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Chapter 202: Get it from their Ancestors

His gaze stopped at that message but he did not open it.

His expression was complicated and it amalgamated many feelings.

He was a brave kid since young, else, he would not have followed a ferocious tiger into an ancient forest at such a young age.

In his youth, he experienced many things that people wouldn’t even experience in an entire lifetime.

He had gone through the warmth and coldness of the world, as well as reality and hallucination.

He had gone through too much.

He was lucky to have a group of people beside him who never gave up on him

He was lucky to have a smart and happy mother who guided him and imparted in him the right values and the skills to manage his emotions.

As such, all this while, Chu Yu had been a very optimistic person.

He never gave up when faced with difficulty!

But at this point, his complicated gaze was filled with a sense of loss, bordering on despair.

"Divine Warfare School’s Heaven’s Pride lady talent Lin Shi is engaged to the Divine Warfare School’s first youth expert Leng Ao."

That was the title.

The Divine Warfare School was a tier three school and it was ranked 33rd in the Mirror World.

It was a superior school which could enter the second tier at any time!

Heaven’s Pride lady talent Lin Shi...

When Chu Yu saw this, his emotions were incredibly complicated.

Chu Yu finally understood why, when he saw Lin Shi the last time at the lake, why she looked like she had so much to say, and why she looked so conflicted and tangled.

Chu Yu tried to calm himself down as he told himself, Maybe it’s just someone with the same name, maybe she has her troubles, maybe...

But it was no use.

His hands balled up into fists and the veins popped out from him forehead.

He did not want to call it a betrayal, especially since the other party was Lin Shi.


He let out a long sigh, then walked to Fatty’s room.

Fatty looked rather radiant as he lay there, almost as if he was in a deep sleep.

After giving a pill to Fatty, he immediately retrieved the Deathly Poisonous Worm.

The Deathly Poisonous Worm seemed to be unhappy that someone awoke it from its sleep. It tried to resist, but Chu Yu exploded with a wave of icy killing intent.

He had the ability to control the Deathly Poisonous Worm. So long as this mystical being made any weird movement, Chu Yu would kill it without hesitation!

The Deathly Poisonous Worm gradually calmed down and Chu Yu kept it.

At this point, Fatty opened his eyes slowly.

"Aiyo, f*ck me... what’s going on?"

Fatty sat up and looked at Chu Yu with his mouth agape and eyes widened. Then he scratched his head, "Didn’t I die?"

"You remember?" Chu Yu asked caringly.

The brain was the most complicated place in the entire human body. Chu Yu feared that there would be repercussions from Fatty’s injuries.

"You... you are?" Fatty looked at Chu Yu, lost.

Chu Yu’s heart tightened as he looked at Fatty, "You don’t recognize me?"

Fatty shook his head, "You look familiar, but I can’t recall your name..."

"I am..." Chu Yu was incredibly pained. Just as he was about to say his name, Chu Yu saw a flash of cunningness flash in Fatty’s eyes.

"Damn Fatty!"

Chu Yu scolded.

"Aish, why must we be so realistic? No matter what, I helped you block a lethal attack!" Fatty smiled.

Then, he said in shock, "Why has my power increased? Why is the energy in my body so pure and powerful?"

Then, he looked at Chu Yu anx

iously and grabbed his blanket, "You... what have you done to me?"

"..." Chu Yu looked at Fatty speechlessly. His feeling of depression lessened significantly.

Fatty stood up and moved his limbs, then said excitedly, "How much time has passed? Why do I feel like I could enter the King’s Realm soon? My god... this feeling, is so awesome!"

"Not even half a year." Chu Yu said.

"Half a year..." Fatty went silent and looked at Chu Yu, "You must have paid a huge price to save me?"

Chu Yu shook his head, "Actually, I could have woken you much earlier. However, I wanted to help change the makeup of your body, so i dragged it slightly."

Fatty looked cheekily at Chu Yu, "You are so nice to me, if I was a girl, I would love you so much."

"Scram!" Chu Yu’s face darkened as he ignored Fatty and left.

Fatty stumbled behind as he kept feeling the changes in his body, especially that majestic wave of energy.

"Tell me, during the time that I was asleep, what happened?"

"A lot."

"F*ck, what is a lot? You can tell me one by one!"

Chu Yu knew that Fan Jian was much more cunning than him. As such, he gave Fatty a rundown on all that had happened whilst he was asleep.

After Fatty heard this, he went silent, then said, "You have the makings of someone who will have great influence in the Mirror World..."

"Hmm?" Chu Yu glanced at him and frowned.

Fatty did not know that his casual remark was like a stab to Chu Yu.

"You see, ever since you’ve come to this world, you have left a mark everywhere you went. Your cultivation level is rising rapidly and your connections are getting wider and wider. In the Purple Cloud School, your reputation is probably close to, if not better than that of the Principal? Even if you can’t command everyone, but those who are willing to follow you, probably... far exceed those that are willing to follow the Principal!"

