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What a terrifying punch!

Over the past few days, Chu Yu had been studying mostly unarmed combat techniques.

Through the Superclass’s help to combine and improve the techniques, these had all combined to become something uniquely Chu Yu’s.


This punch looked quite simple, but the plump youth felt like he was completely rooted to the spot!

He was unable to dodge it!


In exasperation, he channeled all the energy in his body into his arm and punched at Chu Yu’s fist.


After a dull impact, there was the crisp sound of bone cracking.

This slightly plump youth’s fist... disappeared!

"Ow!" The plump youth had not expected his opponent to be this powerful. His fist was completely shattered and the pain made him beg for death as he howled.

At the same time, the golden blade was also sent flying by Chu Yu’s Divine Punisher Blade.

It must be said that the golden blade was also a treasure. It was able to withstand two blows from the replica Divine Punisher Blade.

Chu Yu was like a war god. After punching the plump youth, he once again used the Racing Sacred Art.

He chased after the golden blade, open his mouth, and sucked!

The golden blade hovered in the air for a while before all its energy was sucked into Chu Yu’s stomach.


The energy replenished and energized Chu Yu, increasing his battle power.

He immediately sent the youth with the mole flying.

In the blink of an eye, all four of them were defeated!

The only lady, Dong Xiaoyan, was captured. The plump youth had his fist smashed, the icy youth had his arm chopped off and the youth with a mole was sent flying.

All of them lost their immense battle power.

After being defeated, they tried to escape, but they were all captured and sealed by Chu Yu.


The four youths were all stunned.


The hate and poisonous glow in their eyes was gone, all that was left was shock and fear.

"We are all from superior schools, let us go, we will not do this again." The plump youth lowered his head in shame.

His fist was completely smashed and the immense pain made him feel like fainting.

It was a good thing he was a powerful cultivator. Any ordinary person would not be able to withstand such injuries.


Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian dragged the four of them towards the ancient divine stone statue.

On the way there, Chu Yu asked Xu Xiaoxian if she knew that the ancient divine stone statue was acting strangely.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled and remained silent.

Chu Yu was so angry he rolled his eyes. If this girl was so innocent, she wouldn’t be Xu Xiaoxian.

It was a good thing they met these unlucky people, else, they would be the unlucky ones

"Aiya, it’s just a legend, it may not be true," Xu Xiaoxian chirped.

Just a legend?

May not be true?

Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

These four unlucky ones were on the brink of breaking as they neared the ancient divine stone statue.

The second one to admit his mistake was the icy young man. His eyes no longer had that cold glow and his expression was pained.

His arm was smashed. Even though it had stopped bleeding, the pain, discomfort and psychological hurt was relatively large.

Afterall, they were some of the best talents in the Mirror World. Even though they were not the most superior talents, they were not far off.

To come into the Devastated World and have such misfortune befall them was not the end they wanted.

They didn’t even think about it.

The youth with the mole and the lady, Dong Xiaoyan, also drooped their heads and begged for their lives.

But Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian ignored them.

What did they do before? And now they’re begging for their lives?

In the air, there were sporadic rays of energy flying by, glowing in various colors. They looked quite pretty, but these were quite dangerous.

Along the way, these four unlucky ones were hit a few times by the energy rays and the sustained serious injuries.

They finally stumbled their way to the ancient divine stone statue.


From afar, Chu Yu saw a huge stone statue rising from the horizon.

It was at least 200m high!

The stone statue was extremely ancient and the surface showed years of abuse. Upon closer inspection, the statue was filled with slashes and hacks!

Some were over half a meter in depth whilst others were shallow.

The stone statue exuded an aura of time, but other than that, there was no suppressive aura.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at the four of them, then kicked he butt of the youth with a mole, "Go, go and see what’s in store for you!"

"Why me?"

At this point, none of them wanted to be the first.

They had already heard of news about this stone statue. Some had managed to gain incredible sacred arts from it whilst others had bad luck befall them.


Some even died here!

No one knew why, but those with bad luck would lose memory of that period after the entire incident.


They could not understand what happened.

Furthermore, the lost memory could not be recovered!


Even a saint could not find out what happened then.

"If you don’t go, I’ll kill you." Xu Xiaoxian said coldly.

