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Chapter 207: Human Form Changing Technique

Chu Yu looked at this rather ordinary face and felt speechless in that instant, She is really a demon, how did she find her way here?

"Why are you here?" Chu Yu frowned.

"Aiyo, you’re so heartless, don’t you welcome me?" Xu Xiaoxian’s eyebrows raised as she blinked her glimmering eyes at Chu Yu. She said sternly, "I spent a lot of effort getting here, and you’re the first person I came to find, aren’t you touched?"

"Mm." Chu Yu nodded.

"Humph!" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes and reverted to her original self.

Even though she was rolling her eyes, she was immensely beautiful!

Chu Yu sighed, "Seduction?"

"Scram!" Xu Xiaoxian laughed coldly and changed back.

She was so adept at using the Human Form Changing Technique.

"Little fella, I saw the news about your girlfriend." Xu Xiaoxian smiled slyly, almost like a fox which stole a chicken.

This girl could have chosen any topic but that!

Chu Yu felt a wave of emotions, but remained expressionless, "Did you see wrongly?"

"Pui, how could I see wrongly? Hehe, the 33rd ranked Divine Warfare School’s Heaven’s Pride lady, I must say that people from the Village of Cultivation are really different. Even that damn Fatty can cause such a commotion."

Xu Xiaoxian seemed to want to enrage Chu Yu, but realizing that she wasn’t succeeding, she looked rather disappointed.

Seeing an expressionless Chu Yu, she continued, "Actually, it is only normal that people look to climb higher, brother, stay positive."

"Who’s your brother?" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

"Doesn’t it hurt, is your heart hurting? It’s okay, you can cry. Relax, we are all friends, I won’t laugh at you." Xu Xiaoxian smiled.

She did not seem to have any reservations about pouring salt over an open wound.

She was most suited to being a devilish girl, no, the Devil Lord!

"What business do you have?" Chu Yu asked flatly.

"How uncompassionate..." Xu Xiaoxian murmured.

Chu Yu did not speak, watching her silently.

"Ok, ok, it’s your girlfriend who betrayed you, not me. Really, why are you getting angry at me." Xu Xiaoxian said, feeling wronged.

"If you have nothing for me, please leave."

Chu Yu did not have a good feeling about this girl. He had been set up by her once and Jingpo Lake.

This time, in his search for the Red Bow, he met her again. Even though their interactions were limited, Chu Yu kept a high alert when around her.

"You’re so boring." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu flatly, "After all, we fought on the same side before..."

"Aren’t you originally from the Mirror World?" Chu Yu’s lips twitched, "Why don’t you go find your parents? What are you doing here?"

"You’re not allowed to mention them!"

Xu Xiaoxian’s expression changed suddenly, then it returned to normal quickly, "I don’t have parents."

"..." Chu Yu frowned, speechless, then he said, "Sorry..."

"Okay, let’s not talk about this." Xu Xiaoxian seemed to have lost interest in playing with Chu Yu, "Let’s make a deal."

"Deal?" Chu Yu’s barriers came up.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu calmly, "Yes, a deal, I will help you all break into the top 50 in this interschool championship, then, you will help me with something, how about it?"

"Top 50?" Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian like an idiot, "Are you dreaming?"

"Chey..." Xu Xiaoxian looked dismissively at Chu Yu, "To the Purple Cloud, it would be cause for celebration if you all even made it into the top 200. However, to me, even the top three schools are child’s play!"

"You do look a little cute when you brag." Chu Yu exalted.
"You don’t believe me?" Xu Xiaoxian glared at Chu Yu, "The entire Alliance of Schools is trash!"

 "..." Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian speechlessly. He did not know why she hated the Alliance of Schools this much.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Don’t beat around the bush, are you willing to take up this offer?"

Then, she looked at Chu Yu, "Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. Aren’t you trying to form a power loyal only to you? Then, when the day comes, you can call on them? The rewards that the top 50 schools are given annually by the Alliance of Schools is an astronomical number! With this fortune, you can expand quickly and invite the powerful cultivators to be your sensei, and recruit the top talents in the Mirror World."

"Based on the Purple Cloud School’s standard and foundation, even if we make it into the top 50 this time, we will be beaten back in the next championship."


Xu Xiaoxian cursed in her anxiety, then she looked at Chu Yu sourly, "What do you know? The interschool championships are held once every decade! Can’t you make it into a genuine superior school in 10 years? If you can’t, then you can forget about forming a power block here. You should just leave and try to cultivate in isolation."

Chu Yu contemplated what she just said.

Even though what she said was not pleasing to the ears, it was the truth.

Ten years was not long, but it wasn’t short either.

The question is, Could he even stay here for a decade?

Xu Xiaoxian seemed to read Chu Yu’s mind, "Are you dumb? When you have those resources, you can travel between Earth and the Mirror World easily!"


Chu Yu’s eyes brightened.

