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As he spoke, Chu Yu walked towards the Immortal Refining Land. His body kept taking hits and was reaching its breaking point.


His legs gave way and he knelt on one knee. Then, with much effort, he stood up and kept walking.


A pill furnace engraved with an Immortal Crane hummed then appeared on Chu Yu’s head.

An energy shield enveloped Chu Yu.

Then, the constant ring of the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace being hit could be heard.


The middle aged man outside squinted and gasped, "Saint’s magical equipment?"

Then, he screamed, "Come back, give me that saint’s magical equipment and I will retrieve the Heart Devouring Worm!"

He was so jealous!

The Immortal Refining Land could turn saints into ashes, yet, it could not break that pill furnace?

However, at this point, the pill furnace began to dent and looked like it was melting.

The middle aged man stiffened slightly, then laughed icily, "Indeed, so what if it’s a saint’s equipment? Isn’t it also destroyed by the Immortal Refining Land?"

Much of the metal began falling off the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace, almost as if it was metal rain.


The middle aged man laughed, "Interesting, very interesting..."

As he spoke, an expression of regret filled his face and he sighed, "A saint’s equipment... why didn’t I expect that this little fella still had a saint’s equipment. If I knew this... i would have controlled him and had him give me all of his treasures."

He stood outside the Immortal Refining Land, glaring icily at Chu Yu as he watched Chu Yu walk into the depths of the Immortal Refining Land.

All of a sudden, his expression froze.

Almost as if he saw something he could not believe, he stared at the pill furnace on top of Chu Yu’s head.


After the black metal fell off, there was yet another layer, a deep grey layer!

There were complex engravings on the surface. Even though the middle aged man was far away, his eyes were incredibly sharp.

Seeing past the dense mist inside the Immortal Refining Land, he saw a corner of the pill furnace.

"Those engravings..."

The middle aged man gasped, almost as if he thought of something. Two rays of divine light shot out from his eyes, trying to memorize those engravings.


He suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Then he squatted on the ground, his head in his hands as he cried out, "F*ck him, how is that a saint’s equipment? That’s a f*cking Immortal equipment, Immortal equipment! An Immortal equipment that the Immortal Refining Land cannot destroy! Why did I miss it? Damned b*stard, get the f*ck out here! Get the f*ck out here!"


"Quickly! Get out here! Get out!"

"Give it to me!"

"That’s mine! Mine!"

"Damn it!"

"Why was I so stupid?"

The middle aged man looked like he was about to die from regret. When he saw the engravings on the pill furnace, he understood what was going on.

He had made a terrible mistake!


Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would miss such an incredible opportunity.

Who would have thought that a Supreme Realm cultivator would have Immortal equipment?


He had seen many talents who cultivated with saint’s techniques, but those with Immortal Equipment... he had not heard about, much less seen!

He made a huge mistake this time!


The middle aged man stood up and looked at the Immortal Refining Land with a conflicted expression.

In the end, he chose to give up, he did not dare to enter!

This place was no joke, it could kill saints!

As he thought about it, his expression turned ferocious once again and he grit his teeth, "Since you won’t die in there, I don’t believe you won’t come out! I’ll wait here for you! When you come out, all of your possessions... will be mine!"

By this point, Chu Yu had already disappeared from his view.

The middle aged man stood outside reluctantly. He decided to wait till Chu Yu came out.

By this time, Chu Yu was nearing the end of his endurance, his body riddled with scars.

Even though the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace had blocked most of the energy, this place was too scary.

Chu Yu did not even know what kind of energy it was, there was simply no trace of it.

If not for the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace above him, he would have been reduced to ashes by now.

But the issue remained... this could not destroy the worm in his body!

Chu Yu knew that after knowing of the existence of the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace, that man would not leave.

As such, he had no way of escaping, no way of getting out!

However, even if he stayed here with the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace, he could not withstand the energy within and would be ground to death.

This was a despairing situation!

If he stayed, death.

If he advanced, death.

If he retreated, he may not die, but he would be enslaved!

Damn it!

Chu Yu’s blood boiled, his heart was clinging onto one last hope - his vertical eye

This was the only reason why he had the courage to enter the Immortal Refining Land.

However, Chu Yu had no idea if it would work.

