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Chapter 213: Severed
After all, since Chu Yu was not a student, he could be poached to join another school without straining inter-school ties.
Also, for unexpected scenarios, the powerful individuals will not make a move.

Nonetheless, Chu Yu felt that he was being watched.
Previously, when he walked around the Sky Dazed School, nobody will bat an eyelid at the sight of him.

Now, it was different. He seemed to be watched everywhere he goes.
This resulted in him not leaving the school, choosing to focus on cultivation and comprehending the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.
As to the materials that he were studying, they were laid on the tables of many great men before him.
"True Soul Pill? An instant transformation to become a Divine Lord Cultivator? This method of cultivation could only be created by Legendary Emperor Realm Cultivators… or it could even be the work of a saint!"
Upon seeing Chu Yu’s materials, some powerful cultivators would start murmuring to themselves.
In the Mirror World, the number of Supreme Lord Cultivators is unknown.
However, the Supreme Lord Realm is the pinnacle of cultivation.
Hence, such rumours or information regarding cultivators of this realm would definitely attract the attention of many.
After a month had passed from the start of the competition, it was finally time to compete against the underdogs.
The Purple Cloud School's forty-two victories out of fifty matches, resulting in 126 points, is ranked sixteen places amongst the unranked schools.
Under the non-intervention of Xu Xiaoxian, Purple Cloud’s Battle Section were held back.
As time went by, people's understanding of Attack Pills had gradually deepened, and they devised a few counter-measures against it.
In a few matches, some opponents solely brought along powerful counter-measures against the Purple Cloud School.
Amongst the unranked schools, there were many young and powerful prodigies as well.
Meanwhile, Chu Yu did not sharpen his skills on pill refining. Hence, in this kind of scenario, it was difficult to avoid failure.
Against these odds, the Purple Cloud School had not the slightest bit of disappointment.
The tactful hiding of skills was meant as a preparation for future competitions.
If they were to reveal their entire hands during the qualifiers, and were consequently analysed then countered, they would definitely face difficulties.
Hence, although every student of the Pill Refining Section did participate, the ones who participated in the later matches withheld showing off their talents.
This move was very risky, and yet it exemplifies their confidence.
In a month’s time, the high school students would be very carefree.
Their activities were different according to the tier of the school that they were in.
Students of the ninth-ranked tier can only participate in a limited amount of activities. However, when compared to the unranked schools, it was a world of difference.
The Sky Dazed School had many libraries available for students to conduct their academic research.
The Sky Dazed School had too many resources!

In any random bookshelf in their libraries, there are many priceless classics.
The ninth-ranked tier had a vast collection of useful books as well.
It would not be an exaggeration to state that any book retrieved from the Sky Dazed libraries, would be a priceless collection in an unranked school.
However, not everyone had the ability to study them!
Even in a ninth-ranked tier’s library, these books were in the top tier.
One must have certain cultivation skills to have access to them.
However, in this place, these books were carelessly placed everywhere.
Every inter-school competition was an academic feast for the students.
Nonetheless, it was also the time when the huge di

