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Chapter 231: 2 VS 4

After having been energized and hyped, the group of Mirror World talents strode through the doors of the Devastated World.

After entering, Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian rushed off in a particular direction.

Chu Yu saw Yan Xudong bring Ling Shi, together with the other tier one school talents, in another direction.

Clearly, they had their own targets too.

This piece of the Devastated World had been open for quite some time. As such, where the various legacies were had been mapped out and the top schools had some ideas on where to find what they wanted.

Xu Xiaoxian was extremely quick, almost as if she did not want anyone to know where she was heading to.

As such, not only was she extremely secretive in her movements, she kept changing identities.

In the end, she and Chu Yu looked like two complete strangers!

This time, there were over a thousand people entering the Devastated World and there was no way of recognizing everyone.

This place was too big!

It looked like it was within the Mirror World, but they were two different entities.

Furthermore, even though this was only one corner of the ancient world, it had an incredibly large area.

Xu Xiaoxian also had quite powerful techniques. It was almost as if she wanted to race Chu Yu as she sped along.

She flew by like a rocket and appeared in the distance in the blink of an eye.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and followed behind without much trouble.

If the two of them were to fight now, Chu Yu did not have much confidence. Xu Xiaoxian seemed to have some trump cards hidden away.

But in terms of speed, Chu Yu was not disadvantaged at all.

The spiritual energy in the Devastated World was weak and there was virtually no life.

Looking out, the entire area looked bleak and lifeless.

Chu Yu had already followed Xu Xiaoxian for over two hours and she showed no signs of stopping.

At this point, they saw a few figures in the distance.

Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian found the traces of the group at the same time the group found them.

Then, the group came charging over.

Xu Xiaoxian stopped in her tracks and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Not friendly!"

Chu Yu could already feel it.

He recognized these people. They were from second tier schools.

In the championship, they were outstanding talents.

The three males and one girl were also extremely quick.

They stopped in front of the two of them and sized Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian up.

One of them was a youth about 18-19 years old. He was dark skinned and had a huge mole at his forehead, making him look a little weird.

He looked at Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu and asked, "Which school are you all from? Why do you all look so foreign?"

Xu Xiaoxian had taken on the appearance of an ordinary and freckled girl.

Chu Yu was an ordinary looking youth of medium build.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at the group of them, "What business do you have?"

The other rather handsome but icy youth in his twenties said flatly, "You must be here for that ancient stone statue? That statue is ours."

Xu Xiaoxian scoffed, "What a joke, can you take it away?"

"No." The youth looked coldly at Xu Xiaoxian, "But I don’t want you two seemingly dodgy people to get it."

Xu Xiaoxian looked on mockingly, "Since you know about the ancient statue, then you should know that it’s unknown what kind of opportunity you would be given! Do you have nothing better to do?"

"Who are you talking about?" The cold youth looked at Xu Xiaoxian with hatred.

"Okay, enough, stop faking, tell us, what do you want to do?" Xu Xiaoxian stopped smiling and looked at these four people icily.

Chu Yu could feel that they had other motives too.

He wanted to spite them, Bunch of new students with no experience, so full of sh*t!

"Surrender to us!" The girl could not take it any longer and shouted, "The ancient stone statue is quite strange, we want you to explore it first!"

Then, she immediately attacked Xu Xiaoxian!

In her view, this ugly girl was much easier to defeat.

This girl used extremely underhand methods. She looked like she was lunging at Xu Xiaoxian, but she was actually offering up a silver string!

The silver string was extremely quick and looked like a silver ray of light!

It went straight for Xu Xiaoxian!

Xu Xiaoxian glared icily, then a sudden glow of light appeared on her fingers as she swiped at the string.


The girl bellowed.


Xu Xiaoxian’s finger and the silver string contacted and the shrill sound of metal grinding against each other rang out.

The girl chuckled icily, "Naive... what?"

Before she could finish her sentence, the silver string broke with a snap!

It was cut in half and fell to the ground!

Afterwhich, Xu Xiaoxian lunged at the girl.

She raised her palm and slapped her!



A crisp sound rang out.

The girl was slapped by Xu Xiaoxian.

Then, she was choked.


"Let her go!"

"Go to hell!"

The other three males raged and surrounded Xu Xiaoxian.

Xu Xiaoxian quickly and efficiently sealed this girl.

Then she kicked her and said coldly, "If you don’t want her to die, stay where you are!"

"What do you want to do? Quickly let her go!" The male with the mole bellowed icily.

Xu Xiaoxian choked the sealed girl and said coldly, "I heard that the ancient stone statue is quite strange, let me send her to explore it!"

