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In the end, all of the students of the Mirror World still stuck together.

Even though not everyone was willing to be with Yan Xudong, based on the current state of matters, they could tell that if they did not stick together, they may already be killed by others from the Mirror World... even before they found any opportunities.

The disciples of the ancient clans, as well as those older True Lords looked at them with wolfish grins!

It was as if they were sheep to the slaughter!

They knew that these students had various magical equipment, pill, medicine... virtually everything.

The smarter ones already realized that once they fell out, they were likely to become opportunities of their ‘fellow Mirror World comrades".

The Mirror World had been founded solely for this purpose.

People from all walks of life gathered here.

If one was not careful, one could become another’s prey.

Over at the Heavenly Creek, cities were built at a rapid pace.

Yan Xudong and his group walked towards one of the cities.

He was extremely friendly towards Chu Yu, so much so that some of his followers were slightly jealous.

"Sensei Song, this city will be our temporary residence, they have already prepared your accommodation."

Many of those with Yan Xudong all looked at Chu Yu with conflicted gazes.

They were extremely unhappy, Why should a pill refiner from an insignificant place be this highly valued by Brother Yan?

Was it just because he could refine supreme quality pills?

Even though there were few pill refiners out there who could refine the True Soul Pill, there was bound to be a few in a school like the Sky Dazed School.

However, those who were more discerning could feel that Yan Xudong was trying to build his own power!

He was extremely ambitious!


He wanted to found a dynasty of his own!

In recent times, Yan Xudong matured quickly and his arrogant demeanor also became more and more pronounced.

As such, he was unfazed even when he was going up against disciples from the top clans.


Even though he had lost by a small margin, it did not ruin his reputation.

On the other hand, this battle had cause many of those ancient clan disciples, who looked down on the schools, to reevaluate their opinions.

Through this battle, Yan Xudong had gained more than he had lost. His reputation amongst the school disciples also rose to an all time high.

On the other hand, Luo Lie’s arrogance had caused many to see the result of the battle as a defeat for him, even though he had won by a slight margin.

Luo Lie’s performance also displeased many of the top talents from the superior ancient clans.

"He was so arrogant at the start. Yet, he only managed a draw, how shameful." On of the top talents mocked.

"You’re right, it is quite shameful, but that Yan Xudong is no pushover. Even me or you may not be able to defeat him easily." Qu Ming of the Qu Royal Family chimed in.

In the room.

Xu Xiaoxian sat opposite Chu Yu.

She was busy making tea.


A ball of fire was crackling underneath an ancient metal teapot.

Xu Xiaoxian whispered, "Have you thought of a way to spoil their plans?"


Chu Yu said, "Reveal my identity and smash them. Make them too scared to go."

"..." Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, "What kind of stupid idea is that? If you want to do that, you might as well return to Earth and face them head on."

"This will happen one day." Chu Yu said flatly.

"Are you really going to do that?" Xu Xiaoxian poured tea for Chu Yu, then stared at him with her glimmering eyes.

"I really want to!" Chu Yu sighed, "But seeing Luo Lie and Yan Xudong battle... I realized that I would either die, or be forced to retreat in shambles if I did that."

"Hahaha, you’re still sober." Xu Xiaoxian chuckled, then her expression turned serious.

"Actually, if you want to scare them into not going into the Solar System, you might as well try something else. Even though you would probably die too, it’s better than fighting all of these talents."

"Destroy that road?" Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian.

"That’s right, destroy that road!’ Xu Xiaoxian said seriously.

"I thought about that too, but as the master of magical formations, haven’t you seen anything?" Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian as he raised his glass and sipped the tea, "The door to the path is surrounded by magical formations! Don’t forget, there are some of our ancestors in the Mirror World too, will they stand idly by as they watch countless people walk on this path and attack our homeland?"

"If these powers in the Mirror World did not think of that, then I really begin to question their intellect."

Chu Yu said flatly, "Not only is the door guarded by countless magical formations, I believe that there are saints guarding it too!"

"Once they see someone trying to destroy that road, do you think they’ll continue to watch by the side?"

Xu Xiaoxian continued, "That’s why I say, it would be extremely dangerous to try to destroy that road. But have you thought about this, if an ancestor from the Solar System can destroy that road... won’t we have our chance?"


"Our chance?" Chu Yu frowned, "You can destroy those magical formations?"


Xu Xiaoxian replied, "No, but I can go in!’

Chu Yu had no confidence that his master’s three furs could allow him to kill his way in.

