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He had given virtually all of his spiritual stones to Xu Xiaoxian. In that instant, Chu Yu felt empty and pained by the loss. However, he still had a few of those True Soul Pills that he could sell at a high price.

Chu Yu’s expression was bitter as he looked at the Human Form Changing Technique in his hands


The little demon Xu Xiaoxian was deadly accurate with her words. Chu Yu wanted to learn the Human Form Changing Technique so that Lin Shi would not be able to see through him.

His current Facebook technique was only sufficient to fool those who didn’t know him.

But for someone who grew up together with him, like Lin Shi, this was far from sufficient.

Especially since... he was also using the name Song Hong here!

As long as there was any loophole, Lin Shi would be able to spot him.

He had used Song Hong before because he wanted Lin Shi to recognize him.

But now... that had become meaningless.

The Human Form Changing Technique was a true sacred art and it could fool anyone.

Xu Xiaoxian could be so arrogant as to diss even the top three schools because she had this sacred art in hand!

In the Mirror World, Chu Yu had not even heard of anything like it.

It was very possible that this only existed in the Solar System!

It was no exaggeration to say that Chu Yu did owe Xu Xiaoxian one this time.

A sacred art could not be bought with money.

Even though Chu Yu’s Facebook technique could gradually morph into the Human Form Changing Technique, that would take an agonizingly long time.

He could not afford to wait!

Just that point alone was enough to show that Xu Xiaoxian was rather righteous.

This devilish girl definitely came from an extraordinary background, but no one knew what secret she was hiding.

She was unreadable.

Chu Yu could not bother thinking so much. He immediately began to study the Human Form Changing Technique.

Having studied the Facebook technique, which is a spinoff of this sacred art, learning it became much easier.

Chu Yu managed to understand the essence of the Human Form Changing Technique in a single night.

It must be said that this sacred art was peerless.

Through the Human Form Changing Technique, he could change his appearance without leaving any trace and take on the new identity with ease.

Regardless of his stature or his charm, they were all completely different from that of the original Chu Yu.

When Fatty saw him the next day, he could not help but gasp in surprise. He could no longer find any loopholes in Chu Yu’s disguise!

Those who did not know his original appearance would find it impossible find any change.

After the incident the previous day, the entire residence felt quieter.

The Ice Lord School also ceased to find trouble here.

All of them were focused on preparing for the interschool championship.

It was the Wafting Fragrance School and the Sword Rain School who came to visit.

Mu Yuexiu came from the Wafting Fragrance School. Seeing Chu Yu, her first statement stunned him completely.

"Sensei Song, i would like to learn pill refining from you, will you accept me as your disciple?"

Mu Yuexiu bowed deeply, fully serious about her request.

"Are you for real?" Chu Yu recovered and asked.

"Of course!"

"If you are my disciple, you can never betray me." Chu Yu said flatly.

"Of course!" Mu Yuexiu replied resolutely.

"What if it involves people other than you, or it involves you picking a side?" Chu Yu asked.

"It doesn’t matter even if sensei is from a demonic cult. Since I am your disciple, I will become a demonic girl too!" Mu Yuexiu was also a very stubborn person.

"Then you can start by being my servant, if you pass, I’ll take you as my disciple." Chu Yu said.

Mu Yuexiu bit her lower lip. She was still a Heaven’s Pride girl. Even though she was not the best, she had never considered being someone else’s servant.

However, she only hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

This incident did not make any waves.

However, the people from the Purple Cloud School were all shocked by this familiar face who became Chu Yu’s servant.

A superior school’s teacher actually came here to be Section Head Song’s servant?

Is she crazy? Or is she crazy?

However, Mu Yuexiu took it in her stride. Regardless of what she was asked to do, she did the tasks gently and without lamenting.

A descendant of Qiao Zu came on behalf of the Sword Rain School. He looked like he was about 40 years old.

He was an elder from the Sword Rain School, and he came to visit Chu Yu on behalf of Qiao Zu.

He gave Chu Yu much advice with regard to the interschool championships.

The big day finally arrived.

Xu Xiaoxian appeared by Chu Yu’s side. She was still wearing a pink princess dress, but she looked prettier this time.

Chu Yu had already told the people from the Purple Cloud School about this. As such, even though they were curious as to who this adorable girl was, they did not ask questions.

In fact, there was a history of people hiring others to represent them.

However, the Alliance of Schools chose to turn a blind eye to them.

On one hand, there were too many schools and it was difficult to prove it.

On the other hand, there were not many schools who could use such a method to rise into the ranks of the superior schools.

In order to do that, they would require an astronomical sum!

That sum of money could be used to cultivate their own people and improve themselves.

The first few days of the championships were between the unranked schools.

After getting the top 200 from those qualifiers, the superior schools would enter.

The Purple Cloud School only registered for the pill refining and battle competitions.

Only the superior schools could field teams in every competition. The average school was considered pretty strong if they could field a couple of professional teams.

The first round was the pill refining competition.

The school they were facing of against was named Butterfly, and they were ranked 206 in the Mirror World.

This time, they were here in the hopes of making it into the top 200.

The first student they sent was a youth in his twenties.

This man did not seem to be like a student. He was calm and composed, a far cry from the immaturity expected of students.

However, no one seemed to say anything.

After he went into the arena, he retrieved his pill furnace and sat there quietly, calming himself down, waiting for the competition to start.

The first person representing the Purple Cloud School was Ji Anyun.

She sported short hair and an exquisite face.

This initially rebellious girl was now extremely calm. She retrieved her monkey engraved pill furnace and her refining fire.