"How dare you!" The youth with the mole bellowed, "She is a talented disciple of the Green Willow School!"

The Green Willow School was a tier two school, ranked 16 in the Mirror World.

They were relatively famous in the Mirror World.

This lady was named Dong Xiaoyan and she was a Supreme Realm cultivator.

She would not have been defeated by Xu Xiaoxian this easily under normal circumstances. However, she was inexperienced and underestimated her opponent.

Xu Xiaoxian also had very powerful magical equipment capable of suppressing cultivators of similar cultivation level. When she got up close, she activated them before attacking.

"Yo, how scary, my heart is beating so hard." Xu Xiaoxian exaggerated her expression, then laughed coly, "We are already so dodgy, do we care which school you’re from?"

At this point, Dong Xiaoyan, whose face was half swollen, dangled from Xu Xiaoxian’s hand, but she was still incredibly stubborn.

"There are only 50 schools here. When the time comes, we just have to eliminate them one by one... and we’ll know which school you’re from!"

"And then what?" Xu Xiaoxian said sinisterly.

"Senior Dong, don’t say anything!" The youth with the mole said, then looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "What do you want before you’ll let her go?"

"What a joke." Xu Xiaoxian’s lips twitched, "We did not antagonize you, but you came to challenge us. Wait, not challenge, but rob us of our expedition. Now that your partner is captured, you want us to release her so easily? Are you the owner of the Mirror World? Must everyone listen to you?"

The group was silent.

A white skinned and slightly plump youth looked at Xu Xiaoxian and said, "Senior, we were wrong, tell us, what must we do before you will release her?"

As he spoke, he used the Voice Transmission Technique to have his two partners attack Chu Yu... and take him down!

Xu Xiaoxian also communicated to Chu Yu, "They’re coming for you."

At this point, the youth with the mole offered up a magical equipment. It was a golden sword and it flew straight at Chu Yu’s left shoulder.

That plump youth also offered up a magical equipment. It looked like something made from gold and it flew towards Chu Yu’s right shoulder.

The third youth charged towards Chu Yu. In the blink of an eye, he pulled out an ancient sword and chopped at Chu Yu’s legs.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and disappeared from his original spot. Then, he took out the replica Divine Punisher Blade and chopped at the gold blade from the youth with the mole.


A deafening clash rang out.

Chu Yu retreated a few steps.

At this moment, that golden item smashed towards Chu Yu at an incredible speed!

It locked onto Chu Yu and followed him everywhere.

It penetrated Chu Yu’s protective energy and closed in on Chu Yu’s right shoulder.

At the critical moment, Chu Yu dodged to the sight and the golden item brushed past Chu Yu’s shoulder.


Chu Yu’s clothes were torn apart and pain radiated from his shoulder. The terrifying energy from this metal bangle tore a wound in his shoulder.

Blood flowed out from the wound.

At this point, the icy young man arrived!

The sword in his hand swiped at Chu Yu’s legs mercilessly.

The blade had an icy glow and looked incredibly sharp!

Chu Yu retreated a few steps, right into the sword.

F*ck me!

What a bunch of f*ckers!

Other than the inexperienced lady who was taken down so easily by Xu Xiaoxian, these three guys were incredibly vicious!

Clearly, this was not the first time they were doing this.

Chu Yu adjusted the terrifying energy in his body and channeled them all into his feet. He then maximised the Racing Sacred Art!

With a ‘zoom!’ his figure shot into the sky like a cannonball.

Then, he used the Gluttonous Sacred Art and sucked at the golden bangle rushing towards him!

The energy from the golden bangle was instantly absorbed by Chu Yu.

After the slightly plump youth controlling the golden bangle gasped, his expression changed and he looked at Chu Yu in aghast, "You’re a demon!"

At this point, Chu Yu’s replica Divine Punisher Blade chopped down at the icy young man!

Recently, Chu Yu had cooped himself up in the libraries of the Sky Dazed School, studying tons of techniques.

As such, right now, his sword techniques were way better than before, and he was extremely adept at wielding a sword!

Chu Yu’s actions were also incredibly quick, and he had great strength. This swipe had severed the hand of the icy youth.


This young man screamed in pain, his face contorting as he retreated.

The youth with the mole once again directed the golden blade at Chu Yu.

This time... he directed it at Chu Yu’s forehead!

They realized that this man seemed even scarier than the lady!

Chu Yu’s body was like a phantom. His speed was incredible and he wielded the replica Divine Punisher Blade in hand as he chopped down on the golden blade.

At the same time, he dodged to the side and charged at the slightly plump youth.

He raised his fist and punched!

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