The determination in his bones not to be enslaved gave Chu Yu the courage to carry out his plan.

Isn’t it just death?

But he did regret not being able to find Xu Xiaoxian.

He did not believe that Xu Xiaoxian would die here.

That demonic girl was smart and full of tricks, how will she die here?

He immediately kept the disfigured Immortal Crane Pill Furnace revolving atop his head.

The pill furnace hummed, almost as if it was telling Chu Yu that was not a wise move!

But Chu Yu still forcefully kept it.

In that instant, a terrifying wave of energy enveloped Chu Yu!

That was a wave of refining and splitting energy!

There was no aura of death, neither was there an aura of life.

It was like a huge grinder aimed at making Chu Yu into mince!

The tattered armor he wore shattered instantly. Then, his body began to crack under this energy!


I guess this is the end?

Chu Yu smiled bitterly as a wave of sadness enveloped his heart.

Do I have any regrets?


But I guess it’s more of reluctance.


I will never see my relatives and friends on the faraway Earth ever again.

Shishi had yet to regain her memory. But when she cleansed her memories, she must have wished that I would one day find her.


Would Fatty be sad to find out that I died in the Mirror World?

My students... will they miss me?

In this moment, Chu Yu realized that other than the pressure he was facing, there was so much in this world to miss.

Countless scenes flashed by his eyes.

He seemed to be floating in his memories.

He could no longer feel the pain in his physical body.


The shattering of his body was irreversible and unstoppable.


It was like ash; gone with the puff of wind.


Even his Nascent Soul shrouded in Purple Gas in his Dantian could not withstand the hits.

It was shrinking at an unprecedented rate.

Chu Yu felt his consciousness fade.

In this state, he seemed to see rays of light shoot towards him through the mist.

Is this the terrifying energy of the Immortal Refining Land?

Why could he not see it with his vertical eye?

The Nascent Soul in his Dantian, which was not very big to begin with, had shrunk to about a centimeter wide.


Purple Gas enveloped it.

Surprisingly, the Nascent Soul did not continue to shrink!

Chu Yu’s body had already vanished!

Since his body vanished, that Heart Devouring Worm... had also been destroyed.

All that was left was a metal ball where his forehead used to be.

And a one centimeter wide Nascent Soul!

Chu Yu regained consciousness inside the Nascent Soul.


This was his first time seeing the world from the perspective of his Nascent Soul.


It looked completely different!

Firstly, he saw many strange shapes floating in the mist.

They seemed to have life and were ‘looking’ at him with greedy eyes.

It was almost as if he was some sort of delicacy to them. However, these shapes were impossible to see with the naked eye.


It couldn’t even be seen by his vertical eye.


However, when he entered his Nascent Soul, he could see them clearly!

Huff Huff Huff!

In the air, countless of these strange things lunged at his Nascent Soul, but they ignored his vertical eye in mid air.

In fact... they seemed to fear it and wanted to avoid it!

"I didn’t die? A place which can destroy saints can’t even destroy my Nascent Soul?"

Chu Yu frowned in disbelief.


Chu Yu’s mental world kept being hit.

These strange things were manically attacking his Nascent Soul.

Like hungry maniacs, they furiously gnawed at the purple gas surrounding his Nascent Soul.

Chu Yu wanted to vomit blood. These things were too powerful, far beyond what he could possibly comprehend.

At this point, the metal ball in the air suddenly exploded with un unparalleled blood aura!

This blood aura was like a nuclear bomb... in the blink of an eye, it shattered all of those weird shapes!

Chu Yu’s Nascent Soul was suddenly peaceful once again.

Over here... that refining energy was gone!

Then, the metal ball began to open slowly.

Like an incredibly secretive piece of technology, it kept growing.

Just like how it did when Chu Yu first saw it.

The metal was just a cover, after it opened, it was almost as if a whole world was hidden inside!


At this point, a drop of blood flew out from inside and entered Chu Yu’s Nascent Soul.


Chu Yu felt his Nascent Soul become incredibly powerful instantly!

At the same time, all his organs began to grow from his Nascent Soul.

Is that... Dan Sea?

Chu Yu could feel a limitless force surrounding his Nascent Soul.

Then, his physical body began to grow from nothing.

Almost instantly, a new body was formed!

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