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Chapter 201: Qiao Zu

Chu Yu felt like he was a superstar in recent days.

All of a sudden, there were many people who came to visit him.

Even though most were rebuffed by the Principal, there were a few influential and powerful people who the Principal could not hold back.

Even the Song Royal Family could not hold them back, much less the Principal!

One of them was the silver haired Qiao Zu.

When the Principal found out who this man was, he was extremely anxious and nearly summoned someone to invite Divine Lord Song Lun over.

Even though he was only a True Lord cultivator on the verge of breaking through to the Divine Lord Realm, the power he controlled was that of a fourth tier school!

The Sword Rain School’s Principal was in isolation.

As such, the one who faced the public was this man Qiao Zu. To an unranked school like the Purple Cloud, seeing someone as powerful as Qiao Zu was an extremely big surprise.

There was even elements of fear.

What was this great man doing here?


However, Qiao Zu expressed his sincerity and goodwill as soon as he arrived.

He told the Purple Cloud School Principal that even though he was one of the Vice Principals of the Sword Rain School, he was not here to find trouble.

"I would like to meet that young man."

Qiao Zu did not specify who, but the Purple Cloud School Principal knew.

He was here to find Song Hong.

He could guess the reason why this man was here!

The number of people who wanted Song Hong to refine pills for them was countless!

Many of them were people who could not be rebuffed.

However, the people who came to request for pills were courteous and orderly.

They left behind the medicine for the pills and a fortune as compensation. However, they did not rush it although they hoped to get the pills as soon as possible.

Generally, they left it up to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu looked at the aged man opposite him and frowned.

The Sword Rain School was a power which wanted to absorb the Purple Cloud School for many years, and it was a fourth tier school.

What is one of their Vice Principals doing here?

The weasel paying a visit to the chicken?

"Do I address you as Sensei Song, or Section Head Song?" Qiao Zu smiled at Chu Yu, his aged eyes revealing his intellect and experience.

"Anything, you can call me Xiao Song too." Chu Yu smiled humbly.

Before he found out what this man’s intentions were, he did not want to give the Purple Cloud School any trouble.

"I think I’ll stick with Sensei Song." Qiao Zu looked at Chu Yu, "Actually, I knew about the plot to take over the Purple Cloud School, and even the one to usurp the Song Royal Family. In fact, many of the orders were given by me."

Chu Yu raised his head, but did not speak.

Qiao Zu continued, "But times are different now. Back then, the Purple Cloud did not have someone as stellar as Sensei Song."

Then, he smiled and raised the cup in his hand. He sipped the tea he made himself, then motioned to Chu Yu, "Even though this tea is not as great as superior Realization Tea, it is quite extraordinary, care to try some Sensei Song?"

Realization Tea was what most of the Mirror World powers were after.

It was said that there weren’t many Realization Tea Trees in the entire world.

It’s production was extremely low, and could only be harvested once every few hundred years. Each time, the yield was extremely low too.

Chu Yu raised his glass and sipped.

A wave of faint bitterness bloomed at the tip of his tongue. Then, this wave of

bitterness morphed into a dry sweetness, giving him a soothing feeling.

Chu Yu felt extremely warm all over, almost as if a mysterious force was flowing in his body.

This feeling was awesome, and his concentration multiplied instantly!

The entire world sprang to life in front of Chu Yu’s eyes.

Chu Yu’s handsome face revealed his awe.

Right now, he had used the same look as Song Hong on Earth. The only difference was that his hair was longer, his eyes were brighter, and he was more animalistic.

Chu Yu gradually began to find some flaws in the Human Form Changing Sacred Art as he improved.

As such, he had to change his appearance slightly every now and then... only then would it be more realistic.

After drinking the tea from Qiao Zu, Chu Yu felt that his Facebook Technique got slightly stronger.

This had stunned him.

"Good tea!" Chu Yu commended.

"This tea is not as good as the Realization Tea. That tea has the ability to let someone understand hundreds of years of experience and attain enlightenment. However, this tea can help to patch up some of the flaws in your cultivation techniques."

Qiao Zu was extremely humble.

In actual fact, this tea was known as "Supplement", and it was also a rather expensive tea.

In the Mirror World, demand for it was great and it was a tea that money could not buy!

If one wanted some, one needed more than just money.

Qiao Zu was trying very hard to make friends with Chu Yu. He had taken his treasured tea and passed it off as ordinary tea for Chu Yu.

The moment Chu Yu drank it, he knew that this was superior tea.

It could continuously patch up the flaws in his cultivation techniques!

As such, he did not hold back and drank a few cups in succession. Then, he sat in silence as it patched up the flaws in his appearance changing technique, bit by bit.

Chu Yu was relaxed and didn’t maintain a high alert.

