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This scene would have shocked anyone if they saw it.


Even saints would be awed by it.

Even though saints have such abilities too, they had to pay a huge price if they wanted to sculpt a physical body from a single drop of blood.

Yet, no one had done anything to sculpt this body.


This drop of blood had cryptically floated out from the metal ball and sculpted a new physical body for Chu Yu.

And this body was perfect!

In the moment the physical body formed, the entire Devastated World trembled slightly.


Then, an immense sucking force sucked Chu Yu’s consciousness from his Nascent Soul.

When Chu Yu’s consciousness finally returned to his physical body, he found out, much to his surprise, that this body was incredibly powerful!


It was terrifyingly strong!

He felt like he could destroy a galaxy with a single swipe!

Of course, this was just an illusion because the power in his Dan Sea was simply too powerful.


The metal ball zoomed back into Chu Yu’s forehead, forming a vertical eye.

All of a sudden, Chu Yu saw a figure dressed in white in his mind.1


His clothes were white as snow and he sported long, flowy hair.

As he stood there mightily, his body radiated with a mysterious strand of Dao.

It was almost as if this man was one with Heaven and Earth.

"Who is this?"

Chu Yu wondered to himself.

For some reason, he felt an intimate connection with this man in white.

The figures appeared for a brief moment, then disappeared.

Chu Yu was reluctant to see this man leave.

He had no idea where these emotions were coming from.


Even though this was a newly formed physical body, Chu Yu did not feel any discomfort.

It felt like this body was his from the start.

But yet it felt different!

When he checked, his cultivation level did not increase, however, his battle power increased manifold!


At the same time, the blood that flowed through his veins was terrifying.


The suppressive power if he used his blood aura was enough to scare him.


It was earth shaking!

"What... what happened?"

Chu Yu murmured to himself.

Why would his vertical eye have sealed up a single drop of blood?

Why was the blood able to form an entire perfect physical body?

Who was that Immortal looking being in white that appeared in his mind?

These were all mysteries!

Chu Yu really wanted to find out the reason.

Then, he was shocked to find out that he could actually see those strange shapes floating around in the air.

However, almost as if these things were stunned by his blood aura, none of them dared to close in on him!

Chu Yu tried to extend his arm and attack one of the strange shapes.

He did not use much energy, but there was still quite a bit of power inside this punch.

After the punch, nothing happened to that strange shape. It continued staying where it was, clearly wanting to attack but too afraid of Chu Yu to do so.

"Ha..." Chu Yu could not help but chuckle.

Then he raised his feet and walked away.

Those ordinarily invisible strange shapes actually automatically opened up a path for him.

Chu Yu could not believe his eyes!

He felt like he was walking in his own backyard!


"I can actually walk so brazenly in a land where even saints die?"

Chu Yu was in disbelief.

What was the story behind this drop of blood which created a new body for him?


Chu Yu looked at a purple medicine some distance away.

He smiled to himself.

After a while, his depression was clear.

His lips twitched and he blinked, murmuring to himself, "Damn it, it can run! How can it run?"

As long as one neared superior medicine like this, they would run away and disappear into the distance like a phantom.

Chu Yu was furious. This place was filled to the brim with superior medicine, yet he could not get any.

What a sh*tty feeling.

He wasn’t adept at magical formations, and only knew a little bit.

Setting up magical formations here to trap these medicine was virtually impossible.

"If only she was here." Chu Yu murmured.

Then he remembered that no one had seen Xu Xiaoxian leave this place.

No one knew if she was dead or alive.


The Immortal Refining Land was huge and even saints would not dare to mess around under normal circumstances.

Everyone here was suppressed to the level of True Lord. As such, they could not use their best abilities here.

However, Chu Yu was different. As long as he kept exuding the blood aura, those weird shapes would keep their distance from him.


Thus, he began to walk around, trying to find Xu Xiaoxian.

As a result, there was a queer sight in the Immortal Refining Land.

A naked man was walking around like a maniac.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to wear clothes, but other than the disfigured Immortal Crane Pill Furnace in his Dantian, there was nothing else on him.

Even his storage ring was turned to ash...

He could use the energy around him to form a set of clothes, but this place was deserted, why would he bother?

