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Chapter 198: Too Calm

Chu Yu looked at the Principal in shock, You overestimate my abilities!

You want me to lead a group of 14 Pill Refining Section students to carry the Purple Cloud School to get a good ranking and elevate us from an unranked institution to an expensive one?

Do you think I’m god?

Sensing Chu Yu’s doubt, the Principal added, "You don’t have to be in the top 100 to be considered a superior school. Any school in the top 200 qualifies."

"Then what is our current ranking?" Chu Yu looked at the Principal.

The Principal’s face flushed and he did not reply.

A Vice Principal by his side whispered, "378..."

"Come again?" Chu Yu was stunned.

"The last time... at the interschools, we got the best ever ranking in our history, 378..." This Vice Principal smiled bitterly, "Before that, our best ranking was 423, so we actually improved!’

"Exactly, there are over a thousand large schools in the Mirror World. For us to rank in the top 400 is quite an achievement." Another Vice Principal added.

"Ok..." Chu Yu was at a loss for words.

"This time, if we can get a top 200 placing, we will become a superior school." The Principal looked at Chu Yu sincerely, "That will be in your hands, Song Section Head! If we manage to rise up the ranks and qualify in the top 200, I am willing to step down as Principal for you to take over!"

"Please don’t..." Chu Yu’s lips twitched as he rejected that offer immediately.

He had no interest in becoming the Principal of the Purple Cloud School.

Right now, all he wanted to do was breakthrough to the Supreme Realm as quickly as possible and influence more students.

He hoped that one day, when the two armies clashed, he could have a group of people loyal to him defect on his command. That was his greatest wish.

"Isn’t it difficult to enter the top 200?" Chu Yu asked cautiously.

"It is indeed. However, with your Pill Refining Section, I think it is possible for us to gain quite a few points." The Principal added, "if we had Section Head Song the other time, with an additional 30 points, we would have successfully made the top 200!"

At this point, one of the Vice Principals used his messenger to project an image. On it were the scores of all the schools.

Chu Yu understood it immediately. The score difference between each school from 200-400 was minuscule, no where near what he expected.

For many of the schools, the difference was a couple of points, and even a fraction of a point.

With another 30 points, the Purple Cloud School would be near the 200th school.

However, the scores of the top 10 schools were pretty terrifying.

The Principal followed Chu Yu’s gaze and laughed bitterly, "Don’t think about the front, their combined power will make you despair! There are so many youthful Supreme Realm cultivators in those schools. In the top three schools, there are True Lord Realm students who are not even a hundred years old. We can’t match them in any aspect."

Chu Yu nodded. He remembered that Lin Shi had told him that her master was likely to be a Divine Lord cultivator.

If that is true, Lin Shi’s school is probably a superior school.

However, Lin Shi had told him they were only a third class school...

As he thought about it, Chu Yu asked the principal. "For a third class school... what is their approximate ranking?"

According to rankings on Earth, a Third Class school... was just slightly better than an unranked one.

However, when the Principal heard ‘third class’ he stiffened slightly then smiled bitterly, "Third class school? Don’t think about it... you must make the top 50. To be exact, you must rank be

tween 20 and 50. The third class is actually the third grouping!’

"Third grouping?" Chu Yu frowned.

The Principal explained, "First Class schools refer to the top 10, second class schools are those between 10 and 20. The third class is slightly bigger, it ranges from 20 to 50."

The Principal continued, "Schools are split into nine groups, the fourth class is from 50-80; the fifth class is from 100-120, seventh class is from 120-150, eighth class is from 150-170 and the ninth class is from 170-200. Everyone after 200 is considered unranked!"

Ah, I see!

Chu Yu had a sudden revelation.

Then, he asked the principal, "Do all of the schools compete in the interschool competition?"

The Principal nodded, "It is mandatory for the top 200 to join. By right, all of the schools will participate. However, there are some unranked schools who miss it for various reasons."

Another Vice Principal added, "Some missed it out, others just want to spare themselves the humiliation."

Another Vice Principal nodded, "There are many feuds amongst schools and they would love to fight it out at the interschools."

Chu Yu thought about it, "If we participate and meet the Sword Rain School... would this happen?"

The Principal nodded, "Quite likely!’

"I understand now." Chu Yu nodded, then raised his head and asked, slightly embarrassed, "Then, are there prizes at the interschool competition?"

The Principal stiffened slightly, "Are you referring to our school? Or..."

"Of course I’m referring to the authorities." Chu Yu replied.

