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Chapter 216: Explosive News

Chu Yu had been having such experiences all the time!

He was lost initially, but now he finally understood that the Superclass was not just about the Acupoint Charging and Invigorated Meridian techniques.

As he progressed through the cultivation realms, Chu Yu felt that the Superclass had many mystical properties still not uncovered by him.

Now, Chu Yu finally began to understand why it is called a Superclass.

It was just as its name suggested, it was a super technique book.

Yet, he found himself in disbelief.

It could understand all sorts of techniques, then melt and digest it before making it Chu Yu;s own!

As Chu Yu absorbed and exposed himself to more techniques, this feeling became more and more obvious.

This also made Chu Yu intoxicated by the knowledge.

He could keenly feel his battle prowess rising.

This feeling was great!

"Are these scrap pieces worth reading? Or is it that you can extract the good stuff from it?"

Xu Xiaoxian’s shrill voice could be heard next to Chu Yu. Then, she took up a seat opposite Chu Yu.

She was still wearing that pink princess dress. Her smile was adorable and innocent as she rested her head in her hands and looked at Chu Yu.

"If you have nothing for me, go away, don’t disturb me from studying." Chu Yu said without raising his head.

"Pui, I wanted to come to tell you something, but since you’re so apathetic, forget about it."

Xu Xiaoxian stood up and glanced at Chu Yu, "Nerd, take a look at social media."

Then, she bounded out of the library like an innocent girl.

Chu Yu ignored her and looked at yet another technique in one sitting.

Only then did he sigh and stretch.

He felt like he had gotten a lot from today.

At this point, he remembered what Xu Xiaoxian just said. He frowned and opened the social media site.

Today, news about the interschool championship was trending.

The Mirror World’s social media authority had opened a board specially for the championship.

Chu Yu entered the board and saw the biggest news.

"Shock! Divine Warfare School’s Heaven’s Pride lady Lin Shi is going to become a disciple of the Sky Dazed School’s Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor!"


When Chu Yu saw this, he gasped, his eyes filled with disbelief.

What’s going on?

Wasn’t she engaged just some time ago?

Could she have been recruited by the Sky Dazed School?

But... her master is a Legendary Emperor?

What was a Legendary Emperor?

Just one level below saint!

Even though Chu Yu was not clear how powerful a Legendary Emperor was, he knew that such a powerful cultivator would not accept disciples easily.

What happened?

Chu Yu opened the news regarding Lin Shi for the first time.

The post had already attracted billions of replies with varying opinions.

Chu Yu’s eyes were fixated on what the main post said.

"When I first got this news, I did not believe it."

"Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor... I know who that is, the most powerful Heaven’s Pride Lady in the Sky Dazed School’s recent history! I heard that she became a Legendary Emperor at only 10,000 years old!"

"But who is Lin Shi? Sorry, I am not well read, so I’ve never heard of her before. As such, I went to find out."

"In the end, I found out that, Aiyoyo, this lady is quite impressive!"

"A few years ago, she entered the Divine Warfare School. She is said to have entered the Mirror World from another universe."

"If that is the cas

e, then she’s very powerful! And it is no wonder why Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor thinks highly of her."

"Lin Shi entered the Divine Warfare School and Divine Lord Jingyi was her master. At that time, this caused quite a commotion within the Divine Warfare School. Such an opportunity was rare."

"Some time ago, there was news of Lin Shi’s engagement. Upon investigation, the person she was engaged to is Divine Lord Jingyi’s son... Divine Warfare School’s first youth expert, Leng Ao."

"Initially I did not think much of it. Marrying her own senior was cause for envy."

"However, this incident seems to have some sinister undercurrents. Sometime ago, I heard that Lin Shi found a mental technique where she could sever all of her memories. No one knows why, but for some reason, she trained in this technique and cleared all her memories."

"This is too shocking, to someone like me, I feel like removing all my memories and my emotions is worse than death."

"I am only me because of my memories and experiences. Without them... I would not be me!"

"My guess is she went through something unimaginable before making this decision. Really, I can’t do it, but I admire her courage."

"Now, Lin Shi is a completely new person. She is about to become a disciple of the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor, let us wish her the best!"

After reading this post, Chu Yu could not calm down.

He finally understood why Xu Xiaoxian would specially come down to tell him.

This was huge news!

Why would she do this?

Chu Yu immediately thought that Lin Shi may have been forced into it!

They were childhood friends and knew her extremely well.

Lin Shi was not someone who would accept being forced to do something!

It shouldn’t have been difficult for a Divine Lord like her master to surmise that she had come from the Village of Cultivation, the Solar System.

Chu Yu’s eyes squinted. His expression was calm, but his rage filled his heart!

Divine Lord Jingyi must have forced Lin Shi to marry her son, using everyone around her as a threat.

As such, she would rather cleanse her memory than let them get what they wanted.

Even though he did not know the full story, he felt that his guess was quite close to the truth!

At this point, Chu Yu was in self reproach.

When she needed him most, he did not know, and could not help!

When she was being forced and coerced, how helpless was she?

Divine Lord Jingyi...

Divine Lord!

And her son... Leng Ao!

The first talent of the Divine Warrior School?

I want to breakthrough!

Chu Yu’s eyebrows flashed with fury.

This post quickly became the most popular topic on social media.

To many youths, the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor was a senior who was far beyond their reach.

However, in actual fact, in her youth, she was also an extremely popular lady, and was part of the most superior batch of talents.

At 10,000 years old, she entered the Legendary Emperor Realm, just one realm away from becoming a saint.

