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Chapter 206: Xu Xiaoxian comes knocking
A beautiful and adorable girl had just responded to her attacker in an unbelievably vicious fashion, rendering her attacker speechless.

This scene was better than the actual interschool championship!

Many people used memory crystals to record it down and posted the recording on the Mirror World’s social media site.

This was vastly different from the challenge between the Purple Cloud School and the Wafting Fragrance School.

Each interschool championship’s viewership numbers were astronomical.

As such, this battle quickly gained traction on social media!

The unranked Purple Cloud already drew a lot of attention to themselves even before the main event.

"Wa, a battle between unranked schools can be this exciting and explosive? What a pity we didn't manage to watch it live."

"That vicious, ugly boy is so shameless, he actually tried to backstab her. That girl did well to hit him, haha, I like this!"

"The Purple Cloud School? An almost 400th ranked school can produce such exemplary battle cultivators?"

"She is from the Pill Refining Section!"

"Ah? Pill refiner? So good at fighting? Isn't it a little too vicious..."

At this point, no one from Chu Yu’s side seemed to pay attention to the developments on social media.

After Yuwen Xiaoxiao had knocked that hulking, ugly boy out, all of the students and teachers from their camp... were antagonized.

A few of the brasher teachers rushed over, wanting to capture Yuwen Xiaoxiao.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yu protected Yuwen Xiaoxiao, hiding her behind him.

Zhao Kai was quite scared. However, he steeled himself to rush over and stand next to Chu Yu.

However, his legs wobbled slightly.

This school was ranked 201 and were determined to breakthrough into the top 200. Their powers were unquestionable.

Their power was probably much greater than the Purple Cloud School. They could probably smash the Purple Cloud School.

That was how Zhao Kai thought. In fact, it wasn't that he was cowardly... but that was the standard of the Purple Cloud School.

As for these 12 devils, that was pure luck.

In his opinion, even Section Head Song... did not know that they were so adept at battle before this.

But he was wrong, Chu Yu was keenly aware of this!

Else, he would not let these girls make a scene here.

They were all his students, if anyone of them got into an accident, as their Sensei, he would not be able to take it.

Chu Yu looked icily at the teachers from the Ice Lord School. They glared at him viciously.

"Why? The little ones failed so now you want to take the stage?" Chu Yu’s mouth twitched as he broke into a mocking smile.

"Indeed, this kind of horrible teachers produce such uncultured students!" One of the Ice Lord School teachers chided.

At this point, the people from the Sky Dazed School arrived and separated the crowd.

This was a man in his twenties. He was quite handsome, his jet black hair resting on his shoulders. His eyebrows were thin and his eyes were bright, a steak contrast from his Snow White skin.

He was extremely imposing as he surveyed his surroundings, "The interschool championships are about to begin, do not cause a scene here. If you have any feud, you can apply to have a head to head death match after the championship starts."

Then, his mouth curled into a faint smile, "If the Ice Lord School wins, then they would have gotten their revenge; if the Purple Cloud School wins, haha... they can take the place of the Ice Lord School and be in the 201st place."

Chu Yu rolled his eyes inside, This man c

learly has evil intentions, he's openly trying to goad us into battle.

This young man was not a teacher or Sensei in the Sky Dazed School, he was just a student in the main school.

But these students held immense standing here. No one would find it odd that theywere handling some of the managerial and peace keeping duties.

In fact, he had already been in the crowd watching the show for some time. However, through this, he did have a better impression of the Purple Cloud School.

Before, he had looked down on unranked schools like the Purple Cloud. In his heart, they were no better than the other unranked schools.

As for the Ice Lord School, they were off his radar too.

So what if they made it into the top 200? Won't they still be at the bottom?

Students from the main Sky Dazed School did not feel any stress when looking down on these unranked schools.

As such, he only came to clean up the mess after he had finished enjoying the show.

"A battle to the death between schools?" Chu Yu frowned. Even though the Principal had told him many things about the interschool championship, this was Chu Yu’s first time hearing about this.

That student laughed, "This is?"

"This is the head of our Purple Cloud Pill Refining Section." The Principal walked over. Even though he was extremely angry and a True Lord cultivator, he was extremely courteous and polite towards this Supreme Realm Sky Dazed School student.

He smiled faintly, "We don't partake in duels between schools."

The Principal was adamant and did not leave any room for discussion.