Now, he knew the cost for each return trip, it was 100 best quality spiritual stones!

This was an astronomical number to him.

Even though Mu Yuexiu had given him a fortune equivalent to this, this bill... was not counted this way.

Even though 100,000 top quality spiritual stones were equivalent in value to 100 best quality spiritual stones, best quality spiritual stones were extremely rare!

No one would use a single best quality spiritual stone to trade for 1000 top quality spiritual stones.

In each best quality spiritual stone, there was an especially pure energy which could not be gotten from the top quality spiritual stones!

As such, in the Mirror World, spiritual stones that were top quality and below were used as currency.

However, no one used best quality spiritual stones as currency!

These were treasures!

Seeing Chu Yu’s silence, Xu Xiaoxian continued, "Furthermore, entering the top 50 and becoming a third tier school has other privileges too. If the Song Country is home to a tier 3 school, then, before long, it will extend to over 10 million miles long! By then, how much resources will be at your disposal?"

"Then what do you want to do?" Chu Yu raised his head to look at Xu Xiaoxian.

"What I want to do is simple." Xu Xiaoxian said, "In this championship, on top of all the rewards, the top 50 schools will have an opportunity!"

Chu Yu frowned slightly and looked at Xu Xiaoxian.

Xu Xiaoxian said, "The Mirror World was formed by countless powers in ancient days. They used much effort in order to design and build this world..."

"Don’t beat about the bush." Chu Yu glanced at her.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at him, "Don’t interrupt me!"

Then, she murmured, "You don’t have any patience at all!"

"As a world created by saints, it can create something from nothing, but the reason why the Mirror World is so stable is because this place... used to be a broken world. The powers then had built on the foundations of this broken world."

Chu Yu frowned slightly and looked at Xu Xiaoxian.

"In that broken world, there were places that even saints could not enter." Xu Xiaoxian raised her head and looked at Chu Yu, "Do you know what that means?"

Chu Yu said expressionlessly, "This means that we will be courting death if we enter!"

"Damn it, who says we are going in?" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes and glared at Chu Yu, "Through millions of years of exploration, with the exception of a few places, most of the others have been cleaned out. In this championship, the top 50 schools will have the privilege to go to one of them!"

"They are places which have been cleaned out, what meaning is there?" Chu Yu said.

"What do you know!" Xu Xiaoxian glared at him, "Luck and opportunity is all yours! Luck and opportunity chooses you, you don’t have a choice, do you understand?"

"What do you mean?" Chu Yu’s interest was piqued.

"You dumba**!" Xu Xiaoxian finally found an opportunity to put him down. Then, she said contentedly, "What that means is, anyone who is lucky enough could gain an incredible sacred art! Or even a saint’s legacy!"

"Really?" Chu Yu looked at her in disbelief.

"Aish, I really don’t know what you’ve been doing since you’ve come to the Mirror World? Do you ever take a look at social media?" Xu Xiaoxian said in exasperation, "If you have the time, go and surf the trending topics on there.

"Orh." Chu Yu replied expressionlessly.

"How about it? I’ll become one of your students and partake in this competition. I will get the ranking for you, and then you can come with me to explore it." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "This is a great opportunity for you! If not for the fact that we have a shared secret, do you think I’ll share this with you?"

"I think you’re up to no good."

"You’re harming the person who’s trying to help you!"

"You know this too?"

"Pui! Do you think I am as ignorant and incompetent as you?"

This was the first time Chu Yu had been scolded ignorant and incompetent and he was speechless.

He looked at Xu Xiaoxian suspiciously and said, "To be fair, someone like you should not be unknown in the Mirror World. You didn’t... have a school last time?"

"Don’t bother about this." Xu Xiaoxian seemed unwilling to discuss this, "Do you agree?"

"Will you let me consider?" Chu Yu replied.

"Damn it, can you stop being a woman and drag your feet about? Just give me an answer!" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu.

"Fine, I agree!" Chu Yu nodded and looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "But, I have one more question."


"Why me?" Chu Yu asked seriously.

"Because you’re handsome!" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes and replied casually.


"Oh yes, I would like to learn the Human Form Changing Technique from you." Chu Yu said suddenly.

"It’s very expensive!" Xu Xiaoxian replied him immediately.

"Is this enough?" Chu Yu took out all of the best quality spiritual stones from his storage ring. He piled all 30 of them in front of Xu Xiaoxian.

Then, he pulled out another storage ring.

"There are 100,000 top quality spiritual stones in here."

Chu Yu said.

"You’re quite rich huh?" Xu Xiaoxian kept all of these spiritual stones, then threw out an old scripture.

She smiled at Chu Yu hypocritically, "Why? You don’t want your ex girlfriend to recognize you?"

"You can leave now!" Chu Yu took the book and chased her away.

"Horrible man, so transactional!" Xu Xiaoxian’s mouth twitched and she turned to leave, "When the championship starts, I will be next to you!"

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