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Dong Xiaoyan looked on in aghast and stuttered, "I, I’m not going!"

"Then I’ll kill you now!" Xu Xiaoxian said coldly.

"Then kill me!" Dong Xiaoyan was so afraid that she would rather die than step forward.

Even though the plump youth seemed to have gotten something good with his arm regenerating an him escaping, the way the youth with the mole exploded was too terrifying.

Up till now, Dong Xiaoyan still could not forget the scene.

A wave of fury flashed past Xu Xiaoxian’s forehead, "Do you really think I won’t kill you?"

A ball of light appeared in her palm and slapped towards Dong Xiaoyan’s head.


That icy youth suddenly exclaimed, "I’ll go!"

Dong Xiaoyan looked at this young man with teary eyes as she bit her lip. She wanted to say something, but words failed her.

She was utterly devastated.

This icy gaze youth looked at Xu Xiaoxian and said, "If I die in your hands, my School will never let you off! If I manage to escape, I’ll never let you off!"

One of his arms was broken and he was pale. He had tried apologizing before. But now, he suspected that these two demonic sect disciples had never planned on letting them go!

If admitting his mistake and being humiliated could ensure his survival, he would gladly do it.

A gentleman could adapt and do what it takes to survive!


However, if that was not going to help, why humiliate yourself?


He might as well die like a man!


Even though he was nervous and scared for his life, he continued walking towards the ancient stone statue.

His footsteps were heavy, almost as if he was walking to his death.

This place was clearly ancient and the times had taken their toll on the statue.

He finally reached the base of the statue. He grit his teeth and placed his hand on the foot of the ancient stone statue.

Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu tended up, even Dong Xiaoyan looked on nervously.

However, nothing abnormal happened.


His limb did not regenerate. There was no reaction at all.

It was almost as if... what he touched was just a normal stone statue.

Even the youth was in disbelief, Did I change location midway?

No matter how hard he tried, he could not get any response.

Chu Yu learnt from his lesson and did not use his vertical eye to look at the entire statue, choosing instead to focus on the spot the youth was touching.


The wave of suppressive energy still existed and suffocated him, but it was not as terrifying as when he looked at the entire stone statue.

He realized that the light on the statue will disappear wherever the youth touched.

This meant that, what he touched... was actually pure rock.

What’s going on?

Chu Yu could not understand it.

After some time, although feeling a little disappointed, the youth heaved a sigh of relief.

Before him, even though the plump youth did not get much, he had managed to get a new hand and his freedom after touching the statue.


In their present state, freedom was the most precious.

He wanted to escape, but his body was sealed, rendering it impossible for him to run.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian said, "You come back, you go!"

She looked at Dong Xiaoyan.


Then she murmured, "How useless, he couldn’t get the legacy, and he didn’t die, what a waste!"

The youth was furious and he walked back, his expression dark.

Dong Xiaoyan was calmer. She still did not know why the youth with the mole had died such a horrible death, but after seeing the plump one get his freedom and the other alright, she had a little more confidence.


She walked towards the statue.

Then, when she brushed past the icy youth, she whispered, "Thank you."

That youth replied, "Take care."

Xu Xiaoxian was expressionless and Chu Yu was calmed.


Dong Xiaoyan walked to the base of the statue, hesitated, then stretched out her hand.

When she contacted the stone, her heart was in her throat.




The huge statue suddenly shuddered and hummed.

Then, a ray of light entered Dong Xiaoyan’s body from the statue.

Dong Xiaoyan’s aura exploded!


Xu Xiaoxian did not hesitate to offer up a sword and fire it at Dong Xiaoyan!


The flying sword took to the air!


It looked like it was going to pierce Dong Xiaoyan’s forehead.

Suddenly, the ancient statue shone with a bright screen of light and enveloped Dong Xiaoyan inside.

Xu Xiaoxian’s sword impacted the light screen and exploded with a bang!


That was a superior sword that Xu Xiaoxian had been refining for many years.

With it shattered, she was hit too and a small trail of blood trickled from her mouth. Then, she looked over in aghast.

Chu Yu was also awed, he never expected Dong Xiaoyan to be rewarded so handsomely.

The icy young man stood there, dumbfounded and envious.

However, he hoped that Dong Xiaoyan could gain more, then kill these two immediately!

The seals on Dong Xiaoyan’s body were instantly gushed open.

