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Du Zeyu felt as if he had eaten a fly. This slim and beautiful girl is so frustrating!

Her words are enough to choke anyone to death.

"Do you talk to your parents…"

Du Zeyu was interrupted by Wang Yan before he could finish.

"You’re no one to me, stop beating around the bush, are you unwilling to open your lid because you’re afraid to lose?"

Du Zeyu was furious. In his rage, he lifted his lid, revealing 24 pills in neat arrangement.

They were of equal size and each one was round and shiny, filled with engravings.

To be honest, he was a very powerful pill refiner, well into the advanced levels. His pills would draw praise from other advanced level pill refiners.

There were some people of decent pill refining ability in the Purple Cloud School. When they saw this, they turned ashen.

They thought they were bound to lose.

Why is there no judge? If it is truly a competition between advanced level pill refiners, then a pill master or a guru is required for judging.

However, the best of the students were only advanced level pill refiners.

However, they were all cultivators. Even though they do not know how to refine pills, they could tell a pill’s quality just by looking.

As such, there was no need for a judge.

A couple of people from the Wafting Fragrance School walked up.

They glanced at it, smiled, and prepared to walk off the stage.


One of the elders in the Purple Cloud School sighed and shook his head, ready to admit defeat.

At this point, Wang Yan frowned and said, "Aish, are you all ill?"

She directed this at everyone.

She was also scolding the Purple Cloud elder.

The elder from the Purple Cloud School stiffened and frowned. He knew this girl’s temper and character, so he didn’t think much of it. He said solemnly, "It is good not to admit defeat, but are you sure your pills are better?"

One of the teachers from the Wafting Cloud School smiled, "I think the elder is wise, little girl, don’t be stubborn, if not your embarrassment will be greater."

"Is your brain damaged?" Wang Yan glared at him and puffed her chest. Her eyes glimmered, "How do you know that I am just being stubborn? Do you have the ability to see my pills? Or are you a Pill Master and a saint… and can tell that my pills can’t make it from my technique?"

The Wafting Fragrance School teacher fumed and smiled sinisterly, "Sure, sure, open your lid and show us your incredible pills!"

Wang Yan laughed icily, "Prepare a resuscitation pill, I’m afraid you’ll die from shock!"

Many in the Purple Cloud School burst out in laughter.

They were all incredibly nervous and did not dare to pin their hopes on Wang Yan, but still, they hoped for a miracle.

Wang Yan waved her hand and the lid of the pill furnace flew into the air.

Many people squinted in disbelief.

Furnace control?

"She’s controlling the furnace!"

"That’s not easy!"

"Maybe we have a chance…"

Furnace control was a technique much harder than fire control.

Usually, only a few advanced level pill refiners could grasp this technique. By doing so, they could levitate the furnace and have it roll in the air, making the pills better and more refined.

Generally, Furnace Control was only seen in pill masters.

One’s pill refining techniques became more and more powerful as they progressed.

When one attained the level of Guru, they need not use the pill furnace. They could use space as the furnace and energy as fire to refine pills.

When they attained the levels of Pill King or even Saint, then they could smelt the entire galaxy!

Even though Wang Yan was not controlling the furnace whilst refining, her ability to use the Furnace Control technique was stunning.

Afterwhich, everyone looked into Wang Yan’s pill furnace.

Audible gasps could be heard.

The Wafting Fragrance School teachers walked over hesitantly.

After they looked into the furnace, they were all stunned.

One of them exclaimed in awe, "How is this possible?"

Du Zeyu, who was immensely confident, could not help but look over. After a single glance, his face turned ashen.

"I lost…"

He said bitterly.

The entire arena went silent!

Then, cheers and whoops echoed out.

This was honor and victory!

Even though they usually mocked their own Pill Refining Section, they did not like it when others mocked one of their own.

As such, most of the Purple Cloud students did not care how Wang Yan won.

As long as she did, they were happy and proud!

Wang Yan’s pills were arranged in a square.

Six by six!

For a total of 36 Burst Pills!

Each one was similar in size, smooth and shiny, and the engravings were like an exquisite painting.

A single glance would tell you that these pills were of better quality than Du Zeyu!

And she had 36 of them!

The ability to refine 36 pills placed her at the pinnacle of the advanced level for pill refining!

A teenager had used such crude techniques, throwing the medicine into the furnace without thought, who would have thought… she had managed to reach the pinnacle of the advanced level for pill refining!

Could anything be more stunning?

