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Chapter 217: Disciple of a Legendary Emperor

However, quickly, Divine Lord Jingyi’s expression turned green as she was on the journey back. She received a message, that road... was gone!

They people that she had sent found nothing after arriving at the coordinates provided!

Absolutely nothing!

There was no path there!

All they saw was the sturdy wall of the Mirror World.

Without a path, these people sent by Divine Lord Jingyi did not even have a chance to leave the Mirror World, much less enter the Solar System through a black hole.

They didn’t even have to think about it.

At this point, Divine Lord Jingyi guessed that the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor had come out to help Lin Shi!

She wanted to go crazy and tell the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor that she had been bluffed!

The third disciple that you want to take, the disciple that you stole from me... she planned this out from the start.

Then, she would viciously bring harm upon you!

But what was the point of saying this?

Even if the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor believed her, which she may not, what would he do?

Even though Divine Lord Jingyi had talked about having a saint recover Lin Shi’s memory, were saints so easy to activate?

Even though she was tough with her son, Jingyi knew that saints would not action on something so trivial!

Over the past 60 million years, the seal on the Village of Cultivation would have weakened.

Before saints did anything, they would always have their own considerations.

How can they be moved so easily by what others say.

Furthermore, even though she was a Divine Lord, she was extremely far from saints.

She did not even see the ancestors in the Divine Warfare School, who were saints.

Since young, she had only seen a saint’s Dharma body once.

However, her hate towards Lin Shi had already reached a point of no return.

She did not think about what she had done wrong, she only saw Lin Shi’s betrayal!

Lin Shi had betrayed her without hesitation!

This was something that could not be tolerated!

When Divine Lord Jingyi returned to the Divine Warfare School, she received news that angered her so much she went straight into isolation.

Lin Shi officially becomes a disciple of the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor!

In a huge hall in the Sky Dazed School.

Many powerful individuals came out of isolation to attend this.

What shocked many was that these people did not use their Dharma bodies to attend, opting to personally attend it!

Even though these superior cultivators all tried to suppress their aura, their bodies still radiated with rays of light.

From afar, the hall looked like it was filled with light!

The sky above began to change.

This was such an awe inspiring scene.

For schools like the Purple Cloud, they did not qualify to watch this on scene, but the entire Sky Dazed City had screens levitating in mid air broadcasting the events.

Chu Yu stood in the courtyard as he looked at the screen in the sky, conflicted emotions building in his heart.

Lin Shi had cleansed her memory and emotions in order to protect him, as well as her friends and family.

From today onwards, she would become a true cultivator of the Mirror World.

Would we meet on opposite sides of the battlefield?

Would she not recognize me?

Chu Yu felt extremely depressed at this point.

"I will definitely find you!"

Chu Yu swore to himself.

Afterwhich, he turned and returned to his room.

Fatty raise

d his head and looked at the screen. Lin Shi’s exquisite face was plastered all over it.

Fatty sighed lightly, then looked towards Chu Yu’s room. He shook his head, then returned to his room.

Xu Xiaoxian excitedly retrieved a luxurious chair and an exquisite coffee table from her storage ring.

She laid out some snacks and set up a tea kettle. She watched the scene unfold as she made tea and ate her snacks.

Her white, slender legs shook as she sat on the chair, extremely contented with what she was seeing.

After Chu Yu returned to his room, he retrieved a pill.

It was still extremely ugly and weirdly shaped. But he never despised his own pills.

Fiery Blood Pill!

It was crimson red, almost as if it was made from blood. It was smooth, almost like ruby.

The engravings on the pill were like a work of art. Upon closer inspection, the engravings seemed to have a mystical strand of Dao.

If this pill was round, it would definitely be nicer to look at.

But Chu Yu did not care.

He had been refining this pill for some time now. Its main effect was to create a huge wave of force to break apart the shackles and enable him to breakthrough from the King’s Realm to the Supreme Realm.

Initially, Chu Yu did not want to use pills to improve himself. Even though he knew that the Fiery Blood Pill that he refined virtually did not have any side effects, he had wanted to use his own abilities to breakthrough.

But now, he could not wait any longer.

For the first time in his life, he hated himself for being so weak and slow to improve.

If he was a superior, powerful cultivator now, would Lin Shi be so helpless?

Chu Yu sighed, then ate the pill.

The pill immediately disintegrated and a huge wave of force filled up his entire body.