Before this, she only had two disciples, Lin Shi was her third!

As such, this news caused a huge commotion.

There were countless smart people in this world, and many were guessing that Divine Lord Jingyi, as well as the engagement between Lin Shi and Leng Ao, was not as simple as it seemed.

"What kind of experience would let a righteous and powerful Heaven’s Pride lady choose to cleanse her memory and emotions?"

"What kind of role does Divine Lord Jingyi and that talented son of hers’ Leng Ao play in this? I’m guessing... it’s not a good one?"

There were many people bravely commenting on social media.

This was quite like the internet on Earth. Since they were anonymous, who would be scared of saying anything?

Regardless of Divine Lord Jingyi or Leng Ao, they couldn’t simply go find trouble with these people just because they said something bad about them. Based on their standing, it was beneath them to find trouble with these people.

However, these comments were quite bad for them!

Within a few days of this incident being leaked, it had taken the world by storm.

Even though Lin Shi was the heart of the storm, she was unharmed.

Not many people dared to confront the Sky Dazed School or the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor.

Even if there were, Divine Lord Jingyi and her son were not part of that group.

In fact, Divine Lord Jingyi had already arrived at the Sky Dazed School, but was unable to see Lin Shi.

Lin Shi had already been brought away by the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor.

Jingyi only saw her son, Leng Ao.

Leng Ao was utterly devastated.

He did not even dare to look at the comments on social media.

If he even took one look at it, he would go crazy!

Almost all of the comments were chiding his mother and him.

It was clear that the fault in this incident lay with him and his mother.

However, now that Lin Shi’s memory had been cleansed, there was no one could testify against them.

But for some reason... with the participation of the Sky Dazed School and the Butterfly Lord Legendary Emperor, this incident became extremely complicated, with many people participating in the conversation.

Divine Lord Jingyi looked at her son with disappointment.

The more powerful a cultivator, the more difficult it was to have a descendant.

She went through a lot to have a son, and she pampered him since young, giving him the best of everything.

As long as it was something Leng Ao wanted, she would do everything she could to get it for him.

As a Divine Lord, there were few things in the world that she could not get.

In her view, Lin Shi was just a talented but inexperienced girl.

In order to deal with her, not much effort was needed, she just had to be straightforward!

For someone as powerful as her, did she need to conceal her thoughts?

Of course no!

In the end... never in her wildest dreams would she expect that Lin Shi would have stabbed them in the heart this way.

This had completely broken their rhythm!

The Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor... why would such a powerful talent value Lin Shi?

And the Sky Dazed School... how can they do something like this?

Snatch someone else’s disciple?

That was too much!

Divine Lord Jingyi wanted to accuse and tell the world that the truth wasn’t like this, she was wronged!

But she really did not have the courage to match up against the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor and the Sky Dazed School.

She could only suppress the humiliation she felt.

"Mother, I want her!"

Leng Ao’s eyes were red, clearly devastated.

Divine Lord Jingyi looked at her son and sighed, "You didn’t even watch over her properly, and you let her have a chance to link up with people in the Sky Dazed School. Now, it is impossible to get her."

"Mother... I cannot accept that!" Leng Ao started tearing.

It was difficult to imagine that such a talent in the Divine Warfare School would turn out this way over a girl.

"You’re really in love with her." Divine Lord Jingyi was extremely saddened when she saw the change in her son.

In that instant, rage flashed in her eyes and she said icily, "This b*tch caused you to become like this? I will not let her off! Does she think that just because she cleansed her memory, no one can find out her past? How innocent! If a saint comes along, her secret will be a piece of cake!"

"Mother, what do you want to do?" Leng Ao looked at his mother in awe.

Divine Lord Jingyi said coldly, "That road that I opened was meant just for us and our people to find opportunities in the Solar System! But now, I would go to the Sky Dazed School’s leadership! I will tell them Lin Shi’s secret, then, there will be a saint who would action on it and find out all about her!"

"No... don’t!" Leng Ao became worried and looked at Divine Lord Jingyi, "Mother, you will harm her if you do this."

"Hmm? My silly child! She has already cleansed her memory and emotions in a bid to avoid us! Yet, you’re still speaking up for her? Are you stupid?"

Divine Lord Jingyi looked at her son, her expression steely, "We cannot let this little b*tch off! Also, I will send people on that path! I don’t believe that I won’t be able to find information on her in her hometown! Even if she cleanses her memory and can’t remember anything, I will still kill all her friends and relatives! I will let her know that a Divine Lord is not to be humiliated!"

Leng Ao fell to his knees and begged, "Mother, please don’t do that, I’m begging you!"


Divine Lord Jingyi was infuriated by her son.

"Why do I have someone as incapable as you?" Divine Lord Jingyi raged.

Leng Ao begged, "I will definitely go there, find the person that she loves and kill him myself! But, please let her relatives go!"

Divine Lord Jingyi took a deep breath and looked at Leng Ao in disappointment, "You have become weak over a girl, how shameful!"

"Mother, I’m begging you!" Leng Ao’s eyes were pleading.

"Aish, forget about it, take it as this never happened before." Divine Lord Jingyi turned and left.

She did not want to stay in the Sky Dazed School any more than she needed to.

After she walked out, she left quickly.

The moment she left the Sky Dazed City, she contacted someone over her messenger and ordered icily, "Immediately send people to the coordinates I gave you. Enter Earth and kill everyone related to Lin Shi!"

Then, she switched off her messenger and murmured, "Silly kid, what isn’t yours, will never be yours!"

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