in vain.
They thought about it and felt that this battle was not worth anything at all, and a sense of regret crept of them.
"Don’t think about it anymore, we all made our own choices," said the nine winged angel to his men.
At this moment, those who did not want to betray their master stood on the other side, staring over coldly.
"You will receive divine punishment! And you’ll definitely regret your choice today," said the knight in black armor bitterly.
"Ah? What punishment? Will water pour down and drown all the sinners?" said the nine winged angel.
A pained expression appeared on his face as he said solemnly, "We all know very well…".
"Enough of your lies!" yelled the knight in black armor as he turned to those behind him and rallied, "Attack the Chu Clan! Regardless of what has happened, we can’t let our bodies get tainted by sin!".
"Attack the Chu Clan!".
The group of knights and angels rallied as they prepared for battle.
They were not kidding. After they had rallied themselves, they began charging towards the Chu Clan below.
No matter how one looked at these people, they all had an aura of bravery and resolve.
This was the strength of their faith, and it did not waver, not even in death.

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