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Chapter 234: Angering the God

Xu Xiaoxian’s magical formation drew energy from the ground!

No wonder she’s not like other magical formation specialists who use various magical equipment and spiritual stones to set up.

Her magical formation skills are already so powerful!

Regardless of environment and location, she could accurately determine the meridians in the ground, even in the Devastated World!

Chu Yu had his vertical eye, so he could clearly see that Xu Xiaoxian could accurately find the energy meridians deep in the Earth and change its direction.

This formed a very special type of field!

After she rearranged the area, it looked like there was no change on the surface, but, in actual fact, the magnetic field, layout and energy... had all changed immensely.

This type of ability was too stunning!

Xu Xiaoxian sauntered around this area, she had already completely changed this place into a defensive five layered formation.

Then, she took out the Heavenly Demon Instrument, a table and a chair.

She even took out a teapot and rubbed her fingers, igniting a fire underneath.

The water in the teapot was from a spiritual spring. It boiled all of a sudden, a low rumbling noise filling the surrounding.

At this point, the black dot in the sky became bigger and bigger and appeared in front of the two of them.

Dong Xiaoyan’s expression was dangerous, her eyes burning with fire.

Her body radiated with the aura of a True Lord!

A wave of suppressive power crashed towards Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian.

"How do you two want to die?"

Dong Xiaoyan asked icily.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "Little b*tch, since you’re here and so confident, why not you take a break and let’s chat before we fight. Let’s not destroy the scenery here."


Dong Xiaoyan bellowed, "Seeing your face makes me lose my appetite, how ugly! What could I possibly have to say to you? Go to hell!"

Then, she attacked with a sacred art.

This was a bolt of lightning!

The speed of light was too quick.

But this lightning bolt was stopped in its tracks.

It disappeared into thin air before it could even reach Xu Xiaoxian.

It could not penetrate the defences!

Dong Xiaoyan was stunned.

"I’m ugly?"

Xu Xiaoxian smiled and revealed her true appearance. "Anyone who judges a book by its cover is scum. B*tch, open your eyes and see if I’m really ugly!"


Dong Xiaoyan gasped and looked at Xu Xiaoxian hesitantly.

On one hand, her True Lord level attack had not hit home.

On the other hand, Xu Xiaoxian’s appearance had left an indelible mark on her!

"You... you are... you are Xu Xiaoxian? The demon girl from the Demon Sect?"


Chu Yu thought to himself, Xu Xiaoxian is someone quite famous.

"Aren’t you dead?"

Dong Xiaoyan gasped in horror.

"I am a saint from a saint sect!" Xu Xiaoxian laughed icily, then began to strum the instrument, "Little b*tch, you think you’re qualified to call me ugly?"


A melodious tune rang out.

But Dong Xiaoyan’s expression changed, almost as if she saw the most terrifying thing on Earth. She turned and ran!

"Do you think that you’re very powerful just because you got some benefits? How naive!"

Xu Xiaoxian said faintly as she continued strumming.

In the air, the True Lord Realm Dong Xiaoyan shuddered, then, began to dance!

Her movements were rather graceful!

Her movements were fluid as she twisted around, her long, slender th

ighs showing through her dress.

However, her expression was pained as she screamed, "Kill me... but don’t... humiliate me!"

Xu Xiaoxian ignored her, turned her head and smiled at Chu Yu, "Letting you watch risque dancing."

Chu Yu was speechless.

At this point, Dong Xiaoyan began to take off all her clothes.

She had no control over her own body as she removed her clothes, piece by piece.

But she was keenly aware of what she was doing!

The scene in the sky became more and more risque. Chu Yu coughed lightly, "I think that’s enough..."

Xu Xiaoxian chuckled, "Why, don’t you like risque dancing? How about a different kind? How about we get her here to find a steel pole?"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless, "Enough, don’t play around."

Not fun!

Faking seriousness!

Fake morality!

Xu Xiaoxian repeated this to herself before her gaze turned icy and her hands flew over the instrument.

A whole string of notes were played.

All of a sudden, Dong Xiaoyan’s body exploded into a cloud of blood!

A Heaven’s Pride Talent was dead in the Devastated World even before she had the opportunity to kill her way into the Solar System.

Chu Yu frowned, he had no objection to killing this lady.

But doing so in such a gory manner left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "Okay, now the world is a better place!"

Chu Yu shook his head, "Let’s go."

Xu Xiaoxian stiffened slightly, "Where to?"

"The ancient stone statue!"


Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian came to the base of the statue once again. This time, there was no one else.

The huge stone statue towered over them.

This time, Chu Yu did not hesitate and walked straight up to the stone statue.

Xu Xiaoxian bit her lip and hesitated. Then, she shouted, "Hey, don’t be brash. This statue is still quite quirky, do you want to reconsider?"

Chu Yu turned and glanced at her, "Is there a difference between dying at the hands of this statue and dying at the hands of powerful cultivators on the battlefield?"

"Of course!" Xu Xiaoxian blinked her beautiful eyes and looked at Chu Yu, "At least your death will be delayed."

"How do you know that I will definitely die when I touch this statue?" Chu Yu smiled and came to the base of the statue. He somersaulted... then flew into the air.

This leap was not his intention!

It was something his vertical eye made him do!

He was like Dong Xiaoyan when she was controlled by Xu Xiaoxian, he could not control his actions!

The vertical eye had no intention of letting Chu Yu stand at the base of the statue!


Xu Xiaoxian paled and reminded.

As one of the four strange occurrences, the ancient stone statue was not only dangerous upon contact.

Anyone who dares to disrespect it was also in danger.

But her reminder came too late!

As Chu Yu flew into the sky and past the base of the statue, a ray of white light shot towards Chu Yu!

If Chu Yu opened his vertical eye, he could see that this ray of light originated from a finger of the ancient stone statue!

What a despicable being!

Where would Chu Yu find the time to open his vertical eye?

All he felt was frustration.

Even though he was brash and wanted to gain some legacy from the ancient stone statue, he had never thought of jumping to the top of the statue!

He had never thought about such a blasphemous act.

He was set up!

Chu Yu felt a wave of helplessness when the white light shot towards him.

But in the next moment, Chu Yu was stunned.

That white light... disappeared!

Xu Xiaoxian did not even see what happened!

However, Chu Yu knew. In that moment, a wave of energy exploded from his vertical eye and hit the ray of white light.

Then, that ray of white light disappeared!

At this point, Chu Yu was already at the stone statue’s chest.

The eyes of the statue shot out two more rays of light!

This time, even Xu Xiaoxian could not help but retreat.

The two rays of light had such terrifying suppressive energies. It could decimate anything in its way!

Xu Xiaoxian had no doubt that if the two rays of light were directed at her... she would be dead even if she had Saint level magical equipment.

She would be turned into a pool of blood!

Perhaps... even vaporized.

Chu Yu’s forehead once again shot out a wave of energy to destroy the two rays of light!

At this point, the statue seemed to be enraged by what was happening.

Its body radiated with terrifying energy.

This energy was like a tsunami, unstoppable and destructive!

Even though it was invisible and formless, the entire area around the statue was heaved into the air!

It was like a terrifying explosion!


Xu Xiaoxian immediately activated the defensive magical formation that she formed using the meridians in the ground. An incredibly powerful defensive shield enveloped her.

However, the shield actually cracked and looked like it was about to shatter in the face of the energy!

Xu Xiaoxian immediately took out a jade bottle and tunneled into it.


The energy broke through and threw the jade bottle into the air. In an instant, it disappeared.

This entire statue looked like it was a god which came back to life, and it was furious!

The statue still stood there whilst the ground was thrown into the air in a thousand mile radius, almost as if an apocalyptic tornado had hit.

Black clouds rolled in the sky and it was accompanied by booming thunder.

No one would dare enter this area!

The manic energy could be felt even tens of thousands of miles away.

This was a raging god!

Many of the Heaven’s Pride Talents saw the scene and stared in awe, mouth agape.

"What happened over there?"

"Why does it feel like... a powerful energy fluctuation?"

"Not good... retreat!"

All of them saw the huge rocks and land... tens of thousands of miles away, sail towards them.

All of their expressions changed!

They turned and ran!

F*ck, which b*stard did this? Was it necessary to break the sky like that?

Almost everyone was cursing.

Chu Yu, who had caused this, looked on as Xu Xiaoxian tunneled into a jade bottle and was blown away. Then, he saw himself... guided by his vertical eye, land on the head of the statue.

The huge head was almost like an arena. Chu Yu landed on top, lost.

He saw the divine statue raging, destroying everything around it.

At the same time, rays of light, much sharper than blades, shot towards him.

It was almost as if this raging god wanted to kill this audacious kid.

His vertical eye also seemed to rage and suddenly exploded with a wave of blood aura!

Yes, blood aura!

Then, the divine statue calmed down.

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