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Chapter 267: Battle of the Saints

Saint Luo Xuebai turned white from anger, his eyes firing two incredibly icy rays as he bellowed icily, "Yue Ying, remember your place!’

"Place? My reputation was made by killing scum like you all!’

The girl chuckled icily, "On the other hand, your identities are all grinder, haha. As all the people who knew about what happened back then die, no one will know about your dirty deeds. Then, you all can continue being saints and powers."

Luo Xuebai laughed icily, "Yue Ying, no matter what you say, no matter how arrogant you are, you will not escape death today!"

"Hehe... idiot, I don’t like it when you say that about me."

"Don’t keep talking about death, look at yourself? Aren’t you just trying to use a fake road to catch us all using a group of the idiots back then as ambush?"

"Please, I’m already here, why do you still have so much rubbish to say? Are you in love with me?"

"You bunch of scum, get out here, I still have better things to do after I defeat you all!’

Fake road?

Everyone was stunned, their expressions filled with disbelief.

Chu Yu was also taken aback, Luckily I didn’t act rashly and use one of the precious fur to destroy this road.

Yue Ying stood in mid air like an Immortal from Heaven, her hair flying in the wind.

She was a saint very long ago, but she was still an incredibly fiery lady with a sharp tongue.

In the cultivation world, even a Supreme Realm cultivator was considered quite powerful.

Normally, each one of them were lofty and aloof.

The True Lords and Divine Lords were even more so.

By the time one got to the Legendary Emperor realm, ordinary people will not meet them at all.

If not for this incident, even these powerful cultivators on scene would not have a chance to see saints.

Even those with saints in their families would only see them rarely.

Many cultivators would not even see a single saint in their whole life.

As such, everybody’s impression of saints were high and lofty people who did not joke around.

They were truly powerful beings!

Little would they expect that a saint would be this beautiful yet feisty. This had stunned them all.

They even began to doubt if this was truly a saint? Are saints like that?

Everyone was dumbfounded. Even though they could feel that this Immortal like saint stood in the opposite camp, they felt no hatred towards her.

As for Chu Yu, he had been laughing inside the entire time.

This sister was incredibly domineering!

If Yue Ying was aloof and cold, Chu Yu would never dare to take her as a sister.

However, she was incredibly feisty and spoke callously. The language she used was also incredibly colorful.

The most important thing was, she knew that this was a fake road and there would be a bunch of saints in ambush, but she still came!

Her courage was extremely admirable.

At this point, Luo Xuebai could not be bothered saying anything else and called upon three other saints.

They came flying in from three other directions!

Each of them was imposing, almost like a deity!

Each step they took covered a thousand miles. Their bodies radiated with a terrifying aura that threatened to bend the very space around them!

Everyone below felt suffocated.

And this was even without the saints targeting them, else, a single notion would have shattered their bodies and souls!

The disparity!

Such immense disparity!

Chu Yu looked up at those figures in the air.

At this point, Luo Xuebai chuckled icily, "Yue Ying, you’re just stu

bborn. Quickly bring out the helpers you brought along with you, those people hiding inside the Mirror World for so many years!"

"Rubbish! Do you think I am as idiotic as you all?"

Yue Ying smiled and chided, "Isn’t this just a bunch of magical formations? Saints like you with such parochial views are just clowns. Why? Do you think one is too little? Defeat me first, then we’ll talk!"

As Yue Ying spoke, she attacked without hesitation!

Yes, without hesitation!

She did not bother about the lives of those below her!

This group of cultivators flew into the air and lit up a light net. It was like an incredibly humongous spider web, blocking the energy from the saints.

It worked, else, this energy would have killed more than half of the people below!

But it could not block it completely!

Even though Yue Ying was like a feisty young beautiful lady, her powers were too terrifying!

This terrifying wave of energy came crashing down from the sky.

The recently built cities below were all crushed in an instant!

Shattered to smithereens!

The bodies of countless cultivators glowed with glaring light as they activated various protective magical equipment.

Those weaker cultivators immediately began to vomit blood, seriously injured.

Others fell to the ground, their survival uncertain.

Chu Yu even saw a few Nascent Souls flying into the sky. However, before they could make it high, they exploded in mid air, scattering instantly!

These were Supreme Realm cultivators and could not resist that kind of power.

He scolded himself for being so stupid. To Yue Ying, everyone here was the enemy!

They were all people who wanted to attack and massacre her home!

