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The path had been completely broken through. However, it was not stable and still dangerous, thus, it cannot be opened just yet.

By this point, a large number of Mirror World youth talents had gathered here. Other than that, there were the older generation of True Lord cultivators.


To them, the Solar System was a huge treasure trough, a gold mountain to the ordinary people!


There were countless treasures just waiting to be taken.

As such, there were a large number of cultivators who were extremely old but delayed their breakthrough to the Divine Lord realm even though they had the ability to.

Many of the disciples of the Mirror World’s ancient clans also gathered here.


These people were completely different from the talents in the schools.

Before this, they were unknown to the public. However, in the eyes of these people, the school talents were nothing.

For example, Luo Lie had mocked Yan Xudong so openly.

Over here, there was the young Heaven’s Pride lady talent Shui Lanxi of the Shui Clan. It was rumored that she entered the True Lord realm at age 16.

At the same time, Shui Lanxi was also one of the ten most beautiful women in the Mirror World.

Today, she was not even 20 years old, but she had a charismatic smile that would melt the heart of any man.

The prince of the Qu Royal Family, Qu Ming, was also another superior talent.

He was surrounded by a group of youths. Any one of them was easily a youthful True Lord power.

However, they respected Qu Ming greatly.


There were rumors that Qu Ming could possibly replace the current heir of the Qu Royal Family.

There was also Zong Yueyao of the ancient Zong Clan. She was also another one of the ten most beautiful ladies in the Mirror World. She was surrounded by many Heaven’s Pride youths.

There were over a hundred powers who had set up the Mirror World back in the day.


Of this group, there were a few dozen who had left behind their teachings.


In actual fact, the earliest schools were born out of these teachings.


For example, the top ranked Sky Dazed School was founded by Chi Tianmeng, one of the powers then.


He had founded the Sky Dazed Country and split his territory amongst his 13 offspring.

He also set up the Sky Dazed School.

In the early days, the Sky Dazed School taught the Chi Family’s teachings.

However, it had progressed to a point where the Chi Family’s shadow no longer loomed over the Sky Dazed School. The Chi Family started to train its own disciples.

However, to the Sky Dazed School, the Chi Family was still extremely influential.

The other tier one schools also had close relationships to the ancient powers.

Even so, the saints of those lineages still looked down on the schools.


Luo Lie had said that he would show Yan Xudong who’s boss here.

However, it seemed as if he was delayed by something. Yan Xudong had already arrived but he was nowhere to be seen.

This made him the butt of jokes amongst many of the young talents in the schools. They said that Luo Lie only knew how to run his mouth but had no courage.

When it came down to it, he did not even dare to show himself.

However, they did not express their opinions publicly.

Even though many of the talented individuals from those lineages were wildly arrogant, they had the right to be.

This entire area belonged to the Qu Royal Family.

It was given a beautiful name, Heavenly Creek.

The Heavenly Creek originated from a galaxy with many stars near to each other, almost like the Milky Way.


Below the galaxy was an incredibly wide and rapid river!

Ever since the ancient days, the river had not even changed course.

When Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian arrived at the Heavenly Creek, they found that it was packed with people.

There were too many people. The air was filled with flying ships ferrying countless cultivators in and out.

Infrastructure rose from the ground, forming a small city.

"There’s as many people here as there is fur on a bull... no, more than that!" Xu Xiaoxian murmured.


This is the prosperous cultivation world...

Chu Yu exalted, but all of them were his enemies.

He even found it rather comical. Was he a spy who had successfully infiltrated the enemy camp?

He guessed so.


At this point, bright rays of light exploded in the sky some distance away.

Then, loud booms rang out!

Countless people looked in that direction.


There were quite a few people running frantically from that direction.

"They’re fighting!"


"It’s Luo Lie!"


"Luo Lie? Who is he fighting with?"

"Did you forget? The current batch number one expert of the schools!"

"Yan Xudong?"

"Yes, those two!"


The chatter of their surroundings registered in Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian’s ears.

They looked at each other, then looked in that direction.

Xu Xiaoxian asked, "Who do you think will win?"

"I don’t know, I haven’t seen the two of them in action." Chu Yu replied.

"I feel like Yan Xudong will not lose." Xu Xiaoxian continued, "Even though Luo Lie trained under saints, Yan Xudong... is not as weak as Luo Lie makes him out to be."

As they spoke, Chu Yu saw Yan Xudong activate a flying blade and chop towards Luo Lie’s head, which was dozens of miles away.

The flying blade exuded an icy aura. Even people hundreds of miles out could feel it’s bone chilling aura.

Chu Yu was slightly taken aback.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled lightly, "See, using your best moves because you’re agitated?"

Over on the other side, a blue screen appeared in front of Luo Lie. It looked like a translucent blue sheet in the air!


