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Chu Yu glanced at her and laughed, "What do you think?"

"I think so! I am so pretty, you wouldn’t leave me to die!" Xu Xiaoxian smiled brightly.

"Daydreaming." Chu Yu replied.

Xu Xiaoxian laughed it off.

Even if Chu Yu denied it, she wasn’t buying it.

Even though Chu Yu was walking around here so carelessly, he definitely knew the terrifying nature of this place.

Xu Xiaoxian also did not believe that Chu Yu knew he would be fine.

"Tell me about your experiences." Xu Xiaoxian sat on the huge rock, her white legs swinging in the air.

She looked extremely carefree.

"What kind of experiences could I have? All near death ones." Chu Yu said flatly.

"Aiyo, what fun things did you experience? Tell me some of these stories." Xu Xiaoxian rested her head in her hands and looked at Chu Yu.


"The ancient divine stone statue was destroyed by me." Chu Yu said.

"Small matter... hmm? What? What did you just say?" Xu Xiaoxian’s eyes widened and she looked at Chu Yu in disbelief.

"I said, I destroyed the ancient divine stone statue." Chu Yu summarized all his experiences over the past few days.

He did not hide anything.

Other than the metal ball, this girl knew all of his secrets.

As such, Chu Yu did not hide anything from her.

"Celestial Fox! F*ck me... you actually let it run away!"

This is why males will never understand why females focus on the most trivial of things.

"Ay, what a pity, a Celestial Fox scarf is such a luxury in the Mirror World. Do you know that?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu with regret.

"It’s just a Celestial Fox, and it’s from our hometown." Chu Yu replied.

"Okok, I won’t say anymore." Xu Xiaoxian pursed her lips when she saw that Chu Yu was rather unhappy.

Then almost as if she forgot about it, she looked at Chu Yu and said, "You mentioned that you were dragged into the mental realm of the ancient divine stone statue?"

Chu Yu nodded.

Xu Xiaoxian stared at Chu Yu intently, her lips twitching, "You really do have many secrets. Even though that is just the mental realm of the divine statue, not only did you benefit greatly, you even swallowed his consciousness..."

Chu Yu said flatly, "Well, he wanted to take mine."

"That’s true, he deserved it." She looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "But I’m guessing you gained a few techniques? That ancient god was one of the most prolific cultivators back in the day. That’s why so many people revere him to this day."

Chu Yu nodded honestly, "Yup, not little at all, do you want them?"

Xu Xiaoxian shook her head, "Not interested..."

Then, she told Chu Yu, "Do you know that you’re in deep trouble?"


"That worm lord."

Xu Xiaoxian was solemn, "Do you know? In the Mirror World, disregarding the saints, the most terrifying beings are not the Legendary Emperors, but the Worm Lord."

"Worm Lord?" Chu Yu thought about the worm that was attached to his heart. Even though it had been turned to ash, Chu Yu still felt uncomfortable.

"Yup, the Mirror World segregates its cultivators. There are pill kings, medicinal saints, amulet saints, equipment refiners... but there has only ever been one Worm Lord!"

"They are a dynasty. Every time the Worm Lord steps down, a new one will take the place."

"The power of the Worm Lord is unimaginable."

Chu Yu frowned, deep in contemplation. It really is the case...

That man could launch such a powerful attack, penetrating Chu Yu’s body whilst planting the worm inside.

More terrifyingly, Chu Yu was completely unaware!

"If I remember correctly, the current Worm Lord should be a Legendary Emperor." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu and laughed bitterly, "Never in my wildest dreams would I expect that you would antagonize such a powerful being."

Chu Yu was speechless, "Who knew that this incident would involve such a person? Even if I knew, I couldn’t such stand by and watch her be taken advantage of."

"You’re too kind." Xu Xiaoxian sighed, "If it was up to me, I would never save a stranger."

"You will." Chu Yu looked at that incredibly pretty face, "You will."

"You’re not me." Xu Xiaoxian’s lips twitched and she rolled her eyes.

Coming from a demonic sect, she was called a demon since young. She had seen and learnt too many underhand methods.

However, much like Chu Yu, she was not one to watch someone die.

It would be unwise to use someone’s identity to measure their character.

Xu Xiaoxian told Chu Yu much about the Worm Lord, then, she said, "He is a truly vicious man, stopping at nothing to achieve his goals. This is just in the Devastated World. If you met him outside, you will never be able to get rid of him!"

"Furthermore, you are infected with his worm’s poison... this is difficult."

Xu Xiaoxian frowned, stood up and paced around, thinking about how to destroy the worm in Chu Yu’s body.