Even though master had said that these furs were powerful and could maintain 10% of his power for 5 minutes, it had not been tested.

Who knew how much was 10%

Furthermore, Chu Yu did not want to waste them like that.

The second morning, after cultivating the whole night using the Killing Days Heart Technique, Chu Yu opened his eyes.

The pale purple gas surrounding his body was also reabsorbed.

Bong bong bong!


Xu Xiaoxian’s voice accompanied the knocks, "Lazy boy, are you awake?"


In fact, Xu Xiaoxian also knew that Chu Yu was cultivating. After she finished, she opened the door and entered.

"I don’t have any clothes on." Chu Yu said.


Xu Xiaoxian turned and ran.

However, before she ran, she turned and took a glance...

Seeing Chu Yu fully dressed, she was infuriated. Almost like a tornado, she swept back into the house.


She rushed to Chu Yu and growled, "Jerk, you played me!"

Chu Yu played along with her and grit his teeth too before settling down.

Xu Xiaoxian said cryptically, "Something big is happening today."

Chu Yu’s eyebrows raised, "The sky is falling?"

Just as he spoke, a terrifying wave of energy could be felt from outside.

That was a bone chilling aura and it enveloped the entire area.

Chu Yu felt goosebumps on his body. There was a fear that stemmed right from his soul as he shivered uncontrollably.

"Sai... saint?" Xu Xiaoxian’s eyes widened as she shivered uncontrollably too.

They were not the only two shivering, virtually everyone was shivering too!

The Solar System hopefuls were all at least Supreme Realm cultivators.

Other than them, there were a few Divine Lords and Legendary Emperors escorts.


However, at this point, all of them began shivering.


They were shivering so badly they looked like commoners thrown into the North Pole.


At this point, yet another aura exploded and swept across everyone.

It was almost like a ray of sunshine. Everyone who was shivering stopped instantly.

Afterwhich, an ancient voice rang out, "Are you finally willing to show yourself after so many years in hiding? You’re not alone are you? How many more are there? Get them all out here. Our 60 million year old feud has not been settled. Let’s settle it today"

Each word from that ancient voice was like a boom of thunder.


Everyone’s head hurt from hearing it.

Was this a saint?

Were saints this powerful and terrifying?

Chu Yu felt incredibly awed.

He had a feeling that a saint could kill him with a single notion!

He was a mere ant when compared to a saint.


He did not understand this before, but now he did.

At this point, an extremely crisp lady voice rang out, "Luo Xuebai, I still remember you fleeing from the battle like a child. How shameful. Why? Have you forgotten that shameful incident after many years as a power?"

"Yue Ying, don’t you dare slander me!" The ancient voice thundered, causing the entire earth to shake with every word.

This was even after they tried to control themselves. Else, the ground beneath them would explode.

All of these cultivators would die.

They could not possibly withstand the power of a saint.

However, these two saints’ conversation had awed countless people.

Chu Yu suddenly felt a wave of pride. Initially, his head felt like it was about to burst and he wanted to switch off his senses.

Now, he stood tall and proud.

The ancient metal teapot hovered over Xu Xiaoxian’s head. She looked relaxed and unaffected.

She glanced at the proud looking Chu Yu and snickered, "You look so silly!’

"What do you know!" Chu Yu glanced at her. Then, he took out his golden Immortal Crane Pill Furnace and instantly felt much better.

Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian and said solemnly, "This is clearly an ancient power from my hometown. Won’t you be proud seeing him scold the Mirror World saints like they are dogs?"

Xu Xiaoxian was stunned, "Should I feel good about it? Ay? It does feel pretty good..."

Chu Yu had no idea that in the moment he took out the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace, the two powers were stunned and ‘looked’ in his direction.

However, for some reason, they did not see anything.

On the side of the Mirror World was Luo Xuebai. He was a youth with a white robe and looked to be in his forties. His skin was soft, his eyebrows thin and neat. Even his gaze looked pure.

However, his voice was ancient and this revealed the extent of his age.

On the other side was a beautiful lady in a yellow dress.


This lady looked to be in her early twenties, her silky smooth hair resting on her shoulders.


He skin was snow white and she was like a work of art, her phoenix eyes darting around, full of life.

As she blinked, a beautiful aura could be felt.

Her gaze turned from the city Chu Yu was in. She faced the youth in white, "Luo Xuebai, how many others do you have waiting to ambush people. Get them all out, don’t make me call them out by name. Else, if I accidentally reveal all your darkest secrets, it will not be pretty."

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