As such, Chu Yu decided to free ball it.

But at the current moment, he was quite depressed.

He had gone to many places, but still could not find any trace of Xu Xiaoxian.

However, as he continued searching, he did find some minor traces of where Xu Xiaoxian may have been.

He even felt the lingering trace of superior medicine in those spots.

Chu Yu felt a wave of emotions well up, She didn’t die?

And she’s harvesting medicine in the terrifying Immortal Refining Land?

F*ck me!

How ambitious!

And to think I was still worrying about you...

Chu Yu’s lips twitched as he scanned the area.

"Xu Xiaoxian!"

This was a powerful mental energy wave and it spread out in all directions.


"Chu Yu... oh f*ck, why are you so open? Being a gangster? How disturbing!"

A voice could be heard less than a kilometer away from Chu Yu.

And it was in front of him.

F*ck... me!

In an instant, Chu Yu formed a magical shirt and covered his body.

Then he looked to the front in shock.

A figure was sitting on a rock, smiling at him.

In such a place, he had no way of using his divine senses to get a feel of his surroundings.

He could only rely on his eyes.


Chu Yu had just found the traces left behind by Xu Xiaoxian and never expected that she would be less than a kilometer away.


She was still dressed in the pink dress and sported her original appearance.


She was exquisitely beautiful!

However, she looked extremely drained.

She seemed to sway from side to side as she leaned on the huge rock.

Above her head was an amulet that was half burnt.

After gaining his new body, Chu Yu’s eyes were much sharper.

Things that he couldn’t even see with his vertical eye last time, he could see with his naked eye.

As for humans...

Chu Yu accidentally looked at Xu Xiaoxian, then turned away.

"Damn... you don’t have to restrain it so much, it’ll affect the growth."

Chu Yu thought to himself.


Then, he tried to adjust his eyes by looking at other things. After a while, they returned to normal.

By this time, he could no longer see those weird beings in the air.

However, if he wanted to, he could see them at any time!

"What are you looking at?"

Xu Xiaoxian was sensitive, but she did not think much about it.

"Ahem, nothing, nothing." Chu Yu laughed.

Then, Chu Yu walked in front of her and sized her up, "Not bad, still alive."

"Hmph, do you think I would die so easily?" Xu Xiaoxian said weakly.

Even though the protective amulet she had was extremely powerful, those strange beings never stopped attack her.

Chu Yu could see those being viciously attacking Xu Xiaoxian from afar.

Even though it looked like they could not hurt her, it was torturous for her mind.


Chu Yu had to admire Xu Xiaoxian’s mental strength and determination.


Any ordinary person would probably have crumbled, even with protective amulets.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, her eyes shining, "Not bad, you managed to get in here so brazenly. Unharmed at that, extraordinary.

By this point, she had recovered quite a bit and she looked at Chu Yu curiously, "Your body... can withstand the attacks of the invisible?"

Chu Yu stiffened slightly. This girl clearly knew her stuff.


She may even know why people died in the Immortal Refining Land.

Xu Xiaoxian recovered significantly. She sighed, then scolded, "A bunch of greedy idiots, scram!’

Then, without asking Chu Yu, she threw away the ancient amulet on her head which was only one third of its original size.

She was fine!

"Don’t stray too far from me." Xu Xiaoxian told Chu Yu.

Chu Yu did not stop her. As he walked over, those strange beings had retreated to the side.

The area in a 10m radius around him was quickly.

Xu Xiaoxian sat on the rock in an uncultured manner, then smiled, "It’s a good thing you came, else, I can only last another seven to eight days."

Chu Yu silently calculated the speed at which that amulet burnt, then looked at her speechlessly, "How many of those do you have?"


"Hehe, do you want some?" Xu Xiaoxian smiled at Chu Yu, "Plenty! My master was afraid that I would be bullied, so he gave me a few thousand..."

"..." Chu Yu was in shock.

Even though he did not know what happened before, he knew that this amulet Xu Xiaoxian had was a treasure!

Else, she would have been dead!


Yet, she had thousands of them...

How illogical!

"Tell me about you, why are you here? Are you here to find me?" Xu Xiaoxian raised her head and smiled brightly at Chu Yu.

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