The energy in her body kept increasing.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and looked over. All he saw was a red ray of light connecting to Dong Xiaoyan from the stone statue.

Almost as if it was imparting something to her.

"Not good!"

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Let’s go!"

As she spoke, a glow appeared in her hand. It was a sword!


The icy youth’s head flew into the sky!

Bloody shot meters into the sky!

One of the most powerful talents of the Mirror World was dead.


A Supreme Realm cultivator has a Nascent Soul in his Dantian, which supposedly provides him an extra life.

But it was still weak. Before his Nascent Soul could run away, Xu Xiaoxian stabbed it through the Dantian.

She looked at the stone statue and said reluctantly, "This is quite the legacy, after she breaks through, we are unlikely to be her match, run!"

Then, she led Chu Yu away into the distance.

In the moment Chu Yu left, he saw Dong Xiaoyan, enveloped by the light of the stone statue, stare in their direction.

Her eyes were filled with hatred!


At this point, Xu Xiaoxian had already brought Chu Yu far far away.


This aged and barren land had no life or death. It was completely silent.

The two of them flew for two days before stopping.

Xu Xiaoxian was clearly depressed as she said, "I didn’t expect that that b*tch would get such a powerful legacy."

Chu Yu asked, You know what she gained?"

Xu Xiaoxian nodded, "Back in the day, my demon ancestors had entered and explored most of this place. This ancient stone statue is one of the four biggest strange occurrences in the Devastated World."


"Four biggest strange occurrences?" Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian and thought to himself, This girl seems to know a lot.

Xu Xiaoxian also thought about it and laughed dryly, "The first strange occurrence is known as the Immortal Refining Land. Whoever goes there will die!


Chu Yu’s mouth twitched and he looked at Xu Xiaoxian out of the corner of his eye, "How can this place ever be strange, it is just barren land."

"No no no, there are life forms there." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu and said, "In fact, if you could get there, you would understand. There are all sorts of medicine and mystical life forms there. However, those life forms would not leave the Immortal Refining Land. Else, do you think saints are so stupid and would go there to court death?"


"..." Chu Yu was speechless, Yea, that’s true.

"The second strange occurrence is this ancient stone statue."

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "It is said that this statue is modelled after a real Immortal and contains his consciousness. As such, anyone who comes here will receive a different legacy. However, every now and then, something strange or bad would happen, just like what happened to that unlucky one."

"Immortal, someone more powerful than saints should not actually be killing youths of cultivation levels equivalent to ants right?" Chu Yu asked skeptically.

Xu Xiaoxian said worriedly, "Who can tell for sure? Furthermore, anything that happens in the Devastated World cannot be measured and understood with our logic."

Then, Xu Xiaoxian looked out into the distance and said, "The third strange occurrence is the Dead Sea... it is completely unrelated to the Dead Sea on Earth. It is said that there are many remains of Immortals there and various Immortal magical equipment."

"There’s such a place?" Chu Yu was shocked.

"Mm, and many people have gotten great benefits from there, becoming Saint in just over a decade." Xu Xiaoxian explained, "However, many people who go there are shredded to pulp even before they reach the water of the Dead Sea! Even saints cannot resist the killing power!"

Chu Yu felt a chill down his spine. All of a sudden, he felt that whilst the Devastated World could promise much returns, it was also filled with danger.

"The fourth strange occurrence is known as the Heavenly Mountains. It is deep inside the Devastated World and is filled with danger. Many of those who came on expeditions were really powerful people."

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "They were all saints and Legendary Emperors."

Those were truly powerful cultivators!

Xu Xiaoxian chuckled, "Many of those powerful cultivators died here. As such... there is the story of the four strange occurrences."

Chu Yu asked, "That means that the ancient stone statue that we saw is already the mildest one of the four?"

Xu Xiaoxian nodded, "Indeed."

At this point, a small black dot appeared in the sky some distance away.

Xu Xiaoxian’s eyebrows raised and she exclaimed, "Damn it, that b*tch has a tracking device, I should have killed her then!"

Chu Yu did not expect that the girl would chase them all the way here. Clearly, her feud with Xu Xiaoxian ran deep.

In the face of powerful opposition, Xu Xiaoxian remained calm and began setting up her magical arrays.

This was the first time Chu Yu saw her setting up her magical formations and he opened his vertical eye!

What he saw awed him.

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