As someone who had experienced many interschool championships, he was keenly aware of how brutal those duels could be.

In this duel, there was no segregation by Section or appointment, it was a death match between the two schools!

He had attended so many interschool championships but had never seen a duel. He had only seen one such duel from over a thousand years ago through a memory crystal.

These two superior schools were sworn enemies and had been triggered by a single incident.

They couldn't resolve their differences and applied to the Alliance of Schools for a duel.

In the end, these two equally matched superior schools, each one 700-800 strong, virtually killed each other off in the fireball that ensued.

Less than 10% of the participants survived!

And these were the elites from the two schools!

As a result of their duel, these two top 100 schools ranked outside 300 in the next interschool championship.

Since then, they had never managed to regain their former glory.

Fast forward many years, and many of these duels continued to take place, but they never ended well.

Both sides always suffered huge losses!

In the past 1000 years, no school ever requested for such a duel.

Even if they had an unresolvable feud, they would still suppress the urge to duel.

As such, this young student from the Sky Dazed School was someone who wanted things to be blown out of proportion and loved seeing explosive carnage.

The Ice Lord School also seemed to know what would happen if they dueled and rejected the offer unequivocally.

What a joke, they were going for the superior schools. Even if they had the confidence to suppress the Purple Cloud, they would not risk the potential losses to themselves.

One of the Vice Principals used the Voice Transmission Technique to explain what a duel was all about. When Chu Yu looked at the student from the Sky Dazed School again, his expression was not friendly.

You must be mad!

However, these main school students from the Sky Dazed School did not care about how people felt about them.

His mouth twitched and said flatly, "It’s just a suggestion, the final decision is still yours. Anyways, don't cause a scene here, get back to your camps!"

Then, he turned and left.

The Ice Lord School hated the Purple Cloud School to the core, but they knew that nothing good would come from them continuing to find trouble.

In the end, one of the Ice Lord School Vice Principals laughed and said, "See you at the championship", then left with his people.

Most of them were ashen face.

Chu Yu also brought his fearless students back to their residence.

The Principal came to find Chu Yu quickly, his expression bitter.

Chu Yu smiled, "Principal, don't worry too much."

"Aish, can I not worry? It is a good thing you all had some control and didn't use our secret weapon..." the Principal sighed.

The secret weapon he was referring to was an attack pill refine by the Pill Refining Section. It had already been given to the battle cultivators of the Purple Cloud.

These pills were all immensely powerful, even a Supreme Realm cultivator would not be able to resist its power.

This was seen by the Principal as their greatest weapon.

"Relax Principal." Chu Yu continued, "There are only 200 superior schools, but there are countless unranked ones. There are probably upwards of a thousand schools here today. All of us hope to become a superior school. Since that is the case, we should take any challenge in our stride. Reputation and standing are fought for."

The Principal laughed bitterly, "Of course I know this logic, but I'm not used to being in the spotlight before the championship."

Chu Yu already knew about what was going on on social media and he smiled, "It's okay, you'll get used to it after a while!"

The Principal said his goodbye and left, speechless.

Now that things were at this stage, there was no point in saying anything. He might as well prepare for the championship.

If they could become a superior school, everything... would settle itself!

Right now, Chu Yu was suppressing an incredible fury in his heart.

Recently, with news of the championship, news of the top three tier schools were everywhere.

News of Lin Shi and Leng Ao would appear frequently.

Even though Chu Yu never opened it, he saw a picture the previous day.

The incredibly pretty girl in the picture, was Lin Shi!

Next to her was a lively and handsome youth. He looked at her warmly as he smiled happily.

That picture was like a stab to Chu Yu’s heart.

He didn't understand why Lin Shi would become like this.

He tried to find reasons for Lin Shi, but he could not seem to convince himself.

I'll never change?


At this point, Zhao Kai’s Voice could be heard, "Section Head Song, there's a girl here to visit you. She says that she’s your friend and her surname is Xu."

My friend? Girl? Surname Xu?

Chu Yu stiffened slightly. He thought to himself, Since I entered the Mirror World, I only have one friend and that is Fatty, who could this be?

Could it be her?

Chu Yu did not quite believe it and he said, "Ask her to come in."

After a short moment, an ordinary looking girl dressed in a pink dress opened the door and entered. She closed the door and smiled at Chu Yu, "Hi, little fella, how are you?"

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