The two of them cupped their fists and bowed at each other. Then they took their seats and waited.

Chu Yu was glad to see that Ji Anyun was not nervous at all.


The Sky Dazed School’s students acting as the judges ordered, and the competition was underway.

The people spectating were mostly from the Butterfly School and the Purple Cloud School.

This competition was not particularly interesting to others.

Furthermore, this was a pill refining contest, if it was a battle contest... there may still be a chance of excitement.

The pill that they were refining was a Healing Pill. It’s name betrayed its use. This pill was used to heal wounds.

No matter how serious the injury, a single pill would stop the bleeding and encourage a rapid recovery.

The recovery pill was also the most common pill in the cultivation world.

Ever since Chu Yu came, Ji Anyun had been religiously practicing her pill refining.

The twelve of them were all quite talented and they improved quickly.

Right now, she was at the level of an advanced level pill refiner. Furthermore, because she was learning a saint’s technique, she was much better in many aspects as compared to the average advanced level pill refiner.

Xu Xiaoxian sat beside Chu Yu. As she looked at Ji Anyun’s movements when refining the pill, she used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Little fella, you imparted your saint’s techniques to these girls?"

"What saint’s techniques? I don’t have any." Chu Yu replied expressionlessly.

"Chey, you’re still trying to lie to me! Do you dare say that the Crane Saint’s legacy is not in your hands?" Xu Xiaoxian rolled her eyes, "I have no interest in pill refining, so I won’t steal yours, what are you so afraid of? However, aren’t you afraid that they’ll betray you after you imparted these skills to them"

Chu Yu responded with silence, he was afraid of this previously, but right now, he did not dare to answer this question.

Xu Xiaoxian’s lips twitched, "But I don’t think you are that stupid, I’m sure you held something back. Furthermore, it seems that these girls revere you. The Mirror World places a larger emphasis on the ancient core values, and the people are much more loyal than the fickle minded people on Earth."

This was curt, but Chu Yu could not help but agree.

By this point, the power balance in the arena seemed to shift.

When that young man saw Ji Anyun’s technique, he began to panic.

He was one of the advanced realm pill refiners hired by the Butterfly School to be one of their teachers.

In this first round, the Butterfly School wanted to get a head start and boost their morale.

However, he could tell immediately that this beautiful girl’s technique was special. Even though he could not understand it, it was clear that this was a powerful technique!

In his panic, he began to sing in order to distract her.

His voice stunned everyone!

It sounded so horrible, it was almost like the scene of a car crash.

Chu Yu’s expression darkened, Damn, you can do this too?

Xu Xiaoxian could not help but laugh, "This fella is interesting!"

"How shamless!" Chu Yu said coldly.

"You can find all sorts of characters at the interschool championship." Xu Xiaoxian said.

"Isn’t this against the rules?" Chu Yu frowned.

"He didn’t attack her, and didn’t try to hypnotize her, what about this could be against the rules? He could just be singing out of happiness?" Xu Xiaoxian covered her mouth and laughed.

Everyone from the Purple Cloud School looked on in fury.

"How shameless!"

"What a shameless man, resorting to such underhand tactics to get an upperhand!"

"Incredibly shameless!"

The Butterfly School was not to be beaten, and they rebutted those comments.

"How interesting, have you ever participated in the interschool championships? Do you not know that this is allowed?"

"You all can sing too?"

"How funny, what’s shameless about this? This is called playing by the rules!"

Ji Anyun was slightly stunned when this man started singing so brightly.

She even rolled her eyes, Is this man crazy?

However, she had been trained by Chu Yu’s poisonous tongue. Normally, when they refined pills, Chu Yu would also try to distract them.

As such, even though her train of thought was interrupted by that man, she had only lost concentration briefly. Even so, her actions remained uninterrupted and fluid.

When the twenty year old youth was stunned to see that his opponent was unaffected by his singing.

Even though the car accident like singing did not stop, his actions paused for just an instant.

Not only did he fail in his quest to distract his opponent, he ended up harming himself.

The worst thing that could happen to a pill refiner is if got distracted, During the moment that he was distracted, his pills may have been completely wasted.

As an advanced level pill refiner, he was rather capable. He immediately stopped singing and began to refine his pills.

The Purple Cloud School burst out in mockery.

"F*ck, keep singing!"

"Why aren’t you singing? You shameless f*ck, even though it is extremely disgusting to hear, but it is rather devilish and I kind of like it. Come on, keep singing, I will reward you with a wasted spiritual stone!"

"That’s too high a price, if this b*stard sings, he should be paying us money!"

The people from the Butterfly School looked on unhappily. They silently awaited the results.

The time taken to refine a healing pill was about half an hour.

However, Ji Anyun only used 15 minutes to finish her refinement.

Then, she calmly opened the lid to her pill furnace.

On the screen 64 pills, lined up in eight neat rows of eight, could be seen. Each pill was intricately engraved.

All the Purple Cloud students present gasped.

Even the Sky Dazed School student, who was the judge for the day, was briefly stunned.

The Sky Dazed School’s Pill Refining Section students... were also about this level!

Ji Anyun’s opponent, that youthful advanced level pill refiner, paled when he looked at Ji Anyun’s pills on the screen.

At this point, Ji Anyun glanced at him and seemed to murmur to herself, albeit not softly, "Your voice is horrendous!"

That youthful advanced level pill refiner’s lips twitched. In a moment of fury, the refining fire he was controlling exploded.

The fire engulfed the entire pill furnace.


A dull sound echoed out.

His pill furnace, exploded.

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