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Chapter 212: Devil
The beautiful Lin Shi broke into a sneering laughter. "Fiancée? Leng Ao, you really do believe that I will become your fiancée?" she coldly replied.
"Why not?" A smile formed on Leng Ao’s handsome face. "When I had first laid my eyes on you, I immediately fell for you. I swore to myself, that I would not marry anyone else but you! Shi Shi — sorry, Lin Shi, I really do like you. So… could you be gentler towards me? Just a little bit more, alright?"
Lin Shi was indifferent towards his plea. "Absolutely no."
She coldly looked towards Leng Ao and said, "I have previously told Teacher and you that I love someone else. My heart and soul wholly belong to him".
Leng Ao broke into a pained expression, shut his eyes, and sighed deeply.
Suddenly, his eyes flew open, and stared intently at Lin Shi. "I will definitely kill that man!"
"If you dare, I will kill you!" Lin Shi blared.
"In that case…I will willingly do so!" Leng Ao’s tone hinted that it was a joke, and yet his eyes were icy cold. "If I could not be together with the person whom I love, then to die by her hands would be a form of bliss as well."
Lin Shi coldly chuckled. "Can you stop trying to be so romantic? It’s grossing me out. Do you honestly reckon that the things that you had done in the past are unknown to everyone?"
"Those things are in the past. Who wasn’t reckless and foolish when they were young? Lin Shi, can you be sure that the man that you love will be the same forever? That he will never harbour feelings for another woman?" Leng Ao earnestly replied. "I can promise you, that from this day forth, the only lady that I’ll love is you!"
Lin Shi stared at Leng Ao. "You don’t have to promise anything to me, and I don’t need your promise. I do not dare to guarantee that the man I love will be the same forever, nor will he harbour feelings for another woman. However, I can guarantee that I will always have a place in his heart!"
"That’s foolish!" Leng Ao denounced.
Lin Shi coldheartedly replied, "It’s none of your business. Besides, no one can ever replace me in his heart. That’s because…that place solely belongs to me and him."
"That’s really foolish! Is it really worth it to dedicate yourself to a man who may love another woman at any instant?" Leng Ao roared, green with jealousy and his eyes blazing with a crazed fury.
No matter what was said, he is still Lin Shi’s fiancé.
However, the nonchalant words that Lin Shi were about to say, were what infuriated Lin Ao to the point of insanity.
Facing the crazed Leng Ao, Lin Shi gave an indifferent chuckle. "Well, I would be happy with that."
"Sooner or later, I will definitely find this man and cut him alive slowly in front of you." Leng Ao glared, and then stormed out of the room.
Lin Shi, now alone in the room, momentarily burst into tears.
It was at this moment, that the door swung open again. Lin Ao had returned, and coincidentally witnessed her crying. His mouth curled into a gentle smile.
"My precious baby, please don’t cry…I really hate to see women cry," Leng Ao smiled, and walked towards Lin Shi. He had thought of wiping the tears off her face…
"If you dare to step any closer, I will kill you!" Lin Shi screamed.
Suddenly, an aura explosively surged out of her body.
She had actually entered the Supreme Realm! Her body was surging with power, and she almost seemed divine.
Leng Ao froze, and then indifferently chuckled, "Accept your fate! Everything you hold dear will turn to ashes, including your native land. One day, your home will once again be filled with blood! Haha, my love…take good care of your body, for it belongs to me!" Afterwards, he left the room again.
In the room, Lin Shi had stopped crying. Instead, a raging fire filled with hatred erupted within her eyes.
She hated herself for being too young, inexperienced and naïve.

She had entered the Mirror World, met her teacher and thought that she had met the most precious person in her life.
She did not think that her teacher had suspicions over where she had came from.
Previously, she was given a large amount of power. When she was allowed to return home to visit her parents, she was marked with the Sacred Recording Mark.
The methods of the Divine Lord Cultivator were too ingenious!
The road was then discovered by her teacher, and could allow anyone to enter the Solar System, even the Earth!
And yet, this fact was kept hidden by her teacher.
This was until Leng Ao had met her, and chased her crazily even after being rejected.
Her teacher, an almighty Divine Lord Cultivator, had suddenly revealed the truth to her.
She had no prior warning to this sudden revelation.
All of the previous gratitude and sincerity towards her teacher, evaporated at the revelation of the fact.
Even today, Lin Shi would tremble at that thought.
A gentle and almighty person in her eyes…turned out to be a genuine devil.
" You’ve hidden your identity as a human from Earth very well, and it has been ages since any Cultivator from Earth has entered this place. If I were to expose your identity, how would you survive in the Mirror World?"
Lin Shi was extremely shocked upon hearing those words. "Teacher…...what do you intend to do?"
She was unable to imagine how a teacher whom she had treated as her own mother, could say those terrible things.
"You say, if I were to publicly reveal the path that you take to return to the real world, what would happen to your friends and family?"
"Teacher, are a Divine Lord Cultivator!"
"What do you know? The most powerful beings have no need to hide their intentions. I’ll say what I want, and do want I want."
"Teacher, I..."
"I’ll lay down two options for you. First, you will have to marry my son whom loves you endlessly. Marry him, and it will be the best decision that you will make in your life!"
"I can’t agree, I already have someone that I love!"
"Marry him, and you will become my daughter-in-law. I can promise you that I will not betray you, nor reveal the route that you take! Even if there’s a day that we would attack the Solar System, your friends and loved ones will be protected by me."
"Teacher, how could you be like this?"
"If you do not agree, that leaves the other option. Even if I can’t traverse that route, my son Leng Ao easily can. I will collect your memories, let Leng Ao ruthlessly kill all of your loved ones, and then casually act on some opportunities while in the Solar System."
"How could you be so despicable?"
"You little wench, remember that I am your teacher and I am a Divine Lord Cultivator. You do not have any power to rebel against my wishes! If you speak to me like that again, you will receive more than a slap. I will allow Leng Ao to utterly dominate you, and then kill all of your loved ones! I’m only showing you mercy because my son loves you! If not, you would have been dead on the day that I had found out about your identity!"
Lin Shi could still vividly recall the expression on her teacher’s face.
That beautiful and polished face, coldly telling her those words.
Not even a shred of emotion!
What a devil!
Whenever Lin Shi thought of that moment, she would always feel a deep sense of terror and hatred.
On the surface, her teacher is the vice-principal of the ranked 33rd Divine Warfare School.
She has a gentle demeanor, had an air of nobility and her power was unfathomable.
In reality, she was an utterly despicable devil!
The cultivators of the Mirror World had always looked down on devils, and took exterminating them as their responsibility.
But in Lin Shi eyes’, the majority of these cultivators are no better than devils! A group of insidious, scheming villains!
She had thought of suicidal, but was warned that her memories could still be retrieved nonetheless.
Also, she had contemplated turning herself into a thoughtless puppet.
Faced against a cunning and strong threat with no countermeasure, Lin Shi helplessly ceded to her teacher’s demands.
Her master threatened her that if this issue was leaked to anyone else, then all of her loved ones will be brutally murdered.
On top of that, she will dispatch a huge army to decimate Earth, her homeland.
But if Lin Shi were to be a truthful and obedient daughter-in-law, then all of these could be avoided.
At times, Lin Shi would feel that was too much of an insult to her dignity. Being a modern woman who grew up on Earth, she was charmed with the notions of strength and independence.
And yet, she was threatened and hopeless against her teacher’s wishes.
Hence, after she saw the man who looked like Chu Yu, she felt uncomfortable.
"I really hope that that person isn’t you.... I hope that you will never know about this case forever" Lin Shi stammered. Though her tears had dried, the sadness in her heart was overwhelming.
The feelings of powerlessness, helplessness and regret are akin to a torrent of sharp blades, hurting her relentlessly.
She is clearly aware that in such circumstances, the decision that she had made is the best for everyone except herself.
However, the pain that she felt was intolerable.

The tenth day of the competition.
The Purple Cloud School had already won seventeen matches, without a single loss!
To the Purple Cloud School, this was a record-breaking result!
Out of the seventeen games, the Battle Section had won five.
These five matches were won via the use of Attack Pills.
Even if the adversaries had countermeasures, they were utterly ineffective.
The Pill Refining Section had provided so many different types of Attack Pills, that it was impossible to counter all of them.
For the Pill Refining Section, twelve matches had been completed.
Every match was won by a decisive margin.
From this, the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section had gained widespread fame and attention.
The Purple Cloud School was akin to a black horse, thrashing the competition and stunning countless people with its amazing results.
The surprise became even more inconceivable after many people started learning more about the school.
Previously, the Purple Cloud School didn’t even have a master.
Without a master, how could there be outstanding students?
Even more amazing, is that the Sky Dazed School were beaten by the Purple Cloud School’s problematic students who had nearly got themselves expelled.
In nearly everyone’s eyes, even the five matches won by the Purple Cloud’s Battle Section were due to the efforts of the Pill Refining Section!
This is the debut of the Attack Pills in the Mirror World’s competition, and had captured the attention of many.
Just like how Chu Yu had expected, there were some who suspected that the Purple Cloud were using the devils’ methods.
On social media, there were many devil cultivators wanting to rebel.
There was chaos everywhere.
This issue had also attracted the attention of many powerful individuals.
A handful of Divine Lord Cultivators on pill refining have spoken on the matter.
"Do not spout rubbish. Attack Pills have already appeared before in history, but only a small handful of pill refining cultivators could produce such pills. His knowledge is definitely deep, and the breadth of his experiments must be unthinkable.
"However, these Attack Pills are extremely difficult and dangerous to produce, requiring complete mastery. Hence, their existence are not well-documented in history."
"I would not have imagined that they would re-appear again today….and it looks like the refining process has been perfected!"
"That Song Hong from the Purple Cloud School must have perfected the refining technique for these pills."
Although he is not a competitor, Chu Yu had become famous.
Even those from the top-notch schools had set their sights on him.

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