Fatty looked at Chu Yu and analyzed, "Outside of the Purple Cloud School, the royal family’s Song Lun is also a given. Divine Lord Mu Hai from the Wafting Fragrance wants to repay you, and also... wants to be friends with you. Now, even the Vice Principal of the Sword Rain School is trying to curry favor with you..."

At this point, seeing Chu Yu’s lips pursed, "If I had gotten this legacy then, then the person soaking in the limelight... would be me!"

Chu Yu looked at him speechlessly. But he had to admit that Fatty’s analysis made sense.

Anyone else would think so too. They would all think that he was beginning to settle into the Mirror World.

Then... could Lin Shi be this way to?

Chu Yu’s suddenly felt a wave of anticipation rise in his heart.

Fatty looked at Chu Yu and said seriously, "Even though you are my boss, I still want to tell you this, don’t forget that we are from Earth! No matter how good this world is, it is not our home. Furthermore, this world exists so that one day, everyone here can attack our home."

Chu Yu nodded and looked at Fatty approvingly. Then, he patted his shoulders, "Relax, no matter what, I will never betray our home!"

Fatty may be someone who specializes in robbing graves and doing things that are rather immoral, but he was still a righteous person.

As a person from Earth, he was full of passion to defend his country.

Ever since he found out the reason for the Mirror World’s existence, Fatty had hated this world to the core.

Even though he knew how much he hated this world, there were still some good people here.

However, these people would attack his home one day. Then, regardless good or bad, they would all be enemies!

This was Fatty’s idea. He trusted Chu Yu, and trusted Chu Yu’s character.

However, he could not help but remind Chu Yu not to get too attached to this world.

The more connections you make... the less easy it will be to let things go.

However, Chu Yu’s attitude was reassuring for Fatty. He felt that Chu Yu was serious.

He then said happily, "I finally understand what Master Yi’s test for us is. I feel that other than intellect, strength and courage, there’s one other thing that he didn’t say!"

He looked at Chu Yu, "That is loyalty!"

Chu Yu nodded and smiled. He looked at Fatty approvingly, "The fact that you understand so much shows that you’ve grown."

"Aish, brother, please don’t make it seem like you are that much older." Fatty scanned Chu Yu’s animalistic, handsome look.

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes internally. He has to choose such a handsome face for his disguise, must he be so narcissistic?

"Even though you seem a little old, but this isn’t your true look." Fatty’s lips twitched, then he quickly recovered and whispered to Chu Yu, "On my way here, I found many tombs..."

"..." Chu Yu looked at him speechlessly.


The interschool championships were just 10 days away. The Purple Cloud School had done all their preparations and were on their way.

This time, Chu Yu brought along 30 best quality spiritual stones along with him!

These 30 best quality spiritual stones were an astonishing fortune, even in the Mirror World.

The Purple Cloud School alone could not muster such a fortune.

10 of these spiritual stones were given by the royal family. They instructed that these were for Section Head Song’s personal use.

When the royal family had raided the Sun Clan, the total fortune was no more than a hundred best quality spiritual stones.

And this was the wealth accumulated by the Sun Clan over the years.

Under normal circumstances, even a True Lord would rarely use a best quality spiritual stone when cultivating.

There was just too much spiritual energy inside!

For a True Lord cultivator, top quality spiritual stones were sufficient.

Only when one reached a level of Divine Lord and began to absorb energy like a truck would a top quality spiritual stone... be insufficient for their use.

Under such a circumstance, they would sometimes use a single best quality spiritual stone.

Most of the time, the Divine Lord cultivators would build a Spiritual Concentration Formation and isolate themselves in it for many years as they cultivated.

Only the extremely rich and powerful would use a lot of top quality spiritual pills for their everyday cultivation. Only after attaining a certain level would they start using best quality spiritual pills.

Such powers were few and far between in the Mirror World.

The other 10 best quality spiritual stones were given by the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

In order to win over this young pill guru, they had spared no expense.

Even when Chu Yu had cured Liu Yuyan, they had not rewarded him with such a fortune.

It was clear that in the eyes of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, a Heaven’s Pride Talent like Liu Yuyan... was of lesser value than a youthful pill guru.

The last 10 best quality spiritual stones were from the Purple Cloud School.

30 best quality spiritual stones was sufficient to buy a superior magical equipment.

No matter what Fatty thought of the Mirror World people, he had to admit that they were filthy rich!

They also valued Chu Yu extremely highly...

The more this happened, the more he worried.

"Brother, we cannot be fooled by their generosity and kindness. We can enjoy the benefits now, but when the time comes, we must be prepared to fight them!" Fatty used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu in the posh flying car.

Chu Yu smiled, "Are you really that worried about me?"

"Aish, if it was me... I could possibly have been bought over." Fatty said honesty, "Sadly, no one invests in me, so I have decided to get it from their ancestors!"

Then, Fatty said self-righteously, "These... are the debts that their ancestors owe to us!"

Chu Yu looked at Fatty in exasperation. He was the only person who could make grave robbing seem so righteous and moral.

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