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Chapter 199: Yet another Divine Lord

News of the Sun Clan’s annihilation spread quickly.

It shocked the entire Song Country and spread on the Mirror World’s internet quickly.

However, a clan like this was insignificant in the Mirror World. As such, the number of people interested in this was limited.

However, it was huge news for the Song Country.

One of the largest families in their country was smashed in a single night.

Many were shocked, the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s strength is too strong -

There was no choice. The Sun Clan’s annihilation meant that everyone’s gaze was directed at the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

Other than them and the Song Royal Family, no one else had cause to do such a thing.

The Purple Cloud Constabulary remained silent on this matter.

In fact, the more powerful and influential people could tell immediately that this had little to do with the Purple Cloud School.

The entire Purple Cloud Constabulary did not even have a single Divine Lord.

Anyone capable of an annihilating the Sun Clan with such ease was not a True Lord.

However, no one would believe it if they said that the Purple Cloud Constabulary had no relation to this matter.

As for the Song Royal Family, they reacted quickly. In the moment the Sun Clan was annihilated, they sent people to take over the entire clan.


This time, the Sun Clan was utterly defeated.

Before this, no one expected things to unfold this way.

Sun Zhangshan had destroyed his entire clan’s plan because of a personal vendetta.

Through the raid, the royal family had gained a huge fortune and much incriminating evidence that the Sun Clan did not have time to destroy.

These evidence were sufficient to prove that the Sun Clan had linked up with the Sword Rain School a long time ago and had plans to betray the country.

This was a huge plot!

The remaining survivors did not hate the Purple Cloud Constabulary or the royal family the most.

As a cultivation clan, everyone knew that this was a winner takes all world.

The person they hated the most was Sun Zhangshan!

His jealousy had not only cost him his life, but had implicated the entire family.

Even the Sword Rain School was implicated by him and three of their advanced True Lord Realm cultivators were now dead.

This was quite a blow to the Sword Rain School as well.

For now, the Sword Rain School was rather quiet, but this did not mean that they had given up.

In the shadows, a storm could be brewing. This storm could make landfall at any moment.

Up till now, the Purple Cloud School and the Song Royal Family still could not figure out who had killed off those three True Lord attackers.

They found slightly frustrated that they did not know who this person or why he had helped them.

However, on the other hand, they were extremely thankful. If not for this man, the Purple Cloud School would have been destroyed and the Song Royal Family may have been usurped.

They had already attacked the Purple Cloud School. Once they had that in hand, they would exact vengeance on the Song Royal Family!

The Song Royal Family would be hard pressed to block an all out attack by the Sword Rain School.

As such, Divine Lord Mu Hai’s intervention had completely destroyed the plans of the Sun Clan and the Sword Rain School.

It was if they had lit the fuse and had been scorched by the subsequent explosion...

They would think twice before lighting the fuse a second time!

Even though this was a cultivation world where the strong prevailed, law and or

der still existed.

There were many things that could not be said. Once these were uncovered for the world to see, the consequences of going forward with those plans were immense.

Even a school like the Sword Rain could not bear such consequences.

After the Song Royal Family reacted to the news of the Sun Clan’s annihilation, they sent someone to invite Chu Yu into the palace.

This was a direct order from the royal family and they said that they had something to discuss with Chu Yu.

When Chu Yu arrived, he saw a very small, but superior banquet waiting for him.

Just the dishes alone were enough for Chu Yu to feel the sincerity of the royal family.

This was almost like a state meal.

There were few people in the banquet hall. These was a middle aged man in a yellow robe. He was extremely refined and exuded an imposing, stern aura. When he saw Chu Yu, he smiled.

Next to the middle aged man was a skinny old man. His hair was silver and hastily put together. There was a wooden hair pin placed casually to hold his hair in place. He was heavily wrinkled, but his eyes revealed his depth of experience.

Chu Yu could not feel any energy from this man. He sat there calmly, his head lowered.

He only raised his head when Chu Yu walked in. He looked surprised, then quickly turned away and continued sitting in silence.

To the right of the middle aged man was a beautiful lady in her twenties. She wore a sapphire blue dressed and had well toned features. She wore a faint smile on her face and looked at Chu Yu with admiration.

Other than these people, there was a youth dressed in black.

This man was extremely handsome. Even though his robe looked ordinary, it had two dragons sewn on them using a dark gold thread.

When he saw Chu Yu, this man smiled warmly and stood up, walking towards Chu Yu.

"Greetings Section Head Song, I am Song Xu!’


Chu Yu knew that the heir to the throne was Song Xu, but this was the first time he had met this man.

He immediately cupped his fist, "Greetings Prince!"