Chu Yu did not tell Xu Xiaoxian that his body had been destroyed and subsequently reformed.

"No way, this is too difficult. In this world, there is only one way to destroy a worm planted by the Worm Lord... nope, two."

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "The first way is for him to recall it himself, but this has never happened before. The second method is to die..."

Chu Yu glanced at her, "Don’t worry about that, I’ve taken care of it."

"Don’t say anymore, Chu Yu, rest assured, I will think of a solution for you." Xu Xiaoxian frowned deeply, gritting her teeth.

"It really has been resolved." Chu Yu said.

"Aiya, I told you not to say anything. Rest assures, at most, I’ll go find him!" Xu Xiaoxian seemed to have decided on a course of action, "In the worst case... I’ll owe him a favor and have him remove the worm from you!"

"Owe him a favor? Are your favors so valuable?" Chu Yu looked at her, conflicted.

"Aiya, you don’t believe in my powers?" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, "Okay, this matter is settled!"

"Xu Xiaoxian." Chu Yu called out.

"Mm?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at him.

"Why are you so nice to me?" Chu Yu looked at her, "Based on your standing, your favors are really valuable."

Chu Yu was serious about this.

"Why? Why do you have so many whys?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "I just find you pleasing."

Then, she stood up shakily, "Let’s go out and meet him!"

Then she looked at Chu Yu, "Oh yes, I managed to get many superior medicine here. If you want to thank me, help me refine some pills."

"How did you get them?" Even though Chu Yu knew that Xu Xiaoxian was resourceful, those medicine were extremely timid and fled at the first sense of danger.

Furthermore, they ran at such astonishing speeds that even Chu Yu could not catch up with the Racing Sacred Art.

"Idiot, don’t you know to trap them with magical formations first?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu and said, "Let’s go!"

She continued rushing Chu Yu.

Since the eight guards were scattered by Chu Yu, she surmised that only the Worm Lord was left.

Then, there was nothing to fear.

No one knew this, and she never told this to Chu Yu.


The Worm Lord was once an elder in the Heavenly Demonic Sect!


After the Heavenly Demonic Sect disintegrated, the Worm Lord left, never to be seen again.

Even though it looked as though the Heavenly Demonic Sect no longer existed, its name still lived on.

There was still a wave of power waiting to be called upon.

They could rise at any time!

As one of the most valued disciples of the clan, Xu Xiaoxian had incredible power at her disposal.

As such, even though Xu Xiaoxian could not say for sure she could convince the Worm Lord, she was still quite confident.

Chu Yu had tried to tell her that the worm was gone, but Xu Xiaoxian did not buy it.

She even took out a rather expensive piece of men’s clothing from her storage ring and threw it to Chu Yu, "Okay, enough, put it on, don’t be naked."

Chu Yu looked at her curiously, wondering why she would have a man’s armor.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at him angrily, "Put it on!’

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched. After he put it on, he realized that it fit him to a tee, almost as if it was made for him.


"Did you prepare this specially for me?" Chu Yu laughed.


"Daydreaming!" Xu Xiaoxian replied quickly.

With Chu Yu’s protection, Xu Xiaoxian walked around confidently.

On their way back, they picked up a dozen more superior medicine.

These were all valuable treasures and Chu Yu could recognize them almost instantly.

He was speechless, What a pity all of the Nine Transformation Golden Lotuses were destroyed by the energy.

Else, with these medicine, he could refine the Nine Transformation Golden Pill!

However, even without the Nine Transformation Golden Lotuses, he could still refine other superior pills!


It was such a great opportunity to be able to shop freely in the Immortal Refining Land.

As such, they were in no hurry, spending many days in the Immortal Refining Land.

In the end, it was impossible to find a single stalk of superior medicine in a dozen mile radius around them.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian had over 300 medicine in her storage ring!

Each one would make any saint in the Mirror World jealous. Even Xu Xiaoxian did not know how much all of these were worth.

She told Chu Yu, We have struck the jackpot!

We don’t have to worry about cultivation resources for the next century!

"At most, a few of these medicine and my favor should be sufficient to move him."

"I already told you, I have already solved that problem." Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "Also, If you give these medicine to him, you’ll be courting death! He’ll guess that you have more! Even if you give him everything, he will still be doubtful. He may even put a worm on you."

"How dare he!"

"And, f*ck your solution!"

Xu Xiaoxian cursed, then glared at Chu Yu, "When we go out later, don’t say anything, just follow my lead!"

Whilst talking, they arrived at the entrance to the Immortal Refining Land.

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