Even the Purple Cloud School Principal walked over and studied the pills. Then he smiled at the Wafting Cloud School, "The first round… goes to us, any objection?"

The lady with a veil was solemn as she nodded, "Nope."

He did not need to look, all he needed to do was see the expressions of his own people.

The Principal then said, "One more thing, our Pill Refining Section has always valued quality over quantity."

The people of the Purple Cloud could not help but criticize that statement in their hearts. Principal, is that really what you think?

The Principal could not care less, "We only have 12 people, how many rounds do we need to compete?"

Just as the Wafting Fragrance School youth was about to open his mouth, the lady beside him said flatly, "Three rounds, and one between the sensei."

Chu Yu’s heart leapt. He could feel that the lady had a strong sense of hostility towards him.

Even though there was no clear indication, Chu Yu could feel it.

With his vertical eye, Chu Yu’s senses were far better than his contemporaries.

This should be it!

This girl is probably related to the deceased Lu Tianxiang… somehow!

A couple?

Chu Yu did not think much about it because it was pointless to be so calculative now

The Principal did not expect the lady to be so decisive and request for only three rounds with a loss in the first one.

Could it be that she didn’t even care about the results between the students.

The Principal’s heart leapt and thought about many things in that instant. Then he laughed, "The students should interact, then between the sensei… I think it isn’t necessary?

It must be admitted that the older one gets, the wise he is.

Even though the Principal was not privy to the details, he found that something was amiss.

To be honest, the fact that the Wafting Fragrance School challenged the Purple Cloud was cause for suspicion, their targeting of the Pill Refining Section even more so.

The veiled lady’s voice was icy and even mocking, "You all don’t have to guess, I can tell you the truth. The reply all depends on whether Song Hong is a man or not."

Chu Yu looked at the lady silently.

The Principal frowned and said, "Tell us!"

As an elder in the Purple Cloud Constabulary, as well as the Principal of the Purple Cloud School, he was relatively powerful and could hold his own.

The lady stood up and tore of her veil, revealing her exquisite but definitely not beautiful face.

Her skin was white, her brows thin and her face slim. Her eyes filled with hatred as she looked at Chu Yu, "Did my fiance Lu Tianxiang die in your hands?"

Who is Lu Tianxiang?

Everyone in the arena was lost.

But the faces of Zhao Kai, Chu Yu, and the twelve students changed instantly.

The Wafting Fragrance School, Lu Tianxiang… ah it all makes sense!

All of a sudden, Bi Yueyue rushed out and looked at this lady coldly, "Lu Tianxiang is your fiance? I know him, in fact, I even have to call him my brother. But, no longer!"

Even though one should not air dirty laundry in public, Bi Yueyue could not care anymore now, she could not let her sensei be in any danger.

Regardless whether it was because sensei saved her mother, or because she liked sensei, she would not let anyone bully sensei.

She recounted the entire incident about how the Lu Family had tried to harm her mother. The entire arena fell silent, then exploded into chatter.

The Mirror World was quite reflective of ancient China.

It is very normal for a male to have many wives, but it was rare to see a concubine trying to kill off the wife.

Such news was sensational!

If every concubine in the world did this, won’t there be chaos?

"That’s too much!"

"How can this happen!"

"Is that true? Concubine trying to harm the wife? Is that exaggerated?"

"By the looks of it, this is all true."

Everyone burst out in chatter, many of the Wafting Fragrance students were also stunned, unable to believe that there was such an incident.

They all looked to the veil lady. They felt like they were being used!

Even though she is the daughter of an elder, can she use people like that?

In the end, Bi Yueyue looked icily at the lady, "That night, someone did try to assassinate Sensei, and the experts from my family went to rescue him. Sensei was heavily injured when he returned, and there were many witnesses who saw this! I do not know which jerk told you that my Sensei had killed your fiance. But even if he did, your fiance had it coming! How can it be that he can kill but not be killed? What kind of logic is that? Or do you think that it is just because the Wafting Fragrance School is big and powerful? You’re just ranked 96, not a top 10 ancient school! Do you need to be so arrogant?"

Bi Yueyue’s sudden outburst silenced the entire arena.

Even the extremely arrogant Wafting Fragrance School teachers and students were embarrassed.

This girl makes sense!

As for Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan, his expression was awful.

This girl was so vicious in her chiding!

When he had contacted the Wafting Fragrance School, he had tried to cover up his identity, but it could still be found.

The Principal seemed to have suspected it, but didn’t have enough evidence just yet.

Now that Bi Yueyue had such an outburst, this incident was way out of control.

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