To maintain a high alert in the face of a cultivator on the verge of breaking through to the Divine Lord Realm was laughable.

Qiao Zu looked at this well toned, handsome youth in front of him approvingly. Even without considering how great his pill refining is, just his ability to stay calm and composed was already close to that of an advanced realm True Lord!

Even an ordinary True Lord may not be this relaxed when with him.

This man in front of him was just a King’s Realm level lowly cultivator.

How brave!

This was Qiao Zu’s evaluation of Chu Yu.

After an hour, Chu Yu woke.

Then he stood up and bowed to Qiao Zu, "Thank you senior for this tea..."

"This tea, is known as Supplement Tea." Qiao Zu smiled faintly, "If it can help a talented youth like yourself, it shows that I am still slightly useful."

"I owe senior one." Chu Yu said seriously.

Qiao Zu smiled, "You don’t. To be honest, I came here this time to atone for the sins. I wanted to compensate you all for what I did before."

Before this, Qiao Zu had contemplated putting the blame on the three dead men.

After all, they were dead, having them take the rap was no big deal.

However, upon seeing Chu Yu, he completely dispelled this idea.

This man was a brave, smart youth with terrifying pill refining skills... it was better not to lie to someone as great as this.

The only way he was going to befriend someone like that was be honest!

Else, once Chu Yu had a bad impression of him... it would be extremely difficult to change that impression.

As such, from start to finish, Qiao Zu was extremely honest.

Furthermore, he didn’t even mention anything about pills!

He had placed all the responsibility for this incident on himself. Furthermore, he promised Chu Yu that the Sword Rain School would not be enemies with the Purple Cloud School any longer.

"This will end here." Qiao Zu said solemnly to Chu Yu. This aged man said honestly, "As compared to a million mile land and a prosperous country, or a school bursting with talent, I much rather make friends with a pill refiner with limitless potential."

Then, Qiao Zu said goodbye and left.

News of Qiao Zu’s visit spread quickly.

"One of the Vice Principals of the Sword Rain school went to visit the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section Head Song."

"I heard that this Vice Principal went to apologize to Section Head Song."

"A Vice Principal of the 78th ranked school, a fourth tier school no less, went to visit the Purple Cloud School?"

When news of this spread, the number of people coming to ask for pills increased significantly.

But their attitudes were even more courteous than before!

The Purple Cloud, an unranked school, gained a significant amount of fame as a result of this incident!

They were now more famous than most of the superior schools.

Of course, there were people who did not think highly of them, not everyone hoped that the Purple Cloud would rise.

"Does an unranked school really think that it can become a superior school just because it found itself a capable pill refiner?"

"Haha, there’s no need to say so much, we will just smash them at the upcoming interschool! We will let them understand that an unranked school is an unranked school! That is not a fact that one or two people can change!"

"We will see at the interschool championship! Whether they are the real deal or not will be revealed then."

The Purple Cloud School did not respond to any of these comments.

In actual fact, everyone in the Purple Cloud School understood the reasoning behind this.

But at the same time, they held their breath and hoped that Song Hong could bring the Pill Refining Section up and slap those who looked down on them viciously in the face.

Since they pinned their hopes on someone else, they would not go bragging easily.

Chu Yu also ignored most of these comments.

He began to refine pills for those who requested for them.

But for Chu Yu, this was not just so that he could gain a large amount of resources and medicine.

He also needed to refine these various types of pills to improve his pill refining skills!

He may have learnt a saint’s technique, but it required experimentation and constant practice to perfect.

He had completely given up on pill shaping.

Extremely ugly pills... were basically becoming his trademark!

In the beginning, many were shocked at how ugly the pills were. But now, they gradually began to accept it.

Some even began to announce that only Sensei Song’s pills can be called pills after taking in the pills he refined!

All the medicinal properties were sealed within!

This was sufficient to counter many of the questions.

During the process of refining these pills, Chu Yu had accumulated vast amounts of various superior medicines.

His cultivation level also rose at an incredible pace.

In the blink of an eye, five months had passed.

It was just half a month to the interschool championship.

Chu Yu had already gotten to the pinnacle of the King’s Realm!

His body’s energy was different from others, it had been purified before. As such, his energy storage capacity and strength far exceeded those of his peers.

Even if he was facing a Supreme Realm cultivator, he would not be worried.

To refine the pill into a Nascent Soul and enter the Supreme Realm was no longer just a dream for Chu Yu.

But now that he thought about it, he still found it unbelievable.

If he had been on Earth all this while, then, stepping into the King’s Realm now would be considered very fast.

The Purple Cloud School had made preparations for their journey.

Chu Yu was in his room, scrolling through the trending news on the Mirror World’s social media.

Then, his gaze stopped at a piece of news.

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