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Chapter 197: Righteous Old Man

The Purple Cloud School Principal looked down and saw the incredibly tough True Lord cultivator lying on the magical formation. By this point, he was already incredibly disfigured.

However, he felt no sympathy for his enemy.

The Principal began to attack and a ray of light shot out.

That True Lord cultivator on the verge of death suddenly let out a furious shout.

His body radiated with an intense light and he roared, "Let’s die together!"

Everybody’s expression changed immediately!

This True Lord Realm cultivator was going to set his Nascent God off!

This was a weapon of mass destruction in the cultivation world.

With Nascent God explosions, even cultivators two full realms above would retreat and stay a respectful distance away.

The power of a Nascent God explosion was too great. It was comparable to a nuclear bomb on earth.

Death was virtually guaranteed for anyone who came into contact with it.

In the moment he roared, this True Lord Realm cultivator had already made up his mind.

The Principal’s attack could not stop him in time.

At this time, another ray of light came from the sky.

The light was extremely bright, and no one could look at it directly.

It silently impacted the Nascent God which was about to explode.

In that instant, there was an immense explosion which rocked the surroundings.

Even with the protection of the magical formations, many of the Purple Cloud School’s infrastructure could not take the impact and crumbled.

Countless students fled, and many were injured by the blast.

However, the explosion of the True Lord cultivator’s Nascent God was stopped!

"How I hate!"

This True Lord Realm cultivator’s Nascent God roared with its last wave of energy.

Afterwhich, pindrop silence.

Anyone lucky enough to survive was stunned by what they saw.

At this point, Chu Yu heard a voice in his head, "Little brother, I am Mu Hai, Mu Yuexiu’s granddad, can I meet you?"

Chu Yu was stunned, then he instantly realized what was going on.

However, he couldn’t helped but be shocked that the three pills actually worked!

And they worked so rapidly!

Didn’t that attractive lady just leave a few days ago?

It succeeded?

Chu Yu was sure that the man who had helped them must be this new Divine Lord Mu Hai.

Only a cultivator in the Divine Lord Realm could suppress three True Lord Realm cultivators with such ease.

However, everything happened for a reason.

Everything that has happened since the day he entered the Mirror World reflected that.

Chu Yu nodded calmly, he had not reached the stage where he could communicate with others using only his mind.

After making sure that his 14 students were fine, Chu Yu left Zhao Kai some instructions and walked towards his own residence.

It was a small building, three stories high, a little like the villas on Earth.

It was furnished with ancient furniture and all the materials used to build it were superior.

When Chu Yu returned to his room, and elderly man appeared in front of him, almost out of thin air.

This old man was sage-like, his hair was silver but he still had a boyish face as he smiled at Chu Yu.

"Senior Mu Hai?" Chu Yu looked at the old man and probed.

"Exactly, that’s me! Little brother, you don’t have to be so courteous. You are the reason why I managed to enter the Divine Lord Realm! If you don’t mind, you can just call me Big Brother Mu!" The old man said casually.

Chu Yu’s lips t

witched. This man was quite adorable and didn’t have the arrogance of a powerful cultivator.

"No way, I am not fit to call you that. Senior Mu’s ability to breakthrough was due to your many years of accumulation. Even without my pill, you would have broken through." Chu Yu said solemnly.

Actually, Chu Yu’s impression of that lady was not very good. She had tried to set him up before she left.

With that fortune on him, he had a target on his back. With his pill refining powers revealed, he was an incredible asset.

However, in the eyes of powers, his cultivation level was too low.

A lowly pill refiner capable of refining such great pills was destined to be bullied.

The unreasonable ones would capture him and force him to refine pills for them. This was quite the possibility.

As for the Purple Cloud School, even though they tried their best to protect everyone in the school... this incident showed them that they were clearly not strong enough.

"Little Brother, don’t be courteous. If you continue to be so courteous, then I’ll take it that you despise me. My sole purpose for coming is to know you better!" Mu Hai acted a little unhappy.

Chu Yu tried his best and shouted, "Big Brother Mu..."

"That’s better!" Mu Hai was extremely happy. He sat down and looked at Chu Yu, "Brother Song is an exemplary talent. It is my good fortune to meet someone as talented and youthful as you!"

As he spoke to Mu Hai, Chu Yu gradually got the feeling that this man was extremely sincere.

This stunned Chu Yu slightly. For one, this man was a Divine Lord and need not show this much respect towards a lower cultivator.

Furthermore, Chu Yu felt that this man was truly very humble!

His was clear on who he loved and who he hated!

Else, upon arrival, he would not have stepped in to help when he saw people attacking the Purple Cloud School and Chu Yu.

An ordinary person may have just showed himself and that would have been sufficient to scare the three True Lords away.

But this man had killed them all.

He didn’t care even if killing those three True Lords would implicate him.