fference between the first-ranked and ninth-ranked tiers was felt.
This was only the scene of a ninth-ranked tier school competing. If a top tier school were to compete, the library would be scattered with books of Divine Lord cultivator level.
Hence, regardless of the world that one lived in, life was not fair. What one valued as priceless may not be the same for another person.
But in Lin Shi’s eyes, these books were treasures!
The 33rd ranked Divine Warfare school was considered average in the third-ranked tier.
Hence, every book in the Divine Warfare School’s library was valuable!
Any book would fetch a sky-high price if it were to be sold.
Thus, the library was equipped with a magical monitoring system. The books were meant to be read only within the confines of the library.
If not, the magical system would immobilise the person bringing the book out.
A True Lord cultivator was rumoured to have attempted stealing books from the library, only to be discovered by the magical system and consequently restrained.
Even a True Lord cultivator was unable to overcome the magical system.
In the end, he was awkwardly immobilised, and had to wait for people from the Sky Dazed School to release him.
No punishments were dished out to the offender, and the Sky Dazed School even gave the book to that True Lord cultivator.
But, the True Lord cultivator was too ashamed to return ever again.
These were anecdotes that Lin Shi had heard before, and she secretly admired the Sky Dazed School.
In the past few days, she was cooped up in the library, endlessly searching for a special book.
She had finally found it.
Looking at the book, Lin Shi felt hesitation welling up within her.
She had decided to study this technique, but there were too many things that were difficult to let go.
She felt that during the past few days, there were eyes spying on her wherever she went.
Though she was mighty lady of the Divine Warfare School, her freedom was severely limited.
Thankfully, those people monitoring her did not have the impudicity to follow her into the library.
During these days, Lin Shi wrote words that could largely be only read by Chu Yu and her, hiding them within the library.
She hoped that if she were to go missing, Chu Yu would be able to find her.
"If I could only be given a few more years’ of time, then I would not do such these things, but…"
Lin Shi sighed silently, and opened an ancient book.
This book was on cultivating one’s mental power.
Within it, there was a chapter on erasing memories...not only erasing the memories of others, but of oneself.
Upon flipping the book to this chapter, tears welled up in Lin Shi’s eyes.
She heaved a deep sigh, and her eyes gradually sharpened.
"I’d said this before, I will never ever betray my own country and my loved ones…ever!"
Lin Shi murmured to herself, and then began learning about this technique.
Lin Shi’s talent was extremely remarkable, and could be among the crème de la crème.
She was nearly as strong as the beings residing within the Mirror World.
While she was learning the technique, the expression of her body was changing as well.
Her facial expression was gradually becoming blank.
Finally, her eyes became icy cold.
This coldness in her eyes were completely different from before.
There was not a hint of emotion!
A blast had erupted from Lin Shi’s body.
Afterwards, there was another gigantic shock wave that engulfed the entire library.
There weren't many people in the library, but all of them had felt the shockwave and tilted their heads up in horror.
At a corner, a sleeping elderly person suddenly awoke, and his expression indicated that he was overcome with shock.
He cried out, "Have the Gods finally descended upon us? "

In order to be truly considered as a powerful cultivator, one must minimally attain the level of Legendary Emperor Realm.
This was because the power of this shockwave was so strong!
Lin Shi’s back immediately began radiating a God-like magical ring.
That golden-white ring gently illuminated the area and made Lin Shi look saintly.
From being at the basic stage of the Supreme Lord Realm, she had accelerated upwards to the peak of that realm.
The Nascent Soul within her Cinnabar Field meditated and looked skyward, emanating a mystical ring behind her as well!
That elderly person appeared behind Lin Shi, dumbstruck by her power.
Upon looking at this young lady radiating the aura, many people stood rooted in disbelief.
"How could this be? "
The elderly person was petrified, staring at the golden ring emanating from Lin Shi’s back.
This was the God's Aura!
Legends told that only True Lords cultivators and above could emanate these auras, but these auras were rare nonetheless.
These auras were usually radiated when Divine Lord cultivators were using their power.
How could a Supreme Lord cultivator produce such an aura?
Could it be that this lady was a God’s close disciple?
The elderly person did not dare to interfere, and instead activated the magical formation system. Afterwards, she evacuated everyone out of the library, and sealed the premises.
While the bystanders were evacuated, gossip was rife as nobody understood what had transpired.
In the distant Divine Warfare School, a beautiful twenty-nine year old looked skyward as she was cultivating in secret.
Suddenly, her eyes flew open! She was utterly shocked and in a state of complete disbelief.
The sacred recording mark that she had left on Lin Shi’s body had disappeared!
"You little dare to run?" the lady’s voice was icy cold, and her eyes flashed with a killing intent.
Immediately, she retrieved her phone and texted the news out.
Leng Ao, who was currently in the Sky Dazed School, was overcome with shock as he received the news.
"Where is she?" he asked those around him.
Unsuspecting of anything, the people around him replied, "In the library".
"She did not step out of it at all?"
"Yes, she was always at that corner."

Upon hearing those words, Leng Ao furrowed his eyebrows.
His mother had just informed him that the sacred recording mark on Lin Shi’s body had disappeared. He was instructed to find Lin Shi immediately, watch over her vigilantly and await for his mother’s arrival.
Leng Ao was unnerved by this piece of news, as it had been too many years since his mother had stepped foot out of the Divine Warfare School.
Could it be that Lin Shi had got into an accident?
In the library, Lin Shi had completed her cultivation, and gently opened her eyes.

Devoid of emotions, her eyes only reflected a sense of tranquility.
She had completely severed all ties with her past.

Even a saint would face immense difficulty from retrieving any memories of her past from her mind.
The current Lin Shi knew only her name. How she had came to be, and the events that had transpired — all of these memories were wiped away.
Wiping her memories had severed her attachment to nearly all forms of emotions!
And, the aura on her back was becoming increasingly lustrous.

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