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Chapter 218: Start of the Main Competition

Even though it was quite a distance from the hall, all of the powerful individuals stiffened slightly.

Even the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor used her divine gaze to look in that direction.

This aura was far from ordinary!

In the eyes of these powerful individuals, this aura was not strong. In fact, it was quite weak.

They immediately knew that this was someone breaking through from the King’s Realm to the Supreme Realm.

However, when an ordinary King’s Realm cultivator broke through to the Supreme Realm, the aura would not be this strong.

The only way they knew that this was a King’s Realm cultivator breaking through to the Supreme Realm was because they benchmarked it against the talents around them.

Could it be that another superior talent broke through again?

However, this talent’s cultivation level was still slightly weak.

As such, these elders were just slightly stunned, then dispersed.

However, the True Lord and Divine Lord cultivators of the Sky Dazed School pair extra attention to this.

They had an insatiable thirst for talent.

Lin Shi’s ritual of becoming a Legendary Emperor’s disciple was paused slightly.

But it did not stop because of what had happened.

The Divine Warfare School also did not have any official comments on this incident, but many of them were agitated about this.

Lin Shi was one of the Heaven’s Pride talents in the Divine Warfare School. At such a young age, she had managed to come into the Mirror World from another universe.

Just this opportunity was enough to awe others.

After entering the Divine Warfare School, she became a disciple of Divine Lord Jingyi and entered the Supreme Realm, becoming a youthful power.

Such a talent would be valued in any school, bar none.

Yet, she had been poached away.

On social media, there had been rumors that this was all planned by the Sky Dazed School.

The Butterfly Dance Immortal had eyed Lin Shi all this while and come up with this plan.

However, there were more people dismissive of such a view.

"What kind of person is the Butterfly Dance Immortal? You all should go check it out and keep your mouth in check. Just because the Immortal does not fault you, that doesn’t mean that you can run your mouth this way!"

"What a joke, does the Sky Dazed School need to poach? Does the Butterfly Dance Immortal need to poach? Other than Divine Lord Jingyi of the Divine Warfare School, no one will know the truth. But it’s alright, we believe the Sky Dazed School! We believe the Butterfly Dance Immortal!"

"Yes, we believe!"

At such a critical moment, the Sky Dazed School’s fantastic reputation showed itself!

Their reputation was so good that no one believed that the Sky Dazed School would do anything immoral.

The debate on social media became extremely one sided.

However, the eye of the storm, Lin Shi, had completely fallen off the radar.

Her leave had also caused some damage to the overall power of the Divine Warfare School.

Initially, they were confident of breaking into the Second Tier, now, that was going to be extremely difficult.

Except for that explosion of aura at the moment of breaking through, Chu Yu’s vertical eye suppressed all the remaining auras.

After the first burst, there were a few more auras of increasing power that were on the verge of exploding.

If not for the suppression from his vertical eye, there may have been countless powers on the scene right now.

In the entire Mirror World, only a handful of talents could experience these auras when breaking through from the

King’s Realm to the Supreme Realm.

In the instant that Chu Yu broke through, and even stronger ray of purple gas exploded from his vertical eye and entered his Nascent Soul.

Even though Chu Yu did not have any techniques for cultivating his Nascent Soul, when that purple gas entered his Nascent Soul, the Nascent Soul began to cultivate on its own.

The aura that exploded in that instant stunned even Chu Yu.

He did not expect that the improvement and gain in power when he broke through to the Supreme Realm would be of such magnitude.

As such, over the next two days, he isolated himself as he tried to explore the skills and abilities he gained through this breakthrough.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu went to the library in his area.

With his breakthrough, his understanding of the cultivation knowledge improved by leaps and bounds.

At the same time, regardless of what technique he learnt, the superclass was able to digest it and make it his.

This feeling was extremely intoxicating.

During this time, Xu Xiaoxian came by to visit a few times. Everytime, she was disgusted by Chu Yu studying those techniques.

During one of her most recent visits, she could not take it any longer and threw Chu Yu a few Divine Lord level Supreme Realm teachings.

Then, she advised, "Even if you’re trying to raise your cultivation level quickly, can you not read trash like this everyday? Look at yourself, you’re like a nerd!"

To this, Chu Yu silently accepted the techniques and teachings she threw on the table, then continued reading.

Xu Xiaoxian could not take it any longer and retreated.

Shortly after, she returned, "Let’s go and play!"

Chu Yu rolled his eyes and looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "Are you a kid?"