Just this point alone was sufficient to show that he was one who would repay those who helped him.

"That granddaughter of mine has been too pampered by me. When she first liked that b*stard, I told her that this young man was bad news... ahem, I’m not talking about you little brother, no one is more reliable than you..."

Very little people could imagine that such a terrifying Divine Lord would come to Chu Yu’s residence and engage in casual chit chat, especially after he just killed three advanced level True Lords.

From start to finish, it was basically that man talking and Chu Yu listening.

"I just used my Divine Sense to scan the area and I kinda know what’s happening. The Sun Clan of Song huh? I will go over there and quell them!"

Mu Hai looked extremely imposing as he told Chu Yu, "What a group of beasts. They linked up with outsiders to take over others’ businesses and take over the country? This kind of family does not deserve to live!’

"..." Chu Yu looked at Mu Hai speechlessly, Aren’t you going far beyond your jurisdiction? Even though this concerns me slightly... but with things as they are, the links to me are quite small.

This man’s loyalty and care for those around him was bordering on extreme.

"Okay then, you don’t have to worry anymore. Brother Song, tell me, what other feuds do you have? I can help you get rid of them all!’

If one did not know that this was a man who had just entered the Divine Lord Realm, they would have thought he was just bragging.

Chu Yu smiled bitterly, "I just came here not long ago, so I don’t really have any enemies, only Sun Zhangshan keeps finding trouble with me..."

"Okay, just wait and see!’ Mu Hai prepared to leave. Then, after thinking about it, he said, "Give me your contact, if anyone dares to bully you, you can find me. Even if the opponent is a Divine Lord, I can also help you to fend him off!"

Then, he looked at Chu Yu apprehensively, "But if they are stronger than a Divine Lord... then don’t antagonize them, I can’t help you there!’

Then, Mu Hai turned and left.

He disappeared quickly.

Chu Yu was stunned. After a long pause, he laughed bitterly.

From start to finish, this old man had not asked Chu Yu to go to the Wafting Fragrance School.

He also did not ask Chu Yu to refine pills for him in the future.

He only repaid Chu Yu for his help!

"This old brother... is quite righteous!" Chu Yu smiled.

At this point, Zhao Kai came over and said that the Principal had summoned them.

Chu Yu walked out from the room and realized that the entire Purple Cloud School leadership was frowning, their expressions bitter.

Seeing Chu Yu, the Principal forced a smile, "Is Section Head Song alright?"

Chu Yu nodded, "I’m fine, thank you for your concern."

"Aish... I never expected something like this to happen." The Principal sighed, then said, "Does Section Head Song know the man who had helped us?"

Mu Hai had just told Chu Yu not to let anyone know he had come to visit.

Even though Mu Hai was loyal and passionate, he was not stupid and would not openly pull hate in his direction.

Chu Yu shook his head, "No..."

I really did not know him before, so I guess I’m not lying.

The Principal said, "Those three True Lords could be elders in the Sword Rain School in Zhao Country. This could be quite a pickle."

"Hmm? Sword Rain School of Zhao?" Chu Yu raised his eyebrows.

He was no longer as ignorant as when he first came to the Mirror World.

The Sword Rain School was the biggest school in their neighboring Zhao Country.

It was ranked 78 in the Mirror World!

It was an even better school than the Wafting Fragrance School!

But... why would the elders of the Sword Rain School be in cahoots with the Sun Clan? Why would they come to attack the Purple Cloud School?

The Principal smiled bitterly, "Many years ago, the Sword Rain School had plans to take over the Purple Cloud School. They wanted to make as one of their subsidiaries. However, we rejected them and thought that the situation will die down over time. Who would have thought that they never gave up and would support Sun Zhangshan in their quest to take over the Purple Cloud!"

Chu Yu was slightly confused, "This kind of thing... doesn’t seem to happen much in the Mirror World, does it?"

"It is rare. Under normal circumstances, a high ranking school would not do such a thing. However, even though the Purple Cloud School is unranked, the Song Country is a very prosperous place!’

As the Principal spoke, he seemed to gain confidence as he looked at Chu Yu, "Furthermore, there are a few national treasure level medicine that is produced only in the Song Country!"

One of the Vice Principals chimed in, "Even though the Song Country is not big, it is extremely prosperous. The Zhao Country is not just eyeing the Purple Cloud, it is actually eyeing the entire Song Country!"

Chu Yu frowned inside. This had already escalated into a conflict between nations. This is not something that a sensei, or even a school, could handle.

Furthermore, his purpose in coming to the Mirror World was not this.

At this point, the Principal looked at Chu Yu and said sincerely, "The interschool championships will start in another six months. We hope that under your leadership, we can make the Purple Cloud School a superior school! Once we attain such a status, we would be protected by the alliance of schools. Then, the Zhaos will have to think twice before attacking us."

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