The youth with the mole was on the verge of tears. He cried, "Senior, I know my mistake... please let me go."

"Who is your senior?" Xu Xiaoxian replied coldly, "Go now, or I’ll kill you right away!"

The four of them thought of Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian as mature powers. They knew the talents of their generation and the techniques of these two did not match any of them.


When Chu Yu used the Gluttonous Sacred Art, he was thought of as a demon power.

The four of them used the Voice Transmission Technique to communicate amongst themselves. They surmised that these two were demon powers who managed to sneak in with the crowd.


Out of the Devastated World, they must be extremely powerful cultivators.

In exasperation, the youth with the mole could only bite his lips and walk towards the stone statue.

He looked like the walking dead.

"You may even get some great benefits from this." Xu Xiaoxian encouraged.

The youth with the mole thought so too, If I really do, you two will be dead!

He finally reached the base of the stone statue.

The stone statue was enormous and he looked like an ant standing under it.

He grit his teeth and placed his hand on the toe of the statue.



His body exploded!

Even his Nascent Soul shattered in this moment!

His soul scattered!

 Everyone became silent in that instant!

Chu Yu glanced at Xu Xiaoxian, "Is this what you mean by... there may not be danger?"

Xu Xiaoxian also paled and frowned slightly. She murmured, "This isn’t right? Under normal circumstances, this shouldn’t happen?"

The other three were scared sh*tless, rage and fear filling up their eyes.


They also felt that something was amiss.

Never before had a cultivator been killed by the stone statue immediately.

From beginning to end, the stone statue did not exude any aura or energy.

It just stood there imposingly.

Other than that, nothing else could be felt.

Chu Yu tried to use his vertical eye to take a look at the stone statue.



He grunted and retreated a couple of steps.


Blood flowed from his forehead.


Xu Xiaoxian was shocked and she looked at Chu Yu, "What happened to you?"

The other three also looked at Chu Yu with fear.


"I’m fine... just a slight headache." Chu Yu wiped off the blood on his forehead and sighed.

He got the shock of his life when he looked at the stone statue!

Under the observation of his vertical eye, how could the ordinary looking stone statue still look ordinary?

It was clearly an extremely powerful deity!

It was contained within the statue and glowed with a glaring, intense light!


This level of suppression was something Chu Yu had never felt before.

It was almost as if he was face to face with a god!

Chu Yu felt like he was going to die after just a single peep!

The blood from his forehead was a result of his vertical eye taking a hit and piercing his forehead!

This stone statue... is rather weird indeed!

How long has it been here? Why does it still react this way?

Chu Yu was incredibly shocked.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu with confusion. She knew that Chu Yu was not simple and had a lot of secrets. He also had some methods to preserve life.

Seeing Chu Yu injured made her think twice about her plan.

She kicked the plump youth, "You, go!"

"Can... I not go?" The plump youth was on the verge of crumbling, tears streaming down his face.


"Then I will kill you now!" Xu Xiaoxian said sinisterly.

The plump youth shrunk and sniffled, "okay... I’ll go now?"


Then, he stepped towards the statue apprehensively.


When he arrived, he placed his remaining hand on the statue.


At this point, something miraculous happened!

The plump youth’s body glowed with a faint light. At the same time, the statue flowed too, almost in response.



A light hum ensued and the youth’s a new hand began to grow from his wound!

At the same time, all the seals on his body were released in that instant!


"Haha, I’ve actually recovered!"

He looked extremely surprised as he laughed out loudly.

Then... he turned and ran!

He did not benefit, but he regained his freedom!

As he ran, he hollered, "Seniors, I will go and find help for you all right now!"


Chu Yu retrieved the Spirit Stunning Bow and fired it at the plump youth!

Based on his cultivation level, he could launch terrifying attacks with the Spirit Stunning Bow!


A bright ray of light cut through the air!

In the next moment, an extremely humongous turtle shell, over a hundred meters in diameter, appeared on the youth’s back!



 The attack from the Spirit Stunning Bow impacted the turtle shell.

The plump youth took the opportunity to gain some distance. He kept the turtle shell and disappeared without a trace.

Xu Xiaoxian’s lips twitched, "Recovered? How naive!"

Then, she looked at Dong Xiaoyan, "Your turn!"

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