"Mm, I’m still a baby." Xu Xiaoxian replied indignantly.

"..." Chu Yu could not be bothered with her and continued reading.

He continued doing this until the start of the main competition.

By the main competition, all the unranked schools and superior schools were completely serious.

The Purple Cloud School was stymied in the first round.

They were up against a ranked 100+ superior school which sent out powerful battle cultivators.

They also had many powerful defensive magical equipment to block the attack pills from the Purple Cloud School.

They fought for over half an hour, finally, the Purple Cloud managed to barely edge out in the first round.

After this round, the Purple Cloud School was not particularly excited.

This victory was too hard fought!

This also let the youthful students understand the power of the superior schools and keep their confidence in check.

However, as for the pill refining section, the Purple Cloud virtually smashed all in their way!

The fourteen of them took turns taking to the stage and defeated all their opponents.

They were too powerful!

This was a completely different ball game from the preliminaries. The opponents were more powerful and focused.

However, the 13 girls and Song Binbin were unfazed by it.

They won each challenge by a huge margin.

The Purple Cloud Pill Refining Section was on fire!

Everyone on social media was praising this section of an unranked school!

"If there is to be a bright spot in this year’s championship, it must be the Purple Cloud School... they are shining very brightly, and are definitely a dark horse!"

"If they are a dark horse, I must say that their pill refining section is a purebred dark horse! Aren’t they a little too powerful?"

"Where did an unranked school in the bottom 300s find so many great talents? Could they all be hired? What kind of price did they pay?"

"Bullsh*t hired, they wouldn’t be able to hire students of such caliber even if they sold their entire school. Furthermore... I don’t think that their students are that talented. In fact, I think their teacher is the talent!"

"I have some understanding of this school. Prior to this, they didn’t even have a pill refining section, but after they got a powerful Sensei...

News spread quickly in the Mirror World, especially if I was as big as the interschool championships.

All of the related news spread like wildfire.

However, Chu Ya has a gag order on this.

Furthermore, he confiscated the messengers of all his fourteen students.

"Do not see, do not hear, do not reply, do not participate!"

This were the rules Chu Yu set for his students during the period of the championships.

No matter what, these were youths and they would be easily affected by their surroundings.

Both compliments and doubts could get to their head and Chu Yu wanted his students to be in the best possible condition.

As his cultivation level rose, his understanding of the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture became deeper.

He began to learn new things, even when he reread things.

He then imparted those new foundation level knowledge that he got to his students.

Even though the pill refining section was only 14 strong, they were incredibly powerful!

Right now, many students and even teachers from countless superior schools came knocking on their doors asking for medicine!

This people actually wanted medicine refined by this mysterious Sensei!

However, Chu Yu was too busy cultivating to bother with these requests.

The sixth day of the main competition.

The Purple Cloud School was ranked 99th!

To the teachers and students of the Purple Cloud, this was an incredible result.

And at this point, Xu Xiaoxian had yet to come on!

The competition was long, and these six days were only 10% if the challenges.

The Purple Cloud did not have any matches on the seventh day and Xu Xiaoxian dragged Chu Yu out of the library.

"This is your first time in the Sky Dazed School, yet you are not going shopping, that’s unforgivable! Do you know how prosperous the Sky Dazed School is?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Do you know how powerful... the various medicines and magical equipment sold here are?"

"I don’t have any money." Chu Yu said shyly.

In order to learn Xu Xiaoxian’s Human Form Changing Technique, he had given her virtually all his spiritual stones.

He had used up the rest during his cultivation over the past few days.

The Nascent Soul in his Dantian was a spiritual stone furnace and he used up spiritual stones faster than an ordinary Supreme Realm cultivator.

As such, Chu Yu only had some medicine and some pills he refined on him.

He really did not have many spiritual stones.

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Chu Yu out of the corner of her eye, "Don’t you have some True Soul Pills on you? Go and auction one off and I’m sure you’ll get a few hundred thousand top quality spiritual stones. If you meet a big spender, you may even get a few hundred best quality spiritual stones!"

Xu Xiaoxian’s reminder made Chu Yu remember that he still had those pills.

He took out a jade bottle and poured out all the True Soul Pills. After a brief count, Chu Yu smiled, "I have eight left, I’m guessing it can fetch quite a high amount?"

Xu Xiaoxian’s lips twitched as she looked at the pills in Chu Yu’s hands. After she finally recovered, "I heard that the pills you refined were ugly, I finally understand that today. You created three Divine Lords with this?"

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