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Chapter 203: Sky Dazed City

Sky Dazed City.

It was the biggest city in the entire Mirror World!

It was also the capital of the largest country in the Mirror World, Sky Dazed Country.

The Sky Dazed Country was billions of miles wide. It was said that the person who founded this country 60 million years ago was a saint.

His name was Chi Tianmeng.

He had a huge contribution in the last attack on the Solar System, where he killed countless powers there.

Chi Tianmeng was also one of the few saints who lived after that battle.

He founded the Sky Dazed City and it quickly expanded to cover billions of miles.

In the end, he had given this land to his 13 sons and daughters.

He had then gone into isolation and hasn’t been seen in the last 30 million years.

The Purple Cloud School Principal sat beside Chu Yu and gave Chu Yu a rundown on the history of the country.

"The Sky Dazed School has always been ranked first in the Mirror World!"

The Principal was filled with admiration, "They are by far the best school in the Mirror World! Throughout the years, many talents have passed through their doors. Today, any one of their students, even an ordinary one, is of the level of a Vice Principal in the Purple Cloud School."

However, all Chu Yu could think about was the atrocities that this founder, saint Chi Tianmeng, had committed against his ancestors.

It was no exaggeration to say that the only reason why he could be born in an era when the world was unsealed and grow up in relative safety was because his ancestors had laid down their lives for this cause!

The entire Solar System continues to be sealed by an immensely powerful magical formation!

This was also the legacy left behind by their ancestors.

As such, no matter how good or prosperous the Mirror World was, just like what Fatty said, we were always citizens of Earth!

We are the people from the Village of Cultivation!

Keeping the past in mind, with hard work, one day, he will also step on the battlefield!

He would protect his homeland with his life!

The Sky Dazed city was too big. Its city walls stretched for miles and it looked like an intimidating fortress that stretched endlessly in all directions.

The various buildings in the city were also intricately designed and built.

The roads were clean and polished. Over the millions of years, countless powers had passed through these streets.

Even though they were maintained by a magical formation, these roads still exuded an aura of age.

There were various flying objects that landed outside the city before their passengers took a car into the city.

However, there were exceptions.

With a loud rumble, a huge flying object flew straight into the city.

It was an extremely powerful beast dragging a terrifying and intimidating carriage.

"Those are all the powerful people of the Mirror World, or people related to these men." The Principal whispered, "We will never receive treatment like that."

"That may not be true." Chu Yu smiled and replied and thought to himself, Not only do I want to become the best in the Mirror World, I want to destroy this entire place!

The Principal disregarded this as the passion of a youth. It was understandable that Chu Yu had such unrealistic dreams.

Who wasn’t young once?

Seeing the posh entourage, the Principal continued, "Whilst we are here, we must maintain a low profile. This is the heart of the Mirror World and Heaven’s Pride Talents are bursting at the seams! If you are not careful, you may antagonize the scion of one of the powers. That would be extremely bad!"
Chu Yu could understand the Principal’s emotions.

If people from the suburbs entered the city, they would also be cautious and uneasy.

"However, there are few people who would dare to find trouble here, so, just be a little careful..."

Before the Principal could finish, they suddenly heard an icy shout from outside.

"Who is this blind dog? Where is he from!"

"Are you blind?!"

Then, with a little woosh, a skinny figure tunneled into their car.

The people in the car were all shocked as they looked at the skinny youth and then at the sealed car door.


Or a sacred art?

Before they could react, they heard an icy voice from outside.

"Stop the car!"

The cars that they were in were quite similar to the taxis on earth.

They were spindle shaped and had no wheels. They were completely powered by spiritual stones.

These cars looked like they were travelling on the ground, but in actual fact, there were flying about 20-30cm off the ground.

At full speed, they could go faster than the speed of sound.

However, in the Sky Dazed City, they could not drive at such speeds.

These flying cars were operated by cultivators in the Sky Dazed City. They accepted spiritual stones as payment. Their prices were not expensive and were the premier transportation choice in the Mirror World.

They could take about 10 people in each vehicle. This time, the Purple Cloud had a delegation of a little more than 70 people and they hired eight cars, forming a little line.

In comparison to the thousands of people from the superior schools, the Purple Cloud’s 70 people paled.