Towards her enemies... she had no qualms about using her immense powers to smash lower cultivators.

These Mirror World powers had perfected this plot over many years. By doing this, they wanted to draw out the saints from the Solar System and ambush them.

But who knew that the saints from the Solar System would return the favor and use this opportunity to kill all of the young cultivators from the Mirror World?

A double edged sword indeed...

Luo Xuebai was white with rage. He bellowed in anger as he used various Sacred Arts to attack Yue Ying.

At the same time, one of the three saints in the distance extended his hand, attempting to save those below.

An incredibly humongous hand appeared above the crowd.

It was like a huge cloud was descending over them!

This hand was incredibly huge!

It was the size of a continent!

This saint wanted to grab everyone below!

His five fingers stretched deep into the ground and looked like he was about to take the entire ground away.

Yue Ying laughed and another body appeared in the air. The figure looked exactly like her, but was extremely intimidating. She held an ancient sword in one hand as she strode over here and attacked!

It chopped at the hand of the saint rescuing those below.


This saint who had extended his hand bellowed icily.

A ray of white light shone towards Yue Ying’s second body.

This ray of white light was too scary and it penetrated the air.

It was sharp beyond belief and it could pierce through any obstacle in front of it.

But yet, it was stopped by Yue Ying’s body...

Yue Ying raised her hand, almost as if she was swatting a fly. This white light shattered instantly!

At the same time, the blade in Yue Ying’s hand also chopped towards that saint’s humongous hand!

Yue Ying’s body was no bigger than an ordinary person.

In comparison to that saint’s hand, she was no bigger than a grain of sand.

However, even though there was no blade aura from her sword, a roar of awe and rage could be heard a large distance away.

The entire air exploded in an instant!

Then, everyone below was blocked out by a huge hand. All of a sudden, all of the cultivators could not see, and felt as if the sky was crashing down on them!

A palm like the sky descended steadily, crashing towards this crowd of people.

This was the hand of a saint!

In that instant, Chu Yu cursed and swore as he was on the verge of going crazy!

Without hesitation, he pulled Xu Xiaoxian along as he used the Five Elements Superior Escape Technique and descended into the ground.

1000m, 2000, 5000m, 8000m!

Chu Yu descended thousands of kilometers under the surface!

But he still felt like there was danger.

He was right...

As he continued tunneling beneath the surface, he felt an incredible wave of suppression chase after him.

"F*ck... me!"

Chu Yu continued pulling Xu Xiaoxian deeper.

Xu Xiaoxian did not struggle the entire time. She just let Chu Yu pull her deeper and deeper into the Mirror World.

But she was stunned, This jerk didn’t just learnt the 72 Transformations, he also learnt the 36 Heavenly Generals!

Did he really meet the monkey’s remains in the Heavenly Mountains?

Chu Yu had thought that his master was a part of the actual monkey’s consciousness and the monkey himself thought so too.

But in fact, it was the monkey’s "remains".

In a single breath, Chu Yu dragged Xu Xiaoxian hundreds of miles deep into the ground.

The pressure at his back became smaller and smaller. Chu Yu was tongue tied, How many people were killed by that slap?

Initially, he had thought that the hand was there to save. Afterall, they had been covered by the hand of a saint and could not see what was happening.

However, as the hand ‘slapped’ down, Chu Yu managed to determine that this was one of his own!

This was a power from the solar system trying to smash these Mirror World scum to pulp!

Even though he felt the same threat, Chu Yu felt bliss as well... he was ecstatic!

If the saint who had his hand attacked could read Chu Yu’s mind, he would be angered to death!

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Something is wrong with this place!"

"Hmm?" Chu Yu stiffened, What’s wrong?

Xu Xiaoxian said, "There are traces of magical formations here."

Chu Yu tensed up, Could it be that those Mirror World jerks did not even let off the depths of the ground.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian continued, " No... these magical formations have been destroyed, and they are ancient... to the left, bring me there. Your escaping skills should allow you to pass by the magical formations. Else, we will be in danger!"

Chu Yu brought Xu Xiaoxian over a dozen meters to the left. He saw that there was an ancient wall in front of him. If not for the fact that Chu Yu could see through hypocrisy, he might not have known that there was a wall until he hit it.

"Why is there a stone wall... in a place like this?" Chu Yu frowned.

Xu Xiaoxian’s voice was trembling, "Could it be... like the Devastated World? Something left behind from the previous era?"

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