"Yes, of course there are rewards! And the rewards are very generous!" One of the Vice Principals explained, "For example, in the last interschool championship, the top ranked pill refining section was rewarded with 100 best quality spiritual stones and the remnants of a saint’s teachings!’

100 best quality spiritual stones?

This was a terrifying amount of wealth.

Even for a powerful and prosperous country like the Song Country, a hundred best quality spiritual stones would put a huge dent in their fortune.

"Remnants of a saint’s scripture? Is there such a thing?" Chu Yu’s eyes lit up.

Ever since he got his hands on the Crane Saint’s legacy, Chu Yu had been extremely interested with saint teachings.

Any scripture from them was a valuable piece of treasure!

Even if it was just scraps!

"Yup, the interschool championship is sponsored by the Alliance of Schools to encourage the Mirror World’s youths. As such, they are always generous with their prizes." The Principal sighed, "But, in order to get those prizes, you must be able to get that ranking."

"Okay, I agree!" The purple gas in Chu Yu’s body was getting lesser and lesser as he progressed up the cultivation realms.

As long as he had enough superior spiritual stones and the corresponding cultivation techniques, his rate of breakthrough would be terrifying!

The Principal looked extremely surprised, "You... really agree?"

Chu Yu looked on righteously, "For the honor of our school, for the future of our kids, is there any reason for me not to agree?"


Who was the one who was just asking about the prizes?

The entire Purple Cloud School leadership was speechless.

They felt like they more or less understood this Section Head Song.

He was extremely shameless!

When he returned, Chu Yu broke the news to his 14 students.

After the 13 girls and one guy heard the news, they were all incredibly excited.

Even though Yan Xiaoyu and Song Binbin were from a top 100 school, they also couldn’t help but feel a wave of excitement.

Since they chose to stay at the Purple Cloud, they hoped that the Purple Cloud School could also become a superior school!

Then, they can make all of those who doubted their choices shut up!

The best would be if they could get into the top 50!

"Old Song, rest assured, with us around, our Pill Refining Section will take home the team and individual gold medals!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao pounded her chest confidently.

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, "Don’t be so quick to brag, if you can bring home a single gold medal, I will impart to you a saint’s technique!"

"Are you serious?" All of the students’ eyes brightened.

Chu Yu thought to himself, Of course it’s true, because what you are learning now, is already a saint’s technique!

If they still cannot get a good ranking in the interschool championship after learning a saint’s techniques, all Chu Yu could say was that the best schools in this world... were too powerful.

At this point, Zhao Kai rushed in, panting.

"Section Head Song... boss, something has happened! The Sun Clan... has been annihilated!’

Chu Yu stiffened slightly, and all 14 students in the room were dumbfounded.

All of them looked at Zhao Kai.

Zhao Kai was extremely excited, "That Sun Zhangshan was smashed to smithereens with a single slap! The entire Sun Clan, minus the old, weak, women, and children, all Xiantian cultivators and above... are dead!"

Everyone in the room gasped, Completely annihilated?

How many people died?

The Sun Clan is not a small family at all!

The Sun Clan was also one of the largest clans in the entire Song Nation.

The fact that they could join up with the Sword Rain School was testament to their abilities.

Chu Yu felt shocked. Even though he knew that this could be the work of Mu Hai, isn’t this man a little too vicious? He annihilated the entire Sun Clan?

Of course, it wouldn’t be difficult for a Divine Lord to do such a thing.

But Chu Yu did not expect that Divine Lord Mu Hai would be this righteous.

Even though this would likely be pinned on the Purple Cloud School, this was not a major worry for the Purple Cloud School.

If they had the ability to do this, they would have done so long ago!

The Sun Clan had linked up with the Sword Rain School in an attempt to take over the Purple Cloud School and destroy the Song Royal Family.

This was an unforgivable crime.

Even though the old, weak, ladies, and children were still alive, the Song Royal Family was likely to take action soon!

Chu Yu looked at Zhao Kai, "Mm, got it."

Zhao Kai looked at Chu Yu, stunned. He was wide eyed and tongue tied, "Got... got it?"

"Mm." Chu Yu nodded.

"That’s all?" Zhao Kai asked.

"What else can I say? We didn’t do it anyways." Chu Yu glanced at him then waved him off, "If there’s nothing else, you can carry on."

Zhao Kai was lost, even after he left, Why is Sensei Song... no, Section Head Song so calm? Is he not happy about it? Is he not excited?

In the classroom, Chu Yu looked at the crowd, "Let’s continue from where we left off, if you all perform well enough..."

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