Song Xu looked on warmly, "Section Head Song need not be so courteous, you can just call me by my name next time. I have admired you for a long time but I haven’t had the chance to pay you a visit. It is my honor to meet you today."

Then, Song Xu introduced Chu Yu to the others in the room. The middle aged man in yellow was the King, Song Mingxuan.

The aged man next to him was Song Lun. He was one of the elders in the Song Royal Family. He ass from King Song Mingxuan’s great granddad’s generation.

He was also a cultivator at the peak of the True Lord Realm!

He was also the most powerful cultivator in the Song Country.

Chu Yu bowed to Song Mingxuan and Song Lun.

Both of them were extremely courteous.

"When ancestor was younger, he was injured and could not breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm. This time, we invited Section Head Song over to see if you can help him out." The heir to the throne was straightforward but respectful.

There was no way you could fault him for anything.

Afterwhich, Song Xu introduced Chu Yu to a youthful, beautiful lady, "This is my sister, Princess Song Yu."

"Hello, Section Head Song." Song Yu stood up and bowed slightly, "That day, I snuck out to watch the challenge, Section Head Song was extremely awe inspiring and unforgettable!’

"You flatter me, princess." Chu Yu smiled faintly and bowed.

Then, Song Xu had everyone sit down for the banquet.

Song Xu was a very well read person and spoke elegantly. He introduced every dish, together with its history, to Chu Yu.

Even though there weren’t many people, the atmosphere was still quite festive.

Song Yu also asked Chu Yu many questions. However, they weren’t particularly probing or uncomfortable questions.

King Song Mingxuan and ancestor Song Lun did not say much, but when they did, they got straight to the point.

This was a very welcoming and soothing banquet.

After three rounds of drinking, the heir once again brought up Song Lun’s inability to breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm.

After thinking about it, Chu Yu retrieved a small bottle and took out a single... mm, extremely ugly pill.

After thinking about it, "I do not dare assure anyone that this pill will allow senior Song Lun to breakthrough, but it’s worth a try."

As Chu Yu spoke, he placed this pill in front of Song Lun.

Song Lun was extremely experienced and didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve.

However, when he saw the pill, he couldn’t help but frown and smile, "Section Head Song’s pills are really different..."

Song Yu had seen them before and had told her father, ancestor Song Lun, and Song Xu about it.

But nothing beat seeing the pill in person.

After seeing it, they finally understood how ugly the pills were.

King Song Mingxuan laughed, "Different... this is really different. This pill tells us that Section Head Song is a free and easy man... haha, hahaha!"

The others all laughed.

Chu Yu unhurriedly, "Pills, at the end of the day, are for using."

"That’s right, I agree with that, pills are meant to be used!" Song Xu added.

Song Lun looked at the pill for a long time but could not see anything in it.

However, he had not only heard about the process, he had seen the entire refining process through a memory crystal.

Even though he didn’t know anything about Pill Refining, as a cultivator at the pinnacle of the True Lord Realm, he could see that Chu Yu used extremely stellar techniques to refine these pills.

The Heavenly Thief’s appearance at the end of the day further confirmed this.

But this pill... was simply too ugly!

Someone as powerful as this man should be at least a Guru, why couldn’t he put a bit more effort into the shaping?

King Song Mingxuan said, "Thank you Section Head Song for your generosity. I would like to thank you on behalf of the royal family. As a token of appreciation, this is for you, I hope you will accept it."

Then, Song Mingxuan presented a storage ring.

A King’s gift was definitely generous.

Chu Yu did not reject it either, he was all too clear of his motive of entering the Mirror World.

He had never forgotten it!

This was a prosperous and grand cultivation world, but it wasn’t his world!

Furthermore, everyone in this world could one day become his enemy.

Seeing Chu Yu accept the storage ring so readily made Song Mingxuan very happy.

Then, Chu Yu said his goodbyes.

At this point, he had already thought of something.

But this was something that he could not reject, and it did not make sense to reject it.

The revenge from the Sword Rain School could come at any time. If the Song Country was in turmoil, it would do him no good.

On the second day of Chu Yu’s return to the school, he suddenly felt a powerful wave of aura rise from the palace.

That wave of energy rushed straight into the sky and into the stratosphere!

It began to cause the clouds to spin as it rolled around, morphing into various beasts in the sky.

When one broke through to the Divine Lord Realm, there was no way of hiding it, not even with the best magical formations.

The only way to hide it was if there was no one within a hundred mile radius of you when the breakthrough happened.

The entire Song Country was abuzz in an instant!

It had been thousands of years since the last time the Song Country had a Divine Lord Realm cultivator.

Each Divine Lord cultivator was another source of power for a country.

This was a heavenly surprise!

Afterwhich, the Song Royal Family announced that ancestor Song Lun had successfully entered the Divine Lord Realm.

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