He looked inside his body and he could see that his countless blood vessels were expanding, waves of force flowing inside them.

The golden pill in his Dantian also expanded greatly and began to change in shape!

This was the most crucial step, his pill was becoming a Nascent Soul!

That smooth and shiny golden pill with a purple glow began to morph, lines of red forming on its surface.

It was almost like blood vessels in a person!

Chu Yu controlled the energy in his body and charged against the shackles.


On the huge screen, an icy and beautiful Lin Shi knelt in front of the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor and presented a cup of tea with both hands.

The Butterfly Dance Immortal smiled and accepted the tea.

At this point, someone watching from the crowd murmured.

"The Butterfly Dance Immortal is a powerful being, don’t you think it is a little unbecoming for him to recruit a disciple this way?"

The voice was old, even though it was not loud, it was extremely piercing in the quiet environment.

The entire hall went silent as they looked for the source of the voice.

Anyone who could come to watch was at least from a tier three school.

The person who said this was a Vice Principal from the Divine Warfare School.

He was a Divine Lord Realm cultivator.

He was tall and slim, his gaze were deep and he bunned his hair up. His eyes glimmered and he looked extremely handsome.

This man was named Cheng Wu. He made his name aeons ago. Even though he did not make it to the Legendary Emperor Realm, his power was unimaginable.

In the Divine Warfare School, his reputation and standing were extremely high.

Furthermore, Wu Cheng and Divine Lord Jingyi were good friends. Divine Lord Jingyi’s son, Leng Ao, was his favorite disciple!

With such a relationship, Wu Cheng’s outburst was within reason.

However, many still admired Wu Cheng for his courage.

Not many people would dare to interrupt the process of the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor accepting a disciple.

They were all thinking about how the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor would react. No one expected that the Butterfly Dance Immortal seemed to ignore it as she extended a hand... and took the tea from Lin Shi’s hands.

She took a sip and placed the cup by the side.

Then, she looked at Lin Shi, "Child, from today on, I am your master!"

Many people stared, wide eyed, mouths agape.

All of them were stunned!


The Butterfly Dance Immortal ignored Cheng Wu!

Even though she was much more powerful than Cheng Wu in terms of cultivation, she was much younger than Cheng Wu.

When Divine Lord Cheng Wu had made his name, the Butterfly Dance Immortal had not even been born.

There were tens of thousands of years between them!

Yet, the Butterfly Lord Immortal had ignored Wu Cheng.

Just like how she was rumored to be... how oppressive!

Even though Wu Cheng sat there, his face flushed. As a Divine Lord cultivator, he was able to carry himself very well, but right now, he felt extremely humiliated.

Then, Lin Shi respectfully bowed to the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

The relationship between master and disciple was formed.

This scene stunned everyone in the hall as well as everyone watching on the huge screens or their messengers.

They were all extremely excited!

"Hahaha, Butterfly Dance Immortal is great, she ignored Divine Lord Wu Cheng!"

"Divine Lord Wu Cheng is quite a powerful cultivator, won’t he feel conflicted after being ignored this way?"

"I feel like the Sky Dazed School... went a little overboard this time. Even though Lin Shi had cleansed her memory, everyone knows that she is from the Divine Warfare School!"

"I don’t think so, if Lin Shi did not meet with unresolvable difficulties, why would she cleanse her own memory?"

All kinds of views were voiced on social media.

The ones most unhappy about it were the Divine Warfare School people.

At this point, Butterfly Dance glanced at everyone in the hall before her gaze landed on Cheng Wu.

She said flatly, "She is more suited to be my disciple."

"..." Cheng Wu’s expression turned green!

This lady was incredibly domineering!

She didn’t want to explain anything to him, opting to diss him.

She was extremely vicious, poaching Lin Shi in such fashion.

No matter how good tempered Cheng Wu was, he could not resist but reply coldly, "Is this how the Sky Dazed School does things? Powerful, so domineering?"


It was as if the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor was an immortal from heaven. Her internal power and aura radiated strongly.

She looked at Wu Cheng icily, "Even Jingyi does not dare to confront me about this, yet you dare to? Does she dare to come tell me why this girl would rather cleanse her memory than stay by her side?"

This caused Cheng Wu to flush with rage and he turned and left.

He would only humiliate himself further if he continued the argument.

At this point, a ray of aura rushed to the air from where the Purple Cloud School was residing.

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