Chu Yu sat in the lead car. Once they stopped, all the others stopped too.

Chu Yu’s gaze fell on the skinny youth who had tunneled into their car.

His skin was extremely white and the clothes he wore were not cheap, but they did look dirty.

His hair was a mess and covered his eyes. However, Chu Yu could see that his eyes were bright.

The youth was slightly pale, almost as if he had been shocked as he looked anxiously at all of them.

At this point, an icy voice from outside could be heard, "Open the door!"

The driver whispered, "I don’t think that’s a good idea..."

"You open it because I asked you to! Who are you to deny me?" That icy voice was arrogant and imposing.

At this point, the Principal frowned at the youth who had mysteriously entered their vehicle, wanting to say something.

The youth looked at the Principal with pleading eyes.


All of a sudden, a crisp slap rang out.

Then, that icy voice could be heard once again, "Open the door!"

Chu Yu frowned and stood up, motioning to the youth to move into the far corner.

The Principal’s lips moved, almost as if he was about to say something. In the end, he just sighed.

He felt that Section Head Song had not listened to a word he said!

The youth stiffened slightly, shocked that this man would help him. He had planned on using his teleportation technique to get out of there.

He looked at Chu Yu suspiciously before hiding cautiously in the innermost seat.

Chu Yu walked to the door and opened the door.

The bright light from the sun, as well as a few figures, quickly came into view.

Their driver blocked the door, looking slightly wronged, but he did not budge.

All of those who drove these flying cars in the Sky Dazed City were all part of a group. The powers backing them were not weak!

As such, normally, no one would find trouble with them.

Chu Yu saw that the icy voiced man was dressed elegantly. He looked to be in his twenties and exuded a powerful aura of energy. With a quick sense, Chu Yu found out that this man was at the pinnacle of the King’s Realm.

Behind him was a group of youths.

These youths were clearly extraordinary.

There were four males and three females. All of them exuded a strong aura. This was not energy, but just the commanding presence they had!

These youths did not seem particularly arrogant. They stood there confidently, ignoring all around them.

Chu Yu surmised that this man with the icy voice was just a slave!

A slave was this powerful?

As Chu Yu opened the door, that young man’s gaze was fixated on him. He scanned Chu Yu before saying coldly, "At least there’s someone who knows his place here."

Then, he walked up and tried to enter the car.

"Hold up." Chu Yu said and stopped this youth, "What is your business here?"

"I just praised you and you’re trying to be shameless now huh?" This youth was particularly angsty and looked like he was out to antagonize everyone he talked to.

The real powerful people would not be riding in these ordinary cars, even if they came to the Sky Dazed City.

Even though this man was judging a book by its cover, he was without fear.

Chu Yu looked at the driver, "Let’s go."

"How dare you!"

Before the driver could respond, this young man frowned and smiled sinisterly, "Young man, this is the Sky Dazed City, don’t find trouble here!

The driver was also quite a character. When Chu Yu opened the door, he felt quite horrible, I’m doing my best to ensure your safety, yet you open the door on your own accord?

However, Chu Yu’s subsequent attitude made him feel a lot better.

Even though this young man was not someone he could afford to antagonize, the power backing him may not be afraid of them.

As such, after hearing Chu Yu, the driver turned and prepared to drive away.

At the same time, he had already informed one of the middle managers of his backer when he was slapped.

At this very moment, there were people from the Flying Car Group coming.

That icy young man raised his fist and attacked Chu Yu, wanting to knock Chu Yu down before entering.

This fist was extremely powerful!

Even though he was only a King’s Realm cultivator, he had an extremely strong foundation!

He was different from the other King’s Realm cultivators that Chu Yu had met. This slave like youth may be a King’s Realm cultivator, but he seemed to have the power of an elementary Supreme Realm cultivator!

No wonder he is so arrogant?

Chu Yu was expressionless as he raised his fist to meet this young man’s fist.


A dull sound echoed out.

This young man’s body retreated a few steps, his expression red as his eyes filled with surprised.

Chu Yu had not used much strength, else, this punch of his would have destroyed this young man’s hand.

"Go to hell!’

Chu Yu’s mercy was clearly not appreciated by this young man. Instead, this triggered the youth to charge at Chu Yu once again.

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