When Yan Xudong’s flying blade landed on that blue screen, it shattered the screen instantly!

The remnants of the screen scattered everywhere, looking like the aftermath of fireworks.

Luo Lie took this opportunity to retreat.

At the same time, he bellowed icily and activated a red flying blade.


Almost like a ray of light, it drew a red rainbow shape in the air and charged towards Yan Xudong’s blade.





Crisp rings could be heart in the air.


They were like thunder!

Afterwhich, a long spear appeared in Luo Lie’s hand. At the same time, his battle cloths morphed into a silver armor.

A silver helmet covered his face!


In the air, he looked like an invincible general as he charged towards Yan Xudong.

An ancient spear also appeared in Yan Xudong’s hand. He donned a golden armor as he bellowed angrily and charged towards Luo Lie courageously.

They were both too quick!

In the blink of an eye, they clashed, causing an explosion of terrifying energy


It was like a nuclear bomb exploded!


It felt like the space around them was going to split.

Then, the two of them retreated.

Chu Yu could clearly see a trickle of blood at the corner of Yan Xudong’s mouth.

However, Luo Lie, who had the bottom half of his face revealed, was pale, but there was no trace of blood.

At this point, a cultivator nearby said, "The reason why Luo Lie looks down on Yan Xudong is because Yan Xudong is famous for his ranged flying blade and close combat spear techniques. Yan Xudong has been termed the Little Spear King of the Mirror World... Luo Lie is clearly unhappy about that."

"How do you know so much?" Someone asked.

This cultivator chuckled, "Because I am from the Zong Clan!"


Many people gasped as they looked at this cultivator with respect.

Zong Clan!

This was another one of the founding clans of the Mirror World. The Zong Clan disciples were all incredibly respected in the Mirror World.

Their ancestor was one of the founding fathers of this world!

They came from a saint’s family!

At this point, Luo Lie and Yan Xudong’s battle was nearing the end.

The two of them had nothing left up their sleeves. They had used all their ranged attacks and close combat techniques. Yet, no one managed to outclass the other.

In the end, Luo Lie seemed to have the upper hand, but Yan Xudong did not lose by much.

The two of them separated and stared each other down icily.

Yan Xudong smiled warmly as he raised his hand to wipe of the trickle of blood at the age of his mouth. He said flatly, "The Luo Clan talents do live up to their name."


Luo Lie stared at Yan Xudong for a long time before laughin icily, "What you’ve learnt doesn’t look like the Chi Clan techniques of the Sky Dazed School, are they from your ancestors?"

Yan Xudong was unaffected, "I am a student of the Sky Dazed School."

Luo Lie huffed, turned, and left, "If not for the fact that I want to enter the Solar System, I would already have been in the Divine Lord realm and squashed you easily!"

Yan Xudong said calmly, "Same here."


Luo Lie stopped in his tracks. Without turning back, "Let’s go again when we are in the Village of Cultivation!"

"Anytime." Yan Xudong replied.

You still want to enter the Solar System?

Chu Yu looked at the energy portal above the Heavenly Creek. He thought to himself, If I use a single hair from the monkey, can I wreck this road?

Then, he and Xu Xiaoxian flew towards Yan Xudong.

Seeing the two of them, Yan Xudong smiled. He did not look like he had just gone through an intense duel.

"Sensei Song, Lady Chu, you are finally here."

Chu Yu nodded to Yan Xudong, "Is Young Master Yan alright?"

Yan Xudong nodded, smiling bitterly, "That must have been a joke to you."

"Young Master Yan is very powerful." Xu Xiaoxian said by the side.

"The disciples of those ancient powers have their niche areas and are very powerful." Yan Xudong did not seem to want to elaborate. He looked at the two of them, "It’s good that you are here. We will enter the Solar System together and look for opportunity!"

Yan Xudong was not happy with the result of this duel. In his view, no matter how powerful Luo Lie was, he was stronger!

So what if you’ve been learning under a saint? Who hasn’t?


You have incredible sacred arts, so do I!

Before this, he had never really compared himself to them.

This battle also let Yan Xudong understand that there were people better than him out there. Even though he was one of the best in this era, he was not alone.

This result was quite a blow to his ego.

But he was not one to give up. His blood boiled with determination.

In his view, these ancient clans will be a thing of the past!

Only the schools can last forever,

All roads lead to Rome, this was a law of nature.

He looked at the students in front of him. They were not just from the Sky Dazed School. There were students from other superior institutions as well.

Yan Xudong had managed to recruit a large group of them in the Devastated World.

"The future is ours!"

"Because we are accepting!"

Yan Xudong’s gaze swept over Xu Xiaoxian and he thought to himself, Even if she is from the Demonic Sects!

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