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Chapter 214: Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor
The elderly person looked at the classical book in Lin Shi’s hands, and then turned towards Lin Shi.
How could she so cold-heartedly wipe away the memories of her past?
As the saying goes: All it takes to become a deity or a devil is one spell.
Although it was easy to describe it in words, who could actually perform that feat?
Regardless of transforming into a deity or a devil, it requires massive amount of courage, willpower and determination.
Until a person had reached a state of inner calm, could he decide on such an action.
Undoubtedly, the lady seemed to be too young for this!
Just what terrible experiences did she go through? She looked to be only in her twenties!
The elderly person could not help but to pity her, and gently gazed at her.
"Child, are you alright?"
With bleakly eyes, Lin Shi looked towards the elderly person. "You are?"
As she spoke, she lowered her head and read the words on a piece of paper placed on top of the classical book.
"I’m sorry..." she murmured softly.
The elderly person had glanced at that paper, but he did not read the contents fully.
He had only glanced at a line on the top of the paper, which emotionally moved the steady composure that he always had.
It wrote: The next time that you see these words, you would have already wiped all of your memories away. Your name is Lin Shi. The predecessor of the library’s custodian is an upright man who deserves respect.I guess that he would be extremely skilled in cultivation, and could help me to block off that path. The coordinates of that path are…..
The elderly man’s cultivation skills were indeed deep, and he had read a good chunk of the contents from a glance.
At the bottom, the words written were: You could learn from him in the Sky Dazed School…...
The elderly person did not read the contents of the paper thereafter.
He silently concluded that this lady must have experienced many inexplicably terrible ordeals.
Hence, she had no other choice but to wipe her entire memory away, along with nearly all of her emotions.
"Child, regardless of what you had been through, you seem to have been prepared for this. I had accidentally looked at the words that you wrote on that paper. I did not imagine that you looked up to me so highly," the elderly man chuckled.
Although Lin Shi had wiped her memories away, the elderly man did not.
For the past few days, Lin Shi had been cooped up in the library, unrelentlessly reading and searching for information.
Occasionally, the elderly man would help her by giving some advice.
He could not have imagined that he was so highly respected by the lady.
In the Sky Dazed School, there were no ordinary people. Even the most mediocre student in the school was an innately gifted individual with a specialty.
Those who were the custodians of the Sky Dazed School’s library, must be people of exceptionally high caliber!
During the time spent on Earth, Lin Shi had well-managed a huge business group.
Her IQ was even more impressive than her gift for cultivation!
For these few days, she had made all of the necessary preparations. Hence, everything that had happened was due to her planning.
"I had made a fool of myself — now, I cannot even remember why I had erased my own memories. Nonetheless, I wish to become your disciple. Would you kindly teach me?" Lin Shi sincerely pleaded with the elderly man.
On the bottom of that paper, these words were clearly written: You were originally a student of the Divine Warfare School, under the tutelage of a Divine Lord Cultivator. She threatened you to marry her son, who was the top talent in the entire school —Leng Ao. You must stay far away from them, and be under the aegis of someone more powerful.
The old man was slightly startled, and creased his eyebrows.
Lin Shi passed the slip of pa

per to the elderly man.
"Sir, you can have a look at this. I’ll tell you everything that I know."
The old man remained silent. He doubted that any important experiences of her life would be written on that slip of paper.
If not, there would not be a need to wipe her memory clean.
Nonetheless, he took a step forward and glanced at it.
When he saw that there was a reference to the Divine Warfare School, his eyebrows twitched.
Certainly, he knew of its existence. The school was always known to be strong, with a rich heritage.
However,it was not comparable to the Sky Dazed School. Still, the Sky Dazed School was one of the top institutions in the Mirror World.
"Divine Lord cultivator..." the old man whispered.
"How could it be her?"
"Sir, you recognise this person?" Lin Shi was surprised.
Although the Mirror World was huge, it was hard to guarantee that two seemingly strangers could not be acquaintances, or even close friends.
This intricately complicated affair was unknown to many.
The preparations that Lin Shi had made before wiping her memory were more than sufficient.
Every time that Lin Shi had mentioned about the Sky Dazed School, her master had no kind words to say. Apparently, her master had a deep hatred against some individuals within it.
It could be due to this that made Lin Shi carry out this decision.
However, now that she had no recollection of her past, she began to worry upon seeing the old man crease his eyebrows.
The old man chuckled, "I do know her, but don’t you worry child. There’s no relationship between us".
"Sir, in that case..." Lin Shi gazed at the old man, her eyes filled with hope.
The old man sighed and shook his head.
"I am unable to accept you as my disciple. You are an exceptional talent, being able to reach the Supreme Lord realm at such a young age. You are not inferior to the geniuses of the Sky Dazed School."
"In that case, then why?"
Lin Shi looked towards the old man expectantly for an answer.
The old man explained, "If I were to accept you as my disciple, then I would be holding you back. The techniques that you use are those of the Gods…..and they seem to be exceptional! They could even be passed on from the Buddha. I could only teach you the Dao ways of the Earth. Hence, I will not be of much help to you, other than..."
The old man pondered for a moment, and then exclaimed.
"I could recommend another master to you!"
Lin Shi earnestly waited for him to continue speaking.
Suddenly, the old man stopped for a few seconds, and then boomed, "She will be here soon!"
At this moment, there was a loud ruckus outside of the library.
As the old man had used a magical formation to seal this level, no one could enter the premises from the outside.
"My fiancee is inside, and I’m looking for her over an urgent matter. What are you doing and why did you seal her inside?"
Leng Ao had furiously shouted from the outside.
A flash of anger had erupted within Lin Shi’s eyes.
Though she had lost her memories, but some of her instincts had been retained!
Besides, she had read the words that she wrote for herself.
The old man frowned and roared, "Whoever is making a ruckus outside, know that you are in a library! SCRAM!"
The old man stood still at his position, and had a terrifying power. Suddenly, he reappeared outside and blasted the young white-shirted man away.
Leng Ao was knocked outward before landing on the ground a few hundred metres away.
Though he did not sustain any injuries, he was engulfed in cold sweat.
However, the anger within him did not dissipate.
This was because he had realised that if Lin Shi were to defect to the Sky Dazed School…...then what would he do?
At this moment, the old man’s chilling voice rang out towards Leng Ao.
"Your fiancee is not here. If you dare to cause a commotion here again, then your punishment will be much worse than this. Scram, you bastard!"
Leng Ao’s handsome face was contorted with shock. Being the top talent of the Divine Warfare School, he should have some reputation and influence within the Mirror World.
But now, he was met with a rude and cold voice.
He was berated by a stranger, and he could not take this insult lying down.
However, he was also clear that this was the Sky Dazed School and not the Divine Warfare School.
Hence, he could only grit his teeth and leave the area. Subsequently, he informed his mother of this incident.
Within the library, the old man reassured Lin Shi.
"Don’t worry, child. Not even him or his Divine Lord cultivator mother could break through this impenetrable fortress!"
As he spoke, the silhouette of a person abruptly appeared beside the old man.
It was a fog shaped like a human, which materialised into a person in the twinkling of an eye.
A gorgeous thirty-five year old lady had appeared in front of Lin Shi.
Without waiting for the old man to speak, the lady glanced towards Lin Shi and exclaimed.
"What a pure and merciful power! Are you a practitioner of the Buddha’s techniques?"
Lin Shi rushed towards the lady to bow.
"I am Lin Shi, and I do indeed practice the Buddha’s techniques".
The lady swept her eyes across Lin Shi’s entire body, and knew of her condition immediately.
" Erased your memories? Forgone your emotions? My goodness…..just what terrible things have you experienced?"
The old man had not even managed to tell these facts to the lady within this short span of time.
"I do not know either. Perhaps there were many reasons," Lin Shi gently chuckled.
At this time, the old man stood at the side and explained Lin Shi’s situation to the lady.
Upon hearing the situation from the old man, the gorgeous lady looked towards Lin Shi and casually smiled.
"I will accept you as my disciple!"
Lin Shi was about to bow in respect, until the lady extended her hand to stop her. "Child, please do not rush. Previously, I had told myself that I could only accept one more disciple. So, being my last disciple, our ceremony has to be more formal than this. One more thing — you had wanted to seal that path. I guess that was because you’re afraid that someone might hurt your loved ones?"
Lin Shi nodded her head hesitantly, and then sheepishly said, "I don’t even remember".
"Wiping your memories away, how could you remember! I will help you to seal that path!"
The gorgeous lady was a swift and decisive person. Upon finishing her words, she had vanished from the area.
Lin Shi was utterly blank.
Glancing over at Lin Shi, the old man laughed.
"Child, you are really blessed with good fortune. I wouldn’t have imagined that the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor would really accept you as her disciple. The person that you saw was just her projection. Even her projection would be powerful enough to seal that path. This deity had not appeared for over ten thousand years. This could be the moment for you to meet a saint."
Legendary Emperor?
A Legendary Emperor who had lived for over ten thousand years?
Although Lin Shi’s memories and emotions were wiped cleaned, she was speechless upon hearing those words.
It was difficult to believe that the mesmerising lady had been alive for so long.
Also…...a Legendary Emperor’s Realm cultivator!
They were only second to the saints